Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Alpha 9 learn about the birds and the bears

In the north of Sabah, Raleigh project partner Asian Forestry Company (AFC) has a large area of land, part of which is intended for conservation.  There Alpha 9 have made themselves a comfortable jungle home from which they can explore the surrounding forest, in order to complete a biodiversity survey to help AFC with their conservation plans.  A team from Field Base paid them a visit to learn more about what they are doing.

Under close supervision from AFC's conservation expert, Phyllis, and armed with plenty of reference books, Alpha 9 have been learning about the flora and fauna that they might come across. 

Having set up humane traps in the forest, the group check these twice daily and have already revealed a range of bird and mammal species,

and some scratches in a tree which - to the excitment of the team -  appear to have come from a sun bear!

After careful identification and documentation, the creatures are released back into the jungle, and the team returns to camp.

And after a hard day's jungle exploration, there is time to practice baking skills,

and to entertain guests with puppetry and song.

Well fed, entertained, and caught up with all the news, the Field Base crew headed home, leaving Alpha 9 to continue their explorations.

We'll be back soon to find out how Alpha 10 are getting on.


PVW said...

Lucy Bagshaw

Hope you are finding some weird and wonderful things, looks like you are having fun.

We are all missing you lots, saw Jock and Debbie the other day, he has been posting on the blog every sat morning, but we are not sure if its working for him!!

By the time you come home he should be a home owner!!! So decorating skills will be needed.

I've got my feet up again as the bronchitis is back :-(, i will be better by the time you're home though. Seeing Ruth on sunday.

Can't wait to catch up, take care and stay safe


Hannah said...

Hi Caitlin,
So good to see photos of you on your project. It looks so much fun and great to see you're still smiling.We are all back home now including Cin who's still limping but ecstatic to be back. It seems ages since you went and we're all missing you so, so much. I'm ticking off the days until your return- only 2 weeks to go! Hope to hear from you before too long and continue to enjoy your adventure. Much love, M. and D. XXXXX

jake o'keeffe said...

hi caitlin,

hope you're having fun! I'm stuck at home working quite hard and not going out at all hard. It's sooo boring without you. Good luck for tomorrow.

See you soon

jake x

Julie boothma (Mum) said...

Message for Helen B Alpha 9 /11l
Great to see some pics of you..... looks messy and where is the sun for the sunbear?? Floor not as bad as expected, R and C back, better weather there. c having nightmares about results, no I mean literally if she doesn't get 3 A's she gets shot in her dream!! Hope to give you great news tomorrow. Love you lots xx Mum

O'Keeffes said...

Your loving grandparents send you congratulations & love.

Nous sommes tres fiers de toi.
A bientot.

Roger Buckley said...

Heya Rach
you're looking good on camera! and it looks awesome - hope it's as much fun as it looks .... Sussex awaits you - huge congrats - AAB - good old Maths with a 96%!!! BIG hugs and BIG smiles Dad

Mark said...

Lucy Bagshaw,

this must be doing your ego some good! Two comments for you on one page!

Just to let you know I/we recieved your letter. Thank you. I'm gonna stick to placing my digits on a keyboard thou if thats ok. At least this way you can read what i put!, much better than your messy scribble! Sounds like you having a right laugh. In your element, Just say the word and i'll give them your notice here, get your house on the market and get someone to adopt Ted. We'll sort it don't worry. Trev says he'll take care of Curly Kate for you. What that actually means im not sure. Anyway. Keep up the good work, have a right laugh while your there and continue to avoid treding on turtles!

Mark + The CCTV Team

Lee McQue (Mum) said...

Hi Robyn (pike, Alpha 9)

Lovely pictures on the BLOG. Results day!! Jack has a B in geography and two D's. He has a place at UCLAN and is really pleased. Hope you are ok, missing you lots. Will post somemore later.... just dashing.

Love Mum xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi ellie. Alpha 8.
I hope you get this message. I have sent a few but don't think I am doing it properly? I hope you are feeling ok now after texting today. You Were so close to getting what you wanted. I am sure all will be two weeks to go!! We are all missing you and can't wait to hear all about your adventures. All fine here. Beautiful weather and sam is surfing every love you so much. M and D..xxxx

Edward said...


Emma would like to say thank you for her birthday gift. The following is what happens if you let a 1 year old have a supervised go on the keyboard: 12w4,c. r547jyh tyt k,ghtr rtjkhygly6 sdgeryyge]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

The ladybird outfit is superb.

Edward, Rachel, Emma.......

Julie Boothman (Mum) said...

Message for Helen boothman Alpha 9Hi Helen, Great news about Claire's results.....3 A stars!!! We are over the moon, lots of happy tears and shouting. She had a ring round to see if she could get into Medicine thro adjustment but no luck. So she's off to N'castle and got a place in Castle Leazes. She starts on her b'day 24th Sept. Rach has got a flat in Kilburn, looks nice, and easy to find at the end of the M1. We are both driving down next weekend so all her stuff should fit and I can keep an eye on her driving! Not long to go now, hope you have taken lots of eco pics for me to use for the ecology unit of Biol. Enjoy the last few weeks. Miss you. Love you lots xxx Mum

Rose Senior said...

For Chloe alpha9

Trust you to be swanning around enjoying yourself while I'm here having a nervous breakdown trying to sort all your stuff out for you! Getting your paper remarked. Booked your flight to come back later and got info on Brighton accommodation, which you are going to have to be proactive with - ie getting onto Facebook to find flatmates. You'll have to check your Hotmail account for that info and the eticket. Looks like you'll have to find an internet cafe. Looking forward to chatting with you on Tuesday about your plans. Good job I love you. Mum XXX

Anonymous said...

Message for Rob Clarke - on the school stage: have booked holiday 11-17 Sept. Henry coming too. Hope he passes those retakes. Looks like you need some grub before going off to Durham. Much love MXX (PS Autonomy being taken over by HP)

Anonymous said...

For Isaac, Alpha 9. Great to see your pictures. It looks as if you enjoying yourself although I guess it might be hard work at times. I look forward to hearing all about it when you return. Take care, Love from Granny, Grandad and Sarah

Dave Sblog said...

Isaac 9 Alpha - chuck !!! Hope you are still enjoying things, good to see you are still smiling. I like so much the fashion of tucking your trousers into your socks that I have been doing it myself! I am sure it will catch on. Mum and me went to the Lake District last week, loads of walking but missed not having you there :( see you soon though. Enjoy the rest of the trip and take care.

Anonymous said...

For Laura Alpha 9
Hi Laura, got the second letter yesterday. Glad to hear all going so well and you are not soaked all the time. We have noted all the menu requests and are sure a treat or two will be arranged for your homecoming. We have all been sailing over recent days with the occasional capsize (including your mother!) just to get wet so we can empathise with you properly.
All missing you and looking forward to seeing you. Love Dad, Mum, Abby & Beth xxx

Lee McQue (Mum) said...

Hey Robyn (Pike Alpha 9)

We got your letter thanks, sounds like you are having a fantastic experience and you will feel like you have really acheived something.

I borrowed your bangels last night, thanks!

We are all well and just about to sort out the 'paperwork' for Jack going off. Also Dean and I might go away for a few days over the bank holiday weekend.

Take care, love you and miss you.
Mum xxxxxxxxxxxx

Hannah said...

Hi Caitlin,
I have tried to text you in the hope that you might be able to pick up the message when you return to base camp but your phone is clearly dead and nothing going through. Just wanted to wish you well for the adventure stage and to remind you to be careful ( inevitably- can't help myself!)
Looking forward to seeing you- not too long to wait now.
Miss you,
M and D xxxx

Sarah Colebrook said...

For Andy Brown (Alpha 9...I think!)

Hope all is well! Looks like your learning alot! Hope you've recovered from what I can only assume would be a MONSTER of a hangover after those last few days in KL!

All is well here. Not sure if you heard about the riots, but they've all calmed now. Back to work on Tuesday after 6 weeks of being a cripple!

Take care, keep an eye on your post and I'll see you soon! A cools reunion is long overdue! :D

Lots of love from your favourite Panda :) xxxx

Anonymous said...

FAO Lucy 'Baggy/ Baggers' Bagshaw

Ayup mate only me! Still rocking the bunches I see!

Thanks for the letter made me laugh out loud! Told everyone re Orangutan, I think the drawing really added to my understanding of the experience!

Took Linz from work to the Irish last night, was empty bar us. She was a little confused!

Sorry mate I've had my hair cut off! love it tho and its not too short. Can definitely grow it again in time to look like Kate Middleton at my wedding seen as I'm not even engaged lol!

U keep up the good works with all the flora and fauna & sun bears(makes me think of care bears)! Can't wait to see you and hear all about it!

Take care

Love Karen xxxx

G U JOHN said...

Lucy Bagshaw Alpha 9 Hope you are still enjoying yourself keeping well and few bites !! We are O K been out walking Swarkestone area today. Our area has not had any rain for a while, lawns etc turning brown,bring some Rain Forest seeds with you when you return !!. A computer whiz kid has transferred your photo of the group doing the HAND DANCE as the backing for my computer when I switch it( on I'm looking at you now) If anyone asks I say it is "Tthe Borneo Alpha 9 warding off bad spirits palaver !"You all look very happy so it must be working Bye for now G U JOHN

Anonymous said...

hello all of alpha 9

got home safely and tea with real milk was the most amazing thing ever lol.
hope you guys are having an awesome time looks as though you have been seeing somepretty cool stuff

so yeah you guys arent missing out on fieldbase although the food was yummy but the place we were at the start was much nicer!

anyways you guys were alll so nice and im just writing a wee thank you to you all for being still supportive of my choice for leaving. You are a real lovely bunch and was amazing to meet you all
catch up soon
lucy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Julie Boothman (Mum) said...

Message for Helen B Alpha 9/ 11l
So I haven't got any letters from you yet!! I'm guessing you're busy having a good time and saving news for when you're home? Rach had a leaving party last night and suffered today, we had all the usual crowd round and luckily the rain held off so they could all go in the garden. Pilot not happy but I sorted it!!It's her last week at home and then we're off to Kilburn on Sat. We haven't celebrated Claire's success yet I think we're going out for a meal tomorrow. You realise she beat Dad!! None of her club friends can believe she's that clever! Love you lots xx Mum

Anonymous said...

Hello Lucy
I am having a lovely holiday. Good hotel - they are giving me 3 good meals a day but of course I am trying to get more! Plenty of tickles behind the ears - I will bite the lady if she touches my ears I don't like that. Tried to escape this morning but Rosie was at the window staring at me. She said "Is he still here - When is he going". We had fisty cuffs through the glass the other day. Now they tell me I have to go to the cattery. Never mind I will see you after that - can't wait. I hope you are having a brilliant time in Borneo. Must go now my teas ready. Ted X

Lara Pike said...

Hi Robyn (Robyn Pike Alpha 9)
This is my 4th attempt to send you a blog. The reception here is poor but Bec has arrived with her fancy laptop so am sat in the tent on the net! It looks so exciting and interesting, can't wait to hear what you found. Hope you are still having a fantastic time. Had a wonderful week in Suffolk.The cottage was really old and querky. Been to see a castle, been crabbing and bird spotting on a wildlife reserve. Got to see a Marsh Harrier - was just amazing colours. Boys sat watching in the hide for over an hour. Charlie wanted to send you the binoculars so you could use them in the jungle. Harry is very concerned about what you have been eating these last few weeks. In Norfolk, back at the campsite we were at last year, got a good spot and Becca has joined us. Off to Holkham Bay. Really looking forward to you coming home and am trying to get Friday off work to come down with your Dad. Take care. Really proud of you. Love Dad and Laas

Nancy Taylor said...

Hey Lula (Alpha 10)
Finally I got through (I hope). With only one week left of your trip, I can't wait to welcome you home to hear all your stories and see your photos! Enjoy your adventure!
LY, Me xoxoxoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

For Laura (Alpha 9)

Hey Sadles!
Hope you are having a good time, it looks like you are from the photos. Can't wait to hear all about it when you get home!!
Love Foz xxx

Lee McQue (Mum) said...

Hi Rob (Robyn Pike, Alpha 9)

Not long now! I am so looking forward to seeing you.

Dean and I are off to Brighton tomorrow until Wednesday, then I am off work for a few days. Jack will be here looking after the dogs. I am just about to go and buy cakes for Beccas last day at work, I will go in for afternoon coffee time with them (and I will have an extra piece of cake for you!). Her leaving do is in Bedale Park at 5pm the day you come back up North.

Take care, love you
Mum xxxxxxxxxxx

Nancy Taylor said...

Lula (alpha 10)
It's sunny here today (at last) and you will be here this time next week - Hoorrrayy!! House is pretty much finished and ready for your return. Seeing Bill, Dorothy and James tomorrow - It's a bank hols weekend here.
Hope your adventure week is feeling adventurous!
LYL, Me xoxoxoxo

CVL said...

for Miss Lucy Bagshaw

Hi Luce,

Sent you a mail via the blog so hope it reaches you - hard to be eloquent in 300 characters! Thanks for your letter - sounds like you're having a great time and a thoroughly raleigh one. Any dish to rival Alpha bites yet? The venturers have definitely got younger - we were never that young clearly! Looking forward to hearing all the goss,

lots of alpha love

Nikki W said...

Laura! (Alpha 9)

Heya you! Looks like you are having an amazing time, can't wait to see you so I can hear all about it. Not long until we move into our new house! I move in on Thursday.

And consider yourself the full time owner of our hamster; he is keeping me up all night and he stinks to high heaven!! Nice little job for you when you get back.

Have an amazing time and can't wait to see you.

Nikki xxxx