Thursday, 25 August 2011

Mission accomplished for A7 and A8

Alpha 7 and Alpha 8 each had a ceremony to celebrate the completion of their projects in Kampung Bambangan Sook and Kampung Mandurian Laut on Monday.

There to rejoice with them were the happy villagers, who danced and played traditional music to mark the auspicious event. Drew Boshell, Head of Community Development at Asian Forestry Company, Kadri Taib, Director of Communication and Public Affairs for Coca-Cola Far East Ltd and and Mr. Lahab Enul from the Kota Marudu District Office travelled all the way into the two villagers to join us for the ceremony. Sarah Hoare and I (Yolanda) were there to represent Raleigh Borneo.

Here are some pictures from the ceremonies: 

At Alpha 7: 
Bambangan Sook's kulintangan band
The opening dance

Kadri Taib, Communications and Public Affairs Director of Coca-Cola giving his speech

Lahab Enul, the government rep and Sarah turning the tap on. It works!


At Alpha 8
Some of the villagers at the ceremonies, with their very cute babies

Mandurian Laut's kulintangan band

PM Tom, with John, who helped A8 a lot

The ceremony was held outside of someone's house

The team was dubbed Super 8 for the extraordinary amount of work they did in just 3 weeks

And their tap worked as well! Yay!

The projects, which started on the 6th August, were successfully completed, thanks to support from the Sabah Government, sourcing and technical support from AFC and funding from Coca-Cola. But of course, the outstanding hard physical labour and dedication were credited to the young volunteers from Alphas 7 and 8 from Raleigh’s expedition 11I and the villagers who took time off from their farming to help them.



Anonymous said...

To Tom -PM
From dad and everyone in UK
Wondeful job I hope you are all very proud of what you have accomplished especially when water came out of the tap! :-)
Looking forward to hearing all about your adventures when you return
All our love

Anonymous said...

To Tom -PM
From dad and everyone in UK
Wondeful job I hope you are all very proud of what you have accomplished especially when water came out of the tap! :-)
Looking forward to hearing all about your adventures when you return
All our love

Vivek said...

Hi Palomie

Congrats on finishing the whole gravity water feed system. Looks great and that alpha 7 really enjoy the whole experience. Good luck for the adventure challenge and see you sometime pretty soon now!

Best wishes,


mum said...

Tamara Reynolds - Alpha 7

Great to see photos of the taps working - well done to you all. You will be able to fix our pond no trouble now :-)

Looks lke you had a fun time celebrating.
Looking forward to sampling some culinery delights you may have picked up - maybe not leeches or anything just borneo burgers :-)

Love you lots like Jelly tots


Mum said...

Simon Brooker (8 Alpha)Congratulations on successfully completing the project and I hope you enjoy the trek. Katie collected her GCSE results today and got 5A*, 5A and 2B so delighted and out celebrating with friends.
See you in a week

Catherine Longson said...

For Josh - We're really proud of you - great work and great dancing!

ejsmo said...

Marcus Pinsley alpha 3!!

Hi darling hope you are ok!!
It was fab seeing you on your photo even though you look filthy. Bet you cant wait to have a very hot shower.
Been to Hull saw Auntie Avril as Kimmy was over and took Sam with us. Have seen the granparents and Aunite Debbie Uncle Jonathan and Rachel. Rachel got 4A's 4B's and 2 C's. She did really well in her GCSEs.
Today Auntie Sharon and Uncle Roy have come to visit us and see hwere we live. They loved the flat and then after I met a couple of girls from my book club who were over for afternoon tea. So we had a drink and went out for a lovely meal.
Everyone is asking after you and we have shown the photo of you with a beard.
Anyway will speak again. Love u loads Mum and DAd and of course
P.S. Leeds fest is on this weekend!! x

gourmet gogoi said...

Hello Bristi of 11I alpha 8

Glad to know that the 'project' has been completed. Super 8?
Life is hectic with the guests around - took a whole day just to upload pictures for a photobook for one of your aunts.
received your second letter too now and have been sharing your news with the rest of the family. Your aunt in Den Haag tried to send you an email but struggled with the length of the mail - too complicated to fit in 300 characters! Moans from your sister that all attention is directed towards guests and that I never spend time with her. Father is off to scotland on saturday with his sisters. so your sister and I will stew in the 'pot' together at home. Wonder who will have the most fun? Love XX

Anonymous said...

For Georgia P - diving
Have a really wonderful time diving. Longing to hear all about it. Have booked couple of appts with Clive. Everyone here well. Off to see Granny this w/d - weather dire!

Gaby Evans said...

Hi tegs
Reading the latest instalment of the blog sans pictures via a v weak mobile signal on a rock on the beach at deia. It is unusually cloudy with sea v rough and churned up with weed. But still leagues better than England (Reading is as muddy as last year). R has met up with some friends... Dad K and I happy to chill... And observe. Bumped into Sadie in the espadrille shop yesterday!
We've been thinking of u ... Speculating on the nature of your trials and tasks... Kezi illuminating us on hazards and hardship of basher living.
Lots of love from us all

Gaby Evans said...

Hi Tegs
Not sure if my last comment will have been posted as I sent it while sitting on a rock on the beach (in deia)... will have to wait for a day or two to see if shows up. If not, will write again in a few days. Lovely to see the pictures of the opening ceremony at last...

Wish you were here etc but am v glad that you're there (if you get me..).
Lots of love xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Jennifer Reay

Hi jen

Hope you are keeping up with the adventure phase! See you soon. Mx

ejsmo said...

Marcus Pinsley alpha 3

Good morning Marcus hope this blog finds you well!!
We are all fine here in Manchester although the weather is a bit hit and miss at the moment and quite chilly. It can't decide whether to be nice or rain.
Dad and I have been invited to Ros and Stephan's Ruby Wedding party this afternoon. They are making an afternoon tea. Nana and Papa are supposed to be coming but it all depends on Nana as she is really confused and stubborn at the minute. He is having a hard time with her somedays. This illness is not too nice. I did warn you though she will be very different when you eventually come home!! They are coming early going to Sam's for lunch and maybe pop and see me at the showroom.
We are supposed to be having a visit from Auntie Debbie Uncle Jonathan and Grandma/Granpa on Saturday to see the flat.
America are having it bad in New York etc as there is a really bad hurricane that has hit the headlines. Brings back memories when we were stuck in Florida and couldnt get home from hurricane Frances.
Hope you are getting our blogs and you like reading them. I am trying to keep you up todate with whats happening here. Oh yes Oliver has gone to Hull for the weekend to catch up with his friends. He also has had his first pay day and is thrilled.
Keep looking after yourself and be safe.
Love you lots and lots.
from Mum Dad and Oli xxxx

Sarah Hargreaves said...

Hi Claire

Looks like you made a good job of the water system - the tap actually worked as well. You will be able to do all plumbing at home now!!
Hope you are surviving the hard trek through the jungle - see you soon
LOVE mum, dad, emma, georgina and ellenXX

Nanny said...

Tamara Reynolds..Alpha 7.
Hi Tamara, I have just been at Nanna's for the week-end and your Mum phoned and read us your letter you wrote to us all, Thanks for that, it was great to hear your news.Hope you enjoy your last few days..can't believe you have been away for 5 weeks...Have a safe journey home and I look forward to hearing all about it...Lots and lots of love from Nanny xxxx

Blondie said...

hi josh!!! it's jess!!

Missing you ( sort of) , hope you are still having a good time, in the photos you look happy, which is good it stops mum from fretting! you know how she does... looking forward to seeing you on friday! xx jess x

ejsmo said...

Marcus Pinsley Alpha 3

Hi Marcus how are you??
Hope you get this blog as it looks as though you are finishing.
Wrote another blog but dont think I did it right so trying again.
Had a few people round for dinner over the last few nights thanking people for meals we had when we moved here.
Sam Ben Aunt Deb Uncl jonathan Rachie and the grandparents are coming to see us tomorrow and cooking again.
Work is great and enjoying it but still learning.things.
Anyway looking forward to hearing from you we are missing you loads.
So glad you have enjoyed the experience and sad for you its coming to an end. So proud of you for what you have achieved.
Loads of love from Mum Dad and Oli x