Saturday, 27 August 2011

Maz brings news from Maliangin (Alpha 2)

The beginning of Phase 3 made Field Base a much quieter place as administrator Marian packed her bag and boarded the bus with Alpha 2 for a long awaited spell on Maliangin Island.  Bursting with tales of the group and the project, she returned this week.  Here's the latest news from her:

"It was to be the final phase on Maliangan Island, and a busy one at that, as the various components of the gravity water feed system put in place by the previous groups were to be fitted together like a meccano set. Huge water tanks were rolled into position on concrete platforms constructed by the venturers who were becoming expert cementers!

Trenches were dug along the pipe route where various sized pipes would be laid under ground. Stop cocks, reducers and valves were slotted into place to connect the network of pipes. 

Final touches were made to the reservoir with the trenches being filled with rocks to act as a natural filter, whilst both reservoir and trench covers were created to prevent animals from drinking from the same water source to be used by locals.

But it wasn’t all plumbing and engineering on the island with the venturers having time to mingle with the local community, play with the kids, learn how to weave traditional mats and play a spot of volleyball with the locals after a hard day’s graft.

All in time to watch the beautiful Maliangin sunset.


Debbie Rogerson said...

Andy Brown

Hi Andy,

Hope all is going well. Borneo looks amazing and the photo's of you all are really lovely to see. The weather seems fantastic and the people really seem to appreciate what you are doing to help them, which must be very rewarding and worth all the hard work!

Spoke to Emma on Monday and she said to say hi and I think she managed to blog you on a rare day off while back at fieldbase. She said she is looking forward to coming home and seeing us all :).

The baby is due in just over 3 weeks now so we are all getting very excited. Lisa and I are going to pick the pram up today :).
The girls are getting ready to go back to school and I will be returning to waork after a lovely summer break! Not long until you start your job now!

Enjoy your last week and have a safe journey home and we will see you very soon.

Vicky and Jade send lots of hugs and kisses ans say they miss you lots xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Take care and have fun,
Debbie, Rick and Co.

Lester Pygott said...

For Emma Pygott, Alpha 1
Can't wait to see you at the airport Emms and hear all about your 10 weeks. Only 1 week left now so enjoy it. England is a bit cold and wet I'm afraid ! See you soon. Love dad xx

Carolyn Wong said...

I was hoping that some info' and photos would be through but hopefully in the next blog.
Update from sunny, or at the moment lashing rain, Skipton.
Matt has a new job. He's working for Barclay Card and has a company car and computer gear. He's been training in Manchester for a week, then Northampton and next week back to Manchester. He's based in Sheffield and seems happy.
Nathan finished his work experience and spent 10 days with Marie in south France and is now being pampered here in Skipton. He's here to do the hedges but the rain is making that a little difficult!
auntie Margaret and Emily spent a few days with us last week. I went to Photographic Museum with them.
Dad had toothache and has had to begrudgingly spend money on dental treatment. He's had a week of toothache - not good and hasn't been able to eat properly!
A. Marina and Dominic arriving tea time today and we're going out for a meal to the Aagrah. Apparently they asked Matt to apply for a UK job in Dom's business but he already got the Barclay Card one.
Going to Eileen Porters 50th birthday next Saturday and we have to dress up. Been to The Souk, Haworth and bought a genuine 60's dress with interesting sleeves. Dad's thinking about his outfit!!
Carboot sale again next Sunday at Aution Mart. Can't wait. You have to get there for 7a.m. and that will be after the party the night before!
Photos are currently still cluttering up the dining room but I've got 30 mins to tidy them all before Marina and Dom arrive!!
Better get moving.
Hope your legs, feet, back etc are holding out on THE TREK. Soon be Scuba time.
I'll blog you again soon with Uni info'and more news.
Love to you and counting the days,
Love Mum, Dad, Nathan and T2 xxxx

~ howie said...

WHoa!...hand woven mat...CYnthia...can i order one?... :P

Charlotte Bradshaw said...

To Emily Bradshaw - Alpha 1
Hi Em
Hope you are ok and are enjoying the work on the Kindergarden and being in the community, we are looking forward to hearing your stories.
We have just arrived home from a week in Devon. The twins have turned into surf dudes, they loved the big waves. The place we stayed was great but very old fashioned.
Cant believe you will be home in just over a week. I thought I would make you a lovely bowl of porridge for breakfast and pasta for dinner is that ok??

Keep smiling. Lots and lots of Love

Mum x x

Anonymous said...

Message for Charlotte Russell Alpha 2.
Hello gorgeous, hope you're well. You look amazing. Cant believe what you've achieved in your time away, scientist base camps, PADI certificates,environmental projects and gravity water feeds. Absolutely amazing. Can't wait to see you, missing you loads. Sorry I havent sent you another letter. I didnt think it would reach you before you finish so I ve sent you a lot of emails instead. We're all well here. Summer is almost over and the we've only got one league game left of the cricket season. That seems to of flown by but it also seems an absolute age since I ve saw you last. 19 days until I leave for Adelaide. Love you loads T xxxx

Julie Boothman (Mum) said...

Message for Helen Alpha 9/11l
Hi Helen Great to talk to you, and I got your letter when I got home. Brilliant that you are staying out there and travelling. Dad seems happy about it too!Rach is looking forward to telling you best places to go. We moved her into the flat yesterday, a purpose built with lots of other young professionals. Easy access to M1. I drove there and back and R has taken her car. They are now starting to worry about the job. C sorted out accomm she's in Havelock Hall. N'castle is our next road trip! Enjoy the end of the project. Love you lots xx Mum

Marina Holmes said...

Hi Natalia,
Hope you are having a great experience! Maybe you will get the travel bug! Lovely to see your mum and Dad. We had a good meal at the the local Indian and and thought oft of you. Dot was asking about your trip.Enjoy the rest of it.Take care and good luck at University.
Best wishes Marina and Dominic xxx

Anonymous said...

To Sean Holmes (Alpha 2)
Hi Honey, great to see an update on the blog; looks like you've all done a grand job with the water feed, glad to see you've been working on your 'team' sport skills the photo of you playing volley ball was very impressive! We've been away to Josie's boat this weekend had a nice but damp time. Can't believe you'll be back in a week, cant wait to see you love and miss you loads, see you at Heathrow MUM xxxx

Muggie said...

Tamara Alpha 7

Hey sis,

Mum got a letter from you today but me and pipsqueak werent mentioned in it - hope you havent forgotten about us :-)

Pips was poorly yesterday so she was just moping around the house, she didnt want anything to eat so I got all the treats...yum. If I hadnt been shut in the bedroom with mum Im sure I would of got the blame for the poo around the house! (I know I have form for that kind of thing but still!)
Shes better today though and has just pinned me down on the bed and nearly scratched my eye out with those long claws of hers, so definatly better! Mum gave us chicken for tea as a treat so you seem to get spoilt if youve been ill.
Really proud of what youve been doing, no bringing home any orangutangs though, dont want to share my bed with anyone else :-)
Looking forward to going on long walks with you again now that youve had lots of practice
Lots of love, licks and tailwags
Muggie xx

Anonymous said...

Harry Clesham

Hi Harry, hope the trekking is going well and I expect you are off diving now as its the last week fo the expedition - 10 weeks what a great adventure. Very disappointed not to see any photos or have any update for the last couple of weeks but thats probably the way it goes. No photos either of the couple of weeks before so am dying to see what you've been doing and what you are up to and what you look like!!!!!. No matter I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Everyone back here and getting ready for the new uni and school term - Liam has been over walking Socks and i cant imagine how excited she, like the rest of us, will be to see you.

Bank Holiday this weekend and we, Sophie and Bridge are off to Ikea to get some last minute things for Uni for Soph and you.

Can you let me know what date you are off to uni? as I need to book a couple of days off.

Soph is having a house party and I expect you will want to go to that around the 24th so I THINK you have to be there on the 26th so we could do the sunday 25th trip etc. Ruth is looking forward to seeing you too. She wants your CV for a job but I hope you wont have to work for the first couple of months.

Oh well see you in two weeks!! Please get intouch when you can. I want to know you have received all the paperwork and also some details please.

Love you heaps and cant wait to see you. This time in two weeks I hope to see that smiling, slightly brown, and totally exhausted face coming through arrivals at Heathrow x

Mum xxxxx

Ruth Huxley said...

To Claire Huxley- Alpha 2 - Hi luvvie, only just over a week till you're home and we're all looking forward to seeing you. J did really well in his GCSEs and we're v proud of him. Jude came up on Saturday & stayed night, good to see her. yesterday Dad & I went up to Ley Hill to the music festival at the pubs. I'm on the case sorting your accommodation - i have a slot, this Wed, 1800-1830 - to make my choice! Bank Holiday Monday today and it's really cold - you're going to hate the weather when you get back! enjoy your last week - love mum xxxxxxxxx

Grandma Stansfield said...

dear Natalia (Wong)
Last week I was in Wales with Howard Nic and the kids. We had lovely weather and visited Hereford and the local riding school where Amy and Lewis were having lessons. Today your mum and dad with Nathan and Joyce have been here putting up a garden swing for me, but it's raining so I shall not be trying it out until the weather improves. Hope to see you soon and hear all about your adventures.
Love Grandma S.

cupcake mom said...

Hi Malcolm - Alpha 1

Well son, your last week. Those 10weeks surely went by quickly. I read your letter everyday and note how proud your sister, dad and I are of you and what you've been doing. Sister is getting ready to go off to the UK to school a week after you return.
How's the work coming on the kindergarten and is it almost completed? School starts for you on Sept. 7, but Ms Daniels said she'll see you upon your return, and looks forward to hearing all about your adventure in Borneo. I'm hoping you can call on Friday, Sept. 2, but if not I'll see you real soon. I miss your little voice.
Bingy left on Aug. 26 and left an envelope for you which I've put on your dresser. Roc left on Aug.6 for the USA. Godma Dee sent you a letter on Aug.4; I sure hope you got it or get it soon.
Parents meet with Kristin Aug.30 to discuss all the Ven's return and that's from 6-8pm at Chewsticks'.

Claire said...

To Louise Organ (Alpha 7)

Hi Luli,
Don't know if you'll get this before you leave, but just wanted to say hi! Hope you're ok and that you've been enjoying your last few weeks. We're all excited to have you back - can't wait to see you.
Love from all :D
Claire xxx

helen fletcher said...

from helen fletcher
to nicola fletcher 11i
only a few days to go i can not wait to see you we miss you like crazy love you lots also you start university on the 17th of sept just thought i would let you know
lots of love
mum and dad xxx

Annielouise said...

Amer Townsend Alpha 1

Hi Amer i can't believe your ten weeks is nearly over. Dying to hear all your news and stories about your trip looks like you have had a fantastic time. Everyone is missing you especially me LOL! look forward to seeing you at the airport soon....6am madness. Safe journey darling. God bless love Muma XxX

Denise said...

Rujina Khandakar & Stephanie Morris in Alpha 2,

Hey, Denise here, still remember me? :P U two look like u are having so much fun on Maliangin Island!

Rujina, u managed to get out of doing the adventure phase huh? :) & are u still interested in extending your stay in Malaysia? Remember how u were saying way back in Alpha 1 that u might extend ur stay and come down to KL? :D If u still are interested, ring me at 017 6287846 and I'll be glad to be ur tourist guide! hahaha

Hey, miss u, girl! How have u been doing? Looks like a lot of hard work and fun! :) Say hi to Lim for me! :D

Bye you two!


Firdausi said...

Dear Rujina Khandakar Alpha 5
Eid Mubarak!!!!!!!!!!! How are you my Jungle Warrior :) We are all missing you .. haha you look so different now .. you should look at the first and last pictures of you!! We are all celebrating in your place ... this time we can't go to CC without you!! BTW Nadib passed his GCSE'S .. he got 3A* 3A and the rest were B's! Come back soon!!
Frim Firdausi :)

Mitu and Liju said...

To Rujina Khandakar Alpha 5
Eid Mubarak Rujina! Hope you are having fun with the jungle monkeys! Bring back a bright longi for me .. I can wear it to work!! Micha'eel misses you since there's no one to feed him and he wants a love Malaysian baby outfit!!
Love from Mitu and Liju

Simon Watterson said...

For Rosie Watterson Alpha 5
Just a quick blog to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY for Thursday. Just in case it takes a few days to get the message to you. I've decided to pick you up from Heathrow when you come home 'just in case' so I'll see you at terminal 3 bright and early on Monday 5th ....yuk. Hope the diving and jungle was great. See you soon. Congrats again on the A* Love Dad

Nadia said...

Heyaaa messege for rujina this is fayand nadia just wanted to wish you eid mubarak! Hope your well, and loving the jungle we misss u cant wait to see you xxx love you lots nadia and fay xxxxxxxxx

Mum said...

Tamara - alpha 7

Cant believe where the time has gone and that its time for you to pack up your rucksack, hope you managed to pack it quicker than we did at home!!
Text me asap with the time that you want picking up from the airport in Sabah as the hotel emailed you and I said I would email them on Wednesday. Only found it by chance when I was looking for your DofE login number - didnt find it though and it caused alsorts of chaos!! never mind hopefully all will be well!!

Make sure you get the alarm wake up call and hotel transport booked for your early morning flight - no partying the night before!! Though to have a hot shower and fluffy towels and pillows as well as that big bed will be amazing no doubt, little pleasures!! No over sleeping :-) see I can still nag from this far away. Maths homework all completed??!

Dad's got the champagne chilling already so it must be a special occassion!

Am so looking forward to hearing your stories and about all the new friends youve made, theres already an answerphone message wanting you to give a talk!!

So this is the last over and out from me,see you at Heathrow.
Im so proud of you and of course, I love you lots like jelly tots

T2 Wong said...

Message for my friend Talia Wong.
I thought that you'd like to know that my tail wasn't working properly the other day.It would only go half way up when I said 'hello' to people and wouldn't curl at the top. Nathan, bless his cotton socks, was all for taking me down to that vet place straight away but Carolyn said wait and watch.I preferred that and worked hard resting my tail.They've been busy trying to work out what happened to me but I'm keeping it a secret at the moment! Don't want to give away my every move!
I've been told you're coming home soon- I'm going to warm up the setee for you (when they're not looking, of course).
Purrs and licks,

izzi said...


oh I know this is late but it has taken me SOOOOOOOOOO long to find this!!
You know what I'm like. Miss you my love and it's not long now until you're home but I hope you are having the most amazing time ever.
That text made me well over excited!!! Couldn't have text back because of my contract but it was good hearing from you.
I don't really have a great deal to tell you to be honest, (apart from random gossip that I shan't share with the rest of the world :P) yorkshire is the same as ever, seen Hannah a few times for a catch up and all our lovelies from school but it has flown has this summer!!
Missed our nights out, luckily I had my sister last time so I had someone to look after me!
Anyways I shall see you rather soon, we need, if even a quick rushed catch up before we spread out over the country, I also need to give you your things from college!!!
LOVES from Isobelllllllll

Ruth Huxley said...

Claire Huxley - rushed home to make the 1800hr slot to book your accommodation. Typically all the ones i had on my short list had already gone but i think you'll be happy with it- Cripps Rm B15 - got a lovely view from window. I'm really glad it's done, i can stop worrying about it now! xxxxxxxx mum

Auntie Jac said...

To Emily Bradshaw, Alpha 1

Hello lovely,
Can't believe you'll be back in just a few days now. Can't wait to hear all your news - you're going to have to tell those stories over and over again!
Have a good flight, and see you Monday.
Jac xxx

Anonymous said...

Message for Charlotte Russell Alpha 2

Hey Lotts, hope you are well. It looks as though, and I've heard, you're doing brilliantly - I wouldn't have expected anything less from our Lotts! - very proud of you. The photos are fantastic.

I'm so sorry I haven't got a letter out to you. We have been moving and then on holiday. Was going to write to you last weekend but realised it might not get to you in time. I hope you have received lots over the course of your time there.

We're pretty much moved in now - took most of the holidays as back to work next week. Settling in fine; especially as there's a very nice pub down the road - we'll have to spend a few drunken evenings down there when your back - perhaps on folk night with a bit of dancing!!!

I hope this finds you well - I will write again before you leave.

Miss you.

Lots of Love,

Polly xXx

Debbie Thornton said...

Message for Nick Thornton Alpha 3

Hi Nick. Hope this last blog post finds you well and looking forward to coming home. We are all really looking forward to seeing you - and Dad is waiting patiently for the treacle pudding he thinks I'll be making early next week!
We got home safe and sound from france - had a lovely holiday and wish we were still there, especially since it's feeling quite autumnal here already.
Grandma and A. Shirley go on their cruise tomorrow - Dad picking them up at 3.00am to take them to the airport.
Spoke to Gibbo at the weekend - he wanted to check when you're due back. Said he's looking forward to a drink or two before you go to Bristol!
Hector and Margo came home from the kennels looking really well. Both have put weight on and are happy to be home. Hector sulking though today cos he had to go for his bits off yesterday. He can go outside for first time tomorrow!

Like I said we can't wait to see you next week, to hear all about your adventures and see your photos. Got letter telling us all about the kindergarten project which sounded fantastic.
Hope you've enjoyed Danum Valley as much.
Take care and have a safe journey home. Love and miss you loads.
Love from Mum, Dad and Rachel xxx

Anonymous said...

Harry Clesham
Hi Harry, well the diary is filling up and the champagne on ice!
Gibs and McCarthy gathering on the 15th - trip up to Oxford to see Caro & Iain on Sunday 17th. Following weekend Friday 23rd Sophies party, Saturday Bens wedding (we are all going) and Sunday road trip to Uni! So will have to fit the Riggers in too at some point, prob mid week.

I have been to a fashion Gala tonight in Bath ending up at the Kozy Club which is so nice, think we will have to go for drinks there on the gib/mcC gathering.

Four days left with Raleigh and oh how I wish you were coming straight home BUT totally understand and support your decision to extend, just miss you now and cant wait to see you, but I'll survive :)

We all love you masses, especially me, keep safe, Mum xxx

Charlotte Bradshaw said...

To Emily Bradshaw - Alpha 1
Hi Em
Really looking forward to seeing you and hope you are able to phone us tomorrow. Unfortunately the blog has not updated with anything on your three weeks or the previous three week phase so very disappointed.
Had a lovely lunch with Loraine today who sends her love. Louise asked me to send lots of Love as her blog message hasn't appeared.
Jessica is so excited about you coming home so be prepared at the airport for a screeming child running towards you. I am sure you will be embarrased but I dont think I will be able to stop her??!
Looking forward to speaking with you.
Have a safe journey back and try to get some sleep on the plane because we probably wont let you sleep when you get home!
Lots of Love
Keep smiling.
Mum x x

Jessica Bradshaw said...

To Emily Bradshaw - Alpha 1
Hi Em.
I am really looking forward to seeing you soon after so long. Im off to buy you some chocolate and ice cream now for when you get back =).
See you at the airport.
Love jessica xxx

Carolyn Wong said...

Message to Natalia
Hey, you've got lucky!!! The world seems to have, at last, caught up with you and realised how to send you a message.
Lots of people asking about you recently and wanting to know when you're arriving back.
Dad's got Monday AND Tuesday off and is looking forward to coming to get you from Manchester Airport.
Rang Ray and Aileen last week to find out how Josh did in his A levels. He did well and will be at York Uni in looks like we'll see a bit of the Wongs over the next 3years.
Nathan's still here, cutting the hedges at a rate of a metre a day!!
I think he may be here when you get back.
BTW Matt wants us to call down at Sheffield with you on the way to Cambridge. Don't know how you feel as that would mean leaving on Sat and staying in a travelodge and traveling back Sunday. Maybe I'll get him to come here so you can spend time seeing friends and getting organised. Think about it.
Started back at work today. My brain hurts now!!
Time to go. Counting the days to Monday. Any requests for tea????

Love and kisses ,
Mum and Dad, and Nathan and T2xxxx

PS T2 says to tell you that her tail is just purrfect again!