Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Welcomes, farewells and back to base camp

One day more of phase one. We are drawing phase one to a close with the foundations laid at two kidergartens, six posts in place for the Sun Bears' boardwalk and a quarter of a tonne of cement has been trekked and used to build the satellite camp in Danum Valley.

Tomorrow all our Alpha groups will be heading back to base camp for changeover.
Each project will be performing their highlights in a group 'skit' for expedition tomorrow night. Something to remember the first phase by and give a taster of what's in store for the next group.

Skit judge fieldbase medic Dr Jen with her score bats

And we'll be saying goodbye to Carrie, from Raleigh Hong Kong who is well and truly hardcore from three weeks with Alpha 3 in the Danum Valley, will be leaving after completing her four week expedition - complete with a megamix of Dutch trekking tunes.

Carrie with Shaun and Oli at the top of a 40m climb into the Danum canopy.

On to phase two and a big warm welcome

24 hours after of arriving back to base camp, each Alpha project will have a new set of venturers, ready to start phase two.

The new Alpha groups will compete in the Raleigh Olympics on Friday afternoon and leave for their projects early on Saturday morning.

And they'll be joined by our 'explorers' - venturers Sophie, Lisa, Killian, Ben and Natalie who arrived today at fieldbase for their 7 week expedition.

Killian, Lisa, Sophie, Natalie and Ben were greeted by smiling Raleigh t-shirts at KK airport earlier today.

All the changeover news and who is going where will be up posted when we're back from base camp. The loop will be leaving fieldbase to visit the projects on 10 November to deliver your blog messages and post. We'll also get more news back from Katie on the community projects and Isla trekking so watch this space.


Gail said...

Dear Oliver Alpha 5. Hope you had more food for this last trek and you aren't covered with too many mosquito bites although I expect you are! Have you got many leech bites? We are looking forward to the next blog to find out where you are going next. We are now back in England having had a very busy 5 days in Paris. Love you loads. Mum xx

Alison McGuire said...

For Ben McGuire

Great to see photographic evidence that you made it to KK! Really nice surprise (the photo, not the fact that you made it...) ! All the best for whatever project you get assigned to - will be keeping an eye out on the blog to see what you'll be doing. There is some post coming your way from various people but not sure how long it will take to arrive...

lots of love Mum, Dad and Jo xxx

sally said...

[Alpha 2], Hi Jeremy, not sure if I have blog thing under control as my previos comment has not appeared. got message from Godfrey but not sure how i REPLY to you as clearly it can only be one way traffic. seeing all photos now of the loop's visit but very little before that for Alpha 2. am signed up for email and check raleigh sitedaily . hope you are all having a wonderful adventure and kindergarten foundations went in soundly! in haste all good here and very busy . G was in bastion for 2 weeks so email traffic ,quiet now so he's probably earning his keep now.xm

Ben Jones said...

Message for Alex Edwards
Alright big man, sorry it's taken so long for me to get in touch, hope things are going well! Some Rambo'esk photo's of you on here, i'll try and prevent Pete getting his hands on but can't really be guaranteed, sorry bud!Simon's doing well, he's looking to be back at training some time this month and hopefully get some 'sympathy games' as he says, have a good one mate! will be in touch more often from now on, now i know how to do it haha! speak to you soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Shaun
It was brilliant to talk to you yesterday and to hear how happy you are. I'm so glad you are enjoying such an experience and learning lots from it. Probably talk to you briefly today - I wonder where you'll be going next?.......Lots of love, mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Boudewijn Willekes said...

To: Sophie Tigges, Alpha project phase two.

Hi lieffie,

De eerste brief zit in de bus hoor. :) K ben zo benieuwd naar de foto's en verhalen. Volgende week vrijdag komt het volgende briefje er aan. Ben benieuwd hoe lang deze er over doet.

Een hele dikke zoen en veel knuffies.


Anonymous said...

Michael Jarvis (Alpha 5)
Hi Michael, So your phase 1 is near it's end...hope you enjoyed it. Your mum popped by the other day...what a lovely surprise and thank you Michael for your kind were lovely and the chocolates went down a treat with us have been posted and thank you for yours..So how has it been for you ? hope you have met lots of interesting the scenery is amazing for pics..Remember Shirley who worked for us..she popped by and was so pleased to hear what you was doing...she said to say HI and hopes to write on your blog..Weather is crap back home !!!!! I want more photos so get in there and show your and Sue need some for board..Sue is doing a newsletter and of course you and James will be featured..I look forward to that...hope your coping well and still happy..I will be sending you a letter soon from all of us back here..well for now I'm off to put a jumper on ..Enjoy ...Nina x

Mum and Dad said...

Hi to Joe Arthurs (Alpha 2)
Lovely to see all the photos on the Raleigh blog, watching your progress on kindergarden with much interest.
Hope you are keeping well and enjoying the experience of a lifetime. Letter winging it's way to you, should be there by time of next changeover. Everyone sends much love, all missing you, keep safe. Mum and Dad xxx

Jenbo said...

Hi Sophie (Alpha 3),
Hope you got our letters. Missing you. Got a busy week coming up, going to Barcelona on Thursday,, birthday Friday, back Sunday and moving into new flat on Monday. I'm so upset you're missing the flat warming. Kellie says hi, she's next to me in bed. hmmm not got any gossip at the moment, most of it's in the letters, really hope you got them.
Looks like you're having a good time in the photos, looking really good babes, I'll need to get fake tanning otherwise i'll look albino in comparison when you're back.
Miss you, love you. Jenbo XXXXXXXXXXXX

Anonymous said...

To Sophie Tigges

Hi Soof! Ons eerste briefje zit op de post ik hoop dat hij aan komt. We zijn erg benieuwd naar je verhalen over de jungle...

veel liefs mams



Fran Rupik said...

(oliver) COBBLAAARRRR ! Alpha 5, hope you are doing well in the jungle! its lovely to see what your upto, with some good pictures, nice hat by the way :P, we are missing your cheer! hope you are having a brilliant time! know we are all thinking about you! stay safe :) Fran xxx

bernhardine said...

Maurits van Rhijn-Alpha 2
He lieve Maus, Hoe gaat het met je? Ben je goed aangekomen? Was de busreis erg lang? Wat was het heerlijk om je stem te horen en even met elkaar bij te babbelen. We waren de hele dag in jubelstemming. En waren zo blij dat je zo vrolijk was en dat je het leuk hebt. De loop vertrekt weer op 10 november dus tot die tijd zullen we weinig nieuws van jullie hebben. Kijken welke elke dag of er toch misschien nog foto's zijn van de changeover. Lieverd heel veel succes met fase 2, Love you en mis je dikke knuffel mamaxxxx

Kascha said...

For Elliott Simpson

Heyy Elli!
something very sad happened last night, some how we lost to boston 0-7 .... its kinda embarrassing that the number one team lost to the 28th team, especially by that much. Boston is still in 28th place but we are now in second :( but don't worry on tuesday they are playing florida who's in 16th so hopefully well beat them.

miss you - kascha

Bas said...

Maurits van Rhijn - from Alpha 4 to Alpha 2
Hi Lieve Maus, wat was het geweldig om je vrijdag even te spreken na al die weken. Je klonk erg enthousiast en positief wat ons zeer goed deed (weet niet of we al helemaal wakker waren zo net na 6-en..). Moet een geweldige ervaring en beleving zijn en zijn erg trots op je! Mooie verhalen, een groot avontuur! Ik ben maar weer begonnen aan Redmond O'Hanlon - into the heart of Borneo - jaren geleden gelezen maar nu zeer toepasselijk! Verder een redelijk rustig weekend gehad. Gisteren naar Bloemendaal waar Vaja speelde en helaas net verloor met 1-2. Vele vroegen hoe je het had gehad. Voor Vaja leuk want Laura bleef slapen. Vandaag een wandeling door de polder met bubs. Vanmiddag even bij een wijnproef geweest, vanavond kwam Mims eten. Heb dus geen sport gezien maar zal het even met je langs lopen (omdat je dit zo leuk vond). Met hockey H1gewonnen uit bij HGC (0-3). Floris kan niet meedoen aan EHL (liesbreuk), Bloemendaal verliest van OZ en Pinoke wint van Kampong uit (staan nu 3de). Voetbal ook weer aardig weekend; QPR verliest net van City; 2-3, Newcastle wint weer -staat nu 3de , 1 punt achter ManU (1-0 gewonnen van Sunderland, Sir Alex 25 jaar in charge!, tribune naar hem vernoemt), Swansea gelijk tegen Liverpool en Fulham verliest 1-3 van Tottenham... In NL winnen Twente, PSV & AZ. Ajax verliest uit van 'Utreg' met 6-4 en Feyenoord veliest thuis van NEC door een buitenspel doelpunt. In NY nieuwe marathon record van Mutai 2;05;06 nadat hij 2;03 in Boston had gelopen (niet officieel). Wellicht alles weer wat inspiratie voor de sport quizes die jullie hebben. Idereen erg blij met je brieven! Wist nooit dat je zo goed en vermakelijk kon schrijven (en dat voor je eerste brieven in je leven..), erg leuk en goed om te horen. Zijn mooie leercurves waar je doorheen gaat! Maak er wat van en vooral geniet ervan (maar dat doen jullie wel zo te horen/lezen)! we houden allen veel van ke en zijn erg trots op je. Verschillende kaartjes zijn weer onderweg... toch wel leuk he? Dat je weer zo moest wennen aan de Crapberry... toch eigenlijk wel leuk het 'ouderwets schrijven & lezen'! Aardig ook in boek van O'Hanlon; beschrijft SAS training, opzetten hammock, malaria, high spot of the day; cleaning your teeth, ...
"The tropics takes people in different ways.... and then after 2 weeks you'll be used to it. And once in the jungle proper you'll never want to come out."
Humm, not sure about the last.. willen je toch wel weer graag terug zien binnenkort! Een goede week, ik krabbel weer snel wat en have fun out there! Houden van je , Pappa xxx

Anonymous said...

Elliott Simpson Alpha 2
Sunday night football, A and I watching vs. Ravens, 6 all before the half. Rona and Rory finished the NY marathon today, Dad went down to cheer them on. McK party here tomorrow night, to Paris next weekend! You are close always, A says he is a Field Marshall and that he is positive and he got another killionaire...whatevs. Hope that kindergarten is coming along - got a message from Calvin from FTC, remember him? We love you and miss you, Mom and Adair...

Dave said...

Dr Jen! I know you wont get this for a while, but i just saw your cheeky little face there and got all blurry-eyed. i hope you are having fun in the jungle and saving people from almost certain death with your mad medical skills!
lots of love mate!

Anonymous said...

Hi Shaun,
Good to see all your photos and to hear that you are enjoying your time in Borneo. Hope you had a good birthday during your diving week. We are really looking forward to seeing and hearing all about your trip on your return.
Love and best wishes from Marion and John