Sunday, 2 October 2011

News in

News in from across Sabah is that everyone has arrived safely at their project sites. All teams have radioed in to fieldbase this morning with a 'sitrep' and given us an update.

Nat and Mat in Alpha 1 celebrated Nat's birthday last night in Kampang Alab. Birthday presents included a pack of cards, Raleigh shop specials sprite, dairy milk and mentos. We had an early birthday at fieldbase before they left with Loli's famous mango cheesecake and chocolate brownie birthday cakes.

In other news, Joe, Nick and Claire in Alpha 2 enjoyed the off-road journey into the remote village of Kampang Lingka Bugan. They've found a great spot for a camp and have found a good radio signal through some careful antenna manouvering.

Mary, Mat D, Ed and Isla - Alpha 3 in the Danum Valley met a bearded pig at their first camp who was sporting a disappointingly clean shaven look.

Ted, Fern and cuddly Kirsty stayed in a B&B last night and will be trekking into their jungle camp at Sepilok today, not before visiting the orangutan sanctuary and Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre on the way.

Our Alpha 5 girls are loving the Crocker range -after a day of hard trekking in stunning scenery they enjoyed a good night's sleep alongside the local barking deer. They'll be the first team back at fieldbase when they arrive here later today.

Weather has been bad for Anne, Julian and James in Alpha 6 who are around the village of Long Pasia to check out the 12 day trek  that will take groups deep into the jungle. Spirits were not dampened though as the team went through some local royal celebrations on their way. We don't have the full story on this yet so watch this space!

So, our team's first night out on projects was a success - Nat and Mat tucked into birthday cake, groups enjoyed various forms of noodles, beans and mock duck and we are expecting to hear that Alpha 6 had a feast fit for (two) Kings (and a Queen).

Thank you for all your comments. We are passing all messages on so keep them coming!


alastair yates said...

To James (Alpha 6): I can't wait to hear how you ended up mixing with the Royals of Borneo! Hope there are some good photos. I won't tell you how you're missing beautiful weather in England. Love Dad x

Hilarie Fryer said...

Hi Jemma
England put us through the wringer yesterday but eventually an Ashton try saved the day and we are through to the QF against France, who were pretty awful against Tonga yesterday. England still not very convincing though. Now watching Ireland v Italy and Ireland looking good, should set up a QF against Wales who looked impressive against Fij earlier this morning. Another beautiful day here, off to Royal Oak to meet Jenny and Marlow for lunch.
I hope James took his umbrella! Sounds like everyone has had a good trip though and look forward to further updates. Bet you can't wait to get started proper!
Lovely to have Ash home this weekend.
Love and miss you darling
Mum xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Julian, I'm so happy to hear you have arrived safely to Long Pasia. Have they crowned you king yet? I have returned home (in one piece) from the mountains, very relaxed and fully charged. Apart from that, all quiet on the western front.

Miss you much, keep staying strong : )


Anonymous said...

hello Nat! happy belated birthday darling. letter in the post and bumpy and i are thinking of you lots and hoping you are following the spider rule (they are lost!). won't go on as you've got a letter for that. bumpy kicking LOADS, especially to x factor, we are only mildly concerned!

love you and missing you lots,

hells bells xxx

Penny Yates said...

Hi James
Alpha 6, what a variety already, rain royalty and remote rations. I hope the Tilley is holding up under all the damp and your hammock hanging has improved!!
love mum x