Wednesday, 3 August 2011

A warm welcome for 11I venturers

It was an excited staff team that headed to the airport yesterday to meet the venturers of Expedition 11I, and a relieved one that left again with a full team in tow!

With all venturers safely accounted for, it was straight to Base Camp, where the new arrivals could start getting to grips with the intense Borneo heat, and to preparing their sleeping area, jungle style, with mosquito nets and hammocks. 

But despite the long flight and the lure of a comfortable hammock, there was no time to rest just yet!  With nearly 50 venturers, there are names to be learned and new team mates to get to know.  This is where the fun begins!

We will be back in a few days to see how they are getting on with their training.


adelle said...

To ellie just seen your picture on the blog have a great time on your adventure hope your feeling better have been so worried love you dad x

Anonymous said...

Message for Lauren Teaney
Hi...glad to hear that you all arrived safe and sound. Sat here at my desk looking at the photos of your fellow venturers with envy. Look forward to hearing all your news soon. Love and miss you...Mum x

Mum said...

For amy provan
Great to see you getting to grips with the mozzie net
Off to France today
We have raised £1m for east Africa But bracing for hurricane hitting Haiti

pips said...

Hi Raj (11i)

I am sure you are having a great time bonding with the others before the real fun begins. Keep well and watch this space. Have an amazing time.


Julie Boothman(Mum) said...

For Helen Alpha 9/11l (PM)
Hi Helen, so you took a trip to civilisation to pick up your charges? I'm sure they'll be a great group. Claire's been over to Preston. Rach back home day after tomorrow. I've had a day out with Cheryl, we got caught in a torrential down pour on A64 in her open top Merc!! Hope you got my letter, it took ages! try to get your into a couple more pics,not just back of head! Take care. Love you xxx Mum

Susan Brooker said...

Message for Simon Brooker 11I group.
Dear Simon, Glad to hear you have arrived safetly and having fun. We are all fine and baking in the hot weather. I hope you are getting used to the temperature in Borneo. Accomodation in Toulouse is all confirmed at the appartment you found. Dad, Sophie and Katie off to Norway tomorrow. Ollie is currently snoring, he's worn out playing with Taylor. Have a fantastic time and remember to take plenty of photos. Lots of love Mum, Dad, Sophie, Katie and Ollie xx

claire.o said...

FAO: Louise Organ
Hi Louise,
We're sorry we missed your phone call! Hope everything is going well, that you're having a good time, managing to sleep well in the jungle and making friends with orangutans.
Claire is home from hospital and everything is good.
Love you lots and lots and miss you,
Mum (and everyone) xxxxxx

gourmet gogoi said...

Bonjour Bristi

your paternal Grandmother has been worrying about you and wondering what kind of parents you have allowing you to go to a place without any modern communication facilities!

Told her that you will have to dig your own toilets - she is horrified!!

Snail mail is an option - hope to hear from you with some details of your project.

Love from all

Anoushka Gohil said...

For Rajeev Malde:

Hi Raj!
Just checked the blog and saw pictures of you! Ah so exciting!! Looking forward to more updates about how you are getting along. We are all great here and missing you! Speak to you soon. Hi to Palomie also! :)

Love Anoushka xxx

mum said...

Message for Simon Brooker 11I
Hi Simon, I hope you are settling in well. we've booked a hotel for 3 nights when you all go over to Toulouse, very near the university. Your appartment is 8 mins walk to the metro to go into the centre and bikes outside your block of appartments. So sounds good. It's 6.30am here and the others have just set off to Stansted. Ollie sulking in the window and I'm off to work soon. Penny rang to ask how you were getting on. Have fun
love Mum x

Anonymous said...

For Honor Wright
Have a fantastic time ,keep safe,we are all thinking of you Love Dad Mum Jon and all family xx

Ceri said...

For Theo Isaacs........

Hi Theo, great to hear you and all the Venturers arrived safely and in tact! Already by the photos - try to be in the next tranche - it looks to be busy......have the time of your life, we are thinking of you (envying you too ;)) with all of our love to you, Mum and Sam xoxoxox (it's quite quiet here now!!)

Catherine Longson said...

Hey Josh Longson!
Glad to know you are safe, we are all missing you and wish you were here with us! Hope you have an amazing time and don't get eaten by any giant spiders or general bugs ;)
Love from the fam (mostly liv, cos mum couldn't work out how to leave a comment) xxx

Jules said...

Hi Josh (Longson)-
We wish you and your fellow "adventurers" a great time, wonderful experience, and long lasting friendships.
All our love,
Dad, Mum, Olivia, and Jessica (from the luxury of Koh Samui)

Dada/Ba said...

Hi Raj
Saw you on blogg pictures and I am really proud
Keep on good work and enjoy yourself
Dada and Ba

Anonymous said...

For Palomie
Just read your blog and seen the pictures we are on our way to Scotland (wet n windy )missing you and look after yourself love mum

Sam (dad) said...

Hi Rajeev,
Hows it's going, saw the pictures of your arrival, looking cool i must say. Enjoy every moment and can't wait to see more pictures. All the best and take care, have lots of fun.
Love Dad

maggie b said...

Hi there Lucy Finlay

The bungee cords have arrived in Tesco - too late!

Alan has started his boxing classes and thinks he is Muhammed Ali But will not be floating like any sort of butterfly until he loses some weight.

Sarah is continuing her trek but yesterday they all took the bus because they realised someone had miscalculated (thery forgot to take in things like hills mmm).

Great to see your picture at the airport - evidence if ever we needed it that you finally arrived.

loads of love mum and alan xxx

Kathleen bollan said...

To Lucy Finlay. Hi Lucy hope your settling in without your haidrier and makeup! Don't suppose your nice nails will survive long out there! Please look after your camera so we can see all ur pics when u get back. It was horrible for Emma to lose hers in Kenya. Time will fly by for you so get stuck in, enjoy everything & we'll see u soon. Luv from Kathleen xx

mum said...

Message for Simon Brooker 11I
Ollie is missing you. He's driving me mad playing with squeeky, barking at everything on the telly and he keeps paddling in his water bowl because he is so hot!
Dad, Sophie and Katie arrived in Norway, they had a good journey.
They have already been to one party and Greta has another arranged for tomorrow.
Have you slept in the hammock yet?
Have fun,
love Mum x

Gaby Evans said...

Attn: Tegen Evans

HI Tegs
Crikey... spotted you in the pics dealing with mosquito nets etc... hope you are surviving and coping with culture shock from Dingle to Sabah via London. Trust the surgical spirit treatment has paid dividends and feet still intact after trek on thursday.... how are the leeches?

Ruan is back from Mallorca with the odd wound (jelly fish stings) and many tales... hob nobbing with gorillaz amongst others...

Off to Bristol with Kezi tomorrow to lend support while while her nose is redesigned. Ruan off to Scillies with Raff and family etc. Old style communication (aka letter) is on its way.

Write back if you can. Lots of love from us all,
Mum Dad K T and R xxxxxx

Lara Pike said...

Hi Robyn,
Just spotted you on the blog. Looks like you are having a great time. Hope you have got the hang of the hammock. Harry fell out of one last week with a big splat! Will be posting you a letter tomorrow. Love Dad and Laa

Vivs said...

Hello Raj/Palomie,

Looks like its going pretty good- hope you guys enjoy it! you are missed by a surprising amount of people. enjoy the jungle..

Love V

Mum said...

Hi Raj (11i)

Hope you are still having an amazing experience. Missing you but I have the remote control for a while now! Raining down here and everybody sends their love.Look forward to hearing about your day to day experience.

Love Mum

La vieille folle said...

For Alex D Saw your picture so I know you are alive, well and smiling. Maddie enjoying Rome, Dad back from successful trip to Vietnam and Max managed to fall out of bed and knock out tooth that dentist had fixed 12 hours previously. Love Mum XX

Rose Senior said...

For Chloe Senior 11l

Hope you're doing OK. Your drama workshop hoodie arrived. Will send you a long rambling letter sometime towards the end of next week. Not doing much this weekend but going to Cornwall next weekend then your Dad's off on his Day Skipper course. After that it's a weekend with Carolyn. Saved some Downton Abbey articles for you. It's very quiet in the house without you! Love you loads, Mum, Dad and Lyn XXX

Amy Weller said...

For Lauren Teaney
Hello darling...just a quick one to say hi. Nearly the weekend, though I bet you are having more fun than the lot of us here in Kent! Jacob's had 4 dummy-free days and nights now, so that's quite an achievement, I have been catching up on Private Practice (thanks for the tip) and I organised an after-work drink for everyone that was a success. Phew. Anyway, hope you are having a brilliant time and keeping safe. Love Me xx

Pat Dawson said...

Hi Josh (Longson) (11i) Glad to see your photo and that you arrived ok looking forward to keeping in touch with your adventure. I am sure you will have a great experience and make some long lasting friendships. Love from Grandma x

Kelly second mum said...

Sophie and michael. Wahoo. Hello. Hope you guys are having lots of fun. Hope it's not too hot for you and your not missing your Chinese at my house too much. We are all thinking of you back here in Leeds. Can't believe you've been gone a week already. Seen you on some of the photos flo. Looks like lots happening over there. Michael, Helen said please remember to get washed. Ha ha ha. Lots of love to ya both. From all us here. Including Lilly, Aimee, Harrison and emma. Oh going for scan on 18th august so will let you know if it's a boy or a girl.

maggie b said...

Hey Luce - hope the bugs know you are counting them and don't go running off in all directions.
And try not to stand on any - dead ones may not count and will not help to save the planet.
love mum and alanx
Gran repeats her advice about the orangutans (you know what she means). x

lucy grant said...

For Natalie
Hi Nat hope you are ok and enjoying yourself, doesn't feel like you have been gone a week already! Nothing interesting from England, but we are all missing you and hoping that you are having fun out there and have got to grips with living out of a hammock!
Say hi to ellie and caitlin as well from us and hope they are getting on well too.

Rakhi said...

Hi Raj,
Mum said she heard from you today, sounds like you're having a super time! Pictures look great so far, missing you a little bit.
Will keep checking the blog for more updates, Pia is off to Spain tomorrow.
Lots of love,
Rakhi, Pia and Ria xxx

Tim said...

Helen Kidwell,

Hi Helen,

Good to hear you've arrived safely. Hope you are having a great time,
Mum and Dad xx

Mum said...

Hi Tamara (11I)
Have been waiting for my comment to appear and then realised I'd sent it as an emaill!doh!!
Just doing my last minute packing before Im off in the morning, will keep checking the blog though :-)
Hope you are enjoying the experience and Jungle life. Can't wait to see what project you get, hope its what you hoped it would be. Hope you are coping without internet and straightners!
Looking forward to seeing some pictures of you - hope you are taking loads and writtting in that Journal :-)
Big article in the Western Gazzette on you yesterday
Love you lots like jelly tots
Mum xx

Paul Sadler said...

Hi Laura
great to see you arrived safe and looking forward to hearing all about what is happening. Hopefully no trouble with Honey Badgers in Borneo. Love Dad x

Harry Touche said...

Robbie Clarke

Hi Robbie Monster! Got back from Costa Rrrrica a couple of days ago and have been looking at your blog! Looks pretty awesome! My enviro phase basically consisted of a bit of work in the morning then hanging out on the beach! Awesome! A couple of things... I'm the reunion rep for 11H so see if you can do yours and we can organise together. Also, there's been an accident with BSES. The summer expo to Svalbard (I went on the spring one) was attacked by a polar bear. An Etonian (Horatio Chapple) was killed and 4 injured. Damn close to home if you ask me, especially since we were more likely to see one than they were... anyways, hope you're having an awesome time and it's not horrendahot! See ya when you get back!

Lee McQue (Mum) said...

Hi Rob

Looking good on the blog! Can't believe you are finally there, it's lovely to be able to see your picture. I have just finished tidying your room (I started just after you left...have slept since!!). Lots of love Mum xxx

Sybil Robertson said...

For Cam Robertson Alpha 4

Just thought I'd better remind you that your boots (and you :))need to be mud free to get back in past NZ biosecurity !!
Really looking forward to hearing all the gory details from the horses mouth. Janet and Steve all set to meet you Auckland, Steve will get you to your flight South in the morning.
love M,D & J xx

Nanny said...

Hi Tamara, I have just checked out the blog this morning and it's lovely to see you in a couple of photos. Hope you are having a wonderful experience and enjoying it. Can't wait to hear all about it when you get back. Mum omitted to say that your picture is on the front page of the Western Gazette !
Love you lots.Nanny xx

Christine J said...

Hiya Lucy F

Glad you got there with your rucksack in one piece. Saw the photos,looks amazing, makes our forthcoming walk on the Great Wall look like a piece of cake. Make sure you take lots of photos for your course at Uni. Bonnie & Beau send lots of licks, luvya, ant(!) C xx

Fay Sonkin said...

For Abbi Harris Alpha 4,

WABB!! I miss you so much! I was so excited when I saw helen at the door, i've been dying to hear from you! I sent you a comment as soon as i got your letter but it didnt work, hopefully this will. I'm so happy for you, sounds like you're having the most amazing time and im so proud of you for doing this. Its been so hard not being able to contact you, i could write you an essay but i will keep this short as i dont want to take up the entire page. Loved your letter and all your news and cannot wait to hear everything and fill you in with lots of goss from home! There will be a viccy sponge and a bag of those stinky onion ring crisps we love waiting for you when you get home, cant wait to see you and all the girls and elboy send their love. Miss you so much my best friend xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

DeadTree-SquawValley said...

Tori - Happy 18th from the Plewmans. Hope you are thriving out there; thinking of you. We head back to London tomorrow after an amazing month in South Africa. Uncle Paddy

Anonymous said...

hey tozzie! its al, just wanted to say a huge happy birthday, hope you have an amazing day whatever your doing. missing you so much and we all wish you were here, you are the best sis in the world i love you x

Anonymous said...

for tori prew, hi tozzie hope your having an amazing time wanted to say a huge happy birthday! 18 finally ay! hope you have an amazing day whatever your doing, we all wish we could spend it with you. you are the best sis in the world love you so much and miss you, al xxxxxxx

DeadTree-SquawValley said...

Hi 18th birthday girl Tori - I am finding it hard to imagine how you will be spending your birthday (?!) but wish you the very best day ever. We are of course thinking of you and hope you are having the time of your life. Take care. GGL Mum, Dad, Alex, Grannie and Josie xxxx

La vieille folle said...

I know you are off doing elephant fence building ( hi hi). In utter contrast Dad Max and I went to a super cheesy WW1 reconstruction at Bateman's . Your brother thought he had died and gone to heaven when the chaps let him handle rifle, machine gun and various grenades! I am certain you are having a fantastic time . Are you doing jungle press ups? Grosses bises Mum xx

Jayesh Patel said...

Hi Palomie,
Saw some of your pics, looks like you are taking it in your stride carrying your back pack around, we are really proud to see you doing a good job. we have just arrived in oban -its pretty here but wet, missed you throughout the journey, take care of yourself, xxx love dad and mum

Nanny Pat said...

Hi Ellie Dadad and I are so proud of you and keeping up to date with the blog. Reading an earlier message from Mum and Dad sounds like you have been poorly. We hope you are fully recovered and enjoying every minute of your amazing adventure. Oh my word, how are you coping with the creepy crawlies? Hope there are not too many screams from you, ha ha. We are thinking of you and send you all our love and hugs, take care. Nanny & Dadad x

Alan said...

For Sarah ( Alpha 7 ).
Best wishes for a very happy birthday from us and other family members ( they wanted to send cards but we told them to save them for next year!). All is well at home although the weather is not as warm as we would hope for the middle of summer.
Take care.
Love and hugs,
Mum and Dad

Anonymous said...

Ellie, alpha 8. Just a quick message. I sent one yesterday but I don't think it worked. All fine here. Tess called and is fine. The only transport on her island is a tractor!! We had a great time in Cornwall. Sam is playing another tournament this week then we are back off to Cornwall. I will sit on your hill for you. Xxx we miss you so much but know you will be having an amazing time. You all look really happy in the photos. The hammocks look... Interesting!!!! Give Caitlin and Natalie a big hug. Love you chopster.xxxxx

Sarah said...

To Lucy Finlay
I have an interview this afternoon,attempting to shove swollen grandma feet into heels. Everyone is missing you,Scout says hi. Think PP loves me a little bit less after picking me up at end of trek- I looked horrendous and stank. Despite what mum says it was very hard! Thinking about you every day- keep going!
Kims sis is prob going to have a baby today! x

Tania Tweedie said...

Hi Charlotte Russell
Hope your getting on well we have seen a picture of you it all looks great but hard work we are all thinking of you we had a great hol in corfu very hot. Lots and lots of very special love aunty tania rob chloe and tom xxxxxxxxxx Have a good trip to OZ catch up then xx

Runna said...

Runtie said...

Pappy, howz it going, missing Nando's yet? We've just been and for the first time ever we didn't have to wait. The whole place is deserted. It's like a ghost town. Will fill you in on your return. Missing you and hope you're making lots of notes and taking pics for Cuz as I'm sure he'll want to know every detail!Enjoy every moment of this trip.Take care. Lots of hugs and kisses from us all xxxxxxxxxxxxxx:) :) :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Natalie

Glad to see all this ditch digging practice, look forward to a swimming pool in the garden when you get back.

Lots of love Mum

Sam (dad) said...

Hi Raj, its a been a week, hows it all going, by the pictures you look ok and enjoying yourself. keep it going, all the best take care, lots of love Dad/Sam

Anonymous said...

Megan Alpha 2

Hi Megs! We cannot see where our other messages have gone, so apologies to whomever received them. We are in London this week and have visited Kathleen, she is well.We have been following your progress and the pictures look great. We hope that you are being challenged and are making happy memories. Lots of love Helen,Chloe,Josh,

Anonymous said...

was in brunei with raliegh in 1996 i know your going to have a good one

Anonymous said...

Andy Brown 11I

Here he is! I hope you’re having the time of your life buddy. I had a quick browse at the photos and it seems an absolute dream, enjoy and bear the trekking, I hope Barry the blister isn’t making reappearance. Has Borneo installed HD or is it just an old TFT screen? ;-)

I’ll give you the important news:
United won 3-2 in the community shield. Went down by two until Smalling popped one in and then Nan-dogg absolutely killed it.

Definitely not jealous or anything....



Linda Bolton said...

For Nicholas Thornton (Alpha 1) Hi Nick how are you doing? All sounds fantastic! Haven't seen you on screen for some time - but maybe soon. Loved the pics so far! Nana is going back to rainy UK today......still 28 deg here! Bet its warmer with you? Not much news here, just settling into a new country is quite exctiting. D&D arrived in France safe and well.Look forward to seeing some pics again soon.Take care and keep on enjoying your time there.Thinking of you. Love L,C and N xx

gourmet gogoi said...

Hello Bristi, 11I alpha 8

Hope you are enjoying the challenges! Your aunts and uncles arrived and have been enjoying the wines in Den Haag. Uncle AB has headed off to UK leaving us alone in his house today - free to sample his precious wines in the cellar :) There have been quite a few 'jolly' evenings.

After the rains of yesterday, its a beautiful evening and we actually got some sunshine for a little while.

Tomorrow we head off to France - long drive but am looking forward to the freshly baked baguettes and magret de canard and rillettes.

Your sister is missing you - only teenager lumped with all the 'old' people.

Love and kisses from all - well.... you can jolly well have a go at the others who refuse to communicate. XXX...

Anonymous said...

For Sam Hedges Alpha 1

Hey Sam!!!!! Hope you're doing well on phase 2, being a responsible PM and all that. It isn't quite so sunny anymore here and im ever so slightly jealous of you... I've got some work experience at mum's work (OFM) and oxfam coming up, then im doing a JST voyage!! slightly last minute decision but i was starting to get abit bored at home. The lathams are coming over on sunday for a 'Pool party' so i'll show them your blog. although we don't really know what youre doing, and there haven't really been any updates from you...hope youre staying healthy and well and haven't annoyed any rabid orangutangs. lots of love, SKID XXX

Anonymous said...

Message for Martin Robson
Hi Martin
Your flight is Sunday 11th Sept
6.05am from KK will forward any emails in connection with it glad you're having a great time hope you've taken lots of photos
Love from Robsons

Ceri said...

Message for Theo Isaacs, Alpha 7.

Hi Theo,
It has been heart warming to see the recent photos of you all, especially with you connecting the radio up plus the best one you playing sport with the local villagers. All the photos giving an idea of the great fun and experiences you're all having. Thinking of you always Theo and missing you rather!! Pim is home from hospital you'll be pleased to learn, he's on crutches now. There's a home welcoming party soon we're all invited to. Keep up that great work you're doing, have fun and most of all embrace every minute of every day. All the family send their love, everyone has been and gone in Touzac.
with all our love my darling, Mum and Sam xoxo

Annie (Mum) said...

To Rupert Gibson-Hall
Hi Ru,
Just got back from France with Paul & wanted to say hello & see how you were doing.
Hope you're having the time of your life & an amazing experience with some great new friends.
Really proud of you & make the most of every minute.
See you early September.
Mum x
& Paul says hi too.

Mr Chimp said...

To Rupert Gibson-Hall.
Hi Ru, glad to see you made it in one piece, how goes it? No computer, game machine, must be hard!!!LOL. Whats the wild life like? I bet it's really noisy in the evernings. I hear they have some big arse spiders out there,lol. Whats the night sky like out there, no light pollution at all. We're back from France now, I got burnt legs while kayaking and it wasn't even sunny!!!! Keep yourself protected mate. Hope to hear from you soon. Well done, I'm very proud of you, Just the jump to do!!!!

Tim said...

Helen Kidwell
Hi Helen,
Hope you are having a fantastic time and the mossies/ monkeys are behaving. All well here and looking forward to hearing all about it on September 2nd.
Mum,Dad and PDK xxx

LionofJudea said...

Chloe Senior 11l (Alpha 9)

Hello Chloe, hope you are enjoying yourself and not eating too many bugs:) This looks like great fun and I am sure you are in your element.

Looking forward to hearing all about it on your return.

Later Lionel

Afro Nana said...

Hi Lauren Teaney from Afro Nana:
Really enjoyed your letter/diary. Will want you to show us how to erect a hammock when you come back could be very useful! Know you are having a great time and miss you loads. Keep on having lots of new adventures. x