Sunday, 25 September 2011

Full staff team at fieldbase

 Fresh after travelling from the UK, Oz and across South East Asia, project managers arrived today and joined the fieldbase team - completing the 11K staff family. 

Many of the volunteer managers attended a development weekend in London or had met in a previous life on a Raleigh selection weekend, but this was the first time the entire team met.
First arrivals JUMP! um, that means JUMP!

Cuddly Kirsty the Kangaroo arrives with her famous big Scottish hug

And the first induction was Raleigh’s classic name game. For those who know what we are talking about here you’ll understand that for Enigmatic Ed the Elephant who was last in the circle of 28 it was quite a challenge. 

Taking turns to remember everyone by their first name, chosen animal and adjective all beginning with the same letter -  the person to go first has to remember only their own, and last recalls all 28.  

 Jolly Jemma the Jaguar kicked off the Raleigh name game and had a pretty good deal compared to Enigmatic Ed the Elephant and Katie the Clumsy (with a K) Koala

Volunteer managers are 25 and above and come from all walks of life and professional backgrounds including engineers, accountants, builders, IT, media, activity and youth leaders. 11K is in safe hands with eight medics out on expedition.

Over the next two weeks everyone will be trained up at Raleigh’s base camp in the jungle, visiting projects and preparing for when the venturers arrive on 10 October. 

Keep following the blog for updates.


Ashley said...

For Jemma & James:

Seriously impressive star jumping in the pics on today's blog! Particularly you James - you look like you've just been exploded out of a canon!

Lovely to see the photos of you all arriving - looks like you're going to have an amazing time together! Really looking forward to hearing which assignments you both get!

Elspeth, Paul, Phil and I had a lovely time yesterday - went to the Real Food Festival at Southbank! We miss you both lots though, and we're both looking forward to you coming home!!

Stay safe,

Ash xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah. 48 days and counting! Mum XX

Hilarie Fryer said...

Hi Jemma and James
Great star jumps! So jolly Jemma the jaguar leaves me wondering what animal James is?? Sounds like you have quite a party of people now to share and enjoy the experience with. Meanwhile back in Blighty I have beenstacking logs for when it turns chilly and weekends are now all about RWC and X Factor!!
Enjoy the markets and the variety of food while you can.
Miss you, much love
Mum xx

alastair yates said...

To James and Jemma
James the kangaroo doesn't work; james the flea - no; Just James - yes! Jemma the racy indeed. Hope you two are keeping the mozzies under control. Hey, do mozzies jump? If so James - you could be the Mad Medic Moz.