Tuesday, 9 August 2011

11D - Alpha 6 return from their trek and head to the sea

After living in the jungle with their supply of Raleigh rations, supplemented by some fresh food from the jungle and guided by their expert jungle guides, Alpha 6 has found that twelve days has been an experience they will never forget.

They trekked,

and they trekked,

they crossed rivers,

they overcame obstacles,

and they trekked some more.

They put up their tarps and hammocks at new sites every night having trekked to the location of their new camp, cooked their dinner over a Trangia and washed up using Raleigh's three bowl system. 

Keeping up your strength while trekking is an important part in being able to complete the challenge so the group regularly took the opportunity to share some of the food that they had taken with them while resting at the jungle camps.

It wasn't all hard work though and the group were able to learn essential jungle skills, such as how to make cooking and eating utensils out of bamboo, how to start a fire and how to be resourceful in keeping rehydrated with the help of the bamboo tree.

Some great opportunities arose to see some native flora and fauna,

and trees with spectacular roots.

Of course, there was some time for some R&R in some beautiful places,

some exploration,

some tree hugging,

and some people hugging.

The final part of their journey on the trek phase was a home stay in the village of Long Pasia.  All of the venturers, in groups of two to four, stayed overnight in a local home in the village.  There they experienced a home cooked meal, a comfy bed and a warm welcome from the villagers, all of which were satisfying rewards for the hard labours of the previous 11 days.

Alpha 6 are now enjoying time on Mamutik Island where they are undertaking their course to learn how to SCUBA dive.  We hope to bring you more updates on their progress in the coming days.

From Sarah and Helen, Field Base Team members


Anonymous said...

Message for Charlotte Russell, Alpha 6; Hey lovely, wow, wow and wow! What an experience you're having. It all looks so amazing, can't wait to hear all about it. Everyone is well here, but missing you lots. Seeing your folks on Wednesday and Jimmy is coming over on Friday for a lads night in. Keep going and I'll see you in HK soon when I m going to spoil you rotten. Love u, Tom xxx PS We lost the semi :(.

Richard Beard said...

For Will Beard,Alpha 6.

What a fantastic experience.
Glad to see the hat is back,and in use,and great pic of alternate use of a genesis explorer scalf,with a great advert for Petzl.
I hope in true SECRO form you were the first down that cave,or were you the one brewing up at the entrance setting up comms.
Good news that you can finally finish that open water qualification.
See you at the airport on sunday,rumour has it Emma will be with me,wether that is a good or bad thing at 5.50 in the morning remains to be seen

Yvette Pygott said...

To Emma Pygott alpha 6
Hurrah...I can see you again.
Treking looks pretty tough, but what a fabulous place!!
So you havn't cut your hair yet!!! Still long and you look great, but that pack looks heavy!!
Sending you loads of love and hugs and kisses
Mum and Zoe

Anonymous said...

Robert C Alpha 6 - photos look amazing - hope you have others. Enjoy diving (and not carrying too heavy pack). Don't panic if you hear about riots in London generally and Clapham in particular. All at 131 are fine but Arding & Hobbs and other shops trashed. Love MXX

cupcake mom said...

Hi Malcolm - Alpha 6

saw your pictures at a table and cabin site during the trekking. you look great and healthy...so very proud of you as you continue on your journey in Borneo, and can't wait to hear about all of your journey.

Malcishia (Malcolm's sister) said...

To Malcolm Alpha 6

Hope you are enjoying your experience in Malaysia and learning a lot from it. Come back home as a new person and don't look back on the bad news. You are a strong person (literally) lol and I hope you are taking lots of pics. I'm back out in ATL with mama for medical reasons, but all is well. I've seen your pics and looks like you are really enjoying yourself. And you are actually SMILING!! I thought you don't smile in pics, I guess I was wrong lol! And you finally got to make your own toilet tehee! I know you'll have so much to tell when you get back. Stay safe and see you when you come back home.


Anonymous said...

Emma Pygott Alpha 6
Hi Emm good to see you have survived the jungle trekking.and looking great as usual. Enjoy the scubadiving. it should be right up your street.

Enjoy and stay safe
Lots of love
Grandma & grandad

Charlotte Bradshaw said...

To Emily Bradshaw - Alpha 5
Hi darling. It has been great to read about Alpha 6's trekking to get an idea about what you have been up to. Looks amazing. Looking forward to catching up with you this weekend. With all your new skills you will be very useful on our next camping trip - although I am not sure how many you could put into practice at Henley?!

We just had a great few days camping, the only comparison being the weather as it was really hot one minute and pouring the next!!

Hope you are well. Keep smiling.
Lots of love and hugs Mum xx

Ellie said...

Yo Susanna Sek (alpha 2)
Home pretty soon! I bet you're feeling weird that's it's all nearly over but we can't wait to have you back. Hope you're making the last of your days. Your ma came and asked JO when you're actually comic back they're not sure if 14th or 15th we told them 15th. Anyhow see you soon where we're thinking of a trip to Brighton is in order! Ells xx

Anonymous said...

message for charlotte russella alfa 6 hi darling charlotte lucky tom is round for supper has he has shown me what to do missing you like mad still the silly season here but everyone well love you lots and lots mum xxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Melissa Hobbs Alpha 6 - your trek looks amazing, what a fantastic experience your having. The time seems to have flown by, really looking forward to meeting you at the airport on Sunday. Remember how lucky you have been, how many more friends you now have, take everything in before you leave. Love Mum.

Josleen said...

To Ruba Samain- Alpha 6

hi ruba habibi
miss you a lot asking mun always about your news which is great shahm just read a letter from you we are sooooo proud of you (all the arabs should be proud of you)
i always remembered you when joseph and jara's baby born i thought you would be happy to hold him . you will do that when you come back, he is so cute they named him rayan.they live in chiswick now
your friend karim has gone to spain today will be back on monday. the a level results on the 17th pray for him.
khattar is struggling to find a flat in lille as his university will start on the 3rd of september.
hannoud is in lebanon enjoying her time.
now amo zouzou arrived we are going for a walk with mum.
amo zouzou says marhaba to you he said we miss you and love you a lot.
a big big hug from me until you back so we can give you a big one personaly.
lots of love from all of us

Nanny said...

To Tamara Reynolds (Alpha 7)
Hi Tamara,
I have just checked the blog again (as I do each morning)but no update from Alpha 7 yet...can't wait to find out all about your adventures.
Hope you are ok and still enjoying the Borneo experiences.I am looking forward to hopefully seeing you in some more photos when they update. Take care of yourself and stay safe.
Lots and lots of love to you from your very proud Nanny xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Natalie (Alpha 5). Looking at the pics from Alpha 6 which is trekking which I think you are doing just now and it all looks sooooo exciting and amazing. I am sure diving was brilliant. Can't wait to hear about it and hopefully see loads of pics.

All fine here. Sam working hard!! Jon too. Me chillin nicely! Holidays! Phew! Hope you have got my messages/letters. Look forward to catching up when you can. Poppy and Rory getting bigger all the time!

Love you loads and loads. Mum xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hi Ross Love the pic of you and Kidner hugging the tree! And nice one with you and the local children. Trek looked like great scenery but hard word. Well as I am typing this you may be under the sea off a lovely island WOW wish we were there (although I am sure you are glad we are not LOL) Keep up the good work and fun of course. Love and hugs MUM and dad xxx

ejsmo said...

Hi Marcs hope you are ok!! (Marcus Pinsley)
Looking for photos of you but cant find one.
We are getting ready to go home tomorrow but the good news is Oliver has got a job and starts on Monday with DRL in Bolton.
We are going to the Lake /district for two days and then its back to work!!
We have had a fab time here in Marbella and stayed at Helen and Grahams overnight in Cala Honda!! It was brill as well!!
Must tell you this coming we saw going to the gate to get the plane Jan and Graham they were waiting at another gate to go to France!! It was very bizarre!!
Anyway we are all thinking of you and missing you loads. Keep well and keep enjoying yourself. We are so proud of you.
Loads of love Mum and Dad xxxx

cupcake mom said...

Hi Malcolm - Alpha 6

Kristnin was in VSB Wed. Aug. 10th speaking about all 11 of you on expedition in Malaysia/India/Costa Rica and got a call from your dad saying there were lots of pics of the expedition and saw you smiling with the hammer and board in hand. Uncle Walter saw you as well and was quite pleased. What a great experience for you honey. Weather in ATL isn't too bad and have seen Trey, Aunt Vaughn and Uncle Chuck a bit also some cousins you haven't me as yet. Phone number is 610 787 1040 in ATL if you wish to call before I get home on Mon. Aug. 15. xxxmom

Aunt Brenda said...

Hey Malcolm (Malcolm in the middle): ALPHA 6

miss picking you up to take you to CebarBridge, but with you having your own transportation gives you a sense of independence. I thought I'd write you a short note just thinking of you. I've told your mom to say 'hi'.

love Aunt Brenda on the outside!!!!

mom said...

Hi Brother - Malcolm Alpha 6

the Canon's cruise is tonight at home, which was rescheduled from July due to the weather. Aunt Mel sent a FB to say she'll miss me at the cruise as I was her dance partner. I told her to shake a leg for me.


Anonymous said...

Message for charlotte russell alpha six hi,lottie. So good to see you ! It looks as though you are having the most amazing time. Tom is behaving himself...just. Its really hard to type on this thing (ipad) at least thats my excuse and im sticking to it. Stay safe, missing you. Take care, love Sarah and Jim

Linda Bolton said...

For Nick Thornton Alpha 1.

Hi Nick have sent you other stuff but can't see it anywhere so maybe it got lost in transit! How are you doing? We have been thinking about you a lot and can't wait to see the next pics.Hope you are having the time of your life - we are both jealous! Nana just gone back to UK and sends you big hugs and lots of love.She has had a great holiday and is looking well. We are now home alone. Loving Portugal and hoping you will find an odd wkend to come and see us some time soon. Stay happy! lot of love L & C xxx

Anonymous said...

For Chloe Senior, From Paul Newman
Hey there hun, Hope your having an amazing time. Im sure you are and seeing by the pics it looks awesome indeed.

Well I have big news and wanted to let you know. Im moving to the US! My girlfriend which btw is also news; lives out there. In Kansas specifically. Out there im looking at studying for a masters and just having an alround lovely time. Im looking at this for two years at the moment with us thinking the UK will offer us both the lifestyle and future we want together; but I am playing it by ear.

This is all kinda crazy, but good crazy :) I will really miss you hun, but I shall keep in touch. Have a fab rest of your adventure.
Take care x

Lee/Deb said...

for christopher houghton, ALPHA 7.

hi son, we ve all been keeping up with your trip by
looking at the photo s of you . The hat looks a bit worn now thou ! enjoy every minute , miss you at home loads, love mom

Siobhan said...

Hi Mart!

Presume that's a cup of tea you're enjoying in the photo - very familiar pose!

Thanks for the letter and braclets. I scanned it and sent it to the school secretary who has emailed it on the children's parents - Harry's parents replied and said it made his day!

Hear you're staying a little longer for diving, enjoy! Take care, have fun and see you relatively soon!

Love always xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Palomiee (Alpha 7)
Its your favourite flatmates here! Just wanted to say hello and that we miss you! Hope the trek was good and we can't wait to see you when your back! Me (nikita) and Shrina are still working.. sad times. Ami just came back from hol- she has good news for you when your back! 1 week =D Good luck with your last week! Lots of lovee flat 14 (b) xxxx

mum and Rakhi said...

Hi Raj Alpha 8
Hope you survived the jungle. looking forward to seeing you soon. Don't know where the 5 weeks have gone. Hope its been awesome for you. The photos of the opening ceremony look great. Well done to you and your team.We will see you at the airport with Chai and Puri!!
Love Mum and Rakhi