Friday, 7 October 2011

Initiation into the school of jungle

Alpha 6 - Julian, James and Anne arrive at Long Pa'Sia to plan the trek.
James, Julian and Anne came back from their project planning visit with jungle bling too. The necklaces that local guide Nooh made for them are 'initation' symbols. Learning parang skills amongst other jungle craft, the group checked out the camps for the Long Pa'Sia trek and got to know the communities they'll be staying in.

James purifies his water.

Nooh shows James parang skills - making fire wood.

Julian, Nooh, Anne and Fauzi


alastair yates said...

To James. What an excellent photo with the child and you looking at the water bottle:it could be the perfect PR shot for Raleigh. Glad you're back safe after a successful trip. Take care with the parang skills or you might be needing Jemma's doctoring prowess. Love Dad x

Hilarie Fryer said...

Hi James
Clearly an enjoyable trip and great to interact with the children. If you perfect your parang skills i will be able to put ou in charge of the firewood when you get back!!
Glad you and Jem have had a bt of time together before the separation begins - however the first four weeks have flown so assume the next nine will too. Have a safe and wonderful time.
Lots of love
Andy and Hilarie xx