Thursday, 1 September 2011

Expedition 11i is over!

After five short weeks, Expedition 11i is now over.  The venturers are all packed and waiting for their flights home, and we hope they leave with a feeling of pride for all that they have achieved.

The first three weeks of the expedition saw the completion of two gravity water feeds, serving communities in the poorest region of Sabah.  

Alpha 7 were based in Kampung Bambangan Sook, and built a new gravity water system from scratch.


 Alpha 8 rebuilt an existing, poorly functioning system for Kampung Mandurian Laut.

Our environmental projects resulted in a comprehensive bio-diversity survey completed by Alpha 9, who recorded various species including birds, bats, rats and cats.

 And then there was Alpha 10, working in the Taliwas Forest Reserve to build a section of boardwalk to help facilitate an increase in visitors to this area of spectacular rainforest.

And finally, there was the Adventure Challenge, which tested the teams with a range of jungle-based activities.  Using strength and skill the teams gathered points to determine an ultimate winner.

So, goodbye 11i!  Well done for all your hard work - we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

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Linda Mills said...

Hi Amo
Just seen the blog update, looks like you had a good time and got some useful stuff done. Hope you have a well deserved break before you come back - will see you at Gatwick soon!
Love mum, dad, Hannah, nanny and Pads xxxx