Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Alpha 10 get filthy in the forest

Down in the Taliwas Forest Reserve, Alpha 10 have the task of building a boardwalk to lead visitors over a patch of very boggy ground on the reserve's "Education and Environment Walk".  Let's take a peek at what project life involves.

Before starting to build the boardwalk, the team first needed to gather and prepare the wood, and transport it to the worksite.

Having worked their muscles transporting the wood, there is now plenty of opportunity for the group to hone their carpentry skills as they prepare to start the construction stage...

...and some more work for the muscles as they begin to position the wooden uprights in the ground.

After a day in the mud, the jungle spa awaits,

and perhaps a game of football to play

or to enjoy from the sidelines,

before heading back to camp for a well-earned meal.

There is now less than a week before the groups return from their project.  We will catch with them again before they head out into the unknown for the Adventure Challenge!


Anonymous said...

Lauren !! U are born to do this !! u look fantastic Enjoy !! .Love. Mx

Linda Mills said...

Hi Amo, What can I say? The mud looks truly awful but still the group is smiling! Hope you are okay and are enjoying yourself.
Nanny received your letter - she was thrilled as you can imagine, and we all had a good read. Looking forward to the next instalment on the blog. Hope you get your fence / boardwalk built and have a good time in the process! All love as ever, mum, dad, Hannah and nanny xxxx ( and Paddy sends a snuggle)xxxx

Pauline & Steven Weller said...

Hi Lauren, (Alpha 10)
You look great and as beautiful as ever. It's lovely to see your smiling face and that shows you are really enjoying yourself. Grandad and I have had a busy couple of weeks, and we have started on the apartment in earnest now! Keep up the good work. The temps here should be 37 on Saturday, and we have 6 for dinner. Keep smiling, those elephants are soooo lucky. All our love Nanny and Grandad. xxx

Amy Weller said...

Message for Lauren Teaney

Morning sunshine! Great to see your photos and an update on your project. What was even better was getting your letter in the post yesterday! It really made our day. Love you loads....Mum, Big D and J'bob xxx

Anonymous said...

Message for Harry Clesham

Hi mate, looks like your having a great time, I saw that you did shave you head in the end! I wish I did as I got someone to trim it and they made a bit of a mess. Thought I'd let you know that I got the B in maths(finally), so I am going to Loughborough! I'm leaving the village tomorrow(Friday) and then my flight is on Sunday. Look foward to seeing you soon!

Anonymous said...

Honor alpha 10. Aha! glad to see you doing some carpentry plenty waiting at home ditto washing!We have been out in the forest here and been chased by an elephant (not funny). Fantastic plants and animals. Good photos of your group hope you got the walkway done. Have fun on the next part. Love Mum and Dad (and Jonathan, Auntie Helen and Nanny)xxxxxxx

helen fletcher said...

great to see updated photos you seem to be really enjoying yourself and great news came today you got 3 distinctions and an A GRADE in your alevels and got in your first choice for university really well done we are so very proud of everything you do keep up the good work and keep smiling love from mum and dad xxx

helen gough said...

hi Honor

looks amaing where you are . Hope you are enjoying this big adventure . Look forward to hearing all your news when you get back . Your mum and dad are having a fab time 2.

Love Auntie Helen xxxxxxxxx

Alan said...

For Sarah ( Alpha 7)
All is well at home. Nice to see you occasionally in the photos on the blog ( you look very official with the clipboard!)Spending time at the moment decorating either at N&Gs or a R&Rs. Keep happy

ejsmo said...

Marcus Pinsley Alpha 3 (I think!!)

Hi Marcs,

It was absolutely fab seeing another photo of you!! You look brilliant!! I am so missing talking to you but by now you should have had the letter I sent you with our new address on and phone number. Same mobs.

I bet you are having an amazing time and looking at the blogs looks like everyone is.

We are back from Marbella and Lake District and I am back to work. Had a brilliant time!!!

Oli has started his job and its only 2 junctions away from me so I take him and pick him up when I can.

Oli has a lot to learn but is enjoying it and it is a really good company to work for.

Got Sam and Ben for dinner tonight so prepared some of it last night to make it easier.

Nana and Papa are ok and so is Grandma and Grandpa and the rest of the immediate family. Nana is still confused but obvioulsy wont get any better you will see a difference.

Anyway sorry you havent had a blog over the last few days but settling back into a routine.

With loads of love
as always from
Mum, Dad and Oli xxxxxxx

La vieille folle said...

Alex - You are look suitably at home in the mud and working your pecs lifting wood but am surprised by your football prowess. You are obviously developing new skills. Maddie's Alevels were OK but not stellar. Have just got back from Uzes and Chopra fest of charades. All good fun but Max broke his fixed tooth for second time. Dad doing daft amounts of running in preparation for marathon.Thinking of you .Lots of love

Mum said...

Message for Tamara Alpha 7

Hey ReyRey - Hows the maths homework going? You could give each of your group a sheet each to do as a team exercise:-)Hope you got the mail I sent you, tried to send a choccie bar to you but lady in the post office said it would count as a parcel :-(
Nice article in the Shepton Journal on you.School has been made a Church of England accademy -we werent told just a big banner put up in Bruton! Typical!
Wondering if you've had as much rain there as we've had here.
Hope you're used to the long drop by now - cant believe youve been gone 3 weeks!
Hope your feet are ok and that the surgical spirit worked or maybe you have got them taped up like a mummy!.
Those pipes look heavy!Hope you're all getting on well with the water feed and are ready to forge ahead for the last week of the project. Looking forward to seeing it finished.
You missed Muggie having an upset the house!! Him and Pipsqueak are looking forward to all the walks you owe them :-)
Love you lots like jelly tots

Boz said...

Message for Owain Masters Alpha 5 (I think!)

Hi Sweetie, I'm off to the lakes for two weeks so the chances of sending anything via here are slim since no internet access. The Polish lakes are almost as remote as the Borneo jungle. I don't know if anyone has informed you yet but Alex didn't get into his place of choice. The school is gobsmacked - I think we all are. He's having a priority remark, but in the meantime he's theoretically in Bournemouth which course wise isn't as good but everything else wise probably is easily as good, if not better. Everybody here sends you their love. I am bitten head to foot by assorted insects - the mozzies find me very juicy and sweet. Shame that doesn't apply to potential suitors! :) Anyway, the diss is erm flagging but I'll be OK-ish. Love you loads, Mum. xxx

Anonymous said...


Hey Tor, hope you get this. It's chrissieee, disappointed at the lack of photos of you but hopefully there will be more soon ;) cant believe you've only got like 2 weeks left but you must be looking forward to getting back! im sure your results went amazingly... mine went shizaa haha as expected considering i did no work but it's all good :) i'll make it up with my degree ;)..! im loving life out in america, so much fun, had my doubts before i left but now i am out i love it. miss you loads and hope you get this so im not just talking to a wall love love you, cant wait for you to get back so we can skypeee wooo! all my love xxxx

Debbie Thornton said...

Message for Nick Thornton Alpha 3

Hi Nick - have no idea if all my blog comments are being posted but guess you'll get to read them when you get back to basecamp if not.
All well in Grayan - weather fantastic. Forecast 39 today so not planning on going far or doing much. We are most definitely NOT Raleigh venturer material!!!
Lynne and Stuart are loving it here I think - booking same week next year to come back and see us with Jan and Alan!
Rachel and G'ma got home safe and sound on Wednesday and Rach off to York races today. By the way the Adele tickets have arrived..
As I write you are well into your last phase - hope it's as exciting as it sounds and you add massively to your list of amazing experiences. Keep on taking loads of fotos - think we might have a Borneo night when you get back or one weekend when you are home. You can even build a basha to sleep in if you like. No long drop in the field tho!

Well - breakfast time here so I'm off now. Not long now til you are home - we can't wait to see your new look. Take care, Nick, and enjoy your last couple of weeks. Love and miss you. Mum and Dad xxx

PS Good news - dentist appointment on 8th September!

Debbie Veys said...

Lucy Veys Alpha 7
You are not forgotten. We are missing you; it's quiet! I have just read your letter. The project sounds very challenging and hot. Well done. We are very proud of you. I expect you are very fit- good training for netball next term.
Celebrated Simon's success last night at a riverside restaurant near work. Dad and Simon came to floor 38 to see the view. Look after yourself.
Love for us all Mum xxx

sam xx said...

Hi message for Marcus Pinsley. we got your letter today! 14 pages!!! mum has read it a few times and in great detail.i expected her to cry but suprisingly she was ok. dad read it while eating his chicken soup. i told he off for not writing u more letters. she is sooo rubbish!!! hope ur ok and r getting our blogs. love sam xxxx

ejsmo said...

Marcus Pinsley Alpha 3

Hi there Marcus - a big big thank you for your letter. Sorry I only wrote one letter to you but I have written so many blogs!! I hope you have seen them all.
It was so lovely to hear from you!! You sound as though you are having an awesome time and you will come back as a changed person
with more confidence.
Missing you loads still though!! Still find it hard not to be able to text you but you have nearly finished so looking forward to speaking to you.
Enjoy your travelling!!
Lots of love Mum DAd Oli Sam and Ben xxx

Trix said...

Message for Fiona, Alpha 10
Hi Fiona, good to see you enjoy the football too! I like the mudlarking. Your sisters have gone off to walk the alps, and I am (again) wrestling with writer's block for my final OU thingy. Daddy is doing his big bike ride tomorrow - bit nervous I think. We look forward to you being back in communication.
Lots of love

Grandad said...

Message 4 Lauren/Alpha10

Hello Lauren,
How's life in the jungle? I bet you're lovong it. Have you been able to take photos yourself? Have you been keeping a jungle diary? Is there loadsa good goss. Are you going to sell the film rights?
Here in Lunac, it is HOT. Very Hot. yesterday was about 38c right into the night. V. uncomfortable. Today is much the same. Still, much better than the rain, and my figs are really coming on. It will be the first crop we have had since we planted the tree three years ago.
Look after yourself and we are expecting a full account of your adventures on your return. Good luck, keep up the good work,

Grandad and nanny and the MOOSH!

Lester Pygott said...

for Emma Pygott, Alpha 1
Hey you. Sorry to hear about your toe. What are you like ?! I hope you are enjoying your final phase with the Kindergarten. Can't wait to see you again. Feels like you've been gone ages (but then doesn't seem 2 mins since we finished packing your ruck sack!). See you soon Emla. Love dad xxxxx

Ruth Huxley said...

For Claire Huxley - hi lovey, J has gone off to Somerset for few days so it's just me and Dad (& Tabby of course). Going back to work tomorrow, not looking forward to that, wish the hols were longer. Good news is that the holes in your bedroom wall are now fixed, bad news is i think you room will need redecorating! We all went to London yesterday and met the Canadian Huxleys who are over at the moment. J's GCSE results due this Thursday, fingers crossed. love mum xxxxxx

Debbie Veys said...

Lucy Alpha 7
Two blogs in one weekend. I'm getting into the swing of it now!
My turn for cricket teas today: going back to work tomorrow for a rest. Started baking at 9 am: strawberry and cream sponge cakes and banana loaf and millions of sandwiches.
Grannies and grandpas send their love.
Lots of love Mum X

Anonymous said...

Dearest Popes (Fiona Lillian Stephen) STOP Update from the Alps STOP Ascending North Face of Eiger tomorrow STOP Preparation involves tea and Frigor STOP Dont get charged by any elephants please STOP Miss you and can't wait for your return STOP x STOP x STOP x STOP

Oliver Pinsley said...


Hey Bro,

Oli here, I read your letter today and decided that I needed to write a blog.

I thought I would let you know that I have got a job working for a company called DRL Limited. It seems like a really good company to work for and might be able to get you in when you come back.

I don't really have any other news for you tbh! I have been seeing a few friends here and meeting new people.

I am glad to see that you are doing well and really enjoying yourself. It also pleases me to see that this experience has made you realise how fortunate you really are! However, your beard seems to have grown which makes me think you have lost all your razor blades :) haha.

Mum and Dad send their love and hope that you are ok.

I am very proud of you for what you are doing and after reading your letter, I hope to save up and come visit you in Aus! :).

I miss you very much and hope to see you soon even if it is only through skype.

Take care bro and miss you loads

Lots of love



Anonymous said...

To: Ruba Samain , group Alpha 1

Rubyyyyy hayati I cant wait to hear about your adventures and what you've accomplished in the past few weeks.Im sure you've had one hell of an experience. I miss you kteeeeeeeeer and get your arse back to Amman ;).

mucho mucho lovee

enjoy the last two weeks hayati.

your cuz hayoosh

Mum said...

To Louise Organ, Alpha 7

Hi Luli, just saying hello and hope all is going well. Claire has been copying the family videos onto disc. You were the loveliest, funniest baby. Miss you. Love and narwhals from Mum xxxx

cupcake mom said...

Hey Malc - Alpha 1

I was really excited when I got your letter on Fri. Aug 19 and had a good laugh and pleased that you're really enjoying yourself. Tell all your new friends hello from Bermuda and your A4 11D group who signed the letter. You'll have to sing the lyrics of the Jungle Camp Song, because the lyrics I'm thinking of doesn't flow using the words in your letter. Glad you appreciate the INDEPENDENT life style of caring totally for yourself. Sister read your letter and cracked up; Bingy liked what happened reference to the monkeys, and said he's going to really miss you having a good laugh with, but he returns home during the Christmas holidays so you both can get together then. Aunt Mel and Uncle Rog also enjoyed your letter. Aunt Flo said 'you're something else'. Received your post card and letter the same day. The bbq went well with a cake for both Bingy and sister. The only one missing was you. We had a meal and watch an outside movie; but you know how the mosquitos like me.
Can't get ahold of Chelsea; she might have gone away but I'll keep trying.
Aunt Lovette, Mrs Anderson, Burrows, Aunt Vic, Gina, Trishonae/Bird all say hi. They all like the pictures.

Pat Dawson said...

Josh Longson alpha 7

Hi hope your still having a great time and enjoying the experience.

Had a great time at the wedding. take care and see you shortly.
Lots of love Grandma xx

Anonymous said...

Annabel Gilmour, message for John Gilmour Alpha 8.

HI Darling, your letter was waiting for us when we got home from Rome and was fantastic, much the nicest post we could have had. Rome was wonderful if hot, although not as hot as Borneo, but with significantly more people. We looked at ruins, more ruins and then, for a change, some buildings that were almost standing and pictures. I managed to show real talent and fall off my segway much to Will and Dads amusement, it was fun though. Wills room coming along slowely, he knows he has to be out by the weekend so we can get it ready for you again. We are all missing you lots and looking forward to seeing you in about 10 days. Have an amazing time in the jungle, try not to get too bitten. Love you always, Mum, Dad, Will and assorted livestock.

Lina Musharbash said...

To Ruba Samain. Alpa 1
Hello Rubee, It is so good to know that You enjoy what you are doing, learning new experience and coping well with the challenges, nice pose Ruba, your team's pic. and all look fantastic, I can see a lot of harmony and the team spirit is there. well done to u al for the good job. Me and Shahem are in Jordan now and all the family asking about you and send their love, will be back to London with ur dad few days before u back, it will be our big celebration to have u back habibti.
Alex is coming to visit us on the 24th, Shahem and his friends are planning to make it unforgotable, as they will let him wear Hata and other traditional cloths as soon as he arrive, they want him to feel the spirit of Jordan from day one. Our beautifull sweet Ruba we are very proud of you, happy to know that you are achieving your target, being positive and helpfull but also can't deny that i want you back as soon as possible.
lots of love from dad and all.
mum xx

Anonymous said...

Harry Clesham

Hi Harry,
Well back at work today and am shattered!! Liam popped over tonight as he got back from Kenya this morning. He had a fantastic time and is looking forward to seeing you and boy will you have masses to discuss. So delighted for him that hes got into Uni - he got really good results, thankfully.

Ian and Zoe moved house today and will be in Upavon when you get back, we will definately see them before you head up to uni.

Im off to bed now so hope you are having a great time and speak soon x Love you masses Mum, Soph & Socks x

mum said...

Tamara alpha 7

Hi ya - am getting impatient for the updates :-)

Forgot to tell you that you have managed to escape eating the broad beans so many have been delivered - but then youve also missed the plums too...ate a few too many the other day! lol

Evie and Maddie been down for the day today they went to Wells while I did some work and then we had dinner and we sat chatting.

Muggies decided to not poo on his walks or in the garden and do it in the house...grr he must be missing you!! Hes asleep ontop of Charlie at the moment!lol

Keep going with the pipe laying only a few more days to go until you head of into the wilderness for your adventure

Love you lots like jelly lots


Anonymous said...

Ellie. Alpha 8. Hi gorge, thanks for your letter. It was so good to hear from you. Wow it does sound like hard work out there but also great fun!!! You are going to have so many memories to share with us. I will make sure I buy some rice and corned beef so we can experience
a jungle dinner when you get home. We arrive back home at 1 am this morning from Cornwall . Sam is very excited about flying to new york tomorrow. Then when we get back only three days until you come home. Horay!!!
Make the most of your last week.xx love you. Mum.xx

Anonymous said...

Robert Clarke - just to let you know that I have accepted your place at Durham. All v exciting. Lots of paperwork needed when you get back to sort out room etc. Jay thinks you are hopeless but H has explained that you actually are out of contact and have not lost phone/forgotten charger/forgotten your mates. MXXX

Nanny said...

Tamara Reynolds..Alpha 7
Hi Tamara, It was lovely to get your text today. I have passed your messages on to Nana, David and Jack.
Soooo pleased that you are still having a wonderful time. I have just spent the evening ordering Nana, David and my fancy dress outfits for our Davids 60th Birthday party. It will be VERY funny if they wear them (Actually they better as it has cost me a fortune ) Hey Ho ! it will be worth it.
Hope you enjoy the next part of your adventure...have a safe journey home next week.
I can't wait to hear all your stories. Lots of love to you from Nanny xxx

Amy Weller said...

Message for Lauren Teaney, Alpha 10

Hi Lauren....soooo great to hear your voice and all about your wonderful experiences (not including the leeches) yesterday. It made my week! And then I got home to find a letter from you which Mike and I loved reading. Hope that the adventure week is just as much sounds like you are going to come away from this with memories and new friends that will last you a lifetime. Here it's grey, grey, grey so we are looking forward to you bringing us back some sunshine. Saw Michelle, Steve and the boys yesterday for a quick cuppa after work and it was great to catch up. They send you their love. Love you always, Mummy x

Alex Prew said...

FOR tori prew
hey tor! hope your well and having an amazing time, you asked me to tell you my exact gcses so here we go
English 1 A*
English 2 A*
Art A*
History A*
Science 1 A*
Science 2 A
Maths A
French A
Geography B
Music B

really pleased! missing you so much and counting down the days till i see you!
love you so much, alex

Nanny Pat said...

Hi Ellie Alpha Super 8 Well done to you and your team, amazing. So glad this has turned out to be a truly fantastic experience for you, you look so happy in the photos. Cannot wait to get over to the UK and see you and hear all about it. Well done my darling, enjoy every last minute. Love Nanny and Dadad x

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday (Fiona Stephen)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have texted you but feel you may not have your phone on you. Hope you are having fun doing whatever your doing and see you soon!!!!! Love your biggest sis (the little one is cooking chaschuechli for me as i write this)

Anonymous said...

for amy provan Alpha 7
Ghallia fractured her pelvis in Qatar She is now back but has to lay in bed flat according to Kings Her sister a lawyer from damascus and May her daughter who is 11,really fun and happy and english speaking are here to look after her -and will probably both be here when you come home May is looking forward to meeting you Ann is doing her doctoring and looking after Ghallia

Anonymous said...

Peter Alpha 7
Seems like you are doing the same project as me. Everything fine here, hope everything fine there,
looking forward to you joining me at university, won't see you when you come bck because I will be in Qatar and ;you leave for France the morning you arrive. James

Nick Harman said...

LEE COCKIN! hey its part of the late night trekking crew here, just got back from my travelling and thought i would check out the site and i see that your already well into the next exp. hope its going well for you mate, im sure it is! youll have to let me know what youve been up to when you get back! makes me wanna be back out there myself! haha! laters! nick X

Trix said...

Fiona, Alpha 10
Happy Birthday Popes, I don't think this will reach you until you get back, and with the time difference your birthday is almost over now anyway. But lots of love from Daddy and I, Susu and Grandad and Jess, Mel, Connie and the mioaows. I hope you had a good jungle birthday - anyone bake you a cake, camp style?
Lots of love, Mummy

Auntie Lynne said...

To Nicola Fletcher Alpha 10

Hi Nicky
Thought I had sent you another blog but must have done it wrong so here it is again.
See you are having a great time and just read your results on your mums blog. Congratulations from all of us and well done. Looking forward to seeing you soon and hearing all about your adventures.

Rainbow hugs from all of us
Luv Auntie Lynne and Uncle Sam

G U JOHN said...

G U John to LUCY BAGSHAW ALPHA 9 Thought I would send you a final (?) Blog. Not sure when you start your journey home . Cancel the order for Rain Forest seeds its been raining for hours & hours !Hope your project is going to plan. Haven't seen anything about you recently. Looking forward to hearing about your adventures. Take care. Love from Lu & I .

Nancy Taylor said...

Lula Fuller (Alpha 10) Counting down the hours till I see you at the airport. Have a very safe flight home! Delighted you have had such an amazing experience during your time with Raleigh. LYL & L, Me & S-M xoxoxo

Anonymous said...