Thursday, 1 December 2011

Christmas is coming… along with two kindergartens and a boardwalk.

It’s the first of December  - we are brimming with excitement  -  we can play continuous tunes in the office and not only are we due to open TWO kindergartens in the next two weeks, we also look set to complete the boardwalk at Sepilok.

Andy from our logs team is at Sepilok at the moment and will be back later today with photos.
The boardwalk will connect the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre (BSCC) visitor centre to the observation platform.
Alpha 4 have plenty of visitors to entertain them as they work.

We have been working at the centre since 2009 and it is due to open to the public next year. Opening up to the public will raise awareness of the Sun Bear – the world’s smallest species of bear.

The world's smallest species of bear.

The centre cares for and rehabilitates Sun Bears that have been illegally removed from the forest, with the aim of releasing them back into the wild. Read the BSBCC blog here.

Great progress is being made on our other environmental project too – Alpha 3 in Danum Valley are trekking toilets in to the primary rainforest camp today.

Little Donkey, Little Donkey, had a heavy load...trekking into Danum

The low impact eco-camp will allow scientists to stay and carry out research deeper into the previously unexplored area. Also beginning the Christmas Countdown, Alpha 3 plan to sing Christmas songs as they trek in.

As you know, we will be completing and opening kindergartens built by Alpha 1 and 2 in the villages of Alab and Lingka Bugan.
The kindergarten in Alab will be opening soon.

Final touches are now being made by the groups as they continue with decorating and prepare for the opening ceremonies. On the radio this morning, Sophie Pluck wished her Mum a Happy Birthday for Sunday. Happy Birthday Sophie’s Mum!

Finally, news from our trekking groups. Alpha 6 are in high spirits and celebrating PM Ed’s birthday today. They had a storytelling and Milo night last night and have been doing lots of jungle shopping, substituting their Raleigh Rations for tastes from the jungle.
Happy birthday Ed
An Ed special: the PM has been making cakes like this out of Raleigh Rations to celebrate birthdays throughout expedition. 

We’ll be going out to meet Alpha 5 later today who are in the classroom for the first day of their PADI diving course and they’ll leave for the beautiful Dive Island tomorrow.

The Loop will be going out to visit all our static project sites and the opening of kindergartens so we'll have more news and photos soon.


Gary Player said...

Hi Jamie Alpha 2
Good to see that you're getting a new skills set building the kindergarten, I'm currently compiling a list of building/repair jobs you can do around the house when you return. You're working in better conditions than the UK, it might be hot but you don't have rain, cold or lashing winds. Only a couple of weeks to look forward to all that again.
I'm looking forward to the pics of the opening ceremony for the kindergarten.
Footie news, Birmingham lost 1-0 to Braga (deflected goal) and must now beat Maribor in the last group match - still in with a chance.
Keep up the good work.






Sue and Andrew said...

Hi Fern Alpha 6 happy birthday to Ed. hope you are still having fun thinking of you lots especially trekking away there. getting ready for Xmas here. Won't be the same without you! Lesley and I have just played a golf competition and lost by 2 points against ladies who had been playing for 20 years so not too bad!lol xxxxx

Gail said...

Hi Oliver Cobb, alpha 2. Pinch and a punch for the first of the month! Lol. Well we are packed for Sri Lanka (actually that's not quite true, I am packed but your dad will be last minute as usual) We shall be having temperatures similar to you so at least we shall all be cold together when we meet you at the airport. Your dad sat his grade 3 piano today, he doesn't sound very happy about it, one of the pieces went wrong and his sight reading was apparently rubbish. Nothing new there then for the Cobb family.
Hope the Kindergarten is nearly finished, I hope you have taken a lot of photos. Your advent calendar awaits you :)
Love you loads and loads. Mummy xxx

Chloe Sheppard Muir said...

Paige Caldaralo (Alpha 3) From Chloe SM

Paige :D xx

Hooray its offical, the countdown to Christmas has begun! :D I see from the blog that your group is planning to sing Christmas songs as you trek! Haha, this brings back memories of our glorious DofE walks and the amazing song choices :P I wonder if you have been singing any of those lately, if at all ;D (Maybe slightly embarassing but who cares :P) I hope you are having a cracking time at Danum Valley! Trekking Toilets in, sounds exciting! xD I hope aswell that my letters have got to you safely. Even without you being here in Newquay you still manage to make me fear for my life and laugh! Dropping off your letter to your Dad was a deathdefying experience to live. I had your letter in my hand about to give to your dad when a gush of wind tore it from me and almost sent it flying over Tolcarne's Beach Rail, I managed to "Ninja-Jump" lighting fast to grab it out the air before it flew over, heartattack occured due to that -.- so cheers! xD Anyways i hope the festive cheer has infected you all, i'm looking forward to the relaxing time off, and the fun things i can do within holiday time, Hmm ice-skating? :) Not long to go till you're back, looking forward to seeing you!! Your family are doing well from what i see and hear :D I most likely still embarass Blaise from time to time when i see her, oh dear! I do really hope you haven't injured yourself badly since i heard from you, still sometime to go for the "Paige-Persona" to kick in, please survive! :) Anyhow i have to head off back to 6th form, Transfer evening tonight that i'm helping out with for 2 hours, fun times ahead! Oh! There's still sometime left for you to interact with a orangutan. I'm serious, i will not be satified to hear no contact with any of them when you're back! :D Lol anyways, stay safe, take care and be careful! Missing you grealty Paigearooni, can't wait till you're back home!! Byes for now! :)

With love from your Goldfish Chloe <3 xxx

P.S Not sure if my other blog comment was approved, but i am loving the picture of the Alpha 3 Human pyramid! How the heck are you managing to host up 3+ people with one arm?! Superwoman! >:D xx

P.P.S Heard from "Mum + Dad" that your glasses arent broken, PHEW! Has the Borneo lifestyle fixed your vision? :P

P.P.P.S Not much happening within Newquay life, the Christmas lights and tree have been put up, so everything is "magical" I'm yet to see my first Xmas advert so it's not Christmas to me yet :P Hoping to go shopping for everyone's presents at the weekend, some brilliant ideas i have in mind for some ;D x

Dad said...

Hi Frazer
Have you opened your advent calender.I`ve got a chocky one,I think it was meant for you.Don`t worry I will eat it for you!Will replace it with an easter egg when you get back.Did you grow a tash for movember,cant see anything in photos.
Footy went ok in midweek WHU 2.0 away win at m/borough.m/utd lost to crystal palace 2.1 in the carling cup oops.
Have you taken lots of photos.

Lucy said...

Hi Sophie Pluck in Alpha 1...
Sophh!! nooo I just wrote an entire comment then deleted it. Hope you're having loads of fun and it's a bit Christmassy, it's really Christmassy here I don't want you to miss out. Haha you wished Wendy happy birthday on the blog ah cute. Hope the Kindergarten is going well, I'm SURE it is sounds like the best was last. I won't judge your alpha group in case their relatives read it hahaha nah they all look gorge. I finished my placement today, phew. Went to A&E and Intensive Care which was exciting - JUST like on the telly but I saw some really sick people. Gave myself the afternoon off to recover from any emotional trauma I had faced. We all went out on Saturday night for Amelia's birthday was SO good I had SUCH a good time. We dressed as super heroes, me and Louise went as wonder woman but she looked so good next to me! Amelia's having a surprise party next weekend at home which I'm gonna go too :). Tensions were running high up until Saturday in the house with Lisa making me have a basement bedroom next year so mean but I'm just gonna have one. I've watched Justin Bieber sing All I want for Christmas is you 4 times now so think I should go. Really hope you're good, thinking of you. Miss you lots can't wait to see you!! Never done this before so hope I did it right and no-one laughs at me.
Love you, Lucy xxx

Alison Honey said...

Glad to hear trekking going well - looking forward to hearing more about that bush tucker .... Can't believe flying to Singapore 2 weeks tomorrow and we'll see you so soon and be barbecuing that turkey on the Weber! It's gone really cold here - have planted loads of bulbs and squirrels have dug them all up - aaargh! All fine here - Karen seems to have taken over Ed's car! It's very small and sweet. Arsenal out of Carling Cup but don't seem to be particularly bovvered. Off to London to meet Jo Huddy for supper tomorrow so am taking group photo of you all at kindergarten in your Bob the Builder hat. Saw Carolyn yesterday and Bradleys all send love. Not sure if you'll read this before you head off for the diving section but if you do have a fantastic time! Lots of love Mum xxxxx miss you LOADS X

Anonymous said...

Jo barrie (Alpha 6),

van harte gefeliciteerd grote vriend.
Ik moet toegeven dat ik niet heel veel verhalen van de site gelezen heb, maar ik heb wel een paar foto's gezien en filmpje dat Robert-Jan had ontdekt. Goed om te zien dat de jungle je niet opeens heel normaal heeft gemaakt! Veel tijd is er ook niet meer over voor de jungle. Daan is inmiddels jouw kant op wat voor jou natuurlijk heel leuk is, maar wat voor mij het bestaan in Nederland weer een stukje eenzamer maakt. Maar gelukkig komen er binnen een week of 2 weer allemaal mensen terug.
Ik hoop dat je een hele leuke tijd hebt daar en dan vandaag in het bijzonder, geniet er nog van, raak niet verdwaald en ik spreek je binnenkort op skype!
Later rein

catherinefaulks said...

Hi Leo,

Glad to see your building project is going to be completed on time. i am saving up some handyman jobs for your here at home! I am sure you are really enjoying being around children and a community.
All fine here but getting excited about seeing you again. have sent large parcel which I hope reaches you before you come home.
Miss and love you, mummy xxxxx

Maggie Obhrai said...

Hi Em, hope the last phase is going well. I have just applied to have the house extended so you can start the building when you get back. Frosty here, and advent calendars await. O is planning party for weekend, HP arrived in the post this morning.We might go to Xmas market in Brum tomorrow.
lots and lots of love, can't wait to see you!!!Mum Dad Olivia and nanxx

Caldaralo said...

Paige Alpha 3
Hi Paige, hope you're getting on ok at Danum. Wow, we've more good news for you. You've been invited for an interview at Newcastle Uni on 12th Jan. Mum has already invited herself to go up with you, as she enjoyed it with you last time. ( no electric toothbrush this time though ) but I'm battling for my place!!! We're waiting in anticipation for photos of you in the jungle and your speedy and safe return. Just read the comment from Chloe, keeping us amused. Love you lots sweetheart. Dad xxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sara,
Hope your feet are in good shape! Geraint is enjoying the chocolate advent, you might be lucky and get the last few!
mum + dad

Vicki N said...

For Anne,
Hi Mum!
Only 19 days until you will be back here, and probably wishing you want to be back in the Jungle haha. Me and Gwyn are getting mentally prepared to get ready for Christmas.
Ben wants me to get him a rug for christmas? I don't know what has happened to him since you have been gone, he's gone all domestic.
Uni is really hard, going to need some help when you get back, so you have that to look forward to hah!
Dogs are well just a pain as usual, Mitch looking old bless him.
Got my Work Christmas Party in Reading next weekend which i have organised myself for all the regions ahhhh sure it will be good fun.
Missing you looooads, looking forward to you cooking Christmas dinner :P
Lots of Love, Good luck on the opening of the kindergarten, I can't wait to see photos, bet it will be fab!

Vicki xxxx

Anonymous said...

Ha lieve Hannah, We zijn hier weer zo benieuwd hoe je het daar diep in the jungle bij Danum hebt...het klinkt weer behoorlijk pittig. Weer sjouwen met zware rugzak vol extra 's. We hopen eens een filmpje te zien...wij zijn hier volop bezig met de voorbereidingen voor de Sint. Ik heb nog steeds geen idee wat ik voor surprise zal maken, ook alweer met vele gedichten in mijn hoofd, die "stress" blijft jou dit jaar bespaard. We gaan je wel missen hoor op de 5e december. So wie so mis ik je zeer, maar ben ook heel blij dat je het tot nu toe daar zo enorm naar je zin hebt, fantastisch! Emma is dit weekend naar het logeerhuis, morgen gaat ze naar FC Utrecht-Twente, waar ze 2 kaartjes voor had gewonnen. Helaas is het vies weer, dus hoop dat ze niet verkleumd en dan niet meer kan genieten. Ze gaat samen met Reinder. Wij gaan vanavond bij Titia&Jan eten, gezellig om hen weer eens te zien. Iedereen wil ook steeds foto 's zien van jou daar op Borneo. Nou, nog heel veel plezier met de laatste 2 weken, die zullen wel voorbij vliegen. Heel veel liefs van ons allen, mama

Anonymous said...

dear nat,
hope you are well! captain and i are MISSING YOU! we are in the middle of another growth spurt (CANNOT PUT MY SOCKS ON ANYMORE) and love catching up with your news on the blog. i'm so proud of you beautiful and i want you to practice your dancing as we want a lesson when you get home.

huge hugs and massive kisses, helen xxx

kick kick somersault, captain xxxx

mummy edwards said...


Hi Al got up really early hoping the link had posted more photos and news of you all, guess we have to wait a bit longer....
Anyway Christams shopping is about to start, have no idea as yet what to get you, as you have normally given me a long list by now!!!
Hopefully you will be able to ring before you leave your last phase, hope you got your box??

Its going really cold now, actually had to light the fire for the first time, its so nice not that you can remember feeling cold,
I cant wait now for us to travel to London to pick you up, we are just counting the days. Seany trip snow boardning has been changed to Feb, he is sad but its about the school dates thats why.
We hear Greg is back on the 30th upto now that is, just going to send him some goodies and christmas cards tomorrow.
Mr Lee arrives today we are off to Thornton Hall for some spa treatments!!
Dad is hungover from the golf club St Andrews night, fell in at some stupid time as usual.
Havent really seen any of your friends, guess they are all hiding somewhere.
Well son counting the days now, hope the project is going well and your finger wound healed??
Sending massive hugs and kisses to you no doubt I will be crying at the airport, ha ha
Love you babe xxxxx mum xx dad xx Jens xxxx seany xxx moses xx

Jon and Alison said...

To Bobbie Smart Alpha1,
Have enjoyed looking at all the photos over the weeks,hope you've had a great time and met lots of cool people. We are looking forward to seeing you soon when you get back and hearing all about it.
We're just putting up the Xmas decorations, good toys for the cats to play with.
Enjoy the heat while you've got it, it's pretty cold and miserable back here.
Lot of love
Jon and Alison xx

Sarah Campion said...

Message for Ru Alpha 3- keep up the Christmas singing! Sounds fun - wonder what the Orangutans think of it.....! All fine here, have sent you some post - hope it got to you in time :) can't believe you're home in less than 3 weeks. And then its Christmaaasss! I told Roxy you were coming home soon. She's currently flopped in front of the fire, lying on her back in her very unladylike position! Hehe silly puppy. Hope Danum Valley is being kind to you.... Not long to go now - see you soon! xxx

Rebecca Cobb said...

To Oliver Cobb (Alpha 2)
Hello!! Mum and Dad are in Sri Lanka now so I'm feeling very abandoned in England! lol! I'm off to Lincoln on tuesday, can't say I'm looking forward to it and I probably won't have the internet either, nooooo! I'm going to be so bored!!! My exams were really hard last week :( but I'm just so glad they're over. I've had a lovely weekend being able to just chill out and have a lie in and watch over 2 series of friends - it was awesome!! I start paediatrics tomorrow though so it's no proper rest yet! I hope building the kindergarten has been fun and you've been able to eat lots more food! Missing you loads and loads and loads and can't wait for you to come home!!!!!!! :-D
Love Rebecca

Wendy & John said...

To Sophie Pluck
Got your birthday message sweetie, THANK YOU! Hope you are OK - really looking forward to seeing on the 18th. Have booked all your pamper appointments!!
The kindergarten looks great, some very happy smiley faces!
Meggie still waiting at the door for you, never gives up.... took her for a 7mile walk yesterday to try and wear her out, but no luck there! All good here but VERY cold....brrrrr lots of love Mom & Dad xxxxx

Anonymous said...

another for miss natalie usher,

missing you lots and finally figured out how to post properly so here's another! we are in full crimbo mode, pressies all done and wrapped and your card is in the post to london. captain has started hiccuping, daily, which is extra special! we have a little footballer/dancing queen in there! have been in touch with hannah who is very well also. i have not written as i didn't think it would get to you before you have to come home. i know you probably dont want to come back but i can't wait to have a proper long catch up!!! its getting very chilly and there has been a hurricane in scotland! we are wrapping up warm and thankfully i have avoided the lurgy thanks to my flu jab. stu have received our first crimbo card as a married couple, i know, i can't remember getting married either but according to EVERYONE we must have (i hope your husband is looking after you is a now all too common phrase)! my spare room is overrun with toys, clothes and baby equipment, however there is a nat shaped space, so hurry home so we can catch up and you can feel some kicks!

missing you SO SO much, and SO PROUD of you.

all our love and hiccups, helen and captain xxx