Friday, 2 September 2011

Alphas 1 and 2 celebrate success

As Expedition 11D draws to a close and the groups savour the last moments on their projects, Alpha 1 and Alpha 2 this week celebrated the completion of their work.

Alpha 1

In Sonsogon Magandai, a remote village in northern Sabah, Alpha 1 proudly unveiled the completed kindergarten, which will serve 36 children aged four to 10.  After eight weeks' hard work by three separate groups of Raleigh volunteers, and in close cooperation with the villagers and local craftsmen, the result is a fine-looking which will transform the lives of those who will be educated there.

Raleigh Country Director, Mac McCarthy, together with Lee, Sarah and Paula from the Field Base team headed to the village to attend the kindergarten's opening ceremony.  They were joined by Sister Dorothy Laudi and Asian Forestry Company (AFC), who have been the driving forces behind this initiative.

There were speeches from the Alpha 1 team, the villagers and the guests,

before PM Caroline was thrilled to be able to hand over the keys to the head villager,

and officially declare the kindergarten open.

Then it was time for the celebrations to begin, with traditional dancing,

and games with the children, to remind everyone why this project was so important.

And so the visitors bade farewell to Alpha 1, leaving them to savour their last few days in this special place.

Alpha 2

On Maliangin Island, the project was to rebuild a gravity water feed system, increasing the pressure to an adequate level for the two houses it already supplied and extend it to the rest of the small island community.

On arrival on the island, the Field Base team were given a guided tour of the  new system, from source, to storage, to tap.

It was then time to officially open the system, to the assembly of villagers.

Many congratulations to both Alpha 1 and Alpha 2 for all their hard work across all three phases of this expedition.  These projects will make an enormous difference to both communities for years to come.


Yvette Pygott said...

For Emma Pygott alpha One
Well done babe!!!
Looks like a fab project and you and your team look great..I am sure you will be sad to leave them.
But I can't wait to see you and hear all your adventures and look at your I hope you have taken a load!!!
Looking forward to seeing you monday...will bring a pillow for the car ...for you!!!
Loads of love
Mum and Zoe

Chris said...

Well done guys, both projects look amazing.

Looking forward to seeing you ex 11B back in England soon


Anonymous said...

Robert Clarke - you made it. If you see this before you get home we are really looking forward to seeing you and hearing all your news. Will leave cash for taxi at 131 if you are not back before we head to office. Off on hols next week - all 4 of us! XXXX

Elle said...

SEAN HOLMES ALPHA 2: Well done!!! I'm so prouuuud, good work ;) . We're driving up to the hotel TOMORROW I literally can't wait to see you and to hear your stories, I hope/know you've had an amazing time!!! See you VERY soon xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Elle! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Ruth Huxley said...

Claire Huxley Alpha2 - well done on completing the gravity feed, you must all have a real sense of achievement. Looking forward so much to seeing you next week. Dad & J will meet you at the airport, i have a meeting in Bristol but should be home by the time you get back. Unfortunately the bathroom STILL isn't finished! but hopefully will be by end of next week. This will be my last post on the blog so see you Tuesday, mum xxxxxx

Annielouise said...

Amer Townsend Alpha 1

Hi Darling can't wait to see you..Well done for all your hard work hope you bring home all these new skills you now have LOL!Safe journey ots of love Muma X

cupcake mom said...

Hey Mal: Alpha 1

you'll be on your way to Bermy but thought i'd still comment. i'm so very proud of you and of all the achievements of being in Borneo. see you later tonight.