Thursday, 22 September 2011

Preview of this autumn’s projects

Project managers on Saturday and the entire staff team will be heading out for training in the jungle at ‘Base Camp’.

In the meantime, here is a preview of the projects we have lined up: two environmental, two community and a challenging adventure.

In the community phase of the expedition venturers will work on one of two kindergarten construction projects in remote villages - kampangs (Kg)

Alpha 1: working for the first time in Kg Alab in the Keningau district of Sabah, two hours south of Kota Kinabalu, Alpha 1 will build a kindergarten here. 

In Malaysia the Government provides educational facilities for children aged 6 and above with primary and secondary schools. 

Local kindergartens mean that village children have the opportunity to start learning to read and write before they are 6, getting to the minimum standard needed to enter primary school.  

Sarah visited Kg Alab in the summer


Alpha 2: last year, expedition 10D repaired the water system in Kg Lingka Buguan. 11K will be returning to build a kindergarten.
Celebrating the repaired water system last year
Mac and Petr visited the village yesterday and the project site is ready for our project managers to visit and recce. Watch their video of the area here.

Groups will be living in the community and offering English lessons to villagers, and getting to know local people and customs.

For the environmental phase, teams will be continuing work on projects in the Danum Valley Conservation Area and at the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre in Sepilok.

Working on the research centre
Alpha 3: working with rangers, teams will work on the next stage of constructing a new research camp in the Danum Valley Conservation Area. We are hugely priveledged to be working here - the remote area is protected because it is a virgin rainforest with one of the most diverse ranges of wildlife on the planet. The centre’s long-term research programme has scientists from across the globe working on studies and providing training opportunities for Malaysians.

Danum Valley project site: 8km to the nearest road

Alpha 4: the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre in Sepilok provides care for orphaned and captive sun bears, rehabilitating them for release into the wild. The centre is due to be open to the public in 2012 and Alpha 4 will be continuing work here.

On the boardwalk: last expedition completed 15 metres of brodwalk and Alpha 4 will continue this so that it joins the car park to the observation tower
A river crossing on a trek in full gear
Alpha 5 and Alpha 6 are the adventure phase projects and include treks where teams will carry all their own supplies and will be entirely self-sufficient. A huge challenge both mentally and physically, groups will learn from local guides how to survive in the tough jungle environment.

Alpha 5: two treks in the Croker and the Kiulu areas.
Alpha 6: a 12-day trek from the village of Long Pasia.

As part of the adventure phase venturers will also gain PADI scuba diving qualification and put it into practice by joining Borneo Divers in their coral planting exercises, helping to repair damaged areas of coral reef.

Follow the blog and get news right from the beginning of the projects, starting next week when our project managers go out on their project planning visits.

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ginny kopacz said...

Hi James and Jemma! You two look very professional packing up the medical kits. Your venturers are in good hands! love, Ginny x

Hilarie Fryer said...

Dear Jemma and James
Posh and Becks!! That is most amusing!! Sounds like you are pretty busy and I guess you are getting excited about going into the jungle. Sunny day here and supposed to be nice this weekend. Up early to watch England play tomorrow. Will let you know result.
Miss you and thinking of you
Love you
Mum xx

alastair yates said...

Hi James And Jemma. You'll never live down the "Posh and Becks" tag on your return to UK! We're so proud of what you've achieved so far and the venturers are lucky to have you with them. Have fun. Love Dad x