Monday, 15 August 2011

11D get ready for the final phase

For some of our 11D venturers, this weekend saw the end of their expedition, with their two phases complete.  Laden, we hope, with many great memories, an address book full of new friends, and perhaps a tear in their eye, our seven week venturers bade farewell to the rest of the group and headed to the airport.

But for the ten-weekers, there is one more phase to go, ensuring that each venturer will have completed a community, adventure and environmental project before their time with Raleigh comes to an end.  Let's find out where they will be spending their final three weeks.

Alpha 1 - putting the finishing touches on the kindergarten will be Amer Townsend, Emily Bradshaw, Emma Pygott, Malcolm Outerbridge, Rob Clarke, Ruba Semain, Siong Chou Lim and Yoke Yuen Chew, accompanied by project  managers Caroline, Martin and Sam.

Alpha 2 - completing the gravity water feed on Maliangin Island will be Charlotte Russell, Claire Huxley, Cynthia Alexander, Nathan Titus, Patrick Loftus, Sean Holmes, Sheri Whiting and Stephanie Morris.  Their PMs will be Rob and Graham and they will be joined by Field Base's very own Marian.

Alpha 3 - taking the construction of the research camp to the next step at Danum Valley are Lucy Ryan, Marcus Pinsley, Martin Robson, Natalie Clerke, Nick Thornton, Oliver Semmence, Ross Weir and Will Essayan, with PMs Miranda, Emma and Beth and initially joined by DPM Rob.

Alpha 4 - continuing work at the Sun Bear Conservation Centre will be Andy Devers, Andy Merritt, Deva Gilroy Sen, Megan Daly, Nicholas Chong, Sophie Given and Sophie Hedges,  accompanied by PMs Jodie and Julie.

Alpha 5 - trekking and then diving will be Caroline Green, Cheah Keat Yew, Daniel Cross, Daniel Kirk, Dharushini Bai, Elizabeth Gold, Georgia Pawson, Harry Clesham, Heloise Richer, Jeral Jackman, June Yin Tan, Natalia Wong, Rujina Khandakar, Owain Masters, Rosie Watterson and Shannon Williams, with a PM trio of Petr, Rhiannon and Simon.

We'll bring word about their antics soon!


soon said...

Hi Bear June from Alpha 5! How are u? Hope u enjoying your last phase. U have a huge group this time. Please make sure your hammock tie in properly, don't fall down from the tree ok ^^ Remember to Tahan All the way! U will back here soon... =)

From: Marble

soon said...

Hi PipoPipo from Alpha 1 who going to play with the kids there. Kindergarten is a very suitable project for u lo. Because u look like them. Hahaha... Please work hard! not play hard there! finish your project before u come back and make sure the bumbung no bocor ok! Good luck!

From: Marble

soon said...

Hi Cynthia from Alpha 2. Maliangin Island!!! wah~ damn fun ok! Becareful a lot angin there! and make sure your tent is strong enough! Enjoy the sunset there! and don't kill my friends too many! Last phase!!! woohoo~!!!

From: Marble

mzPras said...

yo Dharu....

sent u ur tix..
hope u get it :)


GengQian said...

Ai ren YY, i'm so devastated for the missing post. Write to me again, ok. don't give up :p

Cynthia, i have phobia looking at ur name right now. haha. hope you have a great time in the paradise island! and now we are from same kampung! woohoo!

June, Ricky, Dharu. i can't believe that three of you are in same group. don't return to Peninsular if you haven't got the diving license! Take good care and give Bobo a hug for me.

Blh bah klu ko!

yang suffering peb,
geng qian

Yvatte Pygott said...

For Emma Pygott
Heh babe, looking good and very tanned!!
Enjoy the last phase, miss you loads and can't wait to see you and hear all about it!!
Meg and gorgeous miss you too and say Hello..I think even Zoe misses you!!!
Loads of love
Mum and Zoe xxx

Nadiaaaa x said...

To Rujina Khandakar in Alpha 5!!
i seee its your last phase!! looks like your having loads of fun!! hurry back1!!! lool1!! we recived your postcard btw it was soooo mega cutee make sure you bring me back the real thing with you! thanks!:p hahah!!! you wont be back intime for eid:( loool im ordering my clothes online i cant be botherd to go greenstreet!! lool!! enjoy your last 3weeks there thats if your not planning to stay on for longer as fay tells me you want to stay longer and explore.. i miss youu... anways this is just a quick messege while im at work! anways love you lots.. t/c Nadia xxxxxxxxxxxx

~ howie said...

Yoke Yuen!...what an epic suave...woooHoooo!

p/s:there's something shiny in your mouth...seen the pix yet! hahahahahah...paint nice nice ya on the wall!!!

Hezam Ryan said...

to my bestfriend : Cheah Keat Yew
hye ricky hope u enjoy your last phase... miss u bro... can't wait to see u after finish the phase... good luck bro.. nice to see u at kiulu last time..thanks for the rokok pilipin..stay to smoke lah u ...hahah

from : hezam ryan ( ur crazy friend )

Hezam Ryan said...

To : June Yin Tan

june i miss u oready lor... enjoy ur phase ya... diving is the best what... can't wait to see u after this... thanks coz u being a good friend to me... stay cool k...

from : hezam ryan ( your crazies friend )

Hezam Ryan said...

To : Cynthia Alexander

oh my dear cynt miss u la... enjoy k.. can't wait to see u la after this.. miss ur hugs la ... hahhaha... thanks coz being a good friend to me ... never have friend's like u all la... 3 week la only kan ... hehehe... see u later k.. later can hug2 again ... hahha.. joking la...

From : hezam ryan ( your crazies friend )

Hezam Ryan said...

To : Yoke Yuen Chew

pipo !!! miss u girl !! can't to see u again .. maybe if after this u can be my date ... haha... miss u la litter one ... hope u enjoy la ur last phase... see u after finish k... wait u in kk... we can go hangout together later k.. enjoy enjoy enjoy ... kirim salam dengan u punya funny talk k.... hehe...

From : hezam ryan ( your crazies friend )

sophie gs mum said...

To Sophie Given

Great to see a new pic of you Sophster,you look great and so happy.The phone call on friday cheered us all up no end.The holiday was great,you know the usual, eating, drinking and plenty charades even played black magic which went down a storm.The kids couldnt work it out and jojos james was trying so hard to guess how we did it.Milo has had his second jag and is doing well,jake has been shampooed and coping well with his wee brother.Im back to work now for a few days then away to St Monans with shirley n john to do some work on the boat.Gran n grandad send lots of love.

Still missing you but glad your having such a great time darling,lots of love Mum xxxx

Anonymous said...

Andy Brown Alpha 9

Hi Andy,

Emma txt today to ask me to leave you a message to say Hi - she doesn't think the message she sent you got through from India!

She is fine and looking forward to seeing us all in September.

Hope everything is going well and you are having a fantastic time.

Hugs and kisses from Vicky & Jade, who can't wait to see you both again soon.

Will message you agsin soon,

Love, Debbie, Rick and the gang :) x

Alex Ratcliffe said...

Blocking Sopy Hedges Blocking :) haha! hope you are having a fab time with the sunbears and not missing me too much ;), not going to lie im pretty jealous!! its very odd being at home now, there is an actual toilet and not a hole in the ground! wierdd...tried to find you on facey b but there is a ridiculous amount of sophie hedges in the world...who knew?! can't wait to catch up with you when you get home! miss you already....chi chi jesminda hahaha! see you soon! stay safe! and remember to wake up in the morning feeling like p diddy hehe!

lots of love



Alex Ratcliffe said...

Brillo pad!!!!! I thought you would like to know that i successfully ate my bacon butty on arrival at home and mum made a massive roast dinner with all the trimmings.....hows that porridge and crackers working out for you? hehehe! missing you lots brillo! i feel slightly lost without my big bro around! hope your having a great time in sepilok, i am rather jealous of you all! enjoy the rest of your time in Borneo and cant wait to hear about the final phase :)

lots of love



Alex Ratcliffe said...

To all of phase 1 alpha 2 and phase 2 alpha 5!!

hope you are all having a great final phase!!! missing you all lots! and not going to lie its quite odd not seeing dewaaaaaaa and oliver everywhere i turn! hope you guys are having fun! enjoy the last few weeks of expedition! cant wait to hear all about it :)

lots of love



Julia Kay said...

For Sophie Hedges - Alpha 4
Glad to see you have survived the jungle + diving phase! The blog didnt cover your trip with the usual photos and news :( Enjoy your last 3 weeks at the Sun Bear centre. Looks like DIY skills come in useful again! Hope you got my letters...and some more from the family. Couldnt get Em to write though! No news from Snowology. Ginny is here ATM - she sends her love. Cant wait to see you at Heathrow! lots and lots of from Mum xxxxxx

Catherine said...

Hi Rosie, June, Natalia, Dan Kirk and Elizabeth of Alpha 5! Hope you're having a great time and not being bitten too much!! Very jealous of you all back here in cold, windy England, enjoy the last phase and talk to you soon!
Love Catherine x

Robert Herring said...

Emily Bradshaw Alpha 1

Hey EM,

Nice picture looking very cool.

I think working at the kindergarden will be good.

Hope your still having fun and cant wait to see you!

Love you lots Rob xxx

Carolyn Wong said...

Hi Tailia
Sorry not blogged you for ages but made up for it in letters and postcards!
Lovely to see your uptodate pics. Hope you really enjoy this last section of your adventure.
Back from Paris now and having to cope with the cooler weather. It was such a delight to be outside in the late evening and be warm.My legs have only just recovered tho' from all the serious amount of walking and step climbing that took place! Really lovely place tho'.
You'll be impressed, I'm using my new lap top and if you had yours with you I'd be able to see you cos' now got skype.
Enjoy your last few weeks, especially the warmth. Take lots of pics. Looking forward to having you home briefly. BTW Hair appointment has been made. It's very quiet here without you,
Love Mum, Dad and T2xXx

Anonymous said...

Hi Ross!

Home alrady and it feels weird :/
Anyhow the flights went very well no delays or nothing so I hope it will go the same for you:)
Hope u enjoying Danum,
Take care and see you back in uk soon
eve xxx

Elle said...

Sean Holmes ALPHA 2!
I've written to you loads and I miss you and have an AMAZING 'final phase' !!! Keep smiling, i'm smiling for ya ;) xxxxxxxxxx Elle

Anonymous said...

Hi Chloe, Alpha9, 11L.

Glad you're having fun and making a positive difference to the local communities. The Troops will look forward to seeing the pictures and hearing the stories.

I have had a word with St Patrick and he's promised to keep an eye out for the snakes, I hope he’s kept his word.

Oh, by the way, Crusoe made it off the Island and has returned to England safe and sound, but he's planning a new quest. He should know better, it's his age I think. I told him he’s on his own now; it’s for the best in the long run. Take care.

G U JOHN said...

hi Lucy thanks for your Postcard arrived today 16/8. Pleased to hear you are having a good time on your adventure and hope the project is going to plan. our visitors have departed and reported in from their bases having negotiated the M1 safely !!!Our trip to Tissington was successful. The purchase of Marmalade enabled safe passage through their territory !!.We look forward to your return, normal behaviour has returned. Take care ,love from 123 John xx

Elle said...

SEAN HOLMES: I had a healthy greek salad that I MADE MYSELF for lunch are you proud ;) xxxxxxxxxxxx Elle

Anonymous said...

For: Sam Hedges PM, Alpha 11D

Hey Sam!!! alriiiigh?? Hope you're doing well, livin it up and making the most of your final few weeks! Im guessing you're at field base now, or have just left for phase 3. It looks like you're doing the same project as phase 2..? That will be very cool if you're the group that will finish the kindergarten. I bet you have a big party when its all done. From the picture on the blog it looks as though you're keeping up the stretching and keeping flexible. Been up to much breaking? or learning some new style? I'll be going to 'Zumba" with mum later...latin american dancing with mum and chris cook in the village hall is something special i can tell you. theres even daddy yankee on the playlist. The lathams were here at the weekend. We had alot of fun BBQing and swimming. Me mum and dad saw harry potter the other night and from the questions mum asked when we came out ('so what are these horcrusts..?') she understood none of it. Im doing a JST voyage! (not sure if i mentioned before..) Its south coast, from Poole, starting 22nd aug till 25th. Then im working (volunteering...) for oxfam. and soon enough you'll be home!! crikey. can't wait to hear the stories and see the photos. I hope there are some funny ones lots of love SKID XXX

cupcake mom said...

Hey Malc - Alpha 1

well love your last phase. i like the acrobat lifting of the leg, and the 'fro'. sorry sister and i missed your call on friday the 12th and Sat. the 13th, but glad dad was able to speak to you. he called us in ATL to say all is well with you and that you're having a good time. can't wait to hear all about your wonderful experience. Kristen spoke about Raleigh on VSB news and i got calls that you were on tv here in bermy. keep looking on the blog daily to see what you, Jeral, Shannon and Stefanie are doing in Borneo. i almost forgot, went to the ATL zoo and saw a sunbear and orangatan from Borneo; isn't that something.
speak soon, xxxmom

Debbie Thornton said...

Message for Nick Thornton Alpha 3

Just having an early read of the blog before everyone gets up and can't see my last message so I'll send another - sorry if I repeat myself!
It was great to speak to you at the weekend - you sounded really well and obviously still loving your adventure. Glad you have got the project you'd hoped for on the last phase-can't believe it's come round so quickly.
Grandma and Rachel go home today and Lynne and Stuart arrive. Weather has changed for the better so fingers crossed it stays this way. Think Rachel is more than ready for home - withdrawal from all things horsey starting to really kick in!!
Dad and Rachel went jet skiing - together but you wouldn't think so to hear their stories! Rachel slightly less positive and enthusiastic about it than Dad - but she was sitting behind him clinging on for dear life so that probably explains it!!!
Others are up now so I'm going to go and get ready for airport trip but will blog again soon.
Keep on enjoying your adventure - like I said before you should all be very proud of yourselves. Can't wait to see you - we all love and miss you loads. Take care. love from Mum, Dad and Rachel xxx

Boz said...

Message for Owain Masters Alpha 5
Hi Owain, It was great to talk to you and hear about all your news and future plans. Hope you are enjoying the last phase and that your back isn't giving you too much hassle. Alex gets his results tomorrow - waaargh! But, yeah, I don't really think we need to worry too much on that score, do you? I'm as excited for him moving onto the next stage in his life as I was for you going on this Borneo trip. What is it that they say about parents living through their kids? ;) I really must get a life of my own!! I put a post on your wall telling your mates you'd been in touch. I'm off to the lakes this week where I have been told it's so peaceful I will finish my dissertation in two days - Uncle Jacek is such an optimist! It's going to be just me and him. But I have indeed always found it easier to write in the forest - go figure. Loads of hugs, love and kisses, Mum. PS You look lovely in the photo... I may be biased. ;)

Anonymous said...

Message for Charlotte Russel Alpha 2.
Hey Lovely,
So good to speak to you for a decent length of time at the weekend. Missing you loads today but theres only 29 days to go until I leave to meet you in Hong Kong. Another project another island. I m sure you guys will enjoy the next few weeks looking back at all you've achieved, how far you've come and what you've learnt. Savour every moment you have left, it will fly by. What you've done is very special and we're all really proud of you. Everyone is well here and looking forward to speaking to you soon. Good luck, Love Tom xxx

Julia Kay said...

For Sophie Hedges - alpha 4
Hi Sophie, Got your letter yesterday - good to hear your news - Sad about the ipod, dont suppose you got to list en to the whole of 'one day'. least you have ur new phone. Your PADI quals arrived today! Well done - I couldnt do the scarey bit when you have to take your mask and mouthpiece off under water.
Maise wanted to know when you are arriving back ...
Enjoy the past fews week of this adventure coz it will be SO boring in New MIll! Love Mumxxx

G U John said...

G U JOHN to LUCY BAGSHAW ALPHA 9 This is blog 3 a PS to previous, Studying Flora & Fauna out there this WILL interest you. On our expedition to the White Peak we ventured on to the Tissington Trail, as you know a dangerous area ,can get mowed down by cyclists !! anyway resting near a drystone wall we found a 6" Snail. We thought it best to leave it in its habitat having taken all details. It was a species of the Limestone region,& we don't do plastic in our garden! Yes I'm having a laugh & hope you are too bye for now Love from 123 John

Anonymous said...

Msg to Sean Holmes x

Heyy Seany, just a quick one,I miss you and cant wait to see you, pretty much counting down the days now... i have written u another letter which i will post today, hope you get it and its not too late cos i know time is running out. Latest update from this end- GETTING KEYS TO HOUSE TONIGHT!!!! :-D anyway hope youre good and having a great time still, lots of love and hugs Sinead (your fave sister EVER) xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

For: Sophie Given - Alpha 4.

Can't believe you're on your last phase already! Is it bad I didn't know what a sun bear looked like and had to google it? They're kina cute! Also, have you managed to get a photo of an orangutan yet? Sounds like you're having a blast out there despite the toilet situation... I bet you will still come back as pale as ever!
I'm heading off down to Leicester for a bit and then down south somewhere with the rents so that should be good. Beth is the cutest thing ever even if she is a bit boring and sleeps all the time! But Isabel is turning out to be a right little miss and she's great fun, you know what I'm like - gives me an excuse to be a little kid again! :)
Looking forward to seeing you soonish and hearing of all your crazy antics.
Take care and enjoy!
Sarah xxx

Anonymous said...

Harry CLesham

Hi Harry, Hope you are still having a marvelous time and that you are enjoying the trekking. I expect you are excited for the diving phase though.

Sophie back tomorrow and I think she has had a great time with her girlies. Coctails, sunshine,lazy days and I expect a bit of nightlife!

Slowly sorting your stuff for Uni and hope that when you get back it will just be a case of packing some clothes.

Garden needs doing so think that will be a job for you, mind you that will be a small task after all youve been up to in borneo!!!!

Love and miss you loads and so looking forward to seeing you. Keep safe xxx Mum xxx

Abbi Harris said...

Helloooo to all of Phase 1's Alpha 4, Phase 2's Alpha 5 and Dharu, Jeral, Caz and Sheri!

Hope you are all enjoying your final phase! I am so, so jealous of you guys, wish I could have stayed for longer.
Dan Kirk: Thought I'd let you know that I'm watching Scrubs and about to order a Pizza Hut pepperoni pizza. Jealous? Missing you!
Nathan Titus: I hope you are behaving yourself with all of those girls in your group. Keep cutting the bulls***.
Sophie Hedges: I miss seeing your happy face in the mornings!
Nicholas Anthony Chong: Hope you are enjoying Sepilok and unlike with the leeches, have managed to keep the monkeys away from your private square.
Daniel Cross: I'm so happy you are giving the trekking and diving another chance, good luck with it and can't wait to hear all about it.

Hope you all have an amazing endex! Missing you all
Lots of love,

Firdausi said...

To Rujina Khandakar-Now in Alpha 5
HAHA I bet you can't wait for the trekking phase ... I can imagine you trekking through the jungle! It was good talking to you ... You have to complete the whole thing!It's Tahmid's birthday today so we may be eating CC! I shall hopefully see you on September 5th or maybe a week longer so you can see the new house!!
See you!!!!!
From Firdausi

Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone! Hope you're having a great time out there... It's Nathan here just wanting to say a big hello and well done to all the Bermuda crew. Will see them all in September "on de rock..."


Ruth Huxley said...

To Claire Huxley - we're back from Portugal, had good time. Unfortunately there are some holes in your bedroom wall! but hopefully by the time you get back it will all be fixed (all to do with the new bathroom). Lovely to hear your voice on ansaphone. Dad, John & Deri were surfing dudes. Picked Tabby up from cattery - what a racket, all the other cats are quiet, Tabby was not!, love mum xxxx

Emily Peters said...

Hi Claire! (Huxley, Alpha 2) Blimey this is so complicated! Think I may have sent you an email too but who knows! Sorry I missed your call; but pleased you're having such a fab time! Was driving to Southamp so couldn't pick up! Have you fallen over yet? Have you managed to finally get a tan? Looks like you're having the best time in the photos, can't wait to hear about it! Hope this finds you well & happy, see you soon Clairey ;)
Love Em

Anonymous said...

To Sean Holmes Alpha 2
Hi Honey, just thought I'd log on and and say 'GOOD MORNING'. Was great talking to you on saturdy, sorry I cried (and cried) it was just a shock you phoning out of the blue and I miss you soo much! Will try to keep it together at Heathrow so not to make a show of you! Went to Cannon Hall Farm yesterday with work was really nice and we did not lose any children so that's always a bonus! Hope your final phase is going well, cant wait to hear all about it when you're get back. Everything OK here, nothing strange. Dad says Hi, he's missng your fishing trips, manly walks and chats. Gotta go n get ready for work now, Love you loads; roll on the 5th from Mum x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Anonymous said...

Hi Ross (weir alpha 3)

just got the letter you wrote after phase 1. Liked the bit of river water! Hope you have sorted the sunburn since then get that suncream on. All good here Granny and Aunty Dons have just gone home and Lindsay and jack arrive today so its like change over day at a B & B. Man from scuba school e-mailed me to say they are def putting on courses before you start uni but are finalising dates and will e-mail them to me asap. hopefully dates will fit in with starting uni but will blog you to let you know. have sent out all info uni have sent about the course and aunty dons is going to let you borrow her Nikon SLR for uni as it is compat with all uni equip. Anyway will stop waffling hope u are getting lots of weird and wonderful insect pics. Love and kisses mum xxx

Anonymous said...

To Harry - Alpha 5

Hope your still having a quality time out there bro, pictures look good, loving the shaved head btw ! in desperate need of your company atm buddy, jess broke up with me.. doesnt feel the same anymore :( im abit of a mess right now. il inform you on everything when your back. start ted today , so something to take my mind off it all lol not long left now, hope you enjoy your last few weeks man, bring me back a snippet of the jungle. cant wait to see you again bud. savour every moment you have left as britain is fucking boring. anyways dude best be off. take care.
your boy, Aygul xxX

Badger said...

For Charlotte Russell Alpha 2

Hello gorgeous! It looks like you are having an amazing time and doing really well. I am so proud of you for doing this! Although time is flying by, i am missing you muchly and can not wait to see you in Nov! We can go winter clothes shopping and buy you some woolies as the cold might be a shock!
I hope have a great time on the next stage of your adventure. Love you lots and i hope you are getting your hands on some chocolate - for the sake of the rest of your group! Badge xxxxx

Elle said...


Claire Ullyett said...

Emma Pygott.

England sucks! It is cold and grey here and I wish I was kindergarting it up with you! Although toilets and running water are cheering me up somewhat. Miss your face! Can't wait to catch up when you get back. Hope you are having an awesome time and not getting too tanned! cough cough. I am getting pasty already... it's like I was never there. I've got serious Raleigh blues, miss you and the gang loads!

bundles of love and jungle snuggles Claire xxxxx

Andrew Yianni said...

To: Gregory Yianni

Hello Gregory. Hope everything is still going well.
We are back from Cyprus and had a great time. We are sending this blog on 18 August. The news from SGC is as follows:
1. 19
2. 19
3. 20
4. 18
5. 19
We enjoyed the picture of you cooking.Hope the food was good. Call or text me if want to have a chat any time.
Much love Dad
PS Mum said she is going to try the blog with Eleanor's help in the next few days

Anonymous said...

Jennifer Reay

Hi Jen

Good to see pictures of you on the web, you look as though you are having a good time!

Eddie has grades for York and will be home in two days.

Nic says Hi and he hopes you are all right.

See you soon.

Love Mx

cupcake mom said...

Hi Malcolm - Alpha 1
Saw Aunt Mel today and a bbq is scheduled for Sat. Aug. 20 for Bingy + Mal who are going off to school next month. Tajae and Tariko are going to live in the UK now as they never returned after their football match in Barcelona and Bingy was captain of his team. They won quite a few games. Sister's test results were promising and she's a little 'ill'
, but nothing to worry about at this time. She's glad you're having fun, and can't wait to braid your 'fro' when you return home on Sept 5. Back in Bermy now and can't wait until you return, but hopefully you can call home so I can hear your voice on Sept. 2 or 3. Spoke to Mrs Jackman and she tells me Jeral is doing good also and likes the fact he can now scuba dive on his last phase. I know for the first phase you were at the Sun Bear Conservation Centre (Sepilok jungle), then trekking - Long Pasia /scuba dive or beach activities at Mamutik Island now I know you're assisting with finishing the kindergarten. So you can test your skills in Bermy. Kameron can't wait until you get home; his mom would like to sign him up for Raleigh when he turns 17.
lots of love from sister, Aunt Flo/Legend, Aunt Mel/Rog, Aunts Denyse, Vic, Gina. xxxxmom

Anonymous said...

Message for Charlotte Russel Alpha 2.
Lottie!! It's Lyndsey! Wow, your time on your travels looks amazing. The pictures are great. You have achieved so much. I cant wait to hear all about it. Ella is sooo excited to come out and see you when you head to New Zealand!
We are all missing you so much. Everyone is keeping well and we are thinking of you. Good luck with the rest of your journey. Take care, we love you. Lyndsey xxxx

Simon Watterson said...

Message for Rosie Watterson Alpha 5
Hi Rosie just a quick note to let you know you got an A* in your study project. Dick is really happy and we are proud. Hope the jungle and diving goes great. Mum say she will have a go at sending a blog. Love u lots. Dad

Annielouise said...

Hi Amer Townsend in Alpha 1

Good to see another photo of you...Looks like you have been enjoying yourself and having FUN!..A bit confused as to what you have been up to...maybe its me you know this blog business is all new to me. Been really missing you can't wait to hear your stories and give you a big hug. Make the most of your last three weeks enjoy...hope you are well and enjoying the food etc lots of love Muma XXX

Charlotte Bradshaw said...

To Emily Bradshaw - Alpha 1
Hi Em

It was wonderful to hear you sound so happy speaking on the phone last weekend. I really hope you enjoy your final phase too. Received your letter from first phase and postcard this week. Your Padi qualification arrived too - well done.
Unfortunately the blog has not given us any updates from your last phase but am hoping they will update with this phase soon.
We are off to Devon tomorrow for a week.
Jessica is deciding which chocolates to buy you for your return and Harry ate an ice cream dedicating it to you today!

Keep having fun. Keep smiling. Missing you but looking forward to 5th.

Lots of Love Mum x x

Firdausi said...

Dear Rujina Khandakar,
Just though I'd let you know that I got A(in maths) B(Economics) B(chemistry) and I'm dropping History :(
Nadib got a job at Marks and Spencers and now we have to wait for his results to come out next week!!
HAHA we got your orangutan postcards ... don't forget to take lots of pictures!!
From Firdausi

Susie said...

To: MeganDaly

Hey Meg,
Hope you are getting the party started at Sepilok!! Miss you and our Maliangin laughs, i actually wish i was back there, it's depressing being home. I have been listening to David Gray and Jack Johnson non stop. Oh i got into Brunel Uni woooo! I cannot find much information on Lost - think Dan's friend must be lying....Can't wait to hear how endex and your phase went!
Susie xx

Susie said...

To : Daniel Kirk

Hey Dan,

Honestly miss the laughs. Hope you are getting the party startedddddd!!! Oh i literally can find no information on Lost new series! Think your friend may be lying or i'm just to dumb to find it. Also i got into Brunel woo - so you can know tell your friend to come and find me.
Enjoy the rest of your time out there!
p.s i am yet to have a kebab.

Susie x

Anonymous said...

Hi Apha 2 phase 3 Stephie Morris - you look great. On another boat to get to the site? Loved hearing from you last week. It was the best pressie ever! Have fun and make the most of it...
Alex is officially a graduate of Penn Sate. Peyton finishes Drexel in Sept. She has a big course load. Just think you are back in the saddle on your return. All very exciting.
Kathleen and Emmy are flying in on 7th to welcome you home! Everyone else is fine.

Can't wait to give you xoxoxoxo's

sam xx said...

Hi message for Marcus pinsley! Hope u enjoy the last phase. What is he beard about? Get it shaved!! Haha- all good here. On summer holidays. Going to mum and dads for Friday night dinner. Will be thinking about u. Oli got a job if u didn't know in Bolton. Doing something with the Internet for a business. He likes it I think. Went to hul, to c the grandparents last weekend. Hope u r enjoying this trip and hope it's not gone 2 quickly as it's nearly over. Sending love to u. Love ur sis Sam and ben- but he is at work xxxx

Anonymous said...

This is to all of Alpha 4 Phase 2
Hi guys hope you are having an amazing time still out there, finding it a bit hard back home but reading the blog all the time. Sam unfortunately the pilot wasn't an inspiring one, hope my girlies Dharu and Weezy are keeping strong remember pop it lock it pocka dot it yes I have just been listening to it:P. I am actually missing fart club.I am off to leeds fest (Soph your gonna be there next year) I have had a drink for you all as well I would have to have done all 14 but after one large glass of wine i had a thick head. Can't wait to see you all when your back.
Lots of Love Amy (head girl/armadillo) xxxxx

Catherina DALY said...

HI Megan DALY Alpha 4 from Mum
Keeping looking at the blog for pics of you ? hope all is going well. Final stretch and then you will be back with us. Looking forward to seeing you. Dad and me are busy at wk following the Riots, hopefully it will remain quiet. Beth wanted to go to Reading, we said no as she is too young so she is not happy :( Ciara is counting down days till you return. We all miss you BUT not long now LOVE U lots Mum and everyone in sunny Barnet xxxxx

Lauren and Tim said...

Rosie Alhpa 5

Still got a smile I'm please to see. Trekking & diving next, sounds great although Tim is not so sure as he doesn't like getting his face wet! Am awaiting an email message from Grandma to pass on, she's missing you loads but is very proud. She's been following you on the blog, no, honestly! & is always pleased to see you in a photo. Congrats on your A* Lx

Siobain said...

To Tori - Alpha 7

Hi Tor - hope you are doing well? Just wanted to say that you are into your first choice accommodation as well - so you will definitely see Livvy there. I'm up in Suffolk with Grannie and Uncle Paddy - off to the Brudenelle tonight - we will be thinking of you! Miss you so much my darling. Take care. All our love M, D, A & J xxxx

William Beard said...

To everyone who was in Delta 3, Alpha 4 phase 1 and Alpha 6 phase 2 + anyone else I met out there. Hello you lot from merry old England. i hope you enjoyed / are enjoying your last phase in Borneo. Definitly make the most last of your last few weeks out there and be warned it really is difficult to adjust to life back here in England.
From Will Beard

Elle said...


Elle said...


Alex Ratcliffe said...

hey shannon!!! happy 18th birthdayyyy!!! hope you had a great day in the jungle, miss you loads!

lots of love smurf xxxx

Alex Ratcliffe said...

hey sophie and andy brillo and everyone who signed my card!!

thanks for the letter guyss :) actually made my day!! you guys must have been so sneeky because some of the 7 weekers signed it too!! hehe! thank youu was the best bday pressie ever, hope all is good out there and sopy hasnt peranged her arm off yet ;)

lots of love

alex xxxx

jacqui said...

hey shanni. hope youre enjoying trekin and diving. im kinda jealous. dont pik up anything that;ll bite u in the derrier. cant believe u'll be home lookig forward to hearing about your adventures. it was more than great hearing your voice the other day. i love you. see u soon.

your favourite mother

Simon Watterson said...

Rosie Watterson Alpha 5
Hi Roz we got your second letter this morning. Hope you are having a great final phase jungling and snorkling. We are going to Poland tomorrow so mum is busy practising. I'm sure the flights will be fine and I'm very experienced now re. sorting flights at distance if required!

Will blog you when we get back. Love u loads


Margaret Thornley said...

Hi Natalia, Its been great catching up on what youve been doing through all your photos! We're always looking out to see if we can spot you! Hows the 3 t-shirts coping?! Will they make to the end? Looks like your having a fantastic experience - Enjoy your last couple of weeks - sure your looking forward to a hot bath and a comfortable bed! Take Care
Love Aunty Margaret and Emily xxx

ciara and mia said...

Megan daly alpha5
to Megan can not what till you are home. hope your enjoying yourself said Mia i am really counting down the days surprise waiting for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love ciara and miaxoxoxoxox

Rachael Hanbury said...

Message for OWAIN MASTERS Alpha 5

Yo Owain!!! I hope this is where you meant to message you! I am sorry i have been useless at messaging so far, I did write you some post and then went to send it you on Monday and realised I had to send it by the 14th :(, you can can have that when you get back if you want lol. I hope you are enjoying jungle life, it's so weird seeing you in your group photo and knowing you are across the world. My summer has been very hard work so far with placements but we've had some gd weather, although compared to what you are used to now I'm sure you'll think it is freezing. My summer definately has an owain shaped hole in it though, can't wait to see you when you get back, party times! Also I saw your twin in four marks the other day, literally so alike, you sure you are in borneo! Me and Fi went out in London the other week and I definitely think shoreditch is somewhere we should go to celebrate your return. I am thinking of going travelling to australia for a month or two next year, I know you've always wanted go there, so think about coming? I guess this trip will have given you lot's of time to reflect on what you want to do, maybe given you the urge to travel more. I hope you have made some great friends and have an amazing time to the end! If you get a chance to name a baby orangutang, please name it faye and take a picture lol. MISS YOU!!! See you soon, I'm sure you'll sporting your orange look tan and bleach blonde hair. Love Rach xxx

Aunty Estherx said...

Megan daly alpha 5

hiya megs nissing u lots from photos and ur letter you sound like your having amazing time .looking forward to hearing your stories when you come back .It looks like you will be winning the bet on getting best tan than beth,she will be gutted!!!not long now and cant wait to see you.Allmy love and rest of lawrence family xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Liv said...

Claire, Cynthia, Sean & Steph - Alpha 2

Hope you lot are enjoying Maliangin. It's totally sweet right?

Cynthie: Are you there, I mean really there? Keep singing the Livy Sony at 9pm okay?
Stephs: Stay strong girl. I wish I was there to steal your cap.
Seany: If you're washing your hair, STOP.
Claire: Awww man I miss your smiling and singing. Make sure Seany doesn't wash his hair.

Lots of Alpha 6 love from Liv

Liv said...

Megan Daly - Alpha 4

Megs! Liv here. Hope you're enjoying Sepilok. I'm sure you miss me kicking you in the face every night so just in case you need cheering up remember teacups, bleech noodles and "Are the loop EVEN coming?". Tell Andy I say 'hey man' and to give you a hug from me.

Liv said...

Pipo - Alpha 1

Pipo pipo! Livy livy here! You better still be singing the Livy Sony. Guess what? I was talking to Melina, I think she had boy! Awww remember that chilli moment. Haha. Enjoy the last phase and don't be missing me and my Stevie hugs too much.

Liv said...

Dan Kirk - Alpha 5


Long Live Livaniel.

From Liv

p.s. Missing our sunset snorkels.

Liv said...

Beth, Nick and Will - Alpha 3

Hope the craic in Danum is all good.


Love from Liv

nanny kathleen said...

mega daly alpha 6

hi megs i miss you lots can not wait for you to come home miss your phone calls ciara is making the coffee now you are gone beth is brown but i think it is from the bottle

love you lots and lots nanny and michael xoxoxox

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Shannon! Nothing like growing older in a foreign country; I hope the experience has provided you wealth of growth and stories to tell your nieces and nephews when you get older. Almost home cannot wait to see you.


Lauren and Tim said...

To Rosie Alpha 5

As promised, message from Granny.

Hi Rosie Hope you are having fun on the last leg of your Raleigh Expedition . I`ve even managed to access the site with a little help from Lauren ! Just want to wish you a lovely 18th birthday on the 1st Sept . wherever you are and whatever you are doing I will be thinking of you with lots of love . Looking forward to your safe return and hearing about all your adventures .

Love Granny.

Amanda Watterson said...

Rosie Watterson Alpha 5
I'm so excited we go to Poland soon for a few days. Everyone at church was checking I knew how to says things like " I have a room reserved or where is the cash machine" it was really sweet. Please remember everything about scuba diving like What is it like to swim in warm water? Do you keep rolling over onto your back like I did at the swimming pool? Did your air tank keep hitting the back of your head? How many fish did you see? any coral? I'm so excited that you have a chance to do this.We got your letter and it was good to "hear" your voice again. I'm glad you have found an alternative career as a window fitter if University falls through!Have you read your Dads blog? He has some good news for you! Oh by the way, we have had another car written off as it was parked outside the house! That's two now! We don't bother to fold the outside wing mirror in anymore as it seems like tokenism. I ran out to help the driver who had turned his car over onto the roof (after pausing to put some trousers on)however when I got there I saw that one of our neighbours had run out in her tee shirt and pants! All I could see was her behind sticking out of the drivers window as she helped him. I didn't recognise who it was though!I did feel slightly bad that I had not reacted as quickly. The driver miraculously was uninjured. From our front door the car looked OK. But the Policeman pointed out that the other side of the car was more or less missing. I hope you have a great birthday. I may manage to get Grandma to send you a blog when I'm visiting her. Can't wait to see you.Love Mum

Thomas Kidner said...

I wrote a rather long letter but apparently raleigh said no.... oops.
as I think I have missed the loop now there isnt much point in writing too much.
so, er, have fun at endex and I hope to see you guys when I get back !!

sarah sebastian said...

DHARUSHINI BAI aka Tsa Ru aka Bt bt!!!!!
Missing you like CRAY CRAY!!! Almost time for your return! :D man! time is flying! Heard you'll be travelling with your friends for abit before you come back? Have fun babe! but dont have TOO much fun!! we want our Dharu back!!! hehehe. our Nirvana Sessions are WAY overdue! How're your eyebrows coping?? hahahaha!
Mucho Love,
saratt ;) <3

Anonymous said...

This to everyone in Alpha 1 phase 2 and Alpha 4 phase 1
Hi guys I hope you all are having an amazing time still, I just wanted to say and I promised you all a cheeky blog post so here it is.
Dan i am already laughing just of our chats in Sepilok. The min yoy are home you better text I will be in my new pimpin pad by then.
Nathan I hope you are still cutting the bull and keeping it real. Dez and Troy are pumped and still going.
My Bermudan boys Jarel and Malcolm, Jarel I can't say i am missing those filthy tunes on you ipod but Malcolm I am missing your epic back massages!
Sam I hope you are still exfoliating if not get using that sand!
Will keep hammering those nails like never before
Soph TITP next year its going to be epic I am packed for leeds cannot wait x
My girlies Dharu and Weezy, I hope your keeping strong and builiding those guns, keep singing to some great tunagexx
Bear June don't forget the beaver upkeepxx
I think thats everyone, Lots of love from Amy xxxxx

Shannon William's Aunt said...


Trekking through the jungle in Malaysia for your 18th B-day!!!! WOW!!!! It's gonna be hard to top that one!!

You'll be home soon!! Dunno if that's good or bad news!! LOL!!! Everyone misses you though!!

Good to see you showing off Jacqui's dimples up front!!

Love you Niece!!!

Nadia said...

Dear Rujina Khandakar (Alpha 5)
hope your enjoying your final phase!! hurry up and come back! loool i want to see youu.. Nadib has started his new job today at marks and spensers well training for today and tomooro but officially starts this sat! he will be workin sat and sundays!! lool!! Naurin says hi and that you have to bring back her lots of presents!! loool!!! im trying to pick my eid clothes! its so hard as always! and i dont have the time to go to greestreet so im looking online, going to order something tonight i guess!! hope your enjoying your last week or so there!! im at work!!! lool and its so quiet:( like no coustmers so i thought why not sit here and write you something nice:) haha.. ps done forget to bring me back a monkey in your suitcase:) thanks hahha! anywayss must dash now.. love you Nadia xxxx

Linda Bolton said...

For Nick Thornton (Alpha 3)
Hi Nick hope you are getting our messages. Your next project, rainforest research sounds amazing.....We got your news via Deb and you are certainly having the experience of a lifetime.Hope you are putting the camera to good use - can't wait to see some photographs - maybe via the web? Life god here. Chris started to fly at Alvor - only small aircraft but enjoying it - and some great coastal shots from the air.Nana well and enjoying a better social life than us back home!She sends you her love.Stay happy and have fun! Thinking aboutyou. Love L &C xxx

Chris / Dad said...

To Lucy in Alpha 7,
Hope that water pipe is now flowing and the hard work is getting a little easier. You sure need a holiday next, so look forward to seeing you soon and promise some nice meals - no spam or chicken! No real news from home, obviously very pleased with Simon's results. Has been a very wet August at home - though you will probably think otherwise given downpours in Borneo. Enjoy the trek and look after yourself. Dad xxx

Aunti Jac said...

To Emily B, Alpha 1

Hi Em
So good to hear all your updated news from mum - we all love the three-weekly updates. Just wish there was more of you on the blog! Hope the kindergarten will be fun - you've got plenty of experience after all!
Can't wait to see you in just a couple of weeks now. You're going to lose your voice telling all your stories over and over again.
All our love
Jac & Will

Beverley Jones said...

To Rupert Gibson-Hall Alpha 7

Hi Ru

Hope you are well and continuing to enjoy yourself. Dad said they had a lovely time in Canada. He rang me on Sunday all of a panic wanting the emergency telephone number for the AA he said that he thought the gearbox had gone on the car. Anyway, a short time after he remembered that he put petrol in the car instead of diesel so when the AA turned up he had to be towed to a garage for it to be drained out. Typical of your dad :) Car all back to normal now. Off to Potters this weekend just hope the weather will be nice. Two weeks to go and you will be home, it has gone so quick. Can't wait to hear your stories.
Lots of love Bev x

Anonymous said...

To Natalie Clerke, Alpha 3 (Phase 3)

Hi darling. Great to get your text and find out what you are doing next. Sounds brilliant - have lots of fun. Can't believe your time is going soooo quickly. I am off to Lake District and then might go on to Linda's for a couple of days if she is back. So keep your fingers crossed for some half decent weather! Will write again soon. Glad you got my letters. Love you loads. Mum, Sam, Jon, Poppy and Rory xoxoxoxox

Rob Taylor said...

Hello to Andy, Sophie and Deva in sepalock, Will, Nick, Marcus and Miranda in Danum, Sherie in Maliangen, lim, Caz and Sam in Sonsagon Magandai AND Rosie, Heloise (weezy) Elizabeth (goldie), Dahru, Jeral, Caz, Ricky and Dan k on trek dive

hope your all having a good time on your last phase! got back late sunday evening wore the 5xl G top on the flight home but still managed to catch a cold which Im just seeing the back of now, managed to get both perangs back safely but lost that rusty penknife to customs, (it was a bit embarrassing) should of just given it to you Jeral. Feels strange being home, finding it hard sleeping without Andy's snoring! Theirs already some good pics appearing on facebook from phase one :P dont think we can rely too much on the ones I took on my technological wonder of a camera though! only got about 30 that came out properly but will still be scanning them in soon, got some good ones taken on sophies B-day up at the church!. Sorting out all my stuff for uni now, finance and accommodation ect. Been eating some great food no more porridge breakfasts! And enjoying listening to music that’s not amplified by a tin can. Also been playing allot of guitar inspired by Sams playing at the church in Sonsogon Magandai, Missing you all cant wait to speak when your back!
Lots of Love Rob Taylor XXX

Becky and Josh said...

Hey Tom - hope your having a lovely time! Dad tried posting you a message but I think it was too long!! They all had a lovely holiday and are back safe and well now, im home as well and start my new job next week, just trying to sort out accomadation! Everyone is missing you, and we all hope your having a fab time, look forward to hearing about your adventures on your return! Lots of love Big Sis & Little Little Bro! x x x x

Anonymous said...

Hi Ross (Weir) Just to let you know diving school in Flamouth are putting on 2 course open and advanced. Have booked you on to the one on 22nd Sept as you start uni on 26th so fits in well with your arrival accom available from 23rd i think. Anyway the man said that the course does depend on weather so fingers crossed!!! Looks like there are a few students in same position as you and some that have done no diving so hopefully should work out. anyway be time you get this the end will be fast approaching. We are really looking forward to seeing you. Kyran keeps having dreams about seeing you think he is missing you LOL!! Well hugs and kisses mumx

Steve Whiting said...

Hi Sheri, hope that all has gone well on returning to the final phase of your trip and that you are now fully fit- though I am sure very tired!!Everyone back home is very proud and send their love to you. Look forward to hearing from you soon and take care of yourself. Love Dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Mel said...

Message for Caz - Trek/Dive. Missing your face a lot, in particular your lil red nose! hah Only joking bub, there is a Caz shaped hole in my heart though, its alright though cos I had one of my Mr Bump plasters in my med kit left over :) I hope your having the most incredible last phase and get this message in time at the 5* accommodation that is Likas. Have an amazing time at the Endex party, be sure to throw some sexy shapes on the dance floor from me ;) Love you lots, Mel xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Fay/Fatty Boy said...

Message for Caz From Fay :)

Hey sweetie, just seen that you are going onto your final phase - diving!!!! So excited for you, I really can't wait to hear all about it when you get back. You are going to see some AMAZING things!! I think the most I saw in Spain was a seahorse and a barracuda.... haha. Hopefully I will be advanced qualified when you get back so we can go and do some diving together :) Looking forward to seing all the snaps....

Missing you so much, can't wait to have a girlie dvd night and a catch up when you get back.

Take care of yourself and stay golden :)

Love Fay xx

Caroline's Mum said...

Caroline Jane, Alpha 5 - Trek/Dive.
I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO jealous! Hope you've had the time of your life. Lots of love, Mum xxxxx

Shahem said...

To Ruba Samain- Alpha 1

Hey Ruby,
apparently mum wrote to you a few days ago and it doesnt seem to have worked so we're writting again. The pics look great, glad your havin fun. Mum and I are in Jordan atm and Alex came 2 days ago.. its really nice and hot here.. we're eating like pigs. oink oink. We're gonna take him to see basically everythn in the country.. including ajloun and jerash and karak. Its nice to be around the fam, the kids (raneem amir and yazan) are growing up so much. Anyway looking forward to welcoming you home soon. Have fun and take care of yourself.

Shahem x

Lauren and Tim said...

To Rosie Watterson Alpha 5

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you.... you get the idea! Not sure if we've posted too late or too early for you to actually see this - but hey, its the thought that counts. Hope the fish are friendly. Lx

Anonymous said...

To Caroline Jane Green - Alpha 5

Alright Suze/Caz mate????? Hope you enjoyed trek and diving and have not forgotten me.. I will admit right now that I have had to bin the zebra print leggings, wore them to the plane, Vinny refused to board a plane with me dressed like that so I had to change in KL.. then they got more holes in as I am fat and you are skinny so I'm afraid that they are in the bin (like I already said)... I will buy you some more better ones, that will also be in my size. I am missing Borneo big time. Keep talking in a Sandra voice and going, oh Sandra, and no one gets it.. Awkward. When I got back my uni stuff was awaiting, I am living in an actual house!! So make your way to Brighton after your travels. Fingers crossed for all your travels as well.. Hope you have an amazing time and when you eventually face up to the fact you do actually have to come back home and get a job I will be waiting!! Lots of love Catherine Ludlam aka Sandra xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

To Cynthia Alexander - Alpha 2

Hello Cynthia my hero! Just to let you know I have taken photos of my feet everyday since I have got back from Borneo just for your collection, only joking I am not as odd as you... Missing you lots and lots, especially you smile and hugs! I hope you had a great final phase even if it was without me! Get in contact when you get home please!! I want to hear all about it. Lots of love Catherine Ludlam xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

To Owain Masters - Alpha 5

Alright mate???? It's Sandra here, missing you and our cooking sesh that never happened. I have stopped cooking since I came home apart from the odd chocolate cake.. I hope you had a great trek and dive, I see you had Caz mate in your group again, awkward :D. Only joking, gutted I wasn't with you guys. Is that all three phases you have been with her??? Oh dear. :D. Vinny and I had, I think, the first raleigh reunion yesterday. Can't wait for everyone to get back so we can have more!! Lots of love to you and anyone I forget to post a blog to.. BIG HUGS xxxxxxxxx (btw, just for the head up Caz didn't get big hugs..) From Catherine Ludlam

Louise Hartman said...

To Emily Bradshaw - Alpha 1
Hello Emily
This is my third attempt at sending a blog following phone tuition from Charlotte! It sounds as if you have enjoyed so many fantastic experiences and I can't wait to see you and hear about your trip. Everyone is fine here and my most exciting news of the day is Lily sat up on her own for the first time!Sending you lots of love, hugs and xx's Louise