Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Trek girls and their jungle bling

 Alpha 5 have just got back to fieldbase in full jungle bling.

Jemma, Ru and Kirsty were visiting trek sites in Kiulu and the Crocker range where they'll be taking ventuers assigned to Alpha 5 in the adventure phase.

They've spent the last couple of nights in camps along the trek route and helped by local guides to get to grips with the area and terrain. 

Jemma and Kirsty radio in to fieldbase with a 'sitrep' - explaining where they are, what they have done and what they plan to do next. Each Alpha team sitrep in once a day.

A jungle side dish for last night's dinner. Local guides give groups a fascinating insight into local and jungle culture that means Raleigh rations get regularly accompanied by all sorts of fruits and plants. 

Back at fieldbase they have some tales to tell - barking deer, being leeched, spotting silver back monkeys and the stories from guide Hanri who absolutely made the whole experience, along with his handcrafted jungle bling.

Ru's jungle bling
Ru, Jemma, Hanri and Kirsty - can't wait to get back out there in just under a week.  
Alpha 4 have just got back from the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre in Sepilok. We'll put their photos and news up shortly.


alastair yates said...

Hi Jemma (Alpha 5) Who cares about Tiffanys when you have all that natural bling! You are so lucky to see all that wildlife. Glad it's going well. Enjoy. Love Alastair

Sarah Campion said...

Message for Ru

Hey dude! Loving the jungle bling! It all sounds wicked. Looking forward to many more stories from the jungle....
Sarah xx

Hilarie Fryer said...

Hi Jemma
Great to see you safely back after what sounds like a tiring but clearly wonderful experience. Love the new bling! A great reminder of your time in the jungle. I think I would not be so keen on the leeches though...Kneew I should have brought the leech socks back from India for you haha!!
Indian summer has packed up and gone and we have drizzle now - far more appropriate for October. Look forward to hearing James' adventures and I am sure it is great to see him again.
Love you darling
Mum xx

Penny Yates said...

Hi Jemma
Love all the jungle bling, I hope the leeches latched on without spoiling the look! So looking forward to all the news from your projects and lots of pictures of sun bears.
Love Penny

Gwyn said...

Hi Anne (Alpha 6)

Nice to see some pictures of where you are and what your up to. Keep them coming. I couldn't help notice that you guide was wearing long trousers and had them tucked into his socks. There is probably a good reason for that which no doubt you will find sooner or later in your trendy "naughty boy" shorts:-)

Bring some jungle bling back (no tat mind).



PS the pile of washing is growing nicely for you to sort out on your return.

Caldaralo's said...

Hi Paige. Hope you're ok and enjoying the experience. Is it better than making coffee? We're missing you loads and everyone is asking after you. Have sent our 1st letter. We've been looking at YouTube videos to get an idea of where your staying. Take Care Sweetheart. Lots of Love Mum, Dad & Blaise. XXX

Anonymous said...

Hi Em (Alpha5)
Hope you've got your PADI, we'll have to try and keep it up - better than a snorkel in Stoke any day. Love and hugs Malc xx