Wednesday, 14 December 2011

New kindergarten for Kampung Alab...built by Alpha 1

They built this!!! Alpha 1 outside the brand new two storey kindergarten in Kampung Alab.
Yesterday Shana, Andy, Sarah and Craig went to the opening of the kindergarten that Alpha 1 built in Kampung Alab.

Shana, our administrator outside the kindergarten.
As you walk up the hill and look out over the village the kindergarten is the first thing you'll see in it's bold yellow and blue colours.

Our project partners Partners of Community Organisations (PACOS) work closely with Kg Alab and they identified that the village was in need of a kindergarten that could also be used for adult education and as a community centre.

Project Managers, Matt and Nat have been there from the beginning of expedition and were joined by medics Kirsty, Fern and Nick.

Around 600 people live in Alab and they've all been having a huge party with the Alpha 1 group who were working around the clock to complete the building.

Working with local builders and PACOS and with thanks to funding from the small family-run charity Fondation les Paquerettes Matt and Nat worked with three groups to plan, build and decorate the huge building. It's a huge achievement that will make a lasting difference to the community.

Project manager Nat.

Dr Nick
Alex and Rufus

Celebrations – Alab style!

It is the first time that Raleigh has worked in the village. From the moment Matt and Nat stepped into the village on their project planning visit at the beginning of October they felt welcomed and knew they had a very lively few months ahead.

Ready to dance!
Traditional dress.

During the ceremony there were dance performances from the community in traditional dress and a song performed by Alpha 1. The party carried on until the early hours with amazing food, local drinks and Alab’s favourite – karaoke. Watch the dancing and Alpha 1's song now on YouTube.

Local drinks served in traditional vases.

Sophie and Lydia get ready to sing!
The scale and joy of yesterday's party shows how much our work is appreciated in Alab. 

Today, as they prepare to come back to Kota Kinabalu the group are having a farewell sports day and party there. They are so much part of the community in Alab, they really won’t want to come back in the morning. 

Hard to say goodbye: Alpha 1 are part of the Alab community where the kindergarten and community will make a huge difference for generations to come.

So, phase three is almost over. We go to the Sea Park Hotel in Kota Kinabalu tomorrow for our Endex. The Ministry of Youth and Sport are hosting a closing ceremony where we’ll celebrate ten weeks of hard work, new friendships and some grand achievements.

On Saturday we’ll put up a final blog with photos from Endex as Venturers head home or travel on.


sharron edwards said...


Oh Alex how lovely to see you, it looks amazing and the children are so happy.
Tried to watch on you tube but its not working, cant wait now for Sunday morning, but it sounds like your having a fantastic time now, and maybe not want to come home haha !!!!
Will keep my eyes peeled for the rest of the vids and news before Saturday, hope you can ring home before you leave.
Car packed and ready for the trip, I am so happy to see how well you look Al, only three sleeps...

We all love and miss you babe, what a Christmas we will have.

Liverpool is so proud of you and what you have achieved, cant wait for the stories horror ones and all.
Met up with a few of your mates whuilst rahter tipsy on my Christmas Party, ie Adam and Will..
everyone waiting to get to the house on your arrival home.

Anyway son see you very soon

Love you, big hugs from a very proud mum dad Jens and Seany xxxxxx

Kate said...

To Matty, Alpha 1
Check you out: building a kindergarten! Looks amazing - well done, chook, very impressed! Hopefully you're not going to be teaching them handwriting though....

Anonymous said...

michael jarvis alpha 1

Hey Babe, Glad To See Photos Of Ur Last Phrase!

So Proud Of You hope you enjoy ur last few days in the hotel, Looking forward to you coming home :)

Everyone Wants You Out For A Drink When You Settled Bk Home

Tina Said Hey Dude!!! And You Gotta Come Round Again!! lol

Love You Millions


xxxxxx <3 xxxxxx

Penny Yates said...

Just a little message to everyone, even though I don't know you except via the blog. What wonderful work you have all done, I hope you all have a wonderful Endex and you can be very proud of all the help you have given the communities you have visited. Truely making a positive difference. PM James' mum x

Sue H said...

Matt H Alpha 1
Wow! What an achievement - the kindergarten looks fab. What a testament to the hard work of everybody involved but especially to the two of you who have seen it through from the very beginning. Well done!
Sadly the YouTube link on the blog doesn't work so we couldn't watch the celebrations - it will just have to be left to our imaginations!
I imagine it's a wrench to leave so many friends behind, but I'm sure you'll keep in touch. Hope your Endex debriefing helps you to move on to fresh adventures. I wonder whether you're still planning to climb Mt Kinabalu next week and whether you witnessed the lunar eclipse last week.
Safe travelling and God bless.

Anonymous said...

For Nat U.

Well done! It must be a lovely feeling to have completed the task and what an experience. Can't wait to see you back here next week.

Love Ma & Pa - oh and Numpty even though he didn't write.

Marianne said...

Renske alpha 6

Hee lieve Rens!

Ik had je wel heel graag even met die duikflessen op je rug willen zien gaan! je hebt vast super mooie dingen gezien. In ieder geval ben je weer helemaal schoongespoeld na de trek. Moet super lekker zijn daarna een beetje in het water te mogen zweven, haha!
We hebben hier natuurlijk super veel zin om je weer te zien over een paar dagen, man eigenlijk kan ik niet wachten! Nog steeds mis je eigenlijk niks hier, Elina verzuipt bijna in d'r schoolwerk, Coen heeft even wat rust gehad maar zit nu weer over z'n oren in een toets morgen en moet daarna weer aan de bak voor de toetsweek. Volgende week weer tijd voor kerstgala's etc, altijd leuk, natuurlijk! En... de kerstboom staat...zonder kerstkransjes, haha en we krijgen opa, Frans, etc. over de vloer met kerst op Terschelling dus zodra jij terug bent breekt de dynamiek weer los, haha! Alles komt goed! Je snapt dat met jou komst de goede tijden weer aanbreken, zoals altijd! Hee lieve schat, geniet nog maar even van de laatste dagen met je Raleigh vrienden! Een dikke kus van het moedertje

Sam Gifford said...

Shaun Yandell (Alpha 1)

Hello gorgeous,
Looks like you're having an amazing time and achieved some amazing things, can't wait to hear all about them on Sunday!! Not long now until I have you home again yayyy :D

It's all Christmassy in the Gifford house now, me and mum have just made our own wreath and have been doing lots of wrapping and decorating whilst Dad lets us carry on. We'll get you into the Christmas spirit when you get home haha

Been at work and everyone has been asking about you and are all looking forward to seeing you when you come back! Gabby and Nick said they had letters from you and both seemed surprised and pleased to hear from you, especially Gabby, who said she had a little cry! Sweet eh! Bless her. Nick has been saying how quiet it is without you :P But he's looking forward to seeing you. I have also seen Paddy's tank... Paddy loves it so much you can't see him! haha

I'll be off to your parents this weekend, and i'm sure they'll be all excited about seeing you again too. I'm so proud of you gorgeous, and can't wait to see you on Sunday! woooo!! 4 more days!!!

I love you so so much,

Anonymous said...

Sophie Tigges Alpha 1

Nounou Soof mijn laatste post dan maar, nog 3 nachtjes slapen en dan zie je papa weer en nog 7 nachtjes voor Niels en mij. Wat een geweldige fotos van de opening van de kindergarten... Super om dat mee te maken, al met al was dit toch wel een once in a lifetime experience in meerdere opzichten geloof ik :):). We zijn er allemaal helemaal klaar voor om je weer te zien. Nog geen sneeuw hier wel heel veel wind en regen en de helft van mijn nieuwe Blokker kerstlichtjes is al weer uitgevallen grr. Kortom tijd om de zomerspullen in te pakken en eens even lekker te genieten! Tot gauw en we skypen meteen als je uit die bush bent. kus mam

Bernhardine said...

maurits van rhijn-alpha 5
He lieve mausie, als je dit leest ben je waarschijnlijk al in het hotel. Zag net weer op de blog nieuwe foto's wat leuk de brug in Sepilok is klaar en nu ook de 2e kleuterschool. Wel jammer dat je nooit iets echt af hebt gezien. iedereen ziet er zo blij en vrolijk uit! Ik zag dat jullie naar een ander hotel gaan in KK dan eerst op de blog stond. papa vroeg of ik dit kon invoegen in mijn verhaaltje, gaat over Fulham tegen Odense: Odense goal: Absolutely. And. Utterly. Incredible! How? Seriously, how has this just happened? Well, I'll tell you. Odense were gone. It was over. And then in a flash they strike. Espen Ruud swings over a hopeful cross from the right and Djilby Fall steals in to head Fulham out of the Europa League! Geloof dat je cluppie eruit ligt?
vliegen er veel nederlanders op dezelfde vlucht als jij mee terug naar NL. Bel je ons even als je weer bereik hebt. Lieverd verder weining nieuws, had vanavond tante marjolijn voor behandeling. Morgen 3 en vrijdag nog 2 en dan lekker vakantie. heb trouwens afspraak bij dermatoloog voor je gemaakt as donderdag. Heb ook heel rijschema voor je bijna iedere dag 2 uur! Woensdag middag komt Willemijn die ook naar Borneo gaat in Januari even langs om alle verhalen te horen. Laurens wilde ook met je afspreken, je krijgt het druk met iedereen die je nog even wil zien. Geniet nog maar even van de rust en het mooie weer. Lieverd tot gauw aan de telefoon, dikke kussies,love you, mamaxxxx

Anonymous said...

Paige Alpha 3
Hi Paige, well your time in Borneo is coming to an end, we all hope you have had a fabulous 10 week adventure that you will always remember and pass on your experiences in years to come. We have all missed you loads and look forward to seeing your smiling face on Sunday. Saw your groups video on You Tube last Sunday, a lovely thing to wake up to. Actually forgotten what your voice sounded like. Did you manage to see an Orangutan? ( I know Chloe goldfish was counting on it ). Hope you have a well earned rest at the hotel ready for your return trip. It's really windy and rainy in the U.K. at the moment but hopefully it'll turn better by the time you arrive. You're room is all ready for you with a fresh lick of paint and repaired flooring. Starting to get the items you wanted bringing up packed. Well sweetheart words alone can't tell you how proud you have made us (again). Have a safe trip back. 
P.S. Forgot to say,the end of your last letter made me and your mum both cry.
Love you lots and lots and lots.
Dad, Mum & Blaise. xxxxxxxxxx

Gary Player said...

Hi Jamie Alpha 2,
No report on Alpha 2 this week but I expect that you finished as much as you could after completing the kindergarten. By the time you read this you will have spent your last night on site and that hotel is going to feel really good. And you're an expert on hotels now. Please don't oversleep and miss the flight!
Back home we've being experiencing high winds, some trees down but it's a lot worse in Scotland. The first snow is forecast here for Friday but may not last until Sunday.
We're looking forward to you coming home, enjoy your last couple of days in Borneo and I'll see you on Sunday at Heathrow.

Anonymous said...

hi michael alpha 1
so good to see u what an achievement to think u have changed a community by what u helped build hope ur proud of urself we all are at home well done cant wait to see u on sunday have lovely time in a real bed at hotel see u soon love mum and all family x x x x x

Wendy and John said...

To Sophie Pluck
The kindergarten looks amazing Soph and you look really happy! Great to see the photos of what's been achieved, you've all done a fantastic job, well done!!
Really looking forward to seeing you on Sunday, and Meggie's getting frantic!!
Love Mom & Dad xxxx

Anonymous said...

Paige Caldaralo (Alpha 3) From Chloe SM

Paige :D xx

Heya Paige! Wow litrally single digits days till you're back, i'm so psyched and happy at your joyous return! :) I hope the finals weeks and forthcoming days have been amazing! I was so excited to see the latest news of your group! It made my day to see how the most amazing Glee has followed you throughtout the world, get ready for a bombardment of it here when you're back! Oh if you have any spare time, please whip me up a batch of those doughnuts, they actually looked pretty tasty! :D Seeing both pictures and videos of you was brilliant! You're alive, and moving! Awesome dance moves i might say! Oh! And by the way CONGRATULATIONS!! So good to hear about your interview at Newcastle :D I'm pretty sure "Mum + Dad" are battling against each other to see who goes along, i pick me, seems the most sensible idea! ;D And HUZZAH!! The oranguatan finally made its debut, good timing and all. I'm sure that was an amazing experience to see, i'm actually so happy that it happened, someone up there had finally listened to my wishes! :) Newquay and the UK in generally has been experiening the beginnings of a powerful storm. I'm actually research information all about it for my A2 Geog, so it good to know what happening at the presense time, and having a close to home example of a storm. Anywho i have something that i will pass onto your parents before they leave for london, it's quite cheesey and not embarassing at all! :D It's quite late here, and i'm shattered so i'm off to bed! :) So proud of you yet again Paige, its admirable what you have done, and the experience and achievement is amazing! Cannot wait till i see you in person, take care and please no injuring yourself before you're back! I can envision though, a movie like "slow-motion" run to your parents, and the Paige-Persona kicking in, cue TRIP! :D xx Have fun and i will see you soon hopefully!! Missing you lots, byes for now!! :) <3 xxx

Love from your Goldfish Chloe!

P.S I think my other blog messagers have either been lost in cyberspace or will pop up soon!

Anonymous said...

Tj Alpha 2

Hey mate!! Hope thios reaches you in time; I've had problems getting near a computer. I've seen your little grand opening on the blog, its looks amazing! I even saw you in a picture, although you were doing your best to hide! Must have been weird to think people were doing the same thing in your village though.

Hope you've being enjoying your free time since the loop visited for the opening, you'll have to tell me what you were up to after you go home. Have a great time at endex, and hope to hear from you soon.

Andy H