Sunday, 16 October 2011

It's Jungle Time!

After an early wake up call from the cicadas, all groups had a hearty porridge breakfast and prepared for the day ahead.  Deltas 1, 3 and 5 were the first groups into the jungle following a lesson in camp craft and jungle survival from our local guides.  First they had to sort and evenly distribute the all important food and group equipment. 

Each group has a day leader who delegates tasks so that everyone gets to camp safely, happy and with enough time to put up hammocks, group tarpaulin, put up the radio, dig long drops and slops pits and wash in the river.

Raleigh rations - yum!
Delta 5 prepare for the jungle

Delta 1

 Delta 3

The first challenge is only a short way into the trek

Jungle bound Jamie

The remaining teams stayed behind at Basecamp to continue training in radio procedure, first aid, navigation, tool and water safety.  They finished their day with Ted's pub quiz and Delta 4 (coincidentally Ted's own team) claiming victory for the second time. 

The following morning, all groups woke at first light to heavy rain.  Deltas 1, 3 and 5 began to de-camp for the trek back to Basecamp.  Deltas 2, 4 and 6 were also busy packing and learning vital jungle skills in the rain as the two groups switched places.  With slippery paths both in and out of the jungle everyone was on high alert, however this did not dampen spirits and luckily the sun broke free very quickly.

Delta 2
Delta 4

Nicolien and Daisy get ready

Delta 6
Frazer and Siger burn off some excess energy before the start
and they're off

Ben shows off his bed for the night

Lydia weight tests her hammock before properly getting in

Time to break out the crackers and iced gems after a job well done
After another full day for all, Delta 3 took winning place in the Basecamp quiz and deep in the jungle Saar and Oli prepared a winning combination of noodles and mock duck for dinner, which Elliot claims "tastes just like scallops".  As the groups in both camps settled down, praying for a dry night, Sabah’s full moon came out and all slept soundly dreaming of the next days project allocations.  

Check back with us tomorrow to find out where everyone is for phase 1.


alastair yates said...

To James and Jemma: having seen your rations it looks like you could benefit from Ashley's home cooking out there..ha! We are itching to hear news of the NZ job but no doubt the jungle drums will beat soon. We took a walk in the woods near Epsom Racecourse at the weekend to do some blackberry picking: not the type terrain you're in but I pretended I was in the jungle with you! Love Dad x

Jenbo said...

Hi Sophie, Delta 6. looking sexy in the pic, don't worry, we've already put it on facebook. hope you're having fun, we're hungover, standard sunday. hope you're enjoying the food and the people and the scenery. we're missing you loads, you've only been gone a week and there's loads to tell you. have fun in phase 1. LOVE YOU from kellie and jen XXXXXXXXXXX

Gai said...

Hi Oliver, delta 3. It took me some time to recognise you in that very stylish hat! we are missing you an awful lot but the photos of you braving the crocodiles and having wheelbarrow races look fun. Love you loads and loads. Mum and Dad xxxx

Rebecca Cobb said...

Hi Oliver, Delta 3. It was so cool to see photos of you online! I went to see Anything Goes last night, it was incredible! Mum definitely whipped the chorus into shape and Dad was hilarious! I've told everyone they'll need to vastly lower their expectations for Footloose! Lol! Mum's been sending you texts everyday so you'd get them at basecamp and I told her she should probably stop cos I don't think you have signal there! So if you ever get signal prepare for a barrage of texts! I hope you're getting on well with your group and you enjoy phase 1! Love youuuuuu Rebecca! xxx

Penny Yates said...

Hi James and Jemma
I had a hard job finding you James in the photos but spotted Jemma straight away. Another wet night for you but our first frost. Been stripping the garden of damsons and pears before another cold night tonight. Up at 5.30 yesterday, fabulous misty sunrise. Hope the slippery paths don't trip anyone up and enjoy those tins of goodies! love mum xx

Anonymous said...

Oxford update for Fern..hope y'all having a fine time now things have kicked off properly. You ain't missed a thing here! We got a couple gigs over the next weekends and hoping to go in to the studio and record mid November, gutted your voice won't be on there. We're all missing ya lots but having the tatooed hilbilly bro is helping. Tim misses you most, says theres no one to 'look at' anymore! ha ha only messing...take good care yo good self
love Dava and the Swindlestock boys xx

Hilarie Fryer said...

hi Jemma and James
Well I am benefitting from Ashley's cooking as she has been at home this weekend making some more wonderful meals and also raspberry and white choc muffins! I loved the fact that we could all see the fabulous full moon. Closes the distance. Here's hoping the rain does not become too tiresome. Hope all the challengers are a good bunch and are getting into the team spirit and enjoying all aspects of jungle life - and that they stay healthy and in one piece! Great to have the blog again after a week without it. Miss you and much love Mum

Anonymous said...

Jessie Ewart -
The top of the house is dreary dull and quiet without you. All well here though we miss you dredfully. Grandma continues to stay very well. Dad has gone to see Amelia and Aunt Bob, Georgia is with Ben and Holly is about to go to see Alice.
I have written you a long letter - as has dad.
Longing to hear where you are heading in that jungle!
All love your fam x

Anne van Olffen said...

JULIE!! ik kan het niet helemaal zien op de foto of jij het bent maar volgens mij zit je nu in delta 2?! het ziet er allemaal super leuk uit! ik stuur binnenkort een pakketje op met alle verhalen erin wat er is gebeurt deze week enzo, niet zoveel haha maar ook met gossip girl en leuke dingetjes! Het is zondag vandaag, woensdag ga ik naar valkenburg lekker winkelen enzo en daarna alweer leren voor mn proefwerkweek.... bleeeh! ik ben nu obese aan het kijken! Zaterdag ga ik naar ambers verjaardag in enschede! Je mist helemaal niks hier hoor, nog niks spannends gebeurt. Binnenkort ga ik lekker bij eline eten in haar appartementje dat is wel het spannendste haha! Je mis trouwens wel heleens verjaardag, ze doet een high tea in haar nieuwe kamer dus we gaan naar delft! Maar Borneo is natuurlijk leuker:p Donderdag was ik Hoe Heurt Het Eigenlijk aan het kijken en milou en andre kwamen er ook in voor, hij was op een polowedstrijd en daar waren zij ook! Hoe grappig! Heeeeeeeeel veeeeeel plezier xxxxxxx Anne

Kascha said...

For Elliott Simpson:
Hey Elli,
The leafs won against the calgary flames 2-3.
So they are now 3-0
and the steelers have 4 wins and 2 loses
oct 9 they won 17-38
oct 16 they won 13-17
I hope everything is going well. Miss you

Anonymous said...

Hey Uncle Nick! We hope you are having a great time in the jungle & keeping out of the way of creepy crawlies! Lots of love Oscar, Freya & Chloe x

Anonymous said...

Ha lieve Hannah (delta 6?), Wat leuk om die foto's te zien! ziet er stoer uit! Het oerwoud ziet er ook impressive uit! Je outfit lijkt als gegoten te zitten! We hopen dat je ondertussen het ook naar je zin hebt gekregen waar je nu zit? Wij zijn nu in Engeland, gaan morgen weer terug. Ook erg oer hier, maar wel heeel anders dan bij jou. Lieverd, heb een heel goede tijd daar, we denken veel aan je!!!! Heel veel liefs, papa en mama

Sarah said...

Hi Oliver, Delta 3. Love the hat! Looking forward to more blogs and photos. It's great to see what you're up to! Anything Goes was a triumph both for the very impressive director and the lead comic actor but we did miss you. Matt and Els send lots of love. X

Sarah Campion said...

Message for Ru -

Hey Sis! Great picture of you and your group. We all fine here, Roxy has settled well - no socks have been eaten yet but there was a close call with mum's bra!!!! Loving these updates - it looks immense. Can't wait to hear all your stories. Love ya loads, Sarah xxx

Anonymous said...

hoi ruubie, alpha1, delta 2, klinkt allemaal heel imposant, wat een leuke foto's trouwens, geniet ervan hier heeft de herfst zijn intrede gedaan.... regen :-((
love u big huggies and kisses xx Mo

grag said...

Elliott Simpson

yah. naps. i take dat. dat wan is da krr in da trog de is the fecal matter of stefeikal aladin and dont forget the stemetamucil with the riboflavin extra strength. went to dc, epic food, visited frasers dorm, which is sick btw, and now we're back in toronto. teh lolz

Anonymous said...

Alex Edwards Delta 4

Hi Al,
Glad to see more photos!! really strange seeing you out there, Dad not to well with a bad cold, good old england hey, rain and wind and the heating on!!
We check every day hoping for more news and pics, everyone is asking about you,cant wait to hear from you and hear about your adventures.
Half term now so Seany looked in his cave.
Another letter off to you this week, write home if you can, love you loads and loads
Mum and Dad Jenz Seany and moses xxxxxxxxxx

Elina Douma said...

heee allerliefst renske!
Ik dacht laat ik een eventjes iets aan jou berichten! Ik zit nu voor de tv naar de wereld draait door te kijken waar Chef Special nu aan het optreden is!:) Dus dacht ik meteen aan jou! zo dat moest ik eventjes kwijt! haha Ik hoop dat jij het heel erg leuk hebt! En ben heel benieuwd hoe het met jou gaat! Oja er word hier gezegt dat het een 'horror' winter word en een duitse weer deskundige zegt dat er temperaturen kunnen komen onder de -23! Dus berijd je er maar op voor, dat als je terug komt dat je van +30 naar -20 gaat! haha
Heel veel liefs en een kus op je neus! xxxxxxx Lien

Amy Perkins said...

OLIVER COBB - hey there! it's amy perkins, hopefully you remember me from facebook!! (our mums know each other and i emailed you about raleigh a while ago :D) anyway i hope you're having an amaaaaaaaaazing time, even though uni is awesome i really miss travelling and looking at the pictures online i am super jealous of you right now!! have an amazing time (i'm sure you will :)) xxxxxxx

Amy Perkins said...

GORDON PROCTOR - hey there, it's amy perkins, hope you're having an amaazing time, it looks incredible! super jealous of you right now! uni is amazing but i have major raleigh blues right now haha... hope you're enjoying the food ;) make sure you take lots of pictures/steal lots of peoples pictures!!! have funn xxxxxxx