Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Community project managers are back

Alpha 1 and 2  are back from their planning visits. Both teams will be building kindergartens in remote villages.

Children go to primary school at 6 in Malaysia but to get a place they must have a certain level of reading and writing. Having a local kindergarten gives children living in remote villages the opportunity to get to this standard. As well as a place to learn, kindergartens form a central part of their community and are welcomed and supported by villages.

During the community phase of the Raleigh Borneo expedition, groups will live and work in villages and get to know the communities of either Kg Alab or Kg Lingka Bugan.

Kg Alab
Matt and Nat (Alpha 1) are our project managers in Kg Alab - four hours south of KK. The village is remote and takes two hours of off road driving from Keningau to get to. Matt and Nat are the first Raleigh project managers to come to Kg Alab as this is the first time we have worked in the village.

On arrival they met project partners PACOS and the village JKK (head of the village) and spent two days planning the construction, assessing potential risks, sourcing materials, working out where groups will live and finding out more about local customs.

This is the JKK's brother's house where Raleigh groups will stay.
Matt and Nat cheer the Sunday football and are hoping for some venturers with football skills.
The village is set by the river Labau.
Kg Lingka Bugan
Joe, Claire and Nick will be working in Kg Lingka Bugan. Together with the Asian Foresty Company (AFC), we have worked with the Lingka Bugan community previously and last year's spring expedition repaired the village's water system.

After almost two hours of some serious off road driving the team arrived to a warm welcome and were taken back by village's tranquillity and friendliness. 

Joe makes instant friends.
The kindergarten site is in the far centre.
Claire's lucky charm, Alfie the Elephant looks out over the village.

We are expecting all the other project managers back later today so will update on their visits later.

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Hilarie Fryer said...

Hi James
Hope you have had agreat trip out, that pack looked decidely heavy! Sounds like you had some intersting experiences along the way. We are looking forward to hearing about them.
The blog and photos are brilliant and make us all feel really close and involved in what you are all up too.
Take care
With love
Andy and Hilarie xx