Monday, 17 October 2011

Who is going where?

Day four at Basecamp, Deltas 2,4 and 6 have returned safely from the jungle via a small run in with a goat and after sharing the river rope bridge with an early motorbike commuter.  Deltas 1, 3 and 5 have completed their final training sessions and at 10:30 as the drum roll starts, everyone waits with a mix of enthusiasm and apprehension for Petr to announce project allocations for phase 1.

Building a kindergarten for Alpha 1 in Kampung Alab with Project Managers Matt, Nat and Kirsty are; Andy Hartley, Gary Lithgow, Hannah Wijmenga, Min Ng Zhi, Nicolien Wijburg, Oli Cowling, Paige Caldaralo, Ruben Bloembergen, Ryan Willis.

Also building a kindergarten, but for Alpha 2 in Kampung Lingka Bugan with Project Managers Joe, Claire and Nick are Ali Bathie, Barbara Tordoir, Ben Piggott, Cyril Gabil, Daisy Cooke, Gordon Proctor, Jeremy Critien, Jess Ewart, Renske Douma

Our photographer Isla will be going to both community projects for the first ten days so will be bringing back photos and stories for the blog

Going to Danum Valley with Alpha 3 are Project Managers Ed, Mat and Mary and Alex Edwards, Bobby Smart, Carrie Ka Yee Chan, Jonathan Walker, Lee Keam Lai, Lilien Woestenburg, Oliver Roos, Shaun Yandell, Sophie Pluck, Wietske Voorhoeve.

Working on the Sun Bear project at Sepilok for Alpha 4 with Project Managers Ted, Kirsty and Fern are; Evelien Memelink, Kinilus Sadampal, Lydia Hale, Maurits van Rhijn, Rowan Burt, Sara Webb, Seb Dunne, Siger Ramshorst, Sophie Shearer, Tarnya McKeown

Our Communications Officer Katie, will be spending the first half of phase 1 at the environmental projects before heading back to fieldbase to update the blog with news. 

Alpha 5 start their expedition trekking in the Crocker Range before diving then trekking again in Kiulu.  Going with Project Managers Jemma, Ru and Andy are;  Emily Obrhai, Frazer Ross, Julie Wassenaer, Michael Jarvis, Oliver Cobb, Patrick Rutledge, Rufus Morse, Saar de la Hayze, Stephanie van Berckel

Finally heading south to the village of Long Pa’Sia to spend 12 days trekking before going to Dive Island are the Alpha 6 team.  Project Managers Anne, James and Julian are joined by Barend van Marwijk Kooij, Chia Sin Liew, Cloe Donegan, Elliott Simpson, Eva Manneke, Jamie Player, Josh Spuyman, Leo Faulks, Megan Thompson . 

After some quick hellos to their new teams and goodbyes to the Delta teams, there was no time to rest.  The remainder of the day was spent learning more about the project, planning, packing, sorting out food, tools and equipment, re-planning, re-packing and getting to know each other.

Daisy and Ben check off the equipment for Alpha 2

Johnny and Shaun check there is enough food for Alpha 3

Sara and Evelien count rations

The trekkers need to organise and pack their food separately for each day

Ali, Barbara, Gordon and Jess pack up for Alpha 2
The logistics team – Nicki, Andy and Craig had a giant task of getting each Alpha project’s food, kit and tools ready throughout the week at Basecamp, as well as joining in training, trekking and games.  They have expedition thoroughly mapped out so that projects are fully supplied awith everything they need - nothing would run without them. 
Logs Manager Nicki oversees the equipment
Andy and Craig - never go anywhere without a role of duct tape.

Happy with a job well done, Oliver displays his signature move, which has earned him the name "Fame"
All groups climbed onto buses at 6am Saturday morning, ready for the long and often bumpy road to their project sites.  They have all arrived safely and have been busy settling into their new homes and getting to know their new neighbours, which we hear includes everything from local villagers to bearded pigs and orangutans. 

Our Fieldbase team will be leaving on Thursday for a week long visit to all sites.  Please post lots of comments, so we can take them with us.  It really makes a big difference to hear news from home.


Sue Hale said...

Lydie - seems like there is so much happening - good luck with the Sun Bear project, although we are not quite sure what that entails. Its so good to see pics of you and Les and Dawn send their love. Will and I are posting a letter today. LOL, Mxx

Anonymous said...

From Maggie Obhrai for Emily, I see you have started your trek! I'm sure that it will be amazing and I can't wait to hear about the diving. It's absolutely wonderful to be able to follow the blog, the pictures are superb and give a great taste of what it's like.I'm just off to the travel agents to book for next year, (mummy style though not Raleigh Style!)
Have fun. Love you xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hey Rufus
That sounds very exciting, wandering around the jungle hopelessly lost for a few days, then shark dodging.
We had a great few days in Augusta, Mum saw dolphins so close that she could practically touch them. No kite surfing as yet, but there were a few people out the last day, so probably next time. Have lots of fun,enjoy the rich and varied OpRal cuisine and extensive Borneo insect life.
Mum and dad xx

Gail Cobb said...

Dear Oliver (Cobb aka Fame) Alpha 5. Love the photos! It seems really odd looking at photos and hearing what you are doing when we are so far away. We are missing you a lot but it does sound already that you having a fantastic time. I hope you enjoy the jungle trek! Loads of love Mum xx

fez said...

hello to Ryan Willis (Delta 5). Really hope everything is going well for ya and ya enjoying every moment of ya stay in Borneo. Please don't come back with a bone in your nose will ya, lol. Hope your making lots of new friends and just to let ya know many poeple are missing you already, don't know why it's only been a week lol. looking forward to seeing you again just before Crimbo, enjoy it Ry and we want more pics so start smiling. All the best mate, be safe. Martin.

John&Marion said...

Hi Shaun,Looking forward to hearing about your trip to Danom Valley.Weather wet,windy and due to go colder here.We look forward to tracking you via the website.M&J

Anonymous said...

Hi Frazer, Hope the ankle is on the mend.Insurance refund came through ok. Going to pick up certificate from college for you. Have you given up wearing your glasses or have you broken all three pairs! Mum's having problems recognising you in the photos!

Anonymous said...

Hello all. Love to see a photo of Alpha 6! They have a tough challenge ahead. Thanks

Ken Turnip said...

Hey - no pic of the Alpha 6 team?

Been really enjoying reading the blog. I hope Cloe Donegan (A6) and all the rest of you haven't been sucked dry by the leeches - you've got important work to do! So proud of you. Love W&P

Anonymous said...

Michael Jarvis (Alpha 5)
Hi Michael..See you got your 1st project and one i'm sure you will enjoy. You look like your having fun in the pic. Seems so weird looking at pics of you so far away. Weather back here is rubbish and getting very cold. So many people keep asking me how you and James are getting on. James's first project is Turtle conservation...he seems to be having a good time too. Have a great trek and lap it up..speak soon Nina x

Rebecca Cobb said...

To Oliver, Alpha 5. You've barely been there a week and you have the nickname Fame!? Haha!! Mum's been putting all the photos on facebook and telling everyone about the blog so there are lots of people out there keeping an eye on you :-P Chris says he needs your skills on minecraft to help with something he's making on the industrial mod! Lol! I've told him he'll have to be patient! I've managed to get tonsillitis the week before show week, usually I would blame this on you but that's looking pretty unlikely to be the case! Haha! Have fun on your trek and be safe scuba diving! Hope you're having a great time :) Love big (but smaller) sis! xxxxx

Kate said...

To Matt of Alpha 1 fame

I'm sure you're having a fabulous time as the photos look worse and worse!

All well in Blighty - no real news but rest assured I will pass it on if there is. Oh BT coughed up - there we go: news!

Lots of pride and love

Michiel en Annemiek said...

For Olivier Roos, Alpha 3
Lieve Ol, Wat heerlijk om af en toe iets van je te horen en wat leuk om over jullie programma te lezen. We pluizen ook het Raleigh Blog af om te lezen wat jullie aan het doen zijn en de foto's te zien. Herkende meteen je zwembroek. Fascinerend om het maagdelijke regenwoud in te gaan: Een belevenis lijkt mij. Hier was de eerste week dat jij weg was pest-weer. Afgelopen 3 dagen is Michiel in Veneti√ę geweest met Rick en Bart, waar je de hartelijke groeten van krijgt. Annemiek bleef in Den Haag waar het prachtig weer was. Koud en Zonnig. Het is nu herfstvakantie hier. Victorine bezocht dit weekend voor het eerst Limburg en wij zijn vandaag 24 jaar getrouwd! Dikke zoen, heel veel plezier, Michiel en Annemiek

Gail Cobb said...

Hi Oliver Cobb, alpha 5. We are at Granny's and showing her how to blog. She says hello, fantastic photos and hopefully she will be able to do this by herself another day (I doubt it though..) I will be writing soon so I hope you get it :) Love you lots and lots. Mum x

Sue said...

For Matt in Alpha 1

We're all enjoying seeing the photos and reading about what you're doing. Looks like you're having a brilliant time and the scenery looks wonderful.

News from home is that Grandpa moves to Westlands the day after tomorrow (20th Oct) otherwise all is pretty much as you left it.

The Indian Summer has turned to autumn - but that's ok too.

Love and a hug
Mum and Dad

fez said...

hi Ryan your looking good son be better if you smile (yer right). Akora is keeping up with you by asking to see her big bro on the photos. have a good time in the sun love you loads and loads more mum XXXXXX

Anonymous said...

Ed (Alpha 3),

Looks like a great time is being had! Envious much!

Not much news from this end;

Mum Dad have gone to Devon for 6 days Hollibobs so their both happy bunnies. Chester has gone to No 7so I suspect that he and Rob are playing nicely.

I am still juggling two jobs and counting down the weeks till the new year, when Lucy is back and I may get a little of my life back!

Looking at the pics and blogs make me smile and think that you are having a FANTASTIC TIME.

Thinking of you lots
Sending lots of love,
Hugs, kisses and pokes in your ribs!
Xxx xxx xxX

WILLEM said...

Renske Douma, Alpha 2
Haaa liefste Rens! & mijn vriend de lama!
Wat heerlijk om al die verhalen te lezen en foto's te zien, terwijl ik hard aan het blokken ben voor mijn tentamen. Doe je goed mijn vriend! In Amsterdam is alles fijn, zal deze week mijn brief op de post doen met alle updates. Als ik het goed heb gelezen ben je nu al ergens in de rimboe lekker aan het bouwen. Jaja ik volg je op de voet, en zal deze link ook even doorsturen naar de anderen..
Ik ga nu richting college, renskie ik mis je, je bent een held! Veel liefs en veel knuffels, x willem
ps. houd de lama je nog gezelschap of is die al gesneuveld ergens onderweg?

Thomas & Merel said...

hallo Babsie, wat een leuke foto's en heerlijk om te zien hoe je 's nachts slaapt in een hangmatje met zeil en klamboe.... Jammer dat ik je telefoontje gemist heb, maar ik heb alle verhalen gehoord. Ben zeer benieuwd naar je project in Kampung Lingka. Heb je zelf ook al met gereedschap gewerkt .....? Alle vingers er nog aan ? We hebben de foto's gezien en het ziet er heel stoer uit zeg. We zitten nu in Frankrijk met Bieb, Stijn en Elientje en missen je wel hoor ! laat even horen als je weer binnen bereik bent, dan kunnen we even bellen. hele dikke kus, Thomas & Merel

Died&Ther said...

To Julie, Alpha 5, even een berichtje uit en regen- en stormachtig NL! leuk om de teams op de site te zien, het ziet er allemaal spannend uit. hier alles prima, misschien nog een paar dagen naar het woold, waar je vorig jaar zo hard hebt gewerkt. niets vergeleken met wat je nu aan het doen bent! zet hem op, we denken aan je! lfs p&m

Anonymous said...

Hi Ry, (Delta 5) how are you, you lucky thing!! Wish we were out there with you. Have a fab time and we will be in touch soon.

Love Aspire

Kascha said...

For Elliott Simpson
Hey elli,
The leafs lost last night in over time 2-3.
so that ended their winning streak :(
I hope everything is going well. Its freezing here already so enjoy the warmth while you can cuz once your home it will be in full force winter.
Miss you - Kascha

Heather Acott said...

Hey Michael Jarvis Aplha 5 So Glad There Is Finally a Picture Of You Smiling Glad You Are Having A Great Time,
Missing You Lots
Love You Loads Babe

Cathy Walker said...

Hey Jonathan Walker (Alpha 3) It's utterly brilliant to be able to see you when you're 8000 miles away! How's the sun tan coming on?!! Hope you don't get a 'Mock Duck' Birthday cake on 31st! HAPPY 24th BIRTHDAY! love from ALL the family in Norn Iron! BIG hug, Love Mum xo

Anonymous said...

hi michael (alpha 5)so nice to be able to see what ur doing its obvious from from pics ur having a gr8 time all the family are looking at your photos.lots of love x x mum family
and heather sends a big kiss too X


Hey Alex, hope you are having a good time!!!! We need more pics up to see!! Moses misses you loads!!! see ya soon/ Lee

Hilarie Fryer said...

Hi Jemma
Well the numbers have certainly swelled! Hope all is well in the jungle and you are enjoying the project. Hope your medical skills are not being tested too much. Great to see the photos. Here our balmy autumn has disappeared and it is much cooler and wet. Am getting over the disappointment of Wales not making the RWC final and am hoping the All blacks thrash the French on Sunday. Dad back Friday night - new world begins!! Papa doing fine with his rx. Had a fab weekend with Ash. Your p/c arrived today - thank you. Thinking of you darling. Love you millions Mum

Hilarie Fryer said...

Dear James (Yates)
Hope all going well and you are enjoying your project. Is the ear is recovering and will you be able to dive. We hope that there is good news re the Christchurch job. Bet is strange not being together for these weeks, especially as you have had so much great time together recently.
All good here, Andy home for good on Friday. Had Ash home last weekend and had such a lovely time. Cool and wet here so have been able to light the fire in the evenings. Its proper autumn now and clocks change in just over a week! We think of you both all the time, take care and have fun
with love Andy and Hilarie

nico said...

For Nicolien Wijburg, Alpha 1
Hoi Nicolien,
Elke dag bekijken wij de website en lopen door alle foto’s en commentaar heen op zoek naar een gevoel hoe het daar met je gaat. We hebben foto’s van je groepen, Delta en Alpha, gezien en zelfs een foto met jou, vol in beeld samen met een Engelse vriendin, Daisy, op weg naar de jungle. Je zit in een adembenemende wereld die volslagen nieuw is voor je en je straalt ook nog! We zijn trots op je! Je doet alsof het normaal is, maar iedereen hier bewondert je. We lezen hoe druk je het hebt en zijn benieuwd wat je over drie weken allemaal te vertellen hebt en zullen ondertussen de Blogs bestuderen.
Hier hebben we een warm nazomerweekend gehad, we hebben gevaren en gegolfd in Friesland. Nu is het herfst, regen en wind. Mama was in Essen; de groeten van Martijn, See en vooral Odette. Een dikke kus van Mama en Papa! P.S. Leuk die sandalen

Chris Potts said...

Hi Oliver (alpha 5) I am not surprised you have already earned the nickname fame. I hope you are having a great time and wanted to share with you one thing. Mine craft have weeping angels (yes the ones from Dr Who) its terrifying!

Love Chris

Anonymous said...

Gordon Proctor (Alpha 2)
Hey Gordon, looks like your having an amazing time, hopefully not getting to sunburnt! What your doing seems like so much fun and a million miles away from Scotland! It's not stopped raining since you left so bet your happy your out there! Missing you loads and looking forward to getting your letters.
Lots of love Grace xxx
ps. my mum fails to believe that your the only Ginger there!

fez said...

hi Ryan delta 5 your tan is looking good everyone here wishes you good luck in the jungle remember to drink lots of water love you loads miss you too cheryl xxxxx

Ted said...

hallo Eefje, ziet er culinair uit zeg die rations ;-)
leuk je zo op de foto's terug te zien. het lijkt me echt supergaaf daar. ben heel erg benieuwd naar je verhalen straks.
veel plezier nu eerst bij de beren.
liefs Ted

Derek said...

Hello Uncle Shaun it's Harry and baby Jack. We hope you are enjoying yourself, we are sure you are having a very cool time. We have been very good boys and have been playing lots and lots. We look forward to seeing you when you get back. Sending you lots of kisses and cuddles, Harry and Jack. Have fun uncle Prawny! Xxxx

Derek said...

Hi Shaun [Alpha 3] Hows it going in the rainforest? The photos look briliant, met many leeches yet? It's real autumn here now, some lovely days but cold!! Dad went climbing at Bristol last night and got a £35 parking ticket! I know that'll make your day!!Daz &Fi, Em &Chris send their love. Love u loads, have fun, and big hug from mum xx

Sam Gifford said...

Hi Shaun (Alpha 3) Looks like your having loads of fun! Very jealous. Its so cold here now! Need you to come back!! hehe Hope your getting my letters, and will hear from you soon. See your rellies have commented too you popular thing. Missing you loads, and glad you look happy. Have been casually stalking the blogs to try and see you and very happy to see your alive! Commented before but not sure if it worked.. oh well! Your rents have been helping me spot you too. I love you very very much, and can't wait to see more of your antics in the jungle :) I love you, Sam xxx

Sarah Bennett said...

Hey Oliver (alpha 5) the kids are so impressed with what you've already done and D and I are just dead jealous! Sure the trekking will be awesome - hope you've packed ear plugs so you get some sleep in the jungle! Enjoy the diving too and looking forward to hearing all about it. S,D, M & E x x

Anonymous said...

Paige (Alpha 1) hope you are well and enjoying the adventure! Your new cousin Chloe Jane is looking forward to seeing you :D (arrived at 5.16 Sunday morning). Lots of love, Uncle David

Penny Yates said...

Hello James
Wonderful to think you are now trekking through all that amazing scenery. I hope everyone is enjoying it and no-one is needing your medical skills yet. The blog is so good keeping us up to date and showing loads of photographs. All the winter jumpers and long boots are coming out here, suddenly really cold. So it is rather strange seeing you all in shorts. Keep safe and well. Lots of love mum x

Penny Yates said...

Hi Jemma
I hope you are having a wonderful time trekking and everyone is coping with their enormous back packs. Looking forward to hearing the next news and seeing photos of your dive site too. On the blog it mentioned a bearded pig, I wonder if it was your group that found that? Conjours up a real cartoon character! Keep the camera clicking. Love Penny

Caldaralo's said...

Hello Paige,hope you've received the letters we've sent.Haven't received yours yet.We're getting into a routine here,where we wake up a little earlier hoping that the blog has been updated so we can see a recent photo of you, and to be informed of what you've all been up to. We understand you're helping in the construction of a kindergarten,I'm really jealous,that is something I would love to put my name to.Hope your days are filled with new & exciting experiences.Can't wait to hear all about it.The temperature here has dropped quite considerably and Blaise is always complaining so it looks like the heating will have to go on soon.Bet you don't have that problem there. Take care of yourself sweetheart. Love you lots. Mum & Dad. xxxx

Derek said...

Hi Shaun (Alpha 3)very quiet here without you, the jungle looks amazing from searching your location on the internet, what a privilege to be able to go there. Looks like I'll get to do my CWA assessment in November, but I guess you'll shortly be getting hooked on diving!
Tip of the day - apparently mosquitoes are attracted to people who've recently eaten a banana!!!
Love Pop xx

Ashley Fryer said...

To Jemma in Alpha 5,

Hello darling! I've been SO busy these last couple of weeks but letter number 2 is on its way. Sorry I've been a bit crap and not written you more letters. Peach Trees is keeping me extremely busy as usual and I've been crazy busy at work.

Speaking of which, I've been promoted!! It's effective as of 1st December, and they're officially replacing my position in January so that's very exciting. Details in the letter!

Looks like you guys are having lots of fun - I miss you heaps and it's weird not being able to pick up the phone and call. I miss your voice down the phone. But time is going so quickly and I'm sure you'll be back within skyping distance before long! :)

Love you lots and lots xxxxxxx

a said...

For James Yates (Alpha 6)

Hi lovely,

How's it all going? Looks like you're all having an amazing time! How's the ear? I was so sorry to hear about what happened - that really sucks. Hope you will still able to do a bit more diving in a few weeks?! Either way, sending you a big hug.

Things back home are very, very busy. Peach Trees is very busy and Elspeth has posted some lovely recipes!! We've been bonding over our mutual temporary loss of sibling!

In other news, I've been promoted! Will let you know all the details later but it's effective as of 1st Dec so I'm really excited as you can imagine.

Really miss you both and looking forward to being able to skype etc when you're back in civilisation! :)

Lots of love,

Ash xxxxx

From Blaise said...

Hi Paige, how are you? I hope you have got my birthday card! I have put my name forward along with Sarah and Lauren to do D Of E, but we haven't got a definate place because there are only 100 places available. Also for work experience I might be going to Mounts Bay school in Penzance to go in a French and Spanish class.
Tommorow is pink day at school and then I have friday off, Sophie and I are going in to town to buy your presents. Have a good Birthday, I'll be thinking about you. Love from Blaise. xxx



Bas said...

Hi lieve Maus,
alles goed met je? Had eerder van de week wat geschreven maar kan niet vinden... stoere foto's, wat een geweldige uitdaging; maak er iets moois van! Ik heb net Mama & Vaja van vliegveld gehaald; ze waren eerder van de week in Milaan en daarna bij Robbie&Renato... ze hebben genoten! Ik was hier in regenachtig NL.. afgelopen weekend op je scooter gereden naar A'dam; schamele overwinning op Laren; 2-1 (Evers gaat 1/2 jaar door Azie trekken). Dit weekend EHL. In voetbal Ajax gelijk tegen AZ, en CL gewonnen van Zagreb, Twente&PSV ook overwinteren... Fulham in competitie verloren van Stoke en Europa ook... En zou bijna vergeten; het NL honkbal team wereldkampioen... City boven aan. Dit weekend klassieker A-F.. Verder begint het al redelijk fris te worden, en genoeg regen even wat anders dan bij jullie? erg benauwd; veel drinken? Net zulke lekkere insecten als in Cambodja? Hou je taai, sterkte en geniet ervan! Hou veel van je XXX Papa

Anonymous said...

Michael Jarvis (Alpha 5)
Hi Michael,
Hope all is well and your having fun. Keep checking blog for updates on how your doing (Borneo seems a bit slower than Costa Rica for updating). Weather back here is absolutlely FREEZING!!! the board is coming on lovely just need some more pics of get in as many as you can..don't forget my pic of an orangutang!!! James has done his first blog so I look forward to yours. Well signing off now...have a great time and have lots of fun as I'm sure you are...Nina x

Bas said...

Hi Maus,
hoe is het daar? Zag vanmorgen weer wat foto's van een andere groep; mooie uitdaging! Moest vanmorgen veel aan je denken, was zonnig weer en ben weer gaan hardlopen (enkel nog niet helemaal goed maar 7.5k gedaan)...onderweg even zwaar maar dacht 'ach vergeleken met jullie omstandigheden is dit een walk in the park'... Verder een rustig weekend, lezen, sporten (zelf en kijken) en bijkletsen met Mama & vaja van al hun belevingen (mama zal je later mailen). Ohja en bubble was vanochtend in je kamer aan het rondlopen en ruiken...zal je wel missen... sterkte daar en tot later, love you, xxx Papa
p.s. eerste bericht was goed, 2de niet, is eBBers en niet evers, hopelijk hij nog naar London-12

Bas said...

Hi Maus,
net je brief ontvangen per post! Hartelijk dank en leuk te lezen van je eerste dagen! Erg goed dat je die jongen hebt geholpen met het schrijven van een brief! Ben trots op je! En de pap valt wel mee? Of was dat alleen de eerste dagen... Geweldig al die verhalen van dieren, monsoon etc. Have fun!
xxx Papa

bernhardine said...

Maurits van Rhijn - Alpha 4
Hallo lieve Maus, Wat leuk om je te volgen via de blog. Ik heb je al een aantal brieven gestuurd maar weet niet of ze aankomen. Hoe gaat het met je? Fijn om je lachend op de foto te zien samen met de groep waarmee je naar het Sun Bear project gaat. Hoe is het daar? Ben zo benieuwd wat je allemaal moet doen. We hebben vandaag je brief ontvangen en het was heerlijk om van je te horen. We hebben hem wel 3 x gelezen. Vaja en ik waren in Milaan en bij Roby we zijn gisteren terug gekomen. Was super leuk om haar weer te zien. Lieverd ik verheug me enorm op je volgende brief en ik zal vanavond ook weer schrijven. Iedereen vraagt naar je en is benieuwd hoe het met je gaat. Schattie, veel succes en we zijn enorm trots op je. dikke knuffels van ons viertjes (bubble) voor jou. xx

Derek said...

Hi Shaun (alpha 3),Its Darren. Hey Bro how you doing? So proud of you mate for doing Raleigh. Really looks like you're having loads of fun and making special friends for a life time, brings back memories of when I did Namibia in 06. So jel of you, just remember to make the most of this trip and enjoy every moment, even when all seems tough and the days are long and you miss all of us back home ( YEAH RIGHT) As every one else has said the weather back here has turned right off, the boys have both had colds.. not good, but feeling better now.. Played rugby today so left the boys with mum and dad, they're just in the bath as I write this to you, mum and dad to Once again bro so proud of you and can't wait to hear all about it when you get back. I hope you get our letters soon. Oh yeah just in case I don't get to blog before I hope you have the most fabulous enjoyable unforgettable wonderful amazing once in a life time 25th birthday, and I want to see the pics... Fiona sends her love the boys send dirty nappies and blocked No, really, we all miss you (PRAWNY) Take care bro sending all the love in the world BIG BRO xxxxxxxx

Bernhardine said...

Maurits van Rhijn - Alpha 4
Hoi lieve Mausie, Hoe gaat het met je. Heb vanmorgen weer alle foto's van de blog bekeken en de comments gelezen. Zo maken we je avontuur ook een beetje mee. Zijn benieuwd om te horen hoe het gaat met de beren? Kan je ook echt dichtbij komen? Waar slapen jullie? Bij ons alles goed, we hebben nog heerlijk zonnig weer maar wel koud. Papa kijkt naar WK Rugby, NZ wereldkampioen. Vaja gaat zo met Rutger en de kids naar het A. bos. Alex is in NY en mims in Duitsland. Ik heb je brief aan allemaal voorgelezen en zijn trots op je. En je eet pap...ongelooflijk. Lieverd vanavond post ik weer een kaartje en zal gauw weer op de blog schrijven. Dikke kussen van ons allemaal, bubble slaapt veel bij vaja. love you en succes met alles. mama xx

Bas said...

Hi Maus - Alpha 4
een leuke zondag gehad? gewoon werken of dayoff? Sporten of relaxen? Hier was het bijna de dag van de underdogs...WK rugby; All Blacks winnen defensief en krampachtig van een herstellend Frankrijk met 8-7. EHL hockey we winnen net met 2-1 van Reading (sjoerd op de bank) na gisteren met 10-1 van Cookstown te hebben gewonnen (Tjerk speelde 25min). Voetbal de klassieker waar een slecht Ajax met geluk, 10man toch nog gelijk maakt; 1-1... maar feyenoord beter in de Arena, Ajax nu 6de op 8 punten van AZ...Je kan beter daar zijn dan hier...Fulham verliest thuis van Everton 1-3 en ManU verliest van City met 1-6(5punten los)...QPR-Chelsea(9men) 1-0... Zo ben je weer een beetje op de hoogte. Hebben jullie daar wat info over de rest van de wereld? of is het al moeilijk om te weten welke dag het is? Je brief vandaag weer gelezen; erg leuk! Hou je taai, probeer ervan te genieten! Mama schrijft een kaartje, love you Papa xxx

Marc van Zijverden said...

To Maurits van Rhijn

Hi Mo!!
Hoe is het met je in de bush van Borneo? Ik snapte eerst helemaal niets van dit blog maar heb net even je ouders gesproken en die hebben het uitgelegd. Ze hebben ook je brief voorgelezen en het is allemaal wel ontzettend indrukwekkend! Ik begreep ook dat je het in het begin een beetje lasting had maar hoop dat het nu allemaal weer goed is en dat je er ook vooral van geniet! Je komt niet zo maar op die plekken waar jij nu allemaal komt volgensmij. Is het mooi de bossen, de dieren ..? Laat het me weten zodra je dit leest en kan reageren! Ik heb nu tentamenweek, was denk toch liever ook in Borneo geweest haha;). Heel veel plezier, en ik hoor van je! XXX Marc

Sam Gifford said...

Hello Shaun (alpha 3) :) Got your letter today just before I went out for my exam. Cheered me up and it went really well! Was really really nice to hear from you, and glad your having a good time. Shame about your rumbling tummy, but don't you lose anymore weight or you'll disappear!! haha I really miss you, and am sending another letter. Hope you can read them ok! I love you so so much, cant wait to hear from you again xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hope you're having a grand time Nat! Looks awesome! PK

Bas said...

Hi Maus - Alpha-4,
alles goed met je? Was gisteren een dagje in London, vlak naast de Wallace collection, moest aan je denken. Toen al nog steeds! Mowgli in Jungle book? Als je terug bent nog een paar dagen naar London gaan? Veel mensen vragen hoe je het maakt en is leuk je brief voor te lezen. Nog meer avonturen meegemaakt? Enjoy, have fun, love you Papa xxx

gra willis said...

hi ryan, just got youre letter son, real pleased your having a good time. hope the weather is treating you good its turned a bit rough here, now i know where to find you i will post, really proud of you son have fun and ps bring us a decent banana or a coconut please x dad.

Bernhardine said...

Maurits van Rhijn-Alpha 4, he lieve Mootje,Hoe gaat het met je. Je ziet we zijn actieve bloggers geworden. Ik stuur je steeds kaartjes maar weet eigenlijk niet wat je het eerst ontvangt. Hoe gaat het bij de beren? Wat moet je zoal doen? Hier alles goed, de herfst is nu echt begonnen bah je mist niets hoor. Vaja is druk op school. Dit weekend begint het hockey weer dus dat is gezellig voor haar hoewel ze haar grote broer wel zal missen langs de lijn. hebben jullie nog erg warm weer en hoe staat het met de moesson? Er staan wat foto's op de blog van de mensen die de jungle zijn in geweest, erg indrukwekkend.Jammer genoeg nog geen foto's kunnen ontdekken van jullie? Hoe gaat het met het opladen van je camera met dat solar schermpje? Lieverd veel succes met alles, denken heel veel aan je en missen je maar zijn supertrots op je. Love you, xx mama

Chris Palmer said...

Hello Johnny, I'll say hello from Justin, Ollie and a newly engaged Andrew Moore too lol. Pity you're missing the release of COD and Battlefield and all the F1's but I'm sure you're having a blast over there.

When ya get this you'll probably be 24 so happy birthday we'll get a night out when you're back :)

ps we haven't attended pub quiz since you left as that's just bad luck :)

Sharron Edwards said...


Hi Al Im not sure whether you have recieved our messages, we do check daily hoping for updates on what you are doing!! hopefully I will be able to see you and your friends.
Dad still has the flu, its dark and wet here, the clocks go forward this weekend so it will be even more horrible.
Anyway I m off to New York Tuesday with Autie Jane, leaving Dad with Seany and Jen!!
Just about to check out your new bed Ha it will be ready I hope when you return.
Greg has sent good news and the army have given him leave home on 26th Dec for 2 weeks, how brill is that?
Dad told me to tell you Man U 1 Man City 6 in the Derby !!!!
Jen says Hello she has blogged but we dont know whether you got it?
Everyone is asking about you, Nanna and Grandad loved your pics I sent over, Grandad wants to know about the parrott??
Anyway son I know I say this everytime but I am so proud of you, enjoy this time.
Love you loads and Loads
Mummy xx aka sea lion Ha Ha

Arthur said...

Nickosssss!!!! Leuk om je te volgen via deze website. Het ziet er allemaal heel vet en avontuurlijk uit! En leuk om je te kunnen volgen en je te kunnen zien! Ik spreek even namens iedereen, maar iedereen mist je hier! Vanavond zullen we een drankje op jou drinken op het plein, wat er nog van de groep over is. Het is alweer bijna november en dan al december en dan ben je weer terug! En dan gaan we leuke dingen doen! Heeeeel veel plezier en hoop je snel te spreken!
xxxxx Art

Jane Westbury said...

Alex Edwards

Hi Al....Hope you are having the time of your life!!! I am here with your Mum tonight and she is missing you loads but SO proud of you!! Have had a look at your photos and some videos on You Tube! It looks amazing...Have a great time hun! Lots of Love from Jane, Paul & Kids xxx

Chloe Sheppard Muir said...

Paige Caldaralo (Alpha 1) From Chloe SM

Paige ^^ xx

Howdy there!! :D Just wanted to do a quick shout out to you before bed.. Hmm it looks like its your birthday in a few short days >:D Soooo HAPPY 19th BIRTHDAY PAIGE!! I have got you a cracking present, but i kind of want to look at it before i wrap it lol :P Unfortunatly Uncle said no, so i'm upset, so unfair ;D xx Anyways i'm off to my sweet dreamland chin chin for now :) Hope you have an amazing time out there on the day, be safe and have fun!!

Love from your goldfish Chloe ;D xx