Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy birthdays and Happy Halloween

Happy birthday to Elliot for yesterday who celebrated with Alpha 6 on the beautiful dive island. And with news from last night's Radio Raleigh from Canadian ice hockey of the Maple Leaf's win over Penguins and Rangers they had a triple celebrations.
Happy Halloween birthday to Johnathan in the People's Republic of Danum. Hopefully the leeches will give Johnny Walker a day off and join in Alpha 3's birthday Halloween celebrations (who needs fake blood?!).

Happy Birthday

400 years ago the Danum Valley was home to humans  - the River People's coffins were found close to the Mengaris camp that Alpha 3 stayed at the beginning of phase one. Watch the PRD's report from the caves here.

Halloween also means that it is Shadowe'en for everyone who is taking part in 11K's Movember challenge.

We've seen some impressive furry faces out there already but on Shadowe'en the complete moustache region, including the entire upper lip and handlebar zones, must be completely shaved.

Goodbye goatee: Ted cheers for Movember.

For all of November our moustache growers will allow no hair must to grow in the goatee zone, allowing moustaches to get a life of their own and in time for a showcase at our second changeover.

We'll keep you updated and post photos on the blog.


Cathy Walker said...

Happy birthday Jonathan!!!!!! Glad to here you're taking part in Movember can't wait to see the results, we do all miss you (ish....)Hope everything goes well for you, Have a great trip! Ps Teh moar point5 the mo4r b3tters!!!! x

Cathy Walker said...

JONATHAN WALKER & ALL PDR CITIZENS! Hey,Jonathan, you'll remember this birthday for the rest of your life!
We think that you and the whole team are SUPER HEROES for what you've all achieved these last 3 weeks! (You'll have amazing stories to tell your grandchildren!!) we are SO INCREDIBLY PROUD OF EACH ONE OF YOU... You all deserve a Gold Medal! especially the 'leech warriors!
Loads of love from your Norn Iron fans! xo

Ann said...

Rowan Alpha 4
Great, great, great!! news from Yalumba wines. I have emailed back to reinforce your situation with internet. Can you access your e mails on change over?? most important. I will also speak to Raleigh Office. You are to sign a PDF offer that is attached to one of the e mails. Hope you have had a great time and that it will be un bear able to leave that project (sorry had to join in bear thing. Enjoy change over ps remember phone is still live. I'll keep you informed. Much Love. Mum.xx

Anonymous said...

To stephanie van Berckel: hee steef hier in India is de eerste phase voorbij dus ben nu in de grote stad even! had envirtolmental en heb bio-gas units gebouwd in een stadje bij een resevoir!! was super leuk en hele leuke groep. ben heel erg benieuwd hoe je het hebt en hoe raleigh life in Borneo is!!! heel veel plezier daar!!! xxx Valerie

Anonymous said...


Hi Mom here! Not sure if last mail went through...Steelers WON vs pretty boy Brady. It was a nailbiter at the end. We miss you still, glorious fall here, you'd love it...ALL OK, Robin still in Afghanistan, and safe, fingers crossed, pray for him. Had dinner with Maral last night, do you have that photo I gave you of her, or do I have it?
oxoxo MOM