Saturday, 17 December 2011

Expedition 11K is officially closed

Ten weeks after starting out on six projects in remote and challenging locations across Sabah, 61 Venturers and 26 Volunteer Managers returned to Kota Kinabalu. Feeling tired, proud of their achievements, sad, excited, we joined together to mark the closing of a successful expedition and incredible experience.

Thanks to the Ministry of Youth and Sports Sabah, firm supporters of Raleigh's efforts in Borneo, we celebrated the end of Expedition 11K with a formal ceremony, showcasing traditional music and dancing.

A sea of Christmas red: 11K in their expedition t-shirt designed by the Alpha 1 phase 1 team.
The Bujaiwan dance troupe performed traditional Malaysian dances throughout the ceremony.

Traditional dancing
The Magu Natip (Bamboo dance)
We all had a go.

Datuk Susannah Liaw, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Sabah gave a speech, paying tribute to the hard work of everyone on expedition.

Datuk Susannah Liaw chats to Venturers

Datuk Susannah's son was a venturer on last spring's expedition so she understands the journey that every participant goes on and is proud of everyone's achievements here. She said that apart from never wanting to eat baked beans again, her son gained new skills, learnt about other cultures and made news friends.

Sarah also gave a speech and exchanged gifts with the Ministry in appreciation of their ongoing support.

As well as guests from the Ministry, project partners, guides, sponsors and members of the local press joined us.
Long Pasia trek guides attended the ceremony.
Expedition 11K has built two kindergartens in Kampung Alab and Kampung Lingkabugan II, completed a boardwalk at the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre in Sepilok and continued work on a scientist's camp in Danum Valley. We aired a slideshow of photographs showing expedition achievements.

Watching the slideshow, even the rain didn't dampen spirits.

Everyone has lived out of their comfort zone for a three months and throughout the expedition have discovered their own abilities and pushed themselves to achieve more than they thought they could.

Now it is time to say goodbye.

Ready to leave the hotel this morning.

Hard to say goodbye.

We'll be waving everyone off at the airport this afternoon. Good luck to everyone who has taken part in expedition 11K, thank you for being here and giving it absolutely everything.

Merry Christmas everyone!
Finally, a big thank you to you! 

A big thank you to everyone who has been following us on the blog and sending messages through it. We hope it has given you a good taste of the stories in store for you from your friends and family when they return. Your messages had a huge impact and provided so much support, laughter and interest throughout the expedition.



Hello Raleigh!!

Can we just a say a huge Thank you, for giving our son Alex the most fantastic exsperience of his life>
We are so very proud of him, but this could not of been possible without your such hard working dedicated teams.

Merry Christmas and a really happy New Year to you all.

And thank you once again for taking care of our son.

Best Wishes
Brian and Sharron Edwards

Caldaralo said...

From Paige Caldaralo's Family
Congratulations and well done to all 11 K venturers, you should all be very proud of yourselves. Also a great big thank you to all the organisers, project managers and medics for looking after them. Our daughter Paige had the time of her life and we know we're going to hear about   
11k Borneo expedition for many years to come. 
A great big Thankyou again.
Safe journey to all wherever you may be going.
Donato & Carol Caldaralo

Anonymous said...

Paige Caldaralo - From Chloe Sheppard-Muir

Hello there to all that managed the blog and this amazing expedition!

Just wanted to say a big thankyou for keeping us all at home updated with news of our friends and family. It was exciting to see what everyone has been up to and how everything progressed. This is truely a wonderful and admirable thing that everyone did, and i'm sure it was a experience that will never been forgotten.

To my lovely friend Paige... WELCOME HOME! :D Looking forward greatly to your return to Newquay! 10 weeks is too long for me not to see you, i miss the glasses lol! :) Christmas is almost here, make sure you relax and rest up, have fun in London + Leceister, i will hopefully see you Friday! I am so proud of you Paige, it is amazing what you have done, i want to hear all about it when you're back! I passed on a ridiculous banner to your parents, not embarassing at all; I hope they proudly wave it around at the airport! Anywho i'm currently in work, so i should get back to it before i'm caught xD See you soon, and no injuring yourself on the last leg of the journey! Byes for now :) xx

Love your Goldfish Chloe <>< :D <3

P.S Congratulations again on the interview, you're going to be great! Future (Monkey) Doctor in the making! :D

P.P.S The Monkey Doctor is due to being within Borneo. The air i'm sure has made you into some form of a primate... >:D lol don't ask.. ^^ xx

Gary Player said...


To all at Raleigh Borneo.

Thanks for your efforts in organising and running such worthwhile projects and for helping our children develop. This has been a great experience for my son Jamie which I hope will take him forward in his life.
Godd luck and all the best for your future projects.

Alison McGuire said...


Just wanted to say a big thank you for giving us back at home such a great update on what everyone's been up to over the course of the expedition and what they've achieved. It's been a wonderful link and thanks so much for updating it so regularly. Now that Ben's returned full of stories it's been such a help to be able to link some of them into what's appeared on the blog. Rather pathetically I could put some names to faces when he was showing us his photos thanks to the blog! He's had the experience of a lifetime, has contributed to building a kindergarten, made some great friends ( and learnt some interesting malay - and dutch! - vocabulary), is an expert at digging very deep holes, provided food for countless leeches and can't wait to show his parang skills if we manage to get it back into the UK! Thanks to everyone at Raleigh for giving him and all the other venturers such a brilliant time!

alastair yates said...

Thank you to the Communications team for the blog and passing on all our messages. Great job. My son James Yates, I know, will treasure his memories of the expedition forever. Good luck to you all there in Borneo for future projects