Saturday, 2 July 2011

Where to from here? Phase 1 allocations are revealed!

Having heard about the six fantastic projects which this expedition has to offer, anticipation has been building within the group about who would be allocated to which project.    There was a mood of nervous excitement in Bamboo Hut as the venturers gathered to say goodbye to their current groups and to find out the fate that awaits them!
 One by one, they discovered where they will be going for the next three weeks.

The lucky team heading off to Alpha 1 to start building the kindergarten includes:   Abigail Harris, Alex Cox, Cameron Robertson, Denise Wong, Harry Clesham, Jennifer Sargent, Katie Horder, Lucy Ryan, Natalie Clerke, Nicholas Chong, Owain Masters, Ross Weir and Rujina Khandakar.  The project managers are Caroline and Martin.

Off  with Alpha 2 to build a gravity water feed on beautiful Maliangin Island are:  Alex Ratcliffe, Andrew Merritt, Caroline Jane Green, Daniel Cross, Deva Gilroy Sen, Georgia Pawson, Maandip Singh Gill, Maeve Wiese, Martin Robson, Melissa Hobbs, Oliver Semmence, Phil Gibbins, Shannon Williams and Sophie Hedges. The project managers are Rob and Julie, and the team will be joined for the first half of the phase by Alicia from our logistics team.

Looking forward to some hard work with Alpha 3 building a new research camp in Danum Valley are: Charlotte Russell, Cheah Keat Yew, Dharushini Bai, Emily Bradshaw, Heloise Richer, Jeral Jackman, Natalia Wong, Patrick Loftus, Richard Hughes, Rob Clarke, Ruba Semain and Theo Bird. The project managers are Petr, Emma and medic Rhiannon, with communications officer Paula deploying with them for a few days too.

Looking forward to working at the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre is the new team for Alpha 4.  They are:  Amer Townsend, Amy Burn, Catherine Rowland, Claire Ullyet, Daniel Kirk, Elizabeth Gold, Emma Pygott, June Yin Tan, Malcolm Outerbridge, Nathan Titus, Rosie Watterson, Thomas Kidner and William Beard.  The project managers are Graham and Jodie.

For Alpha 5, it's off to beautiful dive island Mamutik for 5 days before they return to the jungle for more trekking.  The new group includes: Awang Sharmiezam Awang Masri, Catherine Ludlam, Ewelina Stefanska, Liza Forsyth, Marcus Pinsley, Robert Taylor, Sheri Whiting, Siong Chou Lim, Sophie Given, Susanna Sek, Vincent McAviney and William Poole. The project managers are Jock and medic Nick.

Alpha 6 will be putting those basha-building skills straight into practice as they head down to Long Pasia for their trek phase.  They are:  Andy Devers, Benjamin Langridge, Bob Chen, Claire Huxley, Cynthia Alexander, Megan Daly, Nicholas Thornton, Olivia Burke, Sean Holmes, Stephanie Morris, Will Essayan and Yoke Yuen Chew. The project managers are Nem and medic Beth.

We can't wait to hear how the projects progress, and we will update you regularly over the course of this three-week phase.  For now, however, as they prepare to depart for their respective projects at dawn tomorrow, we wish them selamat jalan!


sophie gs mum said...

To Sophie G, great to see a pic thanks,everybody says hi ,you look great.xx mum xx

Aunty YY said...

Hi Sopie aunty yy here hope you are having fun take care xx

Anonymous said...

Hi, Katy Horder, alpha 1,

Hello, it was good to see you - looks fantastic- have a great time. M&S

Mattt said...

Brilliant news!! Ewelina! Your off diving! Awesome! Be careful of the fish with big sharp teeth!? Or should they be more worried of you! Haha!! Have an awesome time! Looking forward to next up date!! Take care have fun!! Missin ya xx

Anonymous said...

Please send this via "Radio Raleigh".

The following message is for Katy Horder of Alpha 1.

"Dear Katy,

I hope the whole trip is going well! Please expect a letter soon, I'll craft one out as soon as I get the chance to! Things are going well in Cambridge, everyone has graduated and it's quite sad to be here with only the MCR to keep me company. I finally got the photos in the mail and they look wonderful! I put all of them up in my study to remind me to us and the cats! They all look so cute and Elsie is such a poser!

I hope you are having fun and are making lots of new friends! I miss you and take care.

Love from,


Julia Kay said...

For Sophie Hedges Alpha 2
Great to see the photos of you with team Alpha2. Bad luck about your finger, hope it heals quickly! Will continue to follow your progress. Lots of love Mum, James and Emily xx

Lu Ying aka your adik said...

Yoke Yuen,
Hi kakak, cannot tahan to call you yoke yuen.. =P

take care.. and be friend with the jungle!!

mzPras said...

i see that u will be involved in building a new research camp...have fun while ur at it and remember that u are blessed in many ways :)
much love...babybai

Ruba's Mum said...

To Ruba Samain, Alpha 3

Hiii Ruba we were so excited to see the fantastic pictures with all the beautiful surroundings. I'm sure it will be a very amazing experience. The family misses and loves you and we'll keep track of your progress through this blog. Good luck.
Mum xx

Anonymous said...

For Ross Weir - Hi Ross great speaking to you yesterday you sound like your having a great time. Lovely to see the photo's and hope the building of the kindergarten goes well. Will make sure we send you a letter and let you know how things are going here. Have fun and hope you get some good pics - luv ya xxxx

Mum said...

Message for Melissa Hobbs, Alpha 2 - what great pics of you and all the Alpha teams. Looking forward to more pictures over the coming weeks. I've started tidying your bedroom, it may take the 7 weeks. Everyone sends there love. Don't play with the crocodiles. Love Mum, Dad, Em, Grandma, Nanny and the people I work with, they are following you on the blog as well.

simodino said...

Hello Pipo, cynthia, june, dharu & ricky !!

You guys rock. Keep that coolness with you. Hope you have a blast during your first phase and hope you have not experienced any falls from your hammock =P

Tinggi tinggi Gunung Kinabalu~~~~~

get out there bah!!


Richard Beard said...

Message for William Beard in team alpha 4,
Glad to see you finally got in one of the pic's,i've now got to google 'Bornean Sun Bears 'to work out what your doing.Willow weighed in at 9.5 kg at vets when he went for 2nd vaccination,thats a 50% increase in three weeks,gods knows what size he'll be when you get back.

clesham said...

Hi Harry - looks like you are having fun! We are all missing you but love the pics & updates. All good here, Socks missing you but getting lots of walks with Bridge and Liam. Everyone following the blog and you should get some mail soon. Love you masses Mum, Sophie and Socks xx

clesham said...

For : Harry Clesham Alpha 1

Hi Harry, So good to see the pics and read the blog!! Everyone reading and following the expedition. Missing you masses but so happy you are having a great time. Mail will arrive soon x Lots of love Mum, Sophie and Socks xxxxx

Annielouise said...

Hi Amer

Good to see you smiling, hope you are making the most of new friends in Alpha 4.......sounds fantastic that your off to the Sun Bear Conservation. What a great way to start. Looking forward to the next update, missing you loads have fun Muma XXX PS: haven't got a dog yet LOL! x

Kayleigh Bower said...

Heyy Wills,
Hope you are really enjoying yourself and the diving and trekking are going well! Was lovely to hear from you! Hope you are coping okay with everything, the pictures look great!!! I'm a bit frantic trying to get ready for Zanzibar this week! Hopefully I will be able to keep track of the blog while I'm out there and update you when I get there.
I miss you loads, can't wait to see you and hear all about it!
I love you, Kayles x

P.s. (Haye lost the fight and Djokovic won men's Wimbledon) x

kyle messick said...

Hi Stephie - in Alpha 6
Happy 4th of July from the US family! Loved seeing you in the photos. We are all thinking of you. Best Wishes for an exciting and safe Trek. Love ya...Momma bear

Mum said...

message for Catherine Ludlam, Alpha 5. Bet you are having a fantastic time on Mamutik. I remember how much you were looking forward to the diving. Hope you have got to grips with the hammock sleeping arrangements and used to all the unusual sounds? We like following the blog. You look like a cool group! Look forward to more news! lots of love to you from all of us at home. xxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi to Phil in Alpha 2

Great to see a photo of you and hear that you have got to Maliangin Island which looks fab from what we've seen on the web. Have a wonderful time. Grandma, E & L are also following the blog.
Love, Mum, Dad and K.

TommyG said...

Message for Charlotte Russell, Alpha 3. Wow, the Danum Valley project looks amazing. Great pics and updates so far. Alpha 3 looks like the best group to me. Hope you're all well. We're all so proud of you. Keep going and I'll see you Hong Kong soon. Love Tom xxx. PS Happy 4th Anniversary

~ howie said...

Yoke Yuen + Cynthia + Everyone else there!!! HELLO from the freezing office of 8TV!!!

Keep smiling and have a fantastic great time there!!!

Can't wait to see what's been happening.


Jean Bodycote said...

For Nem in Alpha 6

Hi Nem,
Hope you are enjoying yourself! Sounds like you are having a fun time the photos are great.
Thanks for the birthday pressie we had a lovely day, my pedicure was fab and we had a lovely sunny day. Kim is sending you a letter today. I will write to you also.

Lisa Holmes said...

Hey Sean hope your having a lovely time and hope your making some new friends :)Im keeping my eye on you so enjoy yourself and take care. Love you lots. Lisa xxxx (PS Auntie Julie and Uncle Jim say HELLOOO)

Anonymous said...

Message for my main man William Poole

Right first things first i am going to be a father........................haha only joking mate hope your well and enjoying it, miss you loads as do all the boys, my days just aren't complete anymore without you waking me up saying your outside. Your not missing a huge amount back here, all the boys are back safe and sound from Thailand and Jamo had his eyebrows shaven off the otherday by tor and kiddo and wastell when he was passed out on a drunken one lol. Keep doing what your doing and experiencing this amazing thing that you are doing and i can't wait to see you when your back mate. Lots of love from your studgey little brother from another mother, Bolton x

G&G said...

For Alpha 5. Catherine, Enjoying seeing the photos, and diving for 5 days WOW! LOL G&G

Elle said...

Have an amazing time, though I'm sure you already are!!! Bear Grylls xxx

Elle said...

PS. Sean Holmes, pictures look awesome!! I am very jealous! Just to let you know, me and Phil's girlfriend are now pals. Miss ya! xxx

Shannon William's Aunty! said...

Hey Shani! I can't believe you're all the way over in Malaysia!! WOW!!! I'm sooo proud of you and I hope you have an experience of a life time!! Uriyah misses you taking him for his bus and ferry rides! :-)

Take care of yourself!!!!

Dad said...

Sophie Given Alpha 5

Hi Soph,

Just catching up with the blogs, love the pictures think you are in the best team!!!

Lucky you getting to go scuba diving I bet you have a great time, the forth is waiting for you when you get home.

Missing you loads


Dad, Wendy & Grace xxxxx

Lauren and Tim said...

Rosie W. You have been spotted and the oldie informed of your safe arrival. We're very jealous, wish we were there with you, although you're probably please we're not. Love L&T

Momma sita said...

Hey Steph -alpha 6
we are off to Prague tomorrow, final 4 days can't believe how fast it has past. from Budapest to Germany on the Danube.
Really enjoy seeing the photos!!! Can't wait to hear of your adventures. Make lots of friends, enjoy the moments! let us know whats up on your return to camp.
Cheers for now,love ya so much...!!!

Mum said...

Hi Nick! Great to see the photos of your first few days. Hope the trekking is going well and you are all coping with the heat! Everyone here is fine and sends their love. Take care. Love Mum, Dad and Rachel xx

Anonymous said...

Ricky Cheah Alpha 3,
IW - Ralaigh MM - till now EXPEDITION!! Woop Woop!!! Eh, should have bring camera bah~~

Jia Yee

Nish Gill said...

Dharushini Bai, Alpha 3!

Hey bird! It's your homie Nish :) We're all missing you back home and hope all's good on your side, looks fun and you're always smiley in your pics so thats a good thing hehe!

Heading of to melb this sunday and will write to you more soon. Have a great time and can't wait for all your stories! :) you're awesome for doing this! LOVE YOU!!!! Always be strong and think positive dj bird. hehe. Dj Byrd - bringing the funk to the jungles of Borneo hahaha! mwah!

Love from all back home :)

Mattt said...

Msg for ewelina-Alpha 5,
Have watched you tube clip of the diving on your island, one word WOW!! looks spectacular! Hope You'r having as much fun as those guys! I'm sure you all are! Can't wait to hear how you got on!! Hope your well! Enjoy! xx

Abi H said...

For Charlotte Russell, Alpha 3

Hi Lottie!
Photos look amazing! Saw mum and dad on the weekend and gave all the horses a kiss from you!
Hope everything is going well and the tan is coming on nicely!!!

Lots of love

Abi xxxxxxx

Lou & Phil said...

Hi Catherine

Hope you are really enjoying everything. It all looks and sounds great! Thinking of you and feeling not a little envious - what an adventure!! Lots of love from Lou & Phil - XX

Sarah Shep said...

To Megan Daily Alpha 6!

Megsss i finally worked out how to use this thing was great to see photo of you out there!
i will keep checking this to see how youre doing :) i miss you loads, i hope things are going well! cant believe its been nearly two weeks!
im not going away for ages so if you get a chance to write on here please do...thats if can, im not really sure how this thing works.
life in barnet is boring as per i will let you know if anything exciting actually happens ha!
love youu xxx sarah

Jacqui said...

Hi Shanni. miss u like crazy girl but soooooo glad u get to have the experience of a life time while helpin others. so very proud of my baby!!!!! remember to have fun!!!!! ur brothers and sisters miss u too - i guess thats why they spend nights in ur room.....relax!!!! can't wait to see u in september.....I LOVE YOU ALWAYS.....momma & daddy

Jacqui said...

Hey Shanni, its me again. a fella dat works with ur aunty wants u to be his assistant on photography projects. i told him u'd be more than happy to help....hope ur getting some gud u...momma

Katy B said...

For Olivia Burke, Alpha 6

Hi Liv - we're all missing you back home but delighted to see these photos. You look great, as does the weather/scenery/rest of team/everything! Hope you've really enjoyed the trekking and that the rucksack is holding out. I've finally managed to finish a letter, so it should be in the post to you today.
Lots of love, Mum. Dad, Doug, Sorcha (and Barney & Oscar too!) xxxx

Cinda said...

Hi Caroline

Looks like you're having a great time! We enjoy looking at all the photos and we can't wait to hear all about it. It looks amazing!

Your dad and Christian were both covered in paint when we saw them at St Pierre yesterday - working very hard. Christian played guitar at the pub last night.

Love from Cinda, Rob, Rosie, Sammie and Timon

doug h said...

Rob Taylor and Mell Hobbs great to see your pics up hope your having a great time dnt get bitten lol keeping contact if possible and enjoy yourself and take care lots of love Doug and Natz xxxxxx

Emma P mum said...

Hi Emma
Mum again..back from Greece AND JUST A LITTLE PINK...ALPHA 4..HAVE SEEN THE PICTURES AND YOU LOOK GREAT...have fun with the bears and will keep an eye on what you are up to..missing you loads
Love Mum and Zoe

Kimberley said...

Daniel Cross Alpha 2

Hello! I have just discovered your blog and seen your pictures! I had a google of Maliangin Island.... I have to say I am rather envious of your adventure, the island looks beautiful! I hope you're enjoying yourself, it's great to see your grin in pics! Looking forward to reading more about what you're up to. Miss you lots and lots! A letter is on it's way to you... make sure when you read it, you're not eating... I had a bit of a gross story to tell you involving a lady and her Gillian's! hehe. ;) Miss you! Love you! Kimbo xxxx

ciara daly said...

megan daly alpha 6.

hi megs i am missing you millions and can not what to see you again you are the best sister in the world anyone would want you as a sister but i am lucky. i got my report today and it had needs to stop chatting. no raven flew into are garden whaen you where gone !

love ciara xxxx

nanny said...

megan daly alpha 6.
to megan miss you lots the house is not the same with out you. miss your phone calls loking forwod to seeying you

lots of love nanny and michael xxxx

Linda Bolton said...

Message for Nick Thornton.
Hi Nick hope the trecking has gone well and that you are having a brilliant time. It looks and sounds soooo exciting. We are thinking about you. Love from Linda and Chris xx

Yasmin Molloy said...

Hey Megs!! In Alpha 6
Its Yasmin!
I hope your well and having a amazing take soaking up all the new life changing experiances and of course the sun!!
Going to be stalking you on here to see how things are going
Take care
Lots and lots of Love

bella emberg said...

To Owain Masters
Hi Owain and everybody else, Ive been looking on the website and checking on your progress, I hope you're having a really fab time. Don't forget to kiss an orangutan for me- take lots of pictures. Ive asked David for a trip like this for my 50th next year- fat chance! Love you, keep safe Cioc (Mariola) xxxx

bella emberg said...

to Owain Masters

Hi Owain, Ive been looking online and envying your trip, don't forget to kiss an orangutan for me. Ive asked David for a trip like this for my 50th- fat chance! Take lots of pics, have fun and I cant wait to hear all about it. Don't do a Raf and never come back! Love youuuu Cioc (mariola) xxxxx

Jane said...

Rob on Alpha 3 - thanks v much for letter - Danum Valley looks great - hope bugs not biting too much. Looking forward to next instalment.

You have to sort bank - I have tried for hours and failed. Data Protection - grr. Details of number to ring etc are on your gmail and Raleigh know too. love MXXX

Henry said...

Rob on Alpha 3: Where is my letter? I think I probably deserve at least 3 while you're out there...
Have fun!

Anonymous said...

To Petr - Alpha 3

Hey sweetie. I'm headed out of town for a bit. Be good and be safe. Me

Anonymous said...

Msg for Nick Alpha 6

Hey mister, just thought I'd have a quick look at the shaved head not that bad :p. Hope all is well and your not getting bitten or burnt too much :) think of us lot while your sunning it up, stuck inside at the lovely acc haha stay safe Jen xxxx

Squambick said...

Hi Jenny!

Hope you're having a great time in the wilderness without any Lily Pulitzer stores!

Your favorite Aunt

Squambick said...

Oops forgot to say for Jenny Sargent Alpha 1!

Hope you're having fun and no photos of the elusive dead whoopie!

Fav. A K

Jacqui said...

hi Shanni....cant wait to have u come home and build the family a water catchment. pay attention!!!! hope ur still havin a gr8 time. still miss u like crazy. gonna try n paint ur rm this weekend...hope i get the colour right...oooops!!! dreds burfdee was 2day.take care of u....

Maria and Simon said...

Message for Sean Holmes Alpha 6

Hey Sean! Looking at the photos and feeling really jealous. We missed you at Dodsonbury - only 1 guitar and a didgeridoo is not what we have come to expect! Enjoy the rest of your trip! xxx

Fay/Fatty Boy said...

Message For Caroline Jane Green in Alpha 2.

Hey Swaggers! Fatty Boy here.... Hope you are doing well and that you are loving every minute of it. I see you are in Alpha 2 and I am looking forward to hearing about how you are getting on :) Very excited for you. Hope all is going well with the water feeds and that you are getting your tan on.... we have enough rain here to rival your jungle's shocking.... typical english summer....

And now for some Armstrong and Miller Humour....

"And anyway..this tunnels against health and safety... you could get closed down if a health inspector saw this...."

"They shot us down"
"It was a joke, man"

Speak to you soon hun, Looking great in your photo, as always :)

Lots of Love,

F xxxx

Dad said...

For Sophie Given Alpha 5

Hi Sophie

It is very quiet back here, no news from you for a while and not much on here about your group at the moment. Looking forward to seeing what has kept you so busy and out of touch these last few weeks.

Been writing to you every week hope you are starting to get the steady stream of letters.

Missing you Babe

Wendy xx

Sally 5064 said...

For Susanna Sek Alpha 5..Hey Susanna. It's STILL RAINING here . School hols start tomorrow . May and family have the Frenchies staying . Wish the weather would cheer up for them. It's been raining for the tour de france too ..They've had several mishaps and accidents Non serious tho' Still waiting to see how your Alpha 5 are doing.Have sent you another letter today .Hope its not too late to reach you.. Love and miss you Sally xx:-)

Garfield said...

Msg for Alex Cox (Alpha 1)

Hi Ali, Where are you ? I have taken over your bed, Miss you playing with me.(me-ow)
Hi Alex, Glad you are having a great time, Thx for your txts. We just found the blog & saw your photo,it all looks exciting.
Hope Cathy is enjoying it also. Good luck with the new project. Txt again. C U soon xxx
Dad : Looks like great fun Al, Sorry we havn't sent any letters you didnt mention it. Take loads of photo's, We all miss you and hope you're enjoying every minute of the experience. love from us all XXXX

Catherina DALY said...

From Mum to Megan DALY Alpha 6

Megs it was great to hear from you and so GLAD you are having a super time. I am missing you lots but I am also very proud. Your group look fun GOOD Luck with the next phase which once again sounds fantastic. Lets hope you get this message sooner than before BUT always know we are thinking off you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Catherina DALY said...

From Mum to Megan DALY Alpha 6

Megs it was great to hear from you and so GLAD you are having a super time. I am missing you lots but I am also very proud. Your group look fun GOOD Luck with the next phase which once again sounds fantastic. Lets hope you get this message sooner than before BUT always know we are thinking off you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Ciara DALY said...

FOR Megan DALY Alpha 6 from baby sis CIARA

I did not get to speak to you and I was sad. Pls phone again so I can say HI. I will wave to you from the plane. xxx

Helen said...

Megan Alpha 6
Hi Megs! We have been following your pictures from Liverpool and they are amazing. We hope that you are discovering many new experiences and testing yourself? Take care Hells,Chloe,JOSH AND JOEL XXXX