Friday, 28 October 2011

A day in the life of Alpha 6

Alpha 6 have just arrived safely on Dive Island after 12 days trekking from the village of Long Pa'Sia. We won't have any photos until we catch up with them until changeover next week but we did get sent a report for the blog from Jamie.

Here's a day in the life for Alpha 6.

06:00: Wake up call. Whole camp start sorting out everything - take down bashas and hammocks and pack bags. We all enjoy a gourmet breakfast consisting of porridge, raisins, honey and the extra luxury of banana chips and pineapple.

07:00: Leo the lie-in joins us. 

07:30: Take down the group tarp, dismantle the radio and distribute the group kit.

08:00 The next adventure begins and we start trekking, guided by Nooh - Long Pa'Sia's King of the Jungle. 

10:45: Short stop to compare leech bites and split Nature Valley bars. For the Dutch contingent Barend and Eva this meant Krohets and Frikalel.

12:00: We are here at our next jungle camp! Before lunch starts we go and collect some water, fill a jerry can, add a chlorine tablet. The girls set up the radio.

12:30: Still setting up the radio but the water is ready. The radio is quite an intricate process, where we hang up a dipole between two trees at the right distance apart to get the correct frequency and hope we can establish a connection with fieldbase.

Now the water is ready we set up three bowls to get lunch ready - a bowl to wash, one to rinse and another to bleach all our mess tins and cultlery. Our lunch is four crackers (usually dusty from jungle life) and a choice of spread - peanut butter or chocolate. 

13:30: Finally establish communication with fieldbase and notify them of our location, then start to set up jungle camp. With the indispensable help of host country venturer, Chia we learn jungle skills and craft from Nooh. We have learnt a lot from project managers King Julian, James the Beaver and Calamity Anne who make sure we are ok to wash in the river next to jungle camp. We have to check the health and safety of the area we arrive at every day. All clear! And we go down to the river to wash out our jungle funk.

16:40: Radio check with fieldbase and we let them know what our plans are for the next 24 hours.

18:00: Longs O'Clock - trousers, shirts, insect repellent. For our more glamorous members Meg and Cloe they sport designer PJ's fully tucked into socks. We've been told that this trend is creating a storm in Milan, Paris and New York.

19:00: Feast time! Pasta, mushrooms and mushrooms and mock duck seasoned with chilli sauce.

20:00: Reflections on the day and choose a day leader and then retreat to hammocks for a well deserved rest. Hammocks snap quite easily as we found out on Day 4!


Gary Player said...

Hi Jamie Alpha 6,

Nice report, have you considered a career move to journalism? Good to see that you're up and ready to go at 0600 now, we can carry that on when you get back to the UK if you like.
Twelve days is a long trek, hope the kit passed the test and that you're having a well-deserved break now.
Footie news - Europa League, Bruges 1 Birmingham 2, winner after nine minutes of extra time. Championship, Bristol City 0 Birmingham 2. Also Sven sacked.
All quiet at home, looking forward to seeing the photos of the trek on the next blog.

nursehelen said...


Is Calamatity Anne you?? if so curious to know why

Helen x

grag said...

Joyeux 18ème Anniversaire Lalo!!! Still morning here, A's soccer team just lost in the Semis vs. St. Mike's! Needed you here to cheer him on! Also has his first english poetry commentary, needs your help!
ANYWAY, you are close by thought, we love and are proud of you. Adair says stefeikal matter is the stfraco britski stemetamucil daily dosage.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, we love you times infinity!!
Mom Dad and Adair
PS corner gas. we hate dat

grag said...


Yo Lalo! Dazzer here. Really miss you and so proud. Blood from leeches in your sleeping bag is a whole new dimension to the Simpson adventures! The pics look magic and your team sounds just great. Big birthday tomorrow and we'll be thinking of you every single minute- especially as we watch the Steelers whip the Patriots in your honour!! Love Dad

Anonymous said...

Hi all, just wanted to ask what has happened to Alpha 1's Kindergarten blog. It isn't even on older post. Is it going to be re-entered? Also is there a group photo of Alpha 1 at the kindergarten that hasn't been posted yet. Thanks.

karl said...

Hi Cloe .sounds like Alpha 6 are having a great time.Food sounds very exotic ha ha.Hope you are experiencing the culture and beauty of Borneo.Hopefully get a letter to you soon so I can update you on homelife.Enjoy.Love Dad x x

Anonymous said...

FRAZER ROSS - Hey bro :) hope you are all okay and have joined back to the treking!!

I did the Great South Run today - ran THE WHOLE way - no stopping, in 1.59.42 seconds!!! I thought you would be proud. 10miles baby!!

missing you millions xxxxxxxxxx

Caldaralo's said...

Hi Paige ( Alpha 1 )
Hope you are ok and getting on well with the kindergarten.
We didn't see any photos of you in the last blog but heard about your Birthday feast, hope you had a good time. We are all waiting for you to get back to base camp on Thursday so hopefully they'll post a new blog and photos of you all. We'll be sending another letter tomorrow. Jasper and giz go for their ops on Tuesday. Bella keeps making an appearance when the weather is bad but isn't happy when she bumps into her kids, lots and spitting and growling :)
Missing you like mad, the house is not the same without you here. Keep setting the table for four. Today we have to wait another 49 days before you're back home, can't wait.
It's raining here most of the time now. Hope the weather there is being kind to you all. Take Care Paige, we're all proud of you. Love you lots. Mum, Dad and Blaise. xxxxxxx

catherinefaulks said...

Hi Leo the lie in! Glad to see nothing changes even in the jungle.It looks like you were all really challenged and and must be getting very thin. Don't envy the leeches either. Well done, I would have been scared to death sleeping in the open. Hope you see more wildlife under the sea than in the forest canope. Text me when you have a chance. Miss you, mummy x x x

cords17 said...

Hi Cloeeee! (Alpha 6)

Ive tried at least 3 times to write something on here and it doesnt seem to be working! or im definatley doing something wrong! grrrr!

Anyway looking forward to seeing these pictures that should be coming up soon!

Im getting really busy (no change there)but with Christmas now and lots of bookings coming in! Time it gets here ill be fed up! :)

Lou came to visit for the weekend, was nice to see her she still with Baz. Weather is rubbish and wet and getting dark early now.
Visited my brother in Bristol had a nice time with him but cost me a bomb as I bought him about a months worth of food and took him out! haha! He is visiting now so nice to see him again.

We have a new bathroom too :) ony took about 3 weeks to complete! Absolute JOKE!! lol
I hope you appreciate my rubbish post about my bathhroom! Lol!

Not much else going on, dont really have a social life without you and Lou here! Just work :)

Very proud of you and bet you all fit and healthy already!!!

Ive sent you a letter hopefully you will get that soon too! Miss you looooots!!

Love you chickpea xxxxxxxxxxxx

Moomin and JT said...

Hi Mushroom Meg in Alpha 6!
Loved the photo of you looking thrilled at the thought of mushroom pasta with mushrooms! Well, you've come a long way since scouts! I expect fried leeches would be VERY nutritious-great use of natural resources, lots of protein & you'd hardly notice they were there if you concentrated on the fungi! All well here. Had a great visit with Arun-he's loving everything & growing a moustache...! Something very strange at home- your room's still tidy!(Don't worry -I'll mess it up again for you by Dec. Want you to feel immediately at home.)In fact will hang a hammock over your bed. It all looks fantastic in the photos-look forward to seeing you in your glamourpuss anti-mozz pjs!
Love u loads xxx

Annemieke said...

Ha lieve Barend,
Krohets en frikalel? Kan me voorstellen dat je daar zin in hebt. Na de porridge! Hoop dat jullie een mooie week hebben gehad met 't duiken.
Ik heb samen met Daan een mooie booking gedaan in Koh Phangan, 5 nachten. Ziet er heel aantrekkelijk uit.
Veel plezier, ik ben erg benieuwd naar de foto's.
X Annemieke

Spuymans said...

Hey Josh, Hope you have had a great time diving, can't wait to hear more about the island and see your photos. I guess this is the end of Alpha 6 and the start of another adventure. Would love to see a video of your Alpha 6 'skit' you are doing tonight. Wonder where you will go next? Keep the journal going. Don't forget it is P's birthday next week, send her a letter if you can. Clocks went back here last weekend so it gets dark early now. Everyone (friends, family, school) keeps asking about you. Have fun and stay safe. Lots of love Mum xxx ps all booked for KK check your email.

Awin said...

For Smeagal (AKA Meg in Alpa 6),
I hope you're having an awesome time. Missing you tons and tons though. Can't wait for you to come up and see my uni. Now you're such a jungle kid you can just camp in the park next to my accommodation instead! ;) I bet you just love leeches and mozzies now. Haha. I want to hear all about it when you're back. Have you met any nice boys whilst you've been there? Keep up the smashing work saving the world and what not.

Loadsa love and sloppy ones, you're all time fave little bro, Awin. xoxoxox

Ps. Hope you don't get too much shrimp eye, I heard it's brutal in Borneo. xxx

Danny Byrne said...

Heya Paige! Everything is going well! Looks like you're doing great! keep up the good work, your making everyone so proud! Miss You xxxx
Danny Byrne xxx