Saturday, 22 January 2011

Into (and out of) the jungle…

After two days of training, trekking and camping in and around Base Camp, the staff members of 11B have returned triumphantly to Field Base, their survival skills honed to (near) perfection.

Now everyone is back at Field Base and waiting nervously to find out which projects they’ll be going out on. Once the allocations have been announced, the project manager pairings will spend three days at their project sites, making sure all the necessary arrangements are in place to start the expedition. It’s not long now until we meet our intrepid team of venturers, and we can’t wait to get started!
Check back tomorrow to find out which projects Expedition 11B will be working on, and who will be going to each one…

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

The Staff Team is Complete!

The PMs arrive at Field Base
On Sunday 16th January the remainder of the staff team for Expedition 11B arrived at Field Base to begin two weeks of intensive training. To begin with it was a bit of a shock for the advance team, who had enjoyed a relatively quiet week of settling in and getting to know one another, but once the madness (and the fight for beds!) had subsided everyone was excited by the change in dynamic and ready to get stuck into the next stage of the process.  
Let's hope Johnny's still laughing at the end of expedition!
The first few days have been spent familiarising the team with the exciting projects they’ll be working on, as well as learning some of the core skills needed to lead a team of venturers out in the jungle! We’ve discussed leadership styles, watched some motivational video clips and also done some rather entertaining tasks (see pics below).

Now it’s time for the serious stuff to commence; tomorrow, the entire staff team will go out to Base Camp for some jungle training skills. We’ll be there for two days and nights, learning how to set up camp, build bashers, string up hammocks, prepare and cook food, not to mention deal with nasty intruders like leeches and snakes! Hopefully by the time we get back to Field Base we’ll all have survival skills to rival Bear Grylls’s! Time will tell……
The PMs get to grips with the radios
A spot of flip chart action