Saturday, 6 August 2011

A fully trained 11I head off to their project sites

The recently arrived venturers of 11I went straight from the airport to commence their jungle training at Base Camp.  Here they undertook four days of intense training in skills that are vital when they set off to their project sites. 

They learnt how to set up and use the radio.  They also learnt the radio protocol necessary for when they communicate with fieldbase twice a day.

Some of our venturers knew about the tools that they will be using on site, however for the rest they all undertook training on the tools they will be using over the next couple of weeks.

Water safety is a high priority therefore all venturers learnt and practised how to safely assess and carry out river crossings. 

Having completed last minute preparations of jungle kit and jungle skills, all the venturers and project managers headed into the jungle for the night.

After four days of intense training, the venturers are now fully equipped to head out to their four different projects and have been allocated to their groups.  So let's find out who is in Alpha 7, 8, 9 and 10. 

First the two community projects.

Alpha 7 - are building a gravity water feed in the village of Bambangan Sook, in the Pitas district of Borneo.  Within Alpha 7 are Christopher Houghton, Joshua Longson, Peter Johnson, Amy Provan, Lucy Veys, Tamara Reynolds, Victoria Prew, Louise Organ, Rupert Gibson-Hall, Greg Kinchin, Palomie Patel and Theo Isaacs.  Andy and Sarah are the project managers for Alpha 7.

Alpha 8 - are rebuilding and extending a gravity water feed for another village in the Pitas district, Kampung Mandurian Laut.  The team are John Gilmour, Natalie Grant, Simon Brooker, Christopher Holtum, Sian Stokes, Tom Holmes, Eleanor Kermode, Rajeev Malde, Tegen Evans, Bristi Gogoi, Claire Hargreaves, Jad Marie and Sophie Lockwood.  They are joined by Caroline and Tom who are project managers for Alpha 8.

The two environmental projects are Alpha 9 and 10.

Alpha 9 - is an environmental survey being undertaken in the Pitas region.  Andy Brown, Micheal Lockwood, Caitlin O'Keefe, Jennifer Reay, Robyn Pike, Anouska Banks, Laura Sadler, Lucy Finlay, Isaac Richardson, Racheal Buckley and Chloe Senior will all be making Alpha 9 their home for the next two weeks.  They are joined by Lucy and Helen as project managers and Anne, the logistics co-ordinator will be joining them for the start of project.

Alpha 10 - Last but by no means least is Alpha 10 who are working at Taliwas Forestry Reserve building an elephant proof fence.  Alpha 10 is Helen Kidwell, Alexander Davison, Gregory Yianni, Fiona Stephen, John Hall, Lauren Teaney, Lula Fuller, Nicola Fletcher, William Cooke and Honor Wright.  Amy and Gabby will be joining Alpha 10 as project managers.

Having completed all their jungle training and been assigned to their alpha groups, all four groups successfully deployed in the early hours of this morning to their project sites. 

We look forward to their updates as they settle into their new homes. The loop vehicle will be visiting the teams soon and we will print any blog messages them to take out with us. It's a great way to keep in touch and will mean a great deal for them to read something from home.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Helen and Sarah, Borneo Field Base team


Mum said...

Hi Tamara (alpha 7)

Yey finally get to see a picture of you :-)
Really proud of you and glad to see you got to do a community project, get digging girl!
Enjoy village life - good luck to you and the rest of Alpha 7 - looking forward to watching your progress
Lots of love and (((hugs)))
Mum xxx

Nanna and David said...

Tamara Reynolds...alpha 7
Hi Tamara, I hope you are enjoying yourself. Nanny told me there are photos of you on the computer this morning.
I am very of proud of you and what you are doing
Lots of Love from Nanna and David xx

Boz said...

Message to Owain Masters Alpha 4
Hey Owain, You look seriously gorgeous on those pics even if Brankin is making rude comments about you on Facebook! Thanks for your message on there btw. I'm so glad you've decided to have another bit of an adventure while you're on that side of the world; might as well, it could be a once in a lifetime opportunity.I can't wait to hear all about it when you get home, or possibly read all about it too? How's the journal? Are you Somerset Maugham yet - haha! Or Gerald Durrell? I'm busy writing, writing, writing; the dissertation is going great, except for when it's going crap of course, which is frequently.;) All the rellies over here send you their love and best wishes. Apparently my latest (Polish) haircut makes me look the spitting image of you, or vice versa. The effrontery of these people! I'm significantly more gorgeous! Keep on truckin'. Love you loads and loads, Mum. xxxxxx

maggie b said...

Hey Lucy - how is the ugly bugs ball going?
Bring some pictures home of the prettiest or the worst for us to see. Might scare off the Scottish midgies.
Saw Alpha 9's picture - you look a very scary crew - be careful not to count each other in the survey.
Found this terrible joke for you:
What has six legs, bites and talks in code?
A morse-quito.
Alan wanted me to include the one about two elephants walking along the road to the post office and one asks the other what he is going to do and the first one says he is going to make a trunk call but I thought that was really far too bad to include in this comment.
Keep calm and carry on spraying the DEET.
lots of love mum and alan xx

Mum said...

Mesaage for Simon Brooker 11I Alpha 8.
Fantastic to see the pictures. You look really well and happy in your group. Good luck on the project and HAPPY BIRTHDAY for the 7th August. Have an amazing time love Mum x

gourmet gogoi said...

interesting adventures! some climbing involved then in the jungle? said...

to Amy Provan
In France,dog has smart new lead,Congress passed the budget but US lost its triple A rating,tropical Storm Emily caused some floods in Haiti but camps were spared,Ethiopian govt accused of politicising aid,Lucy in Benshire going for visa on Tuesday,no scaffolding up yet so Aus's house painting kyboshed. You look v happy on pics-enjoy the rainwater feed Love Mum and Dad

charlie skalski said...

`hey baby girl,

i had a look at the blog link you sent me and i saw a picture of you :) it looks so amazing out there, i bet your having a great time! it was so lovely seeing you this summer,i really had an amazing time seeing you and tash. back in bahrain now and its soo hot, gonna be spending my time in the gym and the pool ;) let me know when your back so we can have a loong skype session, i want to hear all about it. miss you x

Charlie Skalski said...

for Lauren Teaney - Alpha 10

hey baby girl,

i had a look at the blog link you sent me and i saw a picture of you :) it looks amazing out there i bet your having a great time! it was lovely seeing you this summer, i had an amazing time with you and tash, you both need to come to Bahrain and visit. its crazy hot in Bahrain now, i'm basically going to live by the pool, and if i'm not lazy go to the gym hehe! you have to let me know when your back so we can have a loong Skype session, i want to hear all about your trip, misss youuu xx

Anonymous said...

Hey Tom Moody from dad nicky and max in the UK

Hope all continues well and we see your now at your village no doubt already tackling the immense task of providing your alpha 8's village with running clean water
It's good to see you have such a great group and we are sure Caroline you and the group are already making great strides forward in both your task and integrating with the villagers and their children ,, memories of your Raleigh trip to india spring to mind ... Are you driving everyone crazy with your camera yet?? you all have fun and take care xxx all our love xxx

Beverley Jones said...

To Rupert Gibson Hall

Hi Ru, Hope you are Ok and enjoying yourself and made some new friends. Dad has telephoned me to say that he is unable to send messages on Blog at the moment so to let you know that he is wishing you well and that they are having a nice time in Canada.
Let us know how you are getting on.

With lots of Love

Bev xxx

Anonymous said...

To Nicky Fletcher
Glad to see you got there safe. Hope you are having fun. We are missing all ready. Steven and the boys are looking foreword to seeing you when you get back. Don't let the elephants
climb into your sleeping bag.
lots of love from mum and dad and everybody back home

Hannah said...

Hi Caitlin,
Great to see your photo on the blog and to see your smiley face. Hope you are settling in alright and enjoying jungle life.
Lots of love,
M & D xxxxxxxxxxxx

Vivs said...

Palomie (Alpha 7)

Looks like the trekking was good! and bet your happy about your team too! hope the next phase goes well and best of luck with it all. there is nothing much really going on at home, pretty dull to be honest, so make sure you are enjoying it :)

All the best,


Auntie Lynne said...

FAO Nicola Fletcher

Just seen the photo with your group. You look to be enjoying yourself. Hope so. Hope the flight went well. Enjoy the nice weather it is raining here. (Sat,6th August)
Uncle Sam, Joel and Laura send their love and we look forward to seeing you when you get back and hearing all about it. Have great fun.

Love Auntie Lynne xxx

PVW said...

Lucy Bagshaw

Hiya Lucy,

Pics look good, hope you are not sick of the rations yet! I'm feeling much better now, back at work now.
Letter no2 is on its way if I ever make it to the post office!
Can't believe how the time is flying, hope you enjoy yourself on the project.
missing you.....but I know you'll back soon enough


maggie b said...

Zap! Pow! Splat!
Hi Lucy - just been to see Batman the Arena tour, so incredibly corny and so funny.
Spotted in the audience several versions of the Joker, the Riddler, Catwoman and the Penguin but only one Boy Wonder and nobody brave enough (or fit enough) to pose as Batman (except lots of six-year-olds with outfits from Asda.)
Interestingly as the lights went down lots of middle aged men took off their jackets to reveal - Ta-ra! - Batman T-shirts with bulges (stomachs not biceps). Alan wished he was in the jungle with you. One of them even had a kilt on with his Batman T-shirt. That must have been Bruce McWayne.
But I have to say, in all honesty, the Batmobile was brilliant.
love mum and alan xx
Gran says to keep away from bats in the jungle - they are all vampires.

mum said...

Hi Raj (Alpha 8)

Saw the new photos. Great work so far. Nani and the Masi's send their love. House is quiet and have managed to tidy your room! Keep well and will be in touch again soon.

love mum

Mum said...

Message for Simon Brooker 11I alpha 8.
Karen, Gavin, lauren and catrin wish you a Happy Birthday from Menorca.

Ollie and I have just been to Nonsuch Park and celebrated your birthday at the cafe.
Have a fantastic day,
Love Mum x

Jack said...

Tamara Reynolds... 11 l venturer.Alpha 7
Hi Tamara, I'm at Nanny's today and she is showing me photos of you at Borneo on her computer. I watched a programn this morning on the television all about animal in Borneo.Hope you are having a good time.
Lots of love from Jack xx

Jane said...

Hello Robert (Clarke) - looking forward to seeing more photos and hearing news about your trekking and diving stage - and what you are doing for the last bit. Grandmother sent postcard from Ocean View where she had a good break. Roland's Emma is having baby in December which is exciting. Otherwise not much but trying to get sorted for parties - sorry you will miss them. XXX M

Julie boothman (Mum) said...

message for Helen Alpha 9 11l
hi, its another damp weekend in Yorkshire. Rach is back and we're studying physics for her first lessons in Sept. Claire still chilling! They are both off to Rome later in week. Im going to try to see grandma while they're away. Hope the bugs are friendly and not too ugly. Rach loves sharks now after her trip tp Mexico so maybe you will love spiders? Love you lots xx Mum

Maggie McAllister Dressmaker said...

Hi Lucy,
Saw your pictures - it looks amazing! You will have a great time over there. You are NOT missing anything here, it has rained for 46 hours and there are floods. My dad is building us an ark and we are going to sell the house and live on that.

You will look back on this adventure and be proud you did it. See you later tough stuff.

Maggie x

ejsmo said...

Hi this is for Marcus Pinsley Alpha 2 unless he has moved again!!

Hi darling Marcs!!
Dad and I are in Marbella now!!
Its very hot and sticky over 100
probs hotter where you are!!
The first day we went in Viv and Charles speedboat Dad was a bit wairy of getting on and off but we did it.
Not stopped eating and drinking! Having a great time!! Absolutley fab clothes much nicer and smarter than England!!
Hope you are ok and still enjoying yourself and made lots of friends!!
Met a few people here and also in Manchester.
Love you lots as always (always thinking of you)
Mum and Dad xxxxxxxxxx

helen fletcher said...

for nicola fletcher
hi hope your enjoying yourself the kids love to look at the site and steven is also keeping a look out and richmond sends his love we all miss you and are very proud of you dont forget to take lots of photos love you from mum and dad xxx

Rich Reynolds said...

Message for Tamara Reynolds

Hi Stix,

Just seen you in two pictures on the latest blog.Glad to see you looking well and happy!

Hope you have great experiences and fun with Alpha 7

The hammocks look pretty close together.Hope there is no top flight snoring!

I look forward to seeing more soon.



Rose & Alan Senior said...

For Chloe Senior Alpha9 from Mum and Dad

Glad to see you're enjoying yourself so far. Nice to see a couple of pictures. With the red hair it's easier to spot you! It's been raining here so no boat this weekend but did have a pub lunch with Denis. Letting Dad have a say now.. Love you. Mum xxx

Looks like you've learnt to do the "Conga" when crossing a river, nice picture! I guess the water is not cold and it looks nice and clear. I am hoping that you are really enjoying yourself and that the bugs are not biting. I like the "Kung Fu" style action picture too. All is well at home, if a little dull without you! Dad xxx

Anoushka Gohil said...

Hi Raj!

Saw the latest pictures and haha you look great in the orange tshirt! I think i am checking the blog more than bbc news these days! Hope you are having a great time and sorry I missed you on Friday. (Was at work.. the usual!) been a good week here although had really bad rain today on Sunday. (Typical summer!) Hope the project work is going great, keep up the great work. Hope you are all hydrated and full of energy?

We're all really proud of you and have been thinking of you lots! Keep going and enjoy the project days!

Hi to Palomie :)

lots of love A x

Lara Pike said...

Hi Robyn, Hope you are enjoying your project. Hopefully some of your uni stuff should come in useful. Lianne's wedding was lovely, even though it rained heavily all day. Wendy made a beautiful cake with butterflies on. Harry and Charlie saw Snow White at Thorpe Perro and are putting up Jack's football post with him in the morning.They are so excited. Lisa, Amy and Jess are arriving tomorrow, then John Farley, Peter and Daniel on Thursday. Then we are off on holiday!! The mice are fine, even cleaned them out! Think I trapped Cow's tail though. Love you lots. Dad and Laa

Annabelle said...


I can't believe there's a picture of you on the blog with a clipboard ... some things never change. Hope you're having a fantastic time and that you celebrated your birthday in the style to which you are accustomed. Enjoy it, lots of love, Annie xox

Lee McQue (Mum) said...

Hi Robyn. I am loving this Blog (although I am having problems posting messages!!! Fingers crossed for this one to work). It's great to be able to see what you are up to and I'm looking forwards to more info on what the Environmental Survey will involve.

We had a lovely weekend. It was Alison and Marks 25th Wedding anniversary do on Friday and then Richmond live on Saturday and the Emmerdale Cricket Match on Sunday. We took Ren to the match, she was so good and ended up sleeping with a little girl on her blanket!

I hope you are having the best time ever and that the midges are behaving.

Take care and lots of love,

Amy Weller said...

For Lauren teaney (Alpha 10)

Morning sunshine....great to see a photo of your smiling face at last! I bet you are all excited to be embarking on your project. We had a good weekend...Sam came round and we went to the Elephant (not the kind of elephant you are used to at the moment!), and then wandered round Whitstable on Saturday (and nearly became part of the carnival). Yesterday we went to Jude's birthday party which was really cute. Jacob had a go in a go kart (though his legs could barely reach the pedals!). He enjoyed it though. The sun is shining today so I think Nana has taken him out with Jaime somewhere nice. Anyway, I had better crack on with some work. I had to get the 5.30am train into London today....I NEED CAFFEINE! We all miss you bigtime. Mum and gang xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Josh (alpha7), guess you're used to the bugs by now! Been elephant trekking today - not my idea! Thinking of you working hard. Enjoy, love mum x

Debbie Thornton said...

Message for Nick Thornton, Alpha 1 (phase 2)
Hi Nick,
Hope you are well - still working hard on the kindergarten and continuing to enjoy your adventures. Can't believe phase 2 is nearly over. Looking forward to reading all about it on the blog - very soon hopefully!
We are all fine and well here. Rachel's show yesterday was disappointing - a huge class of 18 with only 4 placed and she wasn't one of the 4 unfortunately. She camped over on saturday but ended up in the horsebox cab to escape the rain. Perhaps Borneo isn't for her eh?!
Dad's birthday today - he's at work today but then off for 3 weeks.
Not much come for you in the way of mail or emails but lots of F'bk messages from people joining RR in Sept. You can sort them yourself when you get home.
Off to potter now. Take care of yourself - love and miss you loads.
Mum, Dad and Rachel xxx

Julian Olivier said...

Message for Sarah Walker - happy birthday Sarah from all of us over here in Costa Rica - Ross, Julian, Don Martin, Sandra, Kei, Zoecita and Daz & Splatches (who you havent met yet but send their love too!) Have a brilliant day - I'm sure you will be enjoying the mess-tins and plastic sporks - we all do! Abrazos, Julian

Julian Olivier said...

Message for Sarah Walker - it makes me happy that you are on Alpha 7 not Romeo, Delta or Xray 7. I'm sure it makes you happy too! J

Pauline & Steven Weller said...

Message for Lauren Teaney Alpha 10
Hi Lauren We saw your photo you look great. Hope you are having the best time, we are really proud of you. Can't believe you have been there for a week already. Grandad wants to know if you are trying to keep the elephants out or in!!? We have been thinking of you loads, hope you have settled in and made some friends. Now we have the link will look out for your adventures. We love you loads and can't wait to hear all about it.
All our love Nanny and grandad xxx

DAD said...

To Rupert Alpha 7 from Dad, Caroline, Kaspar and Eliza. finally got to computer!! Just seen you waving!! Hope all ok and lots of fun and hard work!! Hope the rugby ball comes in handy!! Good luck to you and your team. thinking of you! Love and hugs DAD

tazeen said...

For Isaac Richardson, Alpha 9
Hey Isaac, Great to see your pic. Hoe you are getting into the project. Looking forward to seeing some more pics and see what you are upto. Really proud of you...enjoy it. lots of love mum & dad

Linda Mills said...

Hi Amo
Great to see you're out on project with alpha 10 ! It certainly looks to be a challenge - one I am sure you are tackling well - again I am a proud mum!! Take care and enjoy it all. Lots of love, mum, dad, Hannah and nanny xxx
PS All fine here - have decided to celebrate nanny's birthday on the day itself - 7th of course xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Honor,

Greetings from Gabon.
Hope you are having a Fab time in Borneo we are all thinking of you
Dad Mum Jon Nelen Nanny, Maggie xxx

Rish said...

Hey Raj!!
Loving the photos, looks like you're having an amazing time out there!

Hope you are keeping those insects at bay - take care and sending lots of love.

Rish and family

Gaby Evans said...

For tegen evans alpha 8

HI tegs... enjoying news in the blog which we have posted on various fb walls for all to see. granny sends her love (although rather concerned about snakes, wild boar, killer mosquitos etc!!). letters are on their way but may take weeks to arrive.

All well here. Nothing to report. Kezi under house arrest as she looks too scary to risk public gaze, although looking more human every day. Plaster cast nose on for another week.

lots of love from us all xx

Pat Dawson said...

Hi Josh (Aloha 7) Your project looks very interesting hope you enjoy it. I am sure you have made good friends already that will keep you protected from large spiders. Anna gets back tomorrow she said she will blog you. I go back to Leeds on Friday but will keep in touch. Love Grandma x

Mum(Palomie alpha7) said...

Hi Palomie
Hope the project work is going well we are on our last day in Scotland and I must say this is the coldest summer I
have ever experienced hope you are ok with the heat and the bugs miss you and hope to see some more pictures I must you look like you are having fun look after yourself
Say hi to Raj
Love mum

Susan Brooker said...

Hi Simon (Simon Brooker alpha 8), Dad, Sophie and katie are back from Norway and enjoyed themselves.Everyone says Hi from Norway. Sophie hopes you are having fun and it is not too hot. Ollie is ignoring Dad now he's back but they will make friends tomorrow when they go for a walk. Spoke to clive and Christine earlier all well and following your adventures. There has been some problems with youths rioting in london but not near us we are all fine.
Have a fantastic time
love mum, Dad, Simon , Sophie, Katie and Ollie xxx

N1l0c said...

Bristi (Alpha 8),

I miss you! xP


Auntie Chris said...

For Simon Brooker,
Hope everything is going well. I am looking forward to seeing more photos. I am watching out every day for more news on your project. Scruffy is much better now.
Love Auntie Chris

Sarah Hargreaves said...

For Claire Hargreaves

Hi from the famous 5 in Cuba!! Emma and Georgina has made friends with 2 girls from Bradford who go to Bizzie Lizzies on a weekend - can you believe that!!
Have driven a speed boat- dad passed everybody it was really funny we felt like we should have been in a James Bond movie. Went swimming in some caves - water was freezing. We did all this on Ellen's birthday - they made her a cake in the restaurant and played happy birthday to her. Going to Havana tomorrow for 2 days.
Dad thinks you look 'pastey' on the photo - hope you are drinking loads of water - feels strange without you we are all missing you - it has taken 2 days for us to get on the computer as the internet is rubbish in cuba.
Love you lots from the Hargreaves gang!! :D xxxxxxx

Kel,hel,kids said...

Sophie and michael
Hey guys trying to send message hope you get this one.
Looks like your having fun over there. We are all missing you here. Your mum and dad are at butlins. Probably playing bingo. Lilly goes for her operation tomorrow (friday) and I've got my scan on 18th. See ya later. Be good. Love from all of us back here.

Anonymous said...

TP.. it's me christoph, i will be super annoyed if this doesnt publish as i did actually send you a birthday one but i cant see it on here! hope you had an amazing birthday and i bet you're excited to go out once you're back! hope you're having an increds time. it's finally hit me im actually going away..3days now! gawd, wish you were here! loads of goss...MISS YOU LOADS! love you, christoph xxxxx

Mum said...

Hello Lucy

Hope you are still enjoying yourself and keeping well.

It is good to follow all that you are all doing on the raleigh site. There are some good photos.

Ted has asked me to write to you. He says thank you for his birthday present. Salmon pate is his favourite!!! He was going to invite Rosie to his party but she was busy sleeping.

Edward, Rachel and Emma have just left after stopping overnight on their way up to Northallerton. They said they had received some mail from you.

Anyway. All the best Lucy
Take care.

Love from Mum and Ron xx

Anonymous said...

Torrr, christoph here again, just wantde to add that i am not the only one missing you... a certain matthais is too.. and he loves you too ... xxxx

Home said...

Hi Laura
we are all back from Rome. We had a great time but missed you. Looking forward to hearing more about the project and the trip as a whole. Love Mum, Dad, Abby & Beth xxx

Anonymous said...

Message for Vincent Patrick McAviney-Hi Mum here just been looking at latest pictures - 'looking good'. Looks as though you have had a good and productive trip. Almost at the end now. We are looking forward to seeing you on Sunday. Call when you land in London. It is Battle of Flowers day here today so people in carnival mood! Unfortunately it is raining! Will stop now as I am testing system as we are having problems getting through. Love Mum & Dad x

Anoushka Gohil said...

For Rajeev Malde (Alpha 8)

Hi Raj!

How has it been going out there? I think you've been on your project a few days now and i'm sure its going really well! Hopefully you are in good health and the heat isn't too bad? Been watching friends (the 'she's your lobster' episode!!) Ive had a cold the last few days but should be okay soon lets hope! :)

Enjoy yourself and looking forward to hearing all about it!

Hi to Palomie and hope her project is going okay too!

Missing you lots

Love a xxxxx

Bert said...

For Amy Provan

Hello Amy all well here and Lucy got bit worried about the riots in Peckham as buses stopped going through Camberwell but she stayed with Anne and now all is well - background to this is that London has been racked by riots and looting. Hope all safe and good with you! Look foward to seeing next blog

lots of love Dad and Mum

Julie boothman (Mum) said...

Message for Helen PM Alpha 9/11l
Hi Helen Hope the survey is going well and you're enjoying being back to nature. This week R and C are mainly in Rome (they both say HI). Reading matter includes Horrible histories and Im a teacher get me out of here! i'll let you guess which. Weather is rubbish here. A level results next week I'll let you know. Hope the Loop brings you my letter(s) and I can see updates and photos of you. Love you xx Mum

Angus Gilmour said...

For John Gilmour

Hi JOhn - mum made a complete hash of sending a message to you, so my turn to get it wrong. Hope you are having a great time. Poppa sheep is very jealous as is Jonesy!

We are off to Rome on Sunday. Cleo is missing you and Will has moved into your room while his is decorated.

See you in September.



tazeen said...

Message for Isaac. I keep looking up the weather for Borneo, and it keeps showing as rain & thunder & lightning. But I hope you are getting some good days too. We are off to the Lake district in the weekend and will miss you on our walks and wanderwegs! Love you loads, mum & dad

Vappy said...

Hi Palomie Alpha 7! Sounds and looks like you're having a real adventure. Missing you lots, don't get too bitten
Vappy xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Palomie (alpha 7)
I wrote you a comment but for some reason it's not on here :( anyways were back from Scotland! It was beautiful! Kritika and kavita really missed you- especially kritika. We lost her on the first day! No one realised for like 20mins...awk haha no but it was a good trip and their whole family send their love!
I'm flying out to Zante tomorrow woo! I'm so excited! Hopefully I'll experience nice hot weather like I'm sure your getting over there! Looking at the pictures it looks like ur having a really good time! Leading the way :p
Keep on saving the world nappy! Stay safe and have fun! Everyone here is missing you so much! We're thinking of you everyday!
Lots and lots of love,
Tishani and kevali xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...


Hope all is going well and that you are have lots of fun:) We are all missing you loads!!!!!

Kian, Vihan, Bobby Kaka, Gopi Aunty

Anonymous said...

Honor Wright (alpha 10)

Hope your having a good time and haven't met any cockroaches yet. Aberdeen is boring without you except pippa's party was pretty gooood. Many a story to tell. The police of course arrived but Sheila soon sorted them out haha. Hopefully your elephant proof fence is coming along nicely, I'm expecting you to teach me how to do it when you return, and looking forward to all the stories. I also expect an impressive tan. Ice cream.

Mike xxx

LionofJudea said...

Hello Chloe

Wonderful place - enjoying your hammock? The bugs must be huge like the trees over there! I hope you are having a great time and working hard !!! Enjoy!

La vieille folle said...

To Alex Davison
Hope all is well in the Jungle. Thinking of you and hope you are having a fantastic time with no one to nag you about state of bathroom.Maddie back on Sat. so will hear about Rome and her adventures. Fingers crossed for her results on Thursday. She and her Alleyn's pals will have Mayfield for a few days . Max and I are off to Uzes on Monday to play charades for 5 days! Dad says think about going to Malacca rather than KL for a few days.
Mum xxxx

Salina Shah said...

Hey Raj (alpha 8)

Hope you're having a lovely time - want to hear all about it! Have you been having bucket water showers? They were my favourite in India. How's the food? Is it hot? There is so much I want to know. By the way I still want to see your house! Anyway I'm so jealous of you right now but off to Thailand on Sunday so it's not too bad.

Take care..

Love your freshie friend Salina

mike said...

claire alpha 8
hey chick hows things, hope its been fun and not too much hard work so far, whatever is going on has to be more interesting than here though its rainy and grey boring without you love mike

Anonymous said...

Jennifer Reay
Alpha 9

Hi Jen

I rang to find out how your were doing and see that you have been discharged from hospital, so think that must mean you are basically OK, even if a bit battered and bruised. I think you could be rather sore/stiff today but then you should start to feel better - I hope! Don't rush things and if you have been given painkillers take them regularly. Nic very concerned and sends his love from Matlock where he is kayaking for the weekend with his alternative family.Love Mx

Mum said...

Simon Brooker (alpha 8)
I hope you are having an amazing time. I've had a good week at work and now relaxing for the w/e. Sophie is off to prezzo's for lunch with Jenna today. Katie off to Peta's for a party tonight. Dad, Ollie and I off for a walk. Weather over cast at the moment but still warm. We are off to the Isle of wight in a week. We've had confirmation from the landlord in Toulouse and all OK. I bought Ollie new squeaky toys and he is driving everyone mad playing with them. He's only hidden a few things in your bedroom for safe keeping?
Keep safe, eat and drink plenty but just have fun,
Lots of love Mum, Dad, Sophie, Katie and Ollie xxx

Mum said...

Message for Tamara (Alpha 7)

Hi T, no new updates about you yet but hope you are having a fab time. Weve just arrived home from our trip - I feel like Im still swaying!!. Couldnt find all the stuff we took to London, so no shoes to take and some of my clothes missing think you must of hid them! plus think you must of taken all the suncream!!oh well I survived and had a lovely time. Its raining here now! Just having a cuppa before we head off to pick up the dogs - guess theyre gonna need a bath! Everyone we sat with at dinner wanted to know more about your adventure and told me to tell you its an amazing thing that you are doing and they were all very impressed. Hope you and the gang are not sick of the rations yet, I thought of you each night when I tucked into my 5 courses!
Love you lots like Jelly tots


Pete said...

Tamara Reynolds (Alpha 7)

Hi Tamara,

The Cruise was lovely and we've just got back, have been thinking of you and wondering how you are getting on.
Try not to get eaten by any big animals :-)


Pete xx

Anonymous said...

Message for Logger aka Sarah Walker PM A7 I think.....


How goes it?! why haven't I seen any photos of you on the blog, it's making my Logger withdrawal symptoms even worse. This is cold turkey at it's cruelest, Euan McGreggor would be proud...

Anyway I hope you're having an awesome time and not doing everyone's head in with sentences starting 'well in Costa Rica...'. I'm sure tent/tarp folding abilities are making you very popular. Who could want a greater skill in life I ask myself.

All here is ok. Not much to report. Been working in Magistrates' court today to help clear the backlog of rioters. Do you know if Church Stowe has been badly affected? I hope Captain Bob behaved himself.

Ok well I've got to go catch the train to Salisbury. Discover Adventure have given me your job. Just kidding. I'll write to you again soon. Sorry this has been so coming. It's taken me a while to forgive you for leaving me here.

Muchos beseos!
Targett xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Heeyy Tamara,
looks like your having a fuunn time!!! it seems sooo long since warwick.. Can't wait to see you in Sptember have so much things to tell you!!!
lots of love from your Bristol Buddy!!!
Farzana xx

Julia said...

For natalie grant

Hi we are all at grandmas showing her what you are up to. Grandmas was wondering if you fancied digging some spuds when you get back.

Love Mum Dad, lucy katie, grandma and grandad

Anonymous said...

Hi Ellis (alpha 8)
Hope your having an amazing time and have not lost your mosquito repellant...can not wait to hear all about it when you get home! Miss you lots!! Jelly Jane says, 'hello Ellie belly, hope your having a great time, stay safe and be good.'
Lots of love, emil xxxx

Vivs said...

Hi Palomie (alpha 7)

Been On the project for a while now so I really hopethe gravity water feed system is coming along nicely and thereby aren't too many leaks or problems! As usual the weather is pretty rubbish here- so I hope your making the most of it there! Nothing new to report back for now but I really hope your having a great time and really enjoying it ;). You are definitely being missed!

Take care and good luck with the upcoming loop isit (should be soon I hope!) and with the rest of the project!

All the best, love


Vivs said...


Hope your enjoying the whole experience bro! Decided to give you a shout and let u know that Manu bought snjeider and absolutely dominated this weekend! Also wish u the best and hope the project is going well and your keeping well in general! Enjoy the rest of this phase and I can't wait to see more pics of u on the blog

Best wishes,


Jane Hedges said...

Sam Hedges, Alpha 1

HI Sam, Chris John ans Sarah are coming for a pool party here, organised by John! He has asked his friend Steph from the cllimbing club. They are staying he night and are en route to Oakham for Chris to settle in befor ethe start of term. They spent last night with the Kays.
Dad, Elizabeth and I went to see the last Harry Potter last night, I loved it and cant stop thinking about it all. So exciting and brilliant ending.
I have been worrying about Sophie and CLaudia with the riots in Liverpool and London, but both tell me that they are fine, and Claudia said no trouble near her flat. Kate and Alex are back from the Auvergne tomorrow, and have had lovely time touring Champagne and Provence too.
Elizabeth is going to work at OFM and Oxfam next week then go on a short Tenacious voyage from Poole on 22nd August,
Loads and loads of love and hugs, Mum xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Palomie Alpha 7

hi nomie
hope you are having lots of fun on your project :)
saw the pictures and you look gr8 :D
hope your not getting bitten too much!
things here are pretty boring but staying with aunty runna at the moment :)
everyone is missing you too much ( especially mum!)
lots and lots of love
the best sister everr
kevali xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Jamie said...

FAO: Simon Munk


How's it going? The pictures on the blog look awesome.

Hope you're having lots of fun, and there aren't too many tropical injuries and maladies to treat! I trust you're making good use of the sunglasses, and listening to lots of Bob (Marley) on the beach in your time out.

All is good in London. I have two weeks left in my current seat, then cycling to the Welsh coast with Dave before heading off to Rome to meet M&D for a few days.

Would be good to hear from you when you get a second (or get out of the jungle). And when do you get back?!


Os x

Rakhi said...

Hi Raj (Alpha 8),

Hope everythings going good so far! Starting to miss you a bit! Had the whole of dad's side over today for lunch, everyone was asking how you were doing. Rupen says hi!

Theres not really much going on over here, mum and I are going to Wales on Friday. Dreading my results!

Pictures look great. Have fun, take care

Rakhi xx

Anonymous said...

Hi my gorge, we are back in Cornwall again. Dad and I cycled the camel trail today. Sam went with Niall. It was amazing . Gorgeous blue sky. Tess called from brazil and is having a ball. Hope you are enjoying every moment. Remember to beg your friends to take some pics for you as you did not take your camera!! Silly Billy!
We all miss you madly. Love you chop, mum.xxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi my gorge, message is for ellie kermode. Alpha 8

Lee McQue (Mum) said...

Message for Robyn Pike Alpha 9

How's it going? I hope you are having a brilliant time, I imagine you are!

It's a typical summer here, wet and cold (probably a bit of a contrast to your conditions).

Ren has started her puppy classes and loves it! She is soooo funny with the other puppies. We are going again tonight.

I am having a week off work in two weeks time so I'm looking forward to that and we have finally got the bathroom tiled. WE know how to have fun!!!

Take care, lots and lots of love
Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxx

helen fletcher said...

for Nicola fletcher 11i alpha 10
dear nicky
we miss you like crazy the house is so quiet even chloe is missing you i keep finding her asleep in your bed vinnie wants to know if you have seen any elephants yet and have you seen a big spider, hope your keeping well, everyone is ok here its raining every day like normal if you can send a post card the kids would love it, 2 weeks have past and it seems a lifetime will be in touch again soon with your exam results i think there come out on thursday love you lots hope your having fun love from mum and dad

Anonymous said...

For Laura Sadler Alpha 9
got your first letters today. Sounds fantastic esp the wildlife, glad to hear you are excited and not terrified by prospect of leopards! None of us can believe conditions exist which you cannot sleep in so it must be hot for you. Slightly cooler for us then you and blowing a hoolie so sailing is fun. Looking forward to next Alpha 9 blog update. All our love Dad, Mum, Abby & Beth xxxx

Anonymous said...

For Chloe Senior Alpha 9. Hey Clo hope you're having an awesome time and cuddling lots of orangutangs for me. Your project looks great!!!! Costa Ricas amazing. Just finished the trek which was so goood. Really surprised my how much I enjoyed it. Cant wait to see you when we both return to civilisation. Keep your spirts up and if you have any tough days just remember where you are, Thats what helped me!!! miss you xxxxx Sarey

Jim and Jane said...

Hi John (alpha 10) - hope you're having a great time. We're enjoying following the blog, all seems fantastic out there in Borneo. Richie has arived back OK and had a great time with surfing and seeing lots of wildlife as well as playing rugby. Your letter arrived today - it was lovely to hear from you - thanks. Helen and Alan visiting this weekend and all well at home. Lots of love Mum, Dad, Rich (and Tess!) xxx

Anonymous said...

Dear Andy Brown ..Haa!!

The pictures look awesome, hope you are having a great time and making yourself very useful!

Everything for your grad has been sorted, as well as mum's 2 return flights for my graduation in Nov too. So all is well back here.

You looking a little thin!! Look forward to having you back!
Lots of love Mary and the Brown fam xoxoxoxox

Anonymous said...

To Nicola Fletcher Alpha 10

Still having a great time eh! Saw your Mums Blog with your results.
Well done you clever little monkey. We are all very proud of you. Love from all the family. See you soon

Auntie Lynne Uncle Sam and everyone xxxx

Sejal, Shivali said...


Hey, hope is all well in Borneo. London is boring and rainy as usual, not much to report, but we booked our holiday! Going to turkey for a week, leaving just after you come back, so quick link-up is required, and we're moving into flats this weekend!

Missing you lots and lots,

Shivali & Sejal xxx

Louise said...

Anouska Alpha 9
We are all missing you and Cornwall won't be the same without you this year. Keep smiling and laughing in the face of hardship. Soft bed, creature comforts and hot bath and lots of pampering awaits you on your return. Bring back lots of photos. See you at Heathrow - can't wait.
Mosey & Co (MDYM)

Anonymous said...

palomie (Alpha 7

Hey babe....hope you are having the most amazing time! Im in ur room...creepy i many lovely photos! miss you so very much. tomorrow is my last day at db so fingers crossed! and then going to jordan, israel and palestine from thursday but will be back when ur back i think! hope you are having a super lovely time on ur amazing adventure and cant wait to hear all about it when you get back....! everyone sends lots of love. Love Emma xxxx