Thursday, 11 August 2011

Super Loopers: The Loop hits the road for phase 2

The second, all-girl, Loop journey commenced with Lis (Logistical Coordinator), Maz (Administrator) and Sarah (Country Program Manager) heading to their first stop which was Alpha 3 at Danum Valley and what a stop it was!  They were greeted by venturers dressed up in "tribal gear", dancing in a circle, serenading their guests with their own take of 'I'm a Believer'.  This was then followed by a 3 course banquet of lush food and entertainment consisting of charades and 20 questions. It was a fun filled evening filled with merriment and joy.

After saying their goodbyes to this hospitable bunch, the Loopers then went on to see the delights that Alpha 4 at Sepilok had in store for them.  And what a surprise it was to be greeted by 'jungle spa staff' who gave the girls a pampering session to remember.  Manicure, pedicure and massage treatments were offered, whilst the loop girls were sipping their home made jungle mock-tails made by the venturers. The camp was decked with handmade rainbow coloured bunting and welcome banners to boot. The refreshing break was definitely enjoyed, if only the girls knew what was in store for them next.

The girls powered onwards to Alpha 1 at Sonsogon Magandai and were also greeted with open arms by venturers in their jungle outfits. A riverside spa, food and games followed as well as a tour of their work site, the progress of which was amazing to see.

There was even some quiet time to allow the venturers to read their mail that the Loop had delivered.

Last but not least, the Loopers completed their round trip by visiting Alpha 2 on Maliangin Island. On arrival, the ladies were stretchered from the sea to then be 'wined and dined' so to speak. It was a lovely affair and nice ending to the adventures of the Loopers.

Now that the Super Loopers are back at Field Base, safe and sound, the whole Field Base team are busy preparing for the next changeover.

By Super Looper Maz


soon said...

Hi Bear June, How is your beach Holiday? and your awesome tent =)Now u look like orang kampung because of your dark skin. Hope u enjoy the star, sunrise and sunset on the beach. And your nice tent mate Catherine =) Please take more photo to make me jealous k. Take care.

From: Marble

Debbie Thornton said...

Message for Nick Thornton Alpha 1 (phase2)

Hi Nick - me again! This time with a short message from France. Just read the blog update with report from the Loop. Was that you I could just see in one of the photos - jungle attire, "dancing" in the river?! Looks like great fun - no pics of the work though!
We are all well - safely arrived in France, weather lovely. By the time you get this message we will probably have spoken on changeover and caught up on all your news. Really looking forward to hearing from you. Speak soon. Take care and keep on having fun. Lots of love from us all. M,D and R xxx
PS. Grandma and Nana send their love too.
PPS. Wondering if you got letter or message from L and C? They are fine and always asking for latest jungle news.(Nana just home from holiday with them.)

Robert herring said...

To Emily Bradshaw

Hey Em

Hope your having fun and keeping safe

Cant wait till your back

Love you lots

Rob xxxxxxx

Helen Conway said...

For Abbi Harris, Alpha 5. Hi honey, hope you've had an amazing time diving and trekking. Can't believe that 7 weeks are nearly up - it's gone really fast. We are all fine and I'm looking forward to seeing you at Heathrow on Sunday. Love Mum.

Anonymous said...

For Georgia Pawson
Great photo! "Ground worshipping"? or conjuring up food?!
All's well at home. Where are you off to next? Longing to hear all about everything!

Anonymous said...

Harry Clesham!
Hey Harry, it's your sis here! It's currently bricking it down in ol' bath however, it's ok because I'm going to Portugal todayyyy! YAY! Yet to pack though! Hope your still having fun and learn life skills etc :) so proud that you shaved your head haha!! LOVED your letter, was really nice. MISS YOU! SEE YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOONISH XXXXXXXXXXXX

Lara Pike said...

Robyn Pike Alpha 9
Hi Robyn,
Having a lovely time with Irene. Taking her to Buckingham Palace and Guilford Cathedral. Ada's ear infection is clearing up and still enjoying her walks. Cathy, John and jess enjoyed Angelsea. Ashley has helped Scott decorate his room. Scott is loving his job. Lionel is still working on his train film. Looking forward to seeing you. Hope you are having a lovely time. Love Nana

stephanie poole said...

Hi Will

Great to see your picture from the loop. Looks like you were having fun!! We cant wait to see you on Sunday!!! If you get a chance call before you leave otherwise have a safe flight. Love you loads M,D&Axxxx

Lester Pygott said...

For Emma Pygott Alpha 6
Hey you. Just seen the pics of your trek. Looks like hard work! but at least you've got diving to enjoy next. Can't imagine what your gear's gonna look like when you get home !! Another letter in the post to you today. Missing you loads. Love dad xxx

Rich9328746598264 said...

Message for Dan Kirk

Dude! how's everything gwaning? sure your having a sick time but i need you to contact me on the quick time. Find some way to call me as its bare important and you want to know what me and bob have got planned. Anyways enjoy your trip and call me when you can bra, much love rich

Anonymous said...

Andy Brown Alpha 9

Hi Andy,

You look like you're having great weather and are now off on your 1st project - hope it goes really well and you makke loads of new friends.

Spoke to Emma yesterday and she is off on her last phase in India (community). She said she is having a great time but that you left her with a cliff hanger of a letter :).

I have booked her into the jury inn at heathrow on 3rd sept - not sure when your flight gets in but it's a double room if you need a bed for the night. She is getting the 9am train on the 4th.

We are all looking forward to seeing you both again :)

Have loads of fun, enjoy, stay safe and will message you again soon.

Debbie, Rick, Vicky & Jade (meow from poppy).

Anonymous said...

Harry Clesham Alpha 3
Hi Harry, well I have a really quiet house now as sophie went of to Portugal tonight! I am loving the quiet!! Last day at work for a week tomorrow and I CANT WAIT for a break. Have lots of offers on the table and deals to put together before I handover to Peter and Ben. Spoke to Louise yesterday and they are off to USA to see Luke etc and we will see them when you get back at Purley. Having lunch with Mags tomorrow which will be great as I havent seen her for ages. Verena has been keeping an eye on the blog and thinks the whole this is fantastic. Everyone dying to hear your news, its the first thing people ask about!!! love you heaps and hope you are still having an amazing time, Mum x x x

sophie gs mum said...

To Sophie Given

Hi ma darling,missing you so much now,hope to see some pics or hear from you soon.Had a great day at the beach then a camp fire in the garden tonight.Everyone is looking forward to getting some news from you.

Lots of love hugs and stuff Mum xxxxxx

Jo ratcliffe said...

Hi Alex
I keep checking the blog but there hasn't been an update for alpha 5. I hope the jungle trek was everything you'd hoped for. I guess you must now be back at field base ready to pack up before your flight home. We will be there to meet you at Manchester but call us en route if you can or if you have any problems. Lots of love Mum xxx

Anonymous said...

To Elizabeth. A1 Phase 2. 11D think I saw the back view of a French plaited daughter in one of the photos posted by the Loop. Did you have that done in the ‘Spa’ ? I imagine you are back at camp base now, getting ready for your jungle and diving weeks. Can’t wait to hear all about it when you are back home. One of the house martens fell out of its nest at Janey’s earlier this week, and broke its wing. We have been trying to look after it, but it won’t eat anything but live flies and we are not very good at catching them, so unfortunately fear for the worst. From ‘down’n’t’country I’m back to the lights and hope not riots (have you heard about them?) of London next week to do a series of my tours. I need to add a few new works to my repertoire so must get down to that today. Have great, great fun in your last phase. Don’t let the bugs bite too much.. With lots of hugs and kisses from your Mum. (just had a telephone call from you. Wow ee.. didn’t expect that. Really fantastic to hear from you,.. will we ever get you back? )

Anonymous said...

Jenny Reay (Alpha 9)

Hi Jenny!
Just wanted to say thinking of you and I hope its going really well! Oh, and we had a collective fail sending messages- the web page was far to confuzzling for our poor, holidaying brains...
Big love from Clare

Jacqui said...




Anonymous said...

Message for Daniel Kirk with Alpha 2.

Atlast a photo from Maliangin Island with the welcome and helping loopers ashore. Are you back at base camp and when does the next phase start......we are all off on our own mini trek to Cornwall tomorrow for a week with both Marianne and Bonina. Can only be contacted by mobile or text but you look in really great shape and trust everything is OK?. Richard called today and you will see he has sent a blog.....

Anyhow we look forward to some further news updates if you have the possibilty

XXXX Mom and Dad

Anonymous said...

For Sean Holmes Alpha 3
Hi honey
been checking blog n sounds like your all having a great time. photos great but once again don't include you - are you really there??? got your post card just over a week ago, it was soo fab to hear from you and about everything you've been up to; had to borrow granma's magnifing glass to read it though, not sure how you managed to write so small! Another letter came this week; the one for Elle, read that one too - just cant get enough of you! Elle was very pleased to get your letter; she misses you loads.
It's Yanks this weekend, we went down to the waggon for a bit of a jive and a beer, Sinead and all her crew were there n everyone had a great time. Saw Beth and her mum too, they're good and were asking about you. Sinead and I are going riding later today if it ever stops raining! Me n dad wrote to you last week so hopefully you'll have the letters soon, I cant beleive you've already been gone over 6 weeks, only 3 1/2 to go; I cant wait to see you and hear all about your adventures. Elle coming for tea on Monday, i'll give her a big hug for you. Anyway gonna go now, love and miss you loads MUM xxx

Amanda Watterson said...

For Rosie Watterson Alpha 1
I'm really missing you and look forward to you coming home.
Emily is sitting with me as I type this reading your letter (out loud and saying things like how? why? what!)Dench invited Lynda over for dinner and Lynda says Dench sends Simon and I his regards. Rachel & Richard (you babysit for them) had a lovely wedding and now live in a massive house in Bishopthorpe, York.Simon and I go to Poland soon so Christina & Wlad are teaching me to say "where is the cash machine".Their daughter has arrived and they want you and Ems to visit to help her improve her English-she is really nice and fun. Then I go to visit mum and then you will be nearly home.
Lots of love
PS I made a friend whose daughter has volunteered in Nepal and Africa and is returning to UK to study starting University to study International Development at Sussex University-sounds interesting.

Emily James said...

For Rosie Watterson Alpha 1
Hey Loser, so I TOTALLY noticed that your parents and Dench got a letter and I DIDN'T. Bet you didn't think I would. But it's OK. It's not like I even LIKE receiving post which isn't from the bank or anything. Sillyhead. Me and Dandan have been talking about plucking up courage to use this thingy for took your dad to kickstart the process though :)I've been writing loads for you about stuff I've done, but I'm going to mention scuba diving anyway, and did you know ALL scuba instructors are young attractive shirtless spanish males? Because I must have met at LEAST seven and it applies to ALL oh and Dench sends text-love. He's done LOADS of photography. And he's only posted one or two statuses that warranted "pull yourself together man". I'm going to meet him after this and we'll talk about our Rosie pangs. And then I'll probably eat all his food. I ran into your dad three times in one day the other week. (That's when you get busted about the letters dude) He said "I want you to know, I was here first". Haha. I'm superlate for Dench anyway so MYUM MYUM love you lots smellyhead. Don't get eaten by stuff <3 xxx

ejsmo said...


Hi sweetheart just thought I would drop you a quick blog before we go on our travels again to the Lake District.
We were supposed to take Oliver with us but he is starting his new job on Monday!! So its Dad and I now!! Then bakc to work.
So we have packed and unpacked and then packed again ready for in the morning!! Think we are going to have a Bagel breakfast first before we go.
Hope you are ok still missing you loads. Keep lookin at the wedding photos of you. Everyone is asking after you.
Loads of love
Mum and Dad xxxxx

Linda Bolton said...

For Nick Thornton Alpha 1

Hi again Nick .... I say again, but not at all sure that you have got my other messages - hope so 'cos we are thinking about you. Just had to write to say that we actually saw you in jungle dress!!! All looks like great fun! Hope to hear more after you have spoken to Deb. Lots of love L&C xxx

Mum said...

Rajeev malde Alpha 8
Hi raj
Hope you are having a great time. Seeing some cousins tomorrow and will send them your details for messages. Look forward to your hearing about your experience so far. Sending mail on Monday so hopefully you will get it in time. Missing you. Love Mum and Rakhi xxx

Debbie Thornton said...

Message for Nick Thornton Alpha 3 (phase 3)

Hi Nick. It was lovely to hear from you yesterday - you certainly sounded well and happy with both your last project and the next one. Can't believe you'll be home in just over 3 weeks.

Weather here in Grayan not so good today - not cold but pouring down. Grandma, Dad and Rachel are all watching Hollyoaks!!

Just spoke to Aunty Linda to update her on what you are doing. She said she's sent several blog comments but they don't seem to show up, for some reason. Presume she's doing it right but don't know for certain. Hopefully you'll have got them anyway when you got to changeover. She says hello and sends her love. So does Nana.
I don't know how long it takes for post to reach you so I won't send any more letters, I'll just rely on the blog to keep in touch.Okay?
We are going to have a trip to Soulac this afternoon for a little walk and a coffee - if the rain stops, that is!
I'll post another blog comment in a couple of days - might have seen some photos of the kindergarten by then as well.
Take care on your next project - it sounds amazing. Love from everyone here - we are all missing you loads and can't wait to see you in September. Love Mum, Dad, Rachel and Grandma xxxx

Claire said...

To Louise Organ (Alpha 7)

Hi Luli,
Just wanted to send a quick message to say hi and hope you're having lots of fun! Just so you know there is real post on its way, hopefully gets to you in time!
Hope you're ok and surviving the jungle!
Miss you lots,
Claire xxxx

Debbie Veys said...

Hello Lucy Veys (Alpha 7)
Think I did the wrong thing last time I tried to send you a message.
How's the water system going - is it hot/ hard work ? Looking forward to the next update. Push your way to the front of a photo! - granny and grandpa veys are following you too.
A level results on Thursday - we remember 2 years ago when it was you. Fingers crossed for Simon.
Hope you are having fun. See you soonish!
Love Mum and Dad x

Lara Pike said...

Robyn Pike Alpha 9
Hope you are all still enjoying yourselves and have spotted lots of different animals. John, Peter and Daniel leave in the morning. Peter has loved Mia and Floppy! Daniel won settlers tonight. Mice are clean and are going to live at Mum's house while we are all away. Everything packed and ready to go to Suffolk, then back to the campsite in Norfolk. Will be strange you not being there. Your Dad took everyone off to White Scar Caves today. Remember when we went with Cathy, Scott and Jess. Irene has had a fabulous time with your Nana. Been to the New Forest today. Think she is keen to get back to David though!! Jack's results are out on Monday. He loving having your laptop. Beats mine. Harry and Charlie are busy as ever and on good form. Harry wants a pony! Finally got the ipod sorted with music. Only taken a year. Martin and John send their love. Will pop into a library to send you another blog in the next week. Take care. Love you lots Dad and Laa

Catherina DALY said...

Message for Megan Daly Alpha 4. From her MUM and Dad
It was great to speak to you whilst we were in Thailand. Ciara was really pleased she got to chat to you.I know that it must have been hard for you saying goodbye to your friends at week 7 BUT these are friends I am sure you will see again. Glad that you got the challenge you wanted. You must take lots of pictures of the bears and orangutans for Ciara. It will not be long until you are home and we are looking forward to seeing you. When we went through the airport the other day Ciara said this is were Megs will be soon. She misses you x She is at Barracudas for 2 weeks so lots more Fun for her. I am back to work on Weds, Dull but it has to be done.Keep smiling and having lots of fun and I will be sure to stock up on all your favourites before you return. I will blog you again soon. You got the accomodation at Birmingham at Elgar Crt. LOVE AND KISSES xxxxxxx

kelly2nd mum said...

to sophie and michael. we dont know if you are getting these messages i hope you are. i am on mikeys computer. your mum and dad sent the train tickets to the camp for you. i hope you have recieved them. is there any chance of you letting them know you got them. dont worry if you cant.hope its all going ok. lots of love to you both from all of us here. or and kids are jumping on your mike. ha ha ha

Anoushka Gohil said...

Hey Raj (alpha 8)

hahah i love the pictures! The hat came in handy (are you the only person with a hat like that... ive not yet seen many people with one) it looks great. just like the picture we took before you left! :) what's these big pipes you're carrying?! this is no handy work like doing the broadband! haha.

I love that salina wrote to you - such a fresh! She went to Thailand yesterday for a month :( Everyone just seems to be fleeing England these days!

I'm feeling better and had a restful weekend off from work. Got my presentation on Weds so hopefully that goes well!

Looking forward to hearing all about the project! Hope you are not too shattered. Lots of love a xxx

Vappy said...

Hi nappy, been looking through your pictures, looks hot and those pipes do not look light! you'll come back with arms like the hulk! Hope you're having a fab time.
Love you lots
vappy xxx

68 said...

Hey Luce!

Its Elie, Sara and Boakes here...

We just wanted to say hi and that hope all is well in Borneo! We have been searching the blog for photos of you but looks like you need to get your face in the photos more - we want to see you in action!
We all miss you back here and cant wait to see you again for a big catch up!

Love you lots

68 xxx

alice belaman said...

Hi Cynthia
How are you? tried to find more photos of you but i think they have not uploaded the recent photos yet. we are ok here, sorry have not been sending any letters recently. Just spoke to Periamma who is in France, they are ok and they will be back on 01.09.2011hope all is well with you, take care and we are missing you.

lots of love, ammatchi periamma and alice sitti.xxxxxxxxxxxxx