Monday, 15 August 2011

Alpha 7 and 8 get ready to (un)roll

Alpha 7 and Alpha 8 are taking care of the community projects for Expedition 11I.  The projects are located in neighbouring villages in northern Sabah, each requiring improvements to their water systems.   Now almost half-way through their time there, let's see how they've been getting on.

Alpha 7

In Bambangan Sook, Alpha 7 have quickly adjusted to life on project.  By now they are already used to setting up the radio for the twice-daily call to  Field Base,

and they are taking turns as Day Leader, gaining leadership experience by managing the group's tasks and activities for the day.

They are getting to grips with their kitchen equipment and Raleigh rations, already working wonders with the camp oven.

Having set up camp, it was time to get stuck into the project itself.  The first step was to learn exactly what was involved, so that the initial work could be organised.

 Next it was time to manoeuvre their materials into position ready to start the construction of the gravity water feed system, 

and to carry out a recce of the site from which the water would be fed.

And of course, no community project would be complete without games with the locals.

Alpha 8

Down the road at Mandurian Laut, Alpha 8 have also been getting to grips with their gravity water feed project.    First they surveyed the pipe that they would need to lay in order to bring water to each far-flung house in the community.

Then the fun began as they started unravelling pipes and walking them to the relevant position around the village.

The group walked and they walked with the seemingly never-ending pipe,

but still they remained in great spirits, ready to walk again with more pipe another day!

We'll have news of Alphas 9 and 10 in the next few days.


Nanny said...

Tamara Reynolds...Alpha 7
Hi Tamara, I have just checked the blog and Yeh! we have an update. Great to keep in touch and to know what you are doing although you will more than likely have lots of stories to tell us when you get back...
It's lovely to see you smiling in the photos and looking as if you are enjoying your experience out there. It doesn't seem possible that you have been away two weeks already. Lots of love and hugs to you and take care of yourself.
Your very proud Nanny xx

Mum said...

Hi Simon (alpha 8), great to see how you are getting on with the project. It looks hardwork but fun. Just off to work and Dad off to nonsuch with Ollie. All well here and following your adventures closely. Miss you lots but what an experience! Keep going
lots of love mum, Dad, Sophie and Katie and Ollie xxx

Rich Reynolds said...

Hi Stix,

Great to see some more photos of you and the rest of Alpha 7.Glad to see you still look so happy and well! That looks very hot work lugging all that piping around in that heat.
I am of on holiday later this week.You will be happy to hear it is East Anglia,not Egypt!



Lee/Deb said...

To Chris Houghton Alpha 7,

Good to see more images of you (smile)and Jad, it all looks amazing. We all miss you loads, proud of you.

Mom,Dad & the Gang

Julie Boothman Mum said...

Message for Helen PM Alpha 9 11l
I'm with Grandma, she says Hi and hopes you're enjoying your trip and looking forward to seeing you when home. C and R are back tomorrow but C won't be happy as the scary plumber has to dig up (concrete) kitchen floor to find a water leak which has soaked hall carpet! Her results on Thur so I'll keep you posted. Hope you have fun when loop arrives. Love you lots xxx Mum

Auntie Chris said...

For Simon Brooker,
Wow those pipes that you had to move were l o n g! Great to see pictures of your project. You look well, hope you are also having a great time.
Love Auntie Chris

Vivs said...

Palomie (Alpha 7)

Hope your are well!

Looks like the project is keeping you busy and you are enjoying it! Even having time to lose against some
Locals at badminton! Haha

Hope everything is on schedule to be finished and it's not raining too much!

Nothing new is going on at home really just same old same old! Few LSE night outs this week where I am sure u will be missed! Otherwise nothing else

Take care and I am looking forward to the next blog update on your progress!


Mum said...

Hey Tamara (alpha 7)

It was great to see some photos of you today and that you are still smiling :-)
Hope those malaria tablets are working and the little insects are keeping away £2.50 a tablet I expect them to work miricles!!:-)
Soooo are you being tidy or are you just leaving your stuff on the floor for the rest of the team to trip over?! If youre being tidy then I look forward to you continuing that when you get back lol!!
Keep up the good work..cant believe this is week 3
:-)thinking of renting out your room and letting you sleep in a hammock in the back garden now you are used to it!! lol
Pippins just got back from having a bath so Im going to do Muggie later.

Love you lots like Jelly tots

Mum xxx

Catherine Longson said...

Hi Josh (Alpha 7), Great to see you in the photos, now I can picture where you are and what you're up too. It looks fantastic. Hope the bugs aren't biting. Girls and I are back home, but dad stayed in BKK and is then today flying on to HK. I'm paying the girls to sort your room out so Uncle John can stay in it - it going to cost me a fortune! Good luck with the project. Love mum x

Anonymous said...

To Tori Prew - Alpha 7
Hi Tori - I can see from the photos that all that badminton training has come in useful?! I wonder how you are doing? We miss you very much. Alex is off to her recording session tomorrow then we are off suit shopping - remember that?! Am getting nervous about Thursday so can only assume you are too. Fingers are very much crossed my darling. Jo H celebrated her 50th birthday yesterday and all the crowd were asking after you - they want you to do show and tell at your birthday! Take care. We love you. GGL M, D, A & J xxxx

Beverley Jones said...

To Rupert Gibson Hall - Alpha 7

Hi Ru

Just seen the latest photos, looks like you are having a great time. Hope you are keeping well and still enjoying yourself. Can't believe you have been gone for 2 weeks already. Meg is back from US on Thursday. Had a great time at Harry Potter land in Universal. Rachel gets her A level results on Thursday, just hope she has enough points for Uni. Will let you know.

Lots of Love Bev xxxxx

Jayesh said...

Hey Palomie,
Saw some fascinating photos of your group in action. You all seem to be in good spirits and enjoying the hard work. I see you are trying to improve your badminton skills. Mum was ecstatic to see you in action as she is missing you lots, keep well and have fun.
love dad, mum and your two little darlings.

Chris said...

Lucy in Alpha 7,
Wonderful to hear the project news and hope that pipe doesn't have any holes in it! Hope those expensive boots are doing the job, as is the rest of the gear. Have you cooked my pasta yet? Simon's results day soon. We went canoeing on the River Wye for two days - camping wild, but not as wild as your wild. Love Dad xxx

Mum said...

To Louise Organ, Alpha 7

Hi Luli, just seen the latest blog. Great to see photos, it looks like hard work but fantastic. I hope you are alright, you look well (stop hiding behing other people when photos are being taken so I can see you!). All ok here, Kate's results out Thursday, Claire getting better. Take care of yourself, love you v.much and miss you. Love from Mum xxxxx

Dada/ba said...

Hi Raj
Saw your latest photos all team members and you are in a great spirit.Keep the good work

DeadTree-SquawValley said...

Tori - Aplha 7:

Greetings from sunny Suffolk. I am staying with GrandMa for a few days and I was just showing her your blog and thought we would post you a quick note to say Hi and let you know that we are thinking of you. Lots of love - Uncle Paddy and GrandMa

Mum said...

Dear Simon, Katie has been babysitting Daniel today at Rohans. Sophie and Dad have been to the gym. Ollie is snoring badly he's had a busy day chasing flies and playing with Taylor. I've had a really good day at work. Liv Marit, Grethe and Perterje are coming over to stay with us late September so you may like to fly back to see them. If not we will come out to see you the w/e before.
I hope your project is going well!
Miss you loads but so proud of you,
Love Mum x

mum rax said...

Hi Raj Alpha 8

Looks like you are capable of some heavy grafting. Please carry on when you get home. Great to see the photos and you are all still smiling. Have sent your letter off and hopefully will get there on time! Countdown to Rakhi's results so everything crossed. missing you loads and preparing to go away this weekend to Wales. If you don't get reception to me, call Ba/Dada. Laters......

Love Mum and Rakhi xxx

G & G said...

Lucy Veys Alpha 7
Following your very interesting blog, need more photos! Have a wonderful time.
Love Granny & Grandpa

Nanny said...

Tamara Reynolds...Alpha 7
Hi Tamara,
Hope you are ok and coping with the heat. I bet you wish you had gone to the gym before you went. Have you seen any pygmy elephants or orangutans yet or are they in a different part to where you are ? I'm looking forward to reading the next update on your project and hopefully you have taken lots of photos to show us when you get home.
lots of love to you
fron Nanny xxx

Siobain said...

To: Tori - Alpha 7

Congratulations Tori - you are in to your first choice!!!! So well done - two As and an A* for Art - fantastic news and we are all so proud of you. Really pleased that all your hard work paid off. Many congrats from Mr Allison as well.

We love you very much and miss you. M, D, A, & J XXXX

Anonymous said...

Peter, Alpha 7
Hey peter hows life? Big news, you got imperial so massive congrats and i'll look out for the freshers pack for you? Hows Borneo? Is it particularly sweaty? James says your doing the same project as him so i'm guessing your not poaching orang-utans in your spare time. Hope your having a fantastic time, see you when your back

mum Priti Rakhi said...

Hi Raj (Alpha 8)
In Rakhi's words re her results. She got AAA - Econ was 2 UMS off an A* so she missed her UCL offer she has Birmingham for straight Econ. Been speaking to Nush about it and sent both Econ and Maths for remarks and let UCL know. Asked if they would take her for any other courses and they said no and everything is full. C3 - 90/100...C4 - 80/100...S2 - 88/100. At the moment she is happy with Bham for straight econ. C4 was a difficult paper as many people got C's and U's so to get an A was Very good. Hope this is enough info for you. Keep well and you are doing amazing so far. lots of love Mum and Rakhi xxx

Gaby Evans said...

Tegen Evans - alpha 8
HI Tegs... enigmatic expression on your face in photos... can't decide whether this shows gritty determination to get to grips with water pipes and plumbing - or not. For some reason everyone amused, but equally impressed, at the prospect of you doing hard manual labour. And appalled at the quantity of creepy crawly slithery wildlife you're having to contend with.
Went out for dinner with Gill, Minnie & Freddie last night. Freddie's bday / farewell to UK and Minnie's last supper before death by A level results. Much nailbiting (and drinking) all round. Minnie in tears this morning at school... Gill feared worst, but typical minnie... sobs of joy and relief... AAB! So pleased for her!! No news of anyone else yet.. except yours, for which all send congrats - including Ruan who texted unprompted to enquire. He's on his way back from Scillies at the moment... about to board train to Paddington. Hope it's been a success. They've had good weather (well.. good for cornwall). Mr Law senior texted me to say 'he was a joy'. Blimey.
Look forward to hearing from you next time you are in civilisation. Hope you've received our letters. There's another one from Kezi on its way.
Lots of love xxxxxx

Bert said...

For Amy Provan

Hi Amy, Dad and Mum here. Just had Lucy on the phone from the airport so she is off now, and Anne comes here tomorrow, Aus Friday. We are doing lots of walking and did 15km today - poor Oscar now has to limp for half an hour every morning till he gets warmed up! Great to see the pictures of you, and glad you seem to be smiling!

lots of love

mum and dad

Khushhoo said...

Palomie (Alpha 7)

Looks like you're having fun out there! Shyam asked me to send you a message and sends his love. Enjoy yourself


Shyam said...

Raj, alpha 8.

Looks like you're living it up in the jungle bro. Enjoy it.


Beverley Jones said...

To Rupert Gibson Hall - Alpha 7

Hi Ru

Just to let you know that Rachel got into London Southbank Uni. Starts on the 12 Sept. By now you must have a lovely tan hope you have got too burnt. Can't wait until you get back so that you can tell us of your experiences.

Take care Ru,

Love Bev x

Simon Veys said...

Hi Lucy Veys Alpha 7
Its your favourite brother. Hope your having an amazing time. Typically Mum is frantically checking the blog every day for more news.
Went camping with Dad for bro time a week ago, he just sat in the boat admiring the scenery though.
Got my results today, and got into Southampton, massive relief. Best start planning your trips to visit me.
See you in a 2 weeks,
Lots of Love from Simon

Anoushka Gohil said...

Rajeev Malde (alpha 8)

Hi Raj!

Almost the end of the week! Wahey. Got 2 more weeks at work and then im all done! (+ bank holiday too!) Your mums blogged about Rakhi, she did really well with her 3A's!

Hopefully catch you when you get back from the project - ill be near my phone this time! Cant wait to speak hopefully.

Lots of love a xx

Mum said...

Dear Simon (alpha 8)
I've finished work for 2 weeks and chilling with a cold beer. We are off to Isle of Wight sat at 7am to catch the 9.30 ferry. Clive and Penny are coming over to the isle of Wight on tuesday just for the day. Then we head home on wed ready for Katie to get her GCSE results on thursday. Ollie has packed all his toys ready for the trip. All well here. I won't be able to send anyfurther messages until we return from hols as the house we are staying in doesn't have internet access. So continue to have a great time and I hope the project has been really successful- what an achievement!! Love Mum, Dad, Spohie, Katie and Ollie xxx

gourmet gogoi said...

Hello Bristi : 11I alpha 8

Seems someone is incredibly camera shy! Hope that your water project has been fun with all that climbing. Still only me writing to you - your grandmothers want daily updates and without access to the internet while in France, news has been difficult to relate.
My car missed me and your uncle's car missed him - the cars showed their tantrums in different ways. Hope you have use the camera for me . Love from all

Mum(Palomie alpha 7) said...

Hi Palomie
Good news Tishani got all AAA so she has secured her place at uni just a small issue reg Manchester something to do with forms so it could be queen Marys we are all so proud of her achievement and have been missing you as we celebrate but don't worry the big celebration will be when you get back I have posted a letter hope you receive it in time you must be getting to the end of your project and preparing for the jungle. spent the evening at auntie Anju's they all are missing you keep up the good work and it's not long before you get back :)

alex (bro of peter) said...

hey petre, this is aj from oz. hope you got the good news, your following in james' footsteps at imperial! think at the mo you are the closest relative to me being in borneo! george says gdday pete, work on the surfing brah and stay away from bikes for christ sake. have a good one

Sarah Hargreaves said...

Hello Claire Alpha 8

We have just got back from Cuba - had a great time. Seen the other photos of you on the blog it looks like you are enjoying yourself. We are all missing you and there are 5 big hugs waiting for you when you get back - it seems ages since we have seen you.
Cuba was great - went to Havana and stayed overnight in a 5* hotel which was good - the coach driver wore cream slip ons - we had a laugh about that!
Love you lots - The Hargreaves gang
PS. Dad says the pipe work looks a lot bigger than his irrigation system in his garden!

Alison said...

Hi Greg (alpha 7)
Great to talk to you and all is going well. Offer accepted for UEL SO WELL DONE!We are all very proud of you . lots of love mum, katie and Ben x

Sue & Hossein said...

Hi Chris (alpha 7) good to see you, we all miss you, enjoy, love sue, hossein and the oldies xx


hi palomie just saw your photos..very impressive with the hard work that you are doing,am not too sure about your Badminton skills!!! Missing you and take care. Gopi x and vihan :]

Vivs said...

hey palomie,

hope its all going well in the jungle and the project is almost finished. hope your enjoying your days in the jungle as well..nothing too interesting going on at home, been out a bit this weekend and all of us from LSE got together last night at avi's house- your name came up a lot haha! otherwise only 2 weeks for my internship to be finished, so not too long for that either. anyway i realise the project-phase is almost finished, so hope you enjoy the adventure phase next!

all the best,


Claudia Turner said...

To Tegen - Alpha 8!
My dear MC LOVIN... Looks like an amazing time in the jungle, hope your enjoying it and having a wild time!!! Such an incredible experience for you, i really hope you're happy and keeping safe. Everyone is missing you (but me the most). Just got back from Edinburgh which was sweet, i loved it. Hope your results went well. Mine and Soph's were good (and exactly the same. lewl.) I really hope i'll be here when you come home... I'm heading to portugal for a wedding soonish. Still miss you. Big love, Claudia xxxxxxxxxxx

Kaspar Bro said...

(To Rupert my big brother Alpha 7.)
Hi Ru, How you doing Rup's. I think you're sleeping at the moment.How are your'e friends? Are you having fun? Bet its hard work. I miss you but I know you are doing something really good for people. I'm in dad's office. Dad and Eliza say I'm being a bit annoying!Dad has taped some Rugby. See you soon byee... Kaspar

Runty said...

Hi Palomie, Looks like you're doing some real hard work there!! Curran and Kian are in Manchester for their DOE and I think they're having a good time. Some of the resis are even getting attached to them although I can just imagine Kian's OCD playing havoc. As a treat Umiben has got tickets for football for tonight. We're off to Stowe for the annual golf competition and than the boys are going camping for the long w/end and I am off to Amsterdam with the girls:) We're missing you and can't wait for your return. In the meantime stay safe and keep up the good work. Love and huggs Runty and AkuBku xxx

Lee/Deb said...

hi chris (alpha 7)

Looks like your working hard! It looks fab.

All is FINE here and we re off to wales for the bank hols. phil and lucy say hi.

Get that project finished and keep safe. Hope your not getting bitten too much. Cant wait to see your photos.

luv the "gang"

Becky and Josh said...

Hey Tom, (Alpha 8) hope your having a great time! Everyone is having problems posting messages to you, firstly Dad's was too long and then we posted another one in the wrong area! Oh dear! We all loved seeing the photos of you, looks like hard work! Mum, Dad and Josh are back from their holiday and Im starting my new job next week. Everyone is missing you and cant wait to hear all about it on your return! Lots of love Big Sis and Little Little Bro! x x x x

Anonymous said...

Message for Martin Robson
Hi Martin
just to let you know
your extended insurance paperwork arrived today
All fine here going to Stourbridge next weekend (bank holiday)
too late to post any more letters now
looking forward to having you home bringing lots of photos
love always Robsons

Geraldine said...

Hi Chris, looks like an amazing place and from photos looks like hard work but worthwhile. Best of luck from The Allsops. xxx