Saturday, 1 October 2011

Project planning

6am. Project managers have left fieldbase and are on their way to project sites across Sabah. Over the next few days they will be planning projects - identifying camps, meeting local guides and project partners and getting to know the community and environments they'll be working in. 

The radio room is set up and manned 24/7 at fieldbase and we will be getting updates from the groups twice a day until they are back on Tuesday.

Winning the most epic journey award is Alpha 3 -  Matt D, Ed, Mary and photographer Isla load up a taxi to the bus station where they'll get a long distance bus for 8 hours, travel in 4x4s for 4 hours and trek for another 6 to get to the project site.

Ready for the wild: Ted about to leave for the Alpha 4 sunbears project in Sepilok.

Heavy load? A typical PM's kit.

Trek leader Ruth ready to check out the Alpha 5 trek in Kiulu and the Croker range.

Claire and Alfie the Elephant on their way to the Alpha 2 community project where they'll be building a kindergarten in Kg Linka Buguan.

Snap! Anne's shoelaces didn't make it past fieldbase. Spares are with Anne and the Alpha 6 team on their way to project planning Long Pasia trek.

James with an extraordinary amount of luggage.


Ashley said...

Hello Jemma and James,

How's it going? I'm at home this weekend - being forced to watch X Factor which is fairly soul destroying! It was the Doctor Who finale tonight though which was good, and Dad's in the process of setting up the Blu Ray and new sound system, so that's exciting. :)

Got my hair cut today - it's a bit shorter but it has an actual style now, woop!

Miss you lots xxxx

alastair yates said...

To James. Looks as if you packed like a boy scout and are prepared for every eventuality. I know how thorough you are and nothing will stop you having a successful expedition. Good luck and when you see her please say hi to Jemma from us all. Love Dad x

Penny Yates said...

My goodness, is that really you under all that luggage James? I really think you should have chosen to leave the sofa and chairs behind! I'm sure you will be prepared for anything and I hope you have a thoroughly successful expedition.
love mum x