Tuesday, 2 August 2011

The Loop head to the jungle

With Phase 2 of Expedition 11D well under way, it was time to pop in and visit some of our project sites.  Our new Loop team of Country Programme Manager Sarah, administrator Maz and logistician Alicia were excited about getting out to meet the teams.

For the first part of their trip, they headed across to the east coast of Sabah where our environmental projects are taking place.  First stop, Danum Valley, where a warm welcome and a hearty dinner awaited them.

Not only impressed by the tasty food, jungle decor and tribal entertainment, Alpha 3's dinner guests were also struck by the great progress the team has been making on the project.  Currently trekking the last of the building materials 8km into the jungle, they are due to start construction very soon.   Undaunted by the weight of their load, the leeches and a leaking tarpaulin, the team are already ahead of schedule.  Let's hope they leave some work for the Phase 3 team!

The next team to host the Loop was Alpha 4, who had turned their camp into the Sepilok Suite - a jungle spa.  With all the treats  our all-girl Loop team might wish for after a very long road trip, from massages to manicures,


fan bearers to accompany the treatments,

and despite a surprise guest for dinner,

it was very reluctantly that the Loop headed back to Field Base the following morning!

In a few days' time, the Loop will hit the road again and visit our community projects.  We'll let you know the news once they return.


Anonymous said...

Message for Charlotte Russell, Alpha 6.
Hello Lovely, hope you're well. Got your second letter yesterday. So good to hear from you. Everyone is well back at here. Your Dads starting combining, Jimmy did well at NCPC and Dumblie are through to the semi's of the VKO. Missing you loads, keep going. Enjoy every moment, its a once in a life time experience. All my love Tom xxx

stephanie poole said...

Hi Will
Great smiley picture of you in Danum Valley. Liked the menu - glad it was you and not me!!
Hope you are still enjoying your time. Cant wait to see you and hear all about it. Love and hugs M,D,A and G&G xxx

smay said...

HEY!! RALEIGH KL PEOPLE! Been keeping track with the blogs, you guys look like you're having a great time! time flies, alrdy 2nd phase! Pipo heard you got your padi license, CONGRATS!!! cant wait to read more (and see more pictures from y'all!) :D have a great remaining expedition!! -shumay

Deborah Thornton said...

Message for Nicholas Thornton, Alpha 1 (phase 2)

Hi Nick! Just a quick message to let you know I've done your RR induction registration - big responsibility but done without a hitch, thank goodness! Had to make couple of "executive decisions" about travel arrangements but no probs.
It's been really hot here for a few days but is very dark and looking like we are due for a storm any minute now.

Unfortunately Rachel didn't have very good day at the show on Sunday - a long story and the less said the better but she's got another show this coming Sunday so fingers crossed for more success!

Hope your kindergarten project is progressing well - we're all looking forward to seeing fotos when blog is updated.
All is well here - count down to our hols has begun.
Keep on taking care of yourself and don't work TOO hard!
Love and miss you. M, D and Rxxx

Anonymous said...

To Lottie, Just a quick message to say it all looks awesome and I recieved your letter this morning which brightened up my day no end and made me motivated to start to pack my bag ready for Thailand which I head off to in about 10 hours! I sent you a letter last week so hopefully should reach you soon and will maybe try the wonders of the Thai postal system! Love you lots and miss you. Green x

Kyle said...

Message for Stephanie Morris Alpha 4 11D
Hey Steph, looks like another great time on phase two. Lap of luxury spa treatments, who said it was going to be tough. Alex and Peyton are ending their Cup MAtch trip tomorrow. Hilda, Diana & John are back from the States. All is well on this front. Love ys lots and have fun!

Anonymous said...

Harry Clesham

Hi Harry OMG I did not even recognise you with NO HAIR!!!! Just thought I would let you know I was in the company of John Cleese last night at the Beaujolais!!!! Hes living in the Royal Crescent!!

Hot hot hot here today but not for long :(

Love you loads Mum x

Jane Hedges said...

Sam Hedges Alpha 1
Your orthotics have arrived at home,Mr Chase's office mess up. I will keep them here now rather than their not arriving before you leave.
Hope you are enjoying kindergarten project, we are boiling hot here, pond dipping to keep cool.Kate and Alex at La Goutte with Anna, Clare and Sandy. Granny Heather is coming to stay for the family pic nic next Sunday. Elizabeth is busy putting Raleigh photos in an album and her braces should be coming off next month so she is HAPPY, as they first told her they would be on till Christmas!
Lots of love Mum xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Sam Hedges Alpha 1
Your orthotics arrived here, Mr Chase;'s office mix up. I will keep them safe here in case they dont arrive before you leave.
Kate and Alex and Anna, are on their way to La Goutte to stay with Clare and Sandy for 10 days. Elizabeth is busy putting Raleigh photos in her album and is very HAPPY as she will probably get rid of her braces in September rather than December as originally predicted. Baking hot here so we are pond dipping lots to cool off.
Looking forward to a few days in Putsborough 30 August for a few days.

Lots of love Mum xxx

Mum xxxxxxx

Lisa Holmes said...

Haha Sean love the pic. Check your face you cool dude. Hope your still enjoying it out there. Cant wait to hear all about it. Love you lots. From Lisa, Julie and Jimmy xxxx

MUM said...

Message for Nick Thornton Alpha 1

Hi Nick. Got a lovely surprise this morning when post man brought a letter from you. It was great to hear from you - you sound to be having a fab time. Glad the multi tool came in useful - and the wind up torch. Rachel and I had a good laugh over breakfast, imagining you using both at the same time - hope you are better co-ordinated than us cos we were hopeless. It was a bit like patting your head while rubbing your tummy!!! You see - Dad does have some good ideas - bet you wish you'd taken his Kendal mint cake too!

We've had terrific storm today - conservatory turned into a sieve which didn't please me much. Chap from B and P was here for nearly 4 hours and has left us with the box gutter supported on acrows til they can get back with fitters to do a permament repair. What a pain!

Looking forward to next blog update to see if you are still looking as well as you did on the trek! Hope so. And to see how the beard is coming along. We miss you loads and it's nice to read about your adventures.

Love from us all. M, D and R xxx

Peter and Hilary said...

Message for Philip Gibbins - Alpha 3

Hi Philip
Thanks for your letter which arrived yesterday (I've forwarded Helen's on to her). Great to hear all your news. We're experiencing a bit of a heat wave here, but it might be over as we've just had a pretty good thunder storm. Katharine is spending the week on work exp at City Hospital (arranged at the last minute) and is on cloud 9 tonight as she watched 3 operations today without incident - she was really worried about passing out after her experience at the GPs. Helen and I will be at LHR to meet you. Not long now but make the most of your last week. See you soon. love Mum and Dad

Ruth Huxley said...

Claire Huxley - just received your letter. great to hear from you, sounds like you're having a brilliant time. Thought the menu in the blog looked "interesting"!. I'm finally on holiday. Yippeee. finished work today, packing tomorrow and Portugal on Friday. Work started on new bathroom. Lots of love Mum xxxxxxxxxxx, & dad, John & Tabby.

ejsmo said...

Hi Marcus

Hope this email finds you in good spitis!!
Dad and I have packed ready for our holiday!! Oliver has got 3 pals coming over to stay for the weekend!1 Hope they behave and dont make a lot of noise.
Allan is looking forward to you staying.

this is a quic message before I go to bed.

lots of love mum and co. xx

cara kelly said...

Message for Catherine, Alpha 4, Borneo.
Hi Catherine
The Sun Bears look very cute, hope you are having a good time. Not long before you will be home. Enjoy your last week. Longing to hear all about your experiences. Safe journey. Lots of love Cara xx

Jacqui said...

hey Shannon Williams. you're still smiling! good to see. cant wait for my massage when you return. ;-)hope all is still well. only 5 weeks left before you return to reality (hope i didnt scare you). why is it so difficult to see you in group pics. i want to see those dimples i gave you close and upfront....anyhu....continue havin a good time. miss and love...love and miss you....your favourite mother Qualyn

Anonymous said...

To Elizabeth Alpha 1. Lovely getting your postcard of the orang-utans. Amazing that they can unscrew your water bottle tops, take a sip, and then screw them back again. Sheila and Co down this week. Lots of racing demon, articulate, boggle etc. Tom and James rowing to K. Evening swims off boathouse at hightide. Hope Kindergarten coming along. Look forward to Loop's photos of you all. Lots of love from all of us. XXX000 Mum.

sophie gs mum said...

To Sophie Given


Funny sort of birthday without you but im thinking about you and am sure your having lots of fun.Im home from Pease bay and Milo has grown,running round the house top speed as I type. lol cant believe your 18 OMG ,we will just have to have a party when you get home.Hope to hear from you soon.

Lots of love hugs and kisses Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

hope your having an amazing time. are hammoks comfy? u need to get yourselff in a few more pictures, you know were all desperate to see u covered in mud!i hope your feet don't hurt yet, strength, but no doubt your having way too much fun to think about that. :) Annie p.s. - remember, jump in front of every camera you see!

Anonymous said...

Message for Liza Forsyth Alpha 4
Hi Liza
Hope you are well and enjoying the final phase of your trip with the orangutangs. Have been following the blog for updates. We are all OK - it is Phil's 50th today so we are having a get together tomorrow. Joanne received your letter and is enjoying her last few weeks in France - she is home on 30th Aug. I am having a relaxing break from school this week. The time you have been away has really gone quickly and look forward to you coming home for a hug. Love from Mum and Dad xxx

Anonymous said...

Hey Jenny (Reay)!

Lilla Here! Stop avoiding all the photos!! I can only find you in 2! :P hahahaa get into some of them! :P
Hope you're having fun babes, and saving loads of bears! :P hahaa

Now I know you said that this is public and not to embarrass you, but you know me, I'll do it anyways. I see you have some very nice looking people with you ;) hahaa

Hope you're having fun without having to read Bovars and stupid english stufff!! hahahaa

Lilla xxx

Mattt said...

For ewelina stefanska
Very impressive cooking skills!! How on earth did you manage to rustle up that menu! I didn't realise they had proper kitchens in the jungle??!! Photos look awesome!! Sounds and looks like you having an amazing time!! Take care!! xx

vincent mc aviney said...

Hi Viinnie Patrick,

Looking at your latest photos.like the native island pose,Just to let you know your PADI cert came along with the latest postcard.Heat wave seems to have past.Off to Golf,next round of comp with Sheilagh tomorrow .You mentioned that this may be a weekend when you are off so maybe we will hear from you.One week to go,hope you enjoy it,Mum and I looking fwd to seeing you.By the way we got some Olympic tickets in second request.

Charlotte Bradshaw said...

To Emily Bradshaw - Alpha 5
Hi Em
Hope you are having an amazing time. We have all been thinking of you.
We spent a great day with Granny yesterday in London. We are off to Henley today camping (there will be no comparisons!).
Looking forward to catching up with you and your news next weekend.
Lots of love Mum x x

Auntie Chris said...

For Simon Brooker,
Hope you had a fantastic birthday. Seen picture of your group, everyone looks very happy. Looking forward to seeing more pictures and hearing about all the things you have been doing.
Love Auntie Chris

Joe Daly said...

Message for Megan Daly Alpha6.
Hi Megan, Hope you are keeping welland still having fun.We are currently relaxing in Sunny Koh Sumui, a beautiful part of the world. Ciara not to keen on the dogs. Bethany said the competition was now on for the best tan. Mum has started to fill in the book you bought her. Missing you lots. Roll on the 5th Sept. Love and kisses Mum, Dad, Bethany and Ciara xxxx

Anonymous said...

For Amy Burn Alpha 1 - Hi Ames - we are both really excited to be seeing you in 1 weeks' time. Hope you are enjoying your second project. We have been to Lytham proms this weekend - Status Quo last night, Katherine Jenkins tonight and Boyzone tomorrow - (Dad can't wait - but there is a champagne tent so it helps) - who needs Leeds Festival! Hope your enjoy you last week and are looking forward to the lure of a hot shower and some home comforts. Have arranged homecoming dinner with Rob & Yvonne etc at the "Clog" on our way home on Sunday. Lots of love Mum & Dad xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Tori Prew,
Many happy returns on your 18th birthday. Hope you are having fun in the jungle and have good (new!) mates to celebrate with! Thinking of you and will try to text/call as and when my - just to let you know we are celebrating with you in absentia and wll catch up with you on your return,
All my love dad x

Jane Hedges said...

Sam Hedges. Alpha 1. Sam. Hope you are well and enjoying yourself. We are just off ot the family picknick. Liz has decided she has more interesting things to do in Oxford, and so has elected to stay and look after Phoebe--hmm! I swam this morning. Bit of an event, but the water is so clear and inviting. Also I was feeling a bit tired and needed it to wake me up!. Have had John Cooper staying the night, so been learning a lot about Morrocco and Berber culture. Also, just wanted to make sure you are covering your head and not getting too sun burnt. A friend of Jo's has got skin cancer from when he was in the army and serving in hot climates. So, either wear a hat or let your hair grow to cover your head skin! (Sorry, should have explained more. The skin cancer is in the guy's head, and has now gone through the whole body so he is stuffed--2 weeks left they think. So, you can understand I go into panis overdrive espescially as in the last week Teresa Higgs and Tulip have also got cancer. Liz has bet me I would mention the garden--so I will deliberatley not do so! Mum and I had to do in 2 cockerels last week. They were keeping us awake, so needed to go down to just the one. Bit of a pantomine really. Me with an air pistol, which failed. So I had tried to chop off the head with an axe. Mum kept squalking and pulling her hand back--with the chicken on the other end! Got there in the end!

Hope you are well. Lots of love. dad

Anonymous said...

Hi Palomie,

Hope you are well. We are all missing you lots and lots - especially Kritika. We managed to lose her on the first day, it took like a whole 20 minutes before anyone even realised she was gone...AWK.
We've seen your pictures-looks like you're having lots of fun. Im sure the weather there is far better than the rainy cold days we've been having here in scotland.
Kavita: "the light in my life has been extinguished with your absence"

Anyways keep safe and continue saving the world...

Lots and lots of love and kisses,

Tishani, Kritika and Kavita xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

For Victoria Prew! Christoph here!
HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY BABE! I hope you are having an amazing day and time, love you and miss you loads and loads, wish you were here so i could rant to you about everything, getting mega nervous for the USA now! MISS YOU AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY! love you xxxxxxxxxxx ps matthais sends his love and ive got some juicy gossip! happy birthday again, all my love, christoph xxxxxxxxxxxx

Caroline Jane's Mum said...

For Caroline Jane, Alpha 4:

Typical - everyone has gone to the other side of the world to work hard building etc .... and you're giving manicures!!!! Hope you're having a wonderful time in Borneo.

Lots of love, Mum, Dad and everyone Chez Pickard :-)

Shannon William's Aunt said...

Shani tell Jacqui to GET IN LINE!!! I'm first up for a massage!!
You look fabulous niece!! Stop hiding behind in the group pics!

Miss you!!!!

You're Nana would be soooo proud!!

Ondra Lodes said...

Petr PM alpha 3 ( I guess) :)

Hey buddy how are you doing so far. Hope everything has been fine and you are having an amazing time down there. I am doing fine in here as I am working at Edinbra fringe and all those girls around me man! I guess you can imagine, it is insane:) the weather sucks as usual. Hope I will see you at some point when you get back. I am not sure if I told you that I have moved in recently. Live just 20 min from the beach but still city centre. My sister is here for whole summer to make me a company and improve her english and make some money ofcourse. In september I might go to see DAn from Florida as I have got still plenty of holidays. Hope you will read this one as I already sent you one before but never knew if it was delivered.

Take care mate and see you soon.


Be STrong!!!

papa Alvin said...

Hi Shannon
How are you doing did any mosquitos
bite you yet.
I for got tell you to bring me something made in Malaysia; does not have to be big.
see you whyen you get back
Popa Alvin

Tracy Essayan said...

For Will Essayan, 11D, Alpha 1(?) - Never mind Plan B. Charlie leant out of Jeep to stroke a lioness and baboons recognized Jake as one of their own, but disaster averted on both fronts and all are safe and well in London. Can't wait to see you next month! Love, mom

soon said...

PipoPipo, u get a lot new friends!!! I know u like macho guy la. But don't forget us here. We also macho ok! HAHA...

Elle said...

SEAN HOLMES I'm so proud of you!!! :D and i miss you millions and I've written to you like 4 times I hope you've had them all!! And I'm so glad you're having fun. Keep smiling :D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I LOVE YOU love Elle xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Elle said...

ps. SEAN HOLMES me and your 'fam' did get the letters thankyou and i have written back!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx elle xxxxxxxx

Mike P said...

Hi Tori Prew,
Hope all goes well down in the jungle - thinking of you in what has beeen a difficult week with stock markets which are 20% down but guess that seems totally irrelevant to you where you are?! Love to hear about your projects but guess you are out of communication for the time being but wanted to leave a welcome message for you when you have web access - must be difficult for you with no gizmos! I am plannning your birthday lunch on 4 Sept and will BBQ your favourites as promised. Hope you and all your new mates are fit and well and making the most of an opportunity of a life time. Love Mike P x

Pat Dawson said...

HI Josh (alpha 7)
How's it going you look to be having a good time but I expect working hard. Anna had a great time in Veitnam not sure she enjoyed the local wildlife but said it was amazing. Looking forward to hearing about all your adventure. Take care Love Grandma xx