Wednesday, 24 August 2011

On the road again - Lads on the Loop

It's the middle of Phase 3, which can only mean one thing.  It's time for the Field Base team to escape the office and head off to our project sites once more.  After the all-girl Loop of Phase 2, this time it's the turn of the boys as Country Director Mac and Logistics Lee visit our ten-week environmental projects.  Lee lets us know how they were treated on their travels:

"Alpha 3

The Loop's first stop, after a long drive full of Power Ballads and tea stops, was at Alpha 3 in Danum Valley. After spending a night at the Field Centre we trekked in to see the group in their jungle camp. In homage to Mac's military background, we were welcomed with a display of arms as Alpha 3 demonstrated a parade check run with military precision.
After a quick lunch we were casually taken to a nearby waterfall for a quick swim.

We were shown to our beds, or should I say "love nest", where our bromance was celebrated and we were left to mingle whilst we waited for the ‘Fat Golden Leech’ to open for business. First course was cracker pizza, hoummus and a weird red lentil soup. This was followed by a jungle cottage pie made with corned beef and Smash – the usual ingredients - and a mix of biscuits, peaches, custard and condensed milk for dessert.

After eating too much we were divided into teams for the evening’s entertaining pub quiz. With several rounds across a range of topics, nobody was surprised when we smashed it with a breathtaking score of 29 out of 30!
The evening was a roaring success and every effort was put into making us feel welcome and fat. We appreciated our shot at being "quiz kings" and stayed up late to chat with the venturers before going to bed ready for our trek out in the morning.
Alpha 4

We left Danum after a quick trek out and continued our travels to Alpha 4 who were at Sepilok. Upon arrival we met half the group at the café and got PM Jodie to lead the way to the camp – little did we know that Jodie is in fact a human Tom Tom and after a mere hour of ‘I am sure this is the way’ we finally arrived at camp.
After a quick tour of the camp we were thrust into things. Firstly a mess tin full of pub snacks was placed in front of us marking the pub theme of the night. This was followed by Borneo Burgers – beef burgers made from corned beef and a bread and butter pudding.
The food was delicious and the entertainment, in typical pub style, was a quiz. We were split up and faced a number of rounds, with Helen (also visiting from Field Base), myself and Mac all on different teams.
After several rounds and a cup of tea later, the results were in. Helen's team had crashed and burned and come in last place.  I came in a respectable second with Mac taking the title.  The forfeit was a quick ORS (oral rehydration sachet) shot. The evening’s entertainment did not stop there and a quick round of music followed before the rain and bed.

In the morning we got a chance to visit the orang utans and I got to see my first ever one, after only 6 months in the country! We headed back to Field Base afterwards and thus ended the first part of our Lads on Tour twist to the Loop. 

 Stay tuned for the Loop part two next week…"


crazychick said...

Tamara Alpha 7

Hey so great to hear your voice:-)
Well done to you and the whole of Alpha 7 for completing the gravity water feed - what an amazing acheivement. A life changing event for the village too.

So hope you enjoy the adventure phase, enjoy every last moment, it will be over all to soon.

Have saved watching x factor until you come back - arent I good! :-)
Out numbered is back too.

oooops just found that email asking for your exam results...hope it didnt do your head in waiting those 6 days waiting to hear them!!

Love you lots like jelly tots

Mum xxx

sophie gs mum said...

to Sophie Given

Hi honey,great to hear your having fun on your last phase,the pics of the Orang utans are fab,hope you have lots of photos to bring home. Everybody is asking for you, and looking forward to all your stories about your trip.

lots of love n stuff mum xxxx

Anonymous said...

Ross Weir Alpha 3
Love the latest pics Ross. Notice the hair is getting quite boofy and really think you should grow a black slick moustache suits you xx

Jane Hedges, Sam's Mum said...

For Sam Hedges
Hi Sam, looking forward to seeing oyu very soon now. Whe are oyu home? Claudia is coming to stay here Tuesday 13th to Thursday 15th September to welcome you home. She has to work on Friday 16th.

We will be in Putsborugh fo a few days next week with Granny Heather and Loz is home on 6th September.

Abi has gone ot live at Vilage Farm with Derb Allan and has 3 adoring geldings to watch over her in adjacent paddocks, so I think she is much happier there.

Elizabeth is sailing on Tenacious from Poole Harbour till tomorrow, so Dad and I have a very quiet house all to ourselves at the moment. Kate and Alex are home at he weekend and we are going to have a trial tasting of wedding food from a caterer on Sunday.

Lots of love

Mum xxxxx

Dmitry said...

To Nathan Titus, Alpha 2

Bruv, got Cole World: World Tour tickets
Shepherds Bush O2, November.
Say nada.


Debbie Thornton said...

Message for Nick Thornton, Alpha 3

Hi Nick, This will probably be one of the last messages I post on the blog as you will soon be on your way home. I hope your 3rd phase project has been a good one to end on - saw a couple of pics and you look well- thinner but well!

Dad and I are spending today getting ready to leave Grayan, tho' we actually fly tomorrow evening The weather was fabulous yesterday and we spent the whole day on the beach, in and out of the sea. Today, however, it's a different story - cool, windy and showery after terrific storms during the night. I might get my ironing done after all!
All well here and at home. I'm still checking your e-mails but nothing urgent has come up - you can deal with them when you get home. Nothing yet from your RR line manager.
Linda and Chris have sold their house in Cheniers so that's a weight off their minds - particularly as Janice and Dave who have been house sitting since May have to return to UK on 1st Oct.
No more news for now so I'll go and help Dad tidying up outside while it's not raining. Enjoy your last few days in Borneo - we can't wait to see you next week.
Take care. Love from us both. M and D xxx

John said...

Fantastic orang utans, nice people too!! I am off of Colombia on the 4th for a few days, but before that rooting up trees and getting the field into shape with Luke's help before he is off to Kings. He is looking for rooms in London. Tomorrow he finally gets his microlite flight. Enjoy you time. Love Dad

Jamie Burke said...

Lucy Veys Alpha 7
Hey Lucy
Was great to talk to you last week. I've just got back from France this afternoon. Don't know how I survived the week though - french teenage driving is worse than anything i've experienced in England!
Read your letters when i got in, they made me happy :)
Hope you are still having a great time. I'm off to watch The Inbetweeners movie tonight(but will watch with you again when you get back if you want!)
Missing you lots and counting down the days!
love jambon

Anonymous said...

To Natalie Clerke Alpha 3.

Hi latest pictures up - can't see much work happening although you are obviously all very good at entertaining!!!! Want to know how many orangutans and bears you have seen. Looks great but bet you are all v tired! Off to Wales with Lesley tomorrow for a couple of days before I am back and had better think about school again! Sam has got one more week to go before he goes back - will probably be looking forward to peace and quiet and not having to get up for work - ah the student life! Make the most of your last weeks. Can't wait to catch up. Love you loads. Mum xxxxx

maryhonor/mama said...

hi heloise
somewhere somehow my comment got lost!!
Enjoy the apes.
Sorry about the adventure trek, keep smiling though.
lots of liefs mama xxx

Becky J said...

For: Lucy Ryan
Hey Lucy!
I've just had a look through this blog you posted a while back and looks like you are having an amazing time! You obviously packed everything you needed too after taking me to all those shops to look at survival gear!
I demand you tell me everything you've done here when you get back! It looks very rewarding and not like D of E at all haha! i.e. no crazy people! Message me when you're home !

Lots of Love Becky (Jackson- incase you're wondering which one!) xxx

Dad said...

For Daniel Kirk

Hi Daniel,

Dad here with update of things to do when you get home and that were successfully completed whilst you were in Borneo.........

First we look forward to having you home again after your great adventure in Borneo and Mom and I are really so sorry not to be able to meet you there ourselves. We have arranged for Ruban our usual taxi guy to collect you from Heathrow and Mom will send him your flight details (Malaysian Airways - MH2) and arrival times (05.50 - 5th Sept) at Terminal 4together with your mobile number to make contact upon your arrival. Mom will also send you his mobile number so that you can contact him when you get to baggage collection point to arrange pickup. He will wait for you at exit from terminal 4 into lounge and then take you home which we will pre pay.

1. Your UNI accommodation is now in place and full details can also be found in your hotmail inbox and printed copies also left in your bedroom with confirmation of order, Residence Agreement etc.

2. My understanding is that you will need to arrive at Bangor on Saturday 17th Sept and also put in your room is various info sent by UNI including (a) application for parking permit to be completed, with time and place and route (b) Student Health Questionnaire & National Health Service Registration Form to be completed (c) Setup your IT Service for computer - See the letter from UNI dated 11th August with user name and student ID requiring you set a password.

3. Welcome letter from Dr Fay Short (School of Psychology) with required Essential First year Text books which I will order for you today. Also important details of your personal tutor at UNI with appointment time to meet which you must attend during welcome week.

Any other things we can talk about when we arrive home from Holland on the 11th.........

Its great to have you back and look forward to hearing all your news from Borneo.

XXXX Dad,Mom, Bonina

Amanda W said...

Hi Rosie Watterson Alpha 5
I am at Grandmas now. She has been showing Marilynn and Shona the Raleigh website and your photos and also Gaby and Hannah.
You will never guess what the kitten has done. No really you will never guess! That little ball of fun "weed" in mums handbag! Mum said she could tell from the expression on its face that it was doing something-you know that look of concentration. Thankfully as it is so small it only does a teaspoonful. Over to mum now..
I have really enjoyed seeing the pictures. It has really been super. Willem and Hazel send their regards(and the baby twins) and also Mary my neighbour. Everyone asks for you really Dan too (my neighbour). Also the village doctor but she says she has not seen you since you were about twelve. I have got your birthday card and your Mum can take it back home for you. It's just a cheque until I hear what you would like. Oh! the fish man has just come in his van so I need to go. love Grandma xx
Mum again- your uncle has got a good job in the Outer Hebrides/Harris and Lewis. He went up at the end of August.
Lots of love from Mum cant wait to see you.
PS Your dads Polish has improved since our trip.
PPS I expect a lot of your clothes will be ruined so just leave them in Borneo-although to be honest I have been wondering if you lost your luggage as I think I have only seen you wearing 3 tee shirts! Love again. Hope you get to read this.