Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Alpha 6 by popular demand


Gary Player said...

Hi Jamie Alpha 6

Blog number 3. Blogs 1 and 2 haven't appeared yet so I suspect snafu. I'm trying again and will contact Raleigh if this one doesn't get through. This Blog contains highlights from Blogs 1 and 2 so you won't miss anything.
Firstly thanks to the Raleigh team for the photos - Mum has liked them all so far, though she wasn't too sure about that rope bridge, I don't think she would have used it. Alex said he hoped that you were OK, the photos seem to suggest no worries there.
Football score - Birmingham 2 Leicester 0. I watched the match so that I could give you a brief summary, which is that your mosquito net has less holes than Leicester's defence. I'll send the Europa League result after Thursday.
A package arrived from Korea the day after you left followed by a demand for customs duty. I paid it so you shouldn't get arrested on return. I hope that the contents weren't needed for Borneo, apparently the package was sent by the slowest delivery option.
Otherwise all well here, hope you enjoy your little trek through the jungle, good test for all your gear. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Thanks You!! Appreciate seeing a picture of Leo before his big adventure.

Ken Turnip said...

Thanks for the pic!

For Cloe - it's great to see you. Hope you're having the time of your life. Enjoy your trek. Looking forward to seeing more photos of you swinging with the orangutans! W&P

Kate said...

Matty (Alpha 1)
Times is hard and the Stone Roses have reformed. If tickets become available before you get back, I shall make an executive decision and get you one.

Spuymans said...

Hey Josh good to see a picture of you with Alpha 6 - was wondering why the photo of you guys was missing from the original project blog! You are all smiling and looking good after week 1! Hope the boots are holding up and the trekking is going OK (not too many blisters i hope). Bet the diving will be amazing...your new PADI card arrived. It's now freezing here & half term starts tomorrow...we miss you, have fun be safe lots of love Mum & Phoebs xx ps NZ v France in final

Derek said...

Hey SinSin!! Great to see a picture of you in here... anyway,take care and have fun then.
Muack... =)
P.S I Love You

claire said...

Hi Anne!

Hows it going? Great to see your picture and certainly looks a lot hotter than Tewkesbury!!

All ok this end, busy with usual time of year ailments!
Hope the mosquitos and leeches are leaving you alone now!
Had great weekend away and now counting down to the big 40 !!! - not looking forward to reaching that milestone!

Take care + keep safe
love Claire

alastair yates said...

To the Comms team; you're doing a brilliant job of keeping us all up to date with the expeditions, thank you. I hope James and Jemma, the Medics, aren't having to use their skills on the venturers too much. All the best to everyone - Alastair Yates

Penny Yates said...

Great to see everyone beaming, a really lovely photo .. and the sun is shining too! Down to 2 degrees in UK tonight, brrr. Woolly hats will be out this weekend while you are under the shade of Tilleys and trees.

Kascha said...

For Elliott Simpson:

Hey elli!
The leafs won today!!!! :D (october 19)
They played winnipeg and went into over time. Then they finally won in a shoot out.
The facebook updates made it sound intense but i couldn't watch it. I guess they dont show the games here if they are only canadian teams? I was annoyed.
anyways so now the leafs are 5-1. This may actually be their year.
Miss you
- Kascha

Jarett said...

Elliott (alpha 6)
Leafs pulled off a big shoot-out win tonight against the jets after being down 3-1. As of Oct 20 their record is 4-1 but the one loss was in ot so we still got a point.
Hope things are good, more hockey updates to come.

Died &Ther said...

Lieve Julie (Alpha 5) hoe is het er mee, lukt het een beetje? jullie zijn al een eind op weg, hopelijk is het een beetje redelijk weer. t.F. vertelde dat Fem met haar gebeuren verstopt was voor Cé en haar clubgenoten. 3 keer raden waar: ze waren ondergedoken in de bornwaterschool. vanwege de vakantie mochten ze daar slapen op matrasjes, grappig toch? een kleine wereld. hier alles goed. A. heeft vandaag en morgen tentamens. daarna weer even niets. heb crocus geboekt in dorp JW, oostenrijk NB! de a'huizen gaan daar ook heen en misschien nog een paar families uit 5V. take care, dikke zoen, M&P xxxxx

Lisa said...

Hey Jules (alpha 6), tried to put something on here before but either it's got lost in the ether or I had too much wine and forgot where I put it as can't see that it's made its way up here. Essentially I was keeping you up to date with how ace I am at netballs, and saying how cool you look crossing rivers with the skilful handling of your stick. I've found another race to do in December, lots of waist deep peat bog, sounds cold but fun. It finishes in a pub of course. Hope you're avoiding getting too close with the leeches, and having a great time. BF3 beta has been taken away so now we're just waiting for the actual game. I'm going to try and rank up faster than Dan and will no doubt fail. Take care of yourself, stay frosty Julian. Lisa x

The Hegdes said...

Yo Yo Megs (Alfa 6 - sounds like Spooks!)
Hope you're having an amazing time! Can't wait to see you at Christmas!
Married life is just the same... still great! ;-)
Say g'day to all the World Challenge teams that you see... lots of love from KJ & Banksy.xx

CarrieMCM said...

Just seen the first picture of you and we are loving it.
It already looks amazing, and your group looks fantastic.
We all hope you are having an amazing time, can't wait to see the next pics.
Big squeeze
McCullough Moore gals x x x

Anonymous said...

For Elliott Simpson

Blums! Hello! Dying to hear how the trip is going, and to see more pictures - hope you are living fully every minute! We are missing you a lot here at home, everyone asks about you... It is Fall here now, glorious colours and guess what? EIGHT days until your birthday...Love love love you, strength and honour, Stums
P.S.We're going to a private Sting Concert next week - 200 people!
P.S.S. Alex' check came in C$320, is that ok?

Daisy's Dad said...

Hey Daisy,
How's it going? You're looking awesome in the baggy and beige nosilife kit!!! I'm at home on my own, Mum and Milli have gone to London today for the work experience. The dog doesn't tell me if there's been an update so I have to look on my own!!
I hope Guy has managed to post a comment now cus he couldn't work out how to do it and was getting worried that you might think he wasn't bothered, You should be pleased to know that he is.
I miss you and really hope you're having the best of times. I Love you baby Daisy and hope you're suitably embarrassed by my slushy message.
Daddy XXX

Anonymous said...

Meggg, just spotted the picture of you!! hope your having the time of your lifee! missing you and love you jess xxxx

Joan en Annemieke said...

Beste Barend,

Wat zal het daar fantastisch zijn. Jungle en straks duiken, dat staat toch wel erg ver weg van ons brave gedoe hier. Hoewel... Feyenoord speelde vandaag Ajax in de Arena helemaal zoek, maar vergat door te drukken. Het werd 1-1 (lucky Ajax). Jammer, maar ze staan nog steeds 4e en boven die ploeg uit 020. Hes deze week een dagje in Groningen geweest, was kennelijk cool. Heel veel plezier daar, maak er wat van, dikke hug van Joan en Annemieke

Elspeth Yates said...

James Yates!!! Big bro.....great to see your massive grin-hope you're still having an amazing time. Miss you loads. Little sis (Elspeth) xx

Vicki said...

For Anne:

Hi Mum! I can't believe its only been 4 weeks, feels like forever now. The photos look really good, I hope you are having a really good time. Looking forward to receiving an email from you next. Need someone to argue putting the heating on with me!!

Miss you lots xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Meg. Just wanted to send you a big hello from Horsham! Seen all your pics and it looks amazing. Met your mum at HCC quiz night! Sarah fell off her horse today lol!!! Looking forward to seeing you at christmas and hearing all your news. Best Wishes Mark and Sarah (who has written you a letter but not posted it yet - all 5 pages!)

Moomin said...

Meggginn!! Mwah MWAH! Well I hope you're impressed by my gettign my head round this TEkkNOlOGy.(I know I am!) You seem to be in lots of groups: Alpha6, Deltas4 & 3- have you been cloned? (I wouldn't blame anyone for wanting to.) So wonderful to see all your smiling faces...& those of your friends too. Tricia & Uday were here for Dad's birthday; your letter was deffo his best prezzy tho. We're going to see Arun on Fri & take him more stuff. Hope those long drops are having a marvellous effect on the quads my dear!
Loads of Love xxxxxxx
PS Bike in ur bedroom!
PPS Have you met Ray or David yet?

Helen Morse said...

Hi Anne,
We received your letter, I cant say that it sounded fun , but I'm sure that you are having fun. Flus are going well but i really do hope that youre not spending too much time thinking about them!!
Claire is 40 on Sunday so we gave her her present, she isnt going to open it though til sunday. she had the customary balloon tied to her chair.
Nicola's last week this week , so will keep you informed. Shes got a lovely bump.
Keep safe and well

Helen x

Anonymous said...

Alpha 5 - FRAZER ROSS.

hey broo :) Hows the ankle? I literally can't wait to see pictures of you on the island, I bet it is beautiful. I will be extremely jealous of you and your tan!!

Got my Great South Run on Sunday, so I will let you know how I get on! I have been practising lots though, you would be proud :D

love you and missing you lots, your big sister ellie xxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

He Maus, wat een gaaf filmpje. Hebben met zn allen zitten kijken. Wat primitief. Is wel even afzien zeker. Ziet eruit als leuke groep mensen. Ben benieuwd naar al je verhalen. Hier alles goed. Miel vandaag ziek op bank. griepje, Sammie mist je en zegt vaak, ik wilde dat Mausie er was. Fay is stoicijns als altijd. Maandag wordt Beautje Cadeautje 1. Zondag komen ze taartje eten. Ik zal stukje voor je bewaren ok. Kom net terug uit New York. Super leuk even naar Gap, Abercr, en starbucks. Is even wat anders dan de rimboe. Hou je taai daar en we volgen je ok. Dikke dikke zoen, Rut en Alex en kids

Anonymous said...

Maus is Maurits (alpha 4)

Guy said...

Hey Daisy!
hows it going? hope your having an amazing time! already left some comments but they haven't showed up so i really dont know what im doing wrong! hope you've got my letters :) been thinking about you everyday and really really looking forward to hearing bout what you've been doing! missing you more than ever but so proud of you and hoping you are safe and well. speak soon gorgeous, i love you more than ever! xxx

catherinefaulks said...

For Leo
Hi Darling, it was so amazing to speak to you this morning. i was so surprised. Sound like you have all been very intrepid in the jungle and coped amazingly with the challenges of long treks and leeches. Can't wait to hear more and to see pictures!! When you are diving can you get to the internet? Want to show you final version of the PS as we must send off. We are all well here but missing you of course. All admiring your courage - i would be scared still sleeping in the dark and wet and miles from nowhere. Love you darling, mummy x x x