Saturday, 2 July 2011

The venturers have landed!

Some have travelled thousands of miles, some have simply travelled across the city. Whether from near or far, we were delighted to welcome all 11D venturers to Expedition 11D at the beginning of this week.  Having greeted our Malaysian and Bermudan venturers on Monday,
the excited volunteer manager were at the airport to greet venturers from the UK, US, China and New Zealand on Tuesday.

With a complex training schedule ahead of us and just three days in which to accomplish it, it was straight down to work!  Divided into "Delta" groups, the venturers were introduced to some of the skills that they will be putting into practice once they reach their project sites in just a couple of days.

With all our projects in remote areas of Sabah, regular contact with Field Base is vital.  Each group will call in via radio twice a day, giving an update on their well-being and the progress of their project.  The radio will also be the first point of contact in the event of emergency.
For some, their first taste of project life will be the adventure phase. Trekking through the Borneo jungle, they may be faced with rivers to cross. Now they know the safest way to do it!

No Raleigh Borneo training programme would be complete without a trek into the jungle!  Before the groups headed off, our local guides armed them with some of the skills that they would need later that day.  First, some tips on how to keep the camp hygienic.
Next, guidance on the safe use of the top jungle tool, the parang.
Finally, an all-imporant lesson in how to erect a basha, a simple shelter comprising a hammock and tarpaulin, strung from the trees.  Well, it looks like a simple shelter.  Let's see how simple it is when we actually have to construct one ourselves!

Armed with a host of new skills, the teams headed off to the jungle.

It was a night of mixed fortunes!  Alas, it cannot be said that all hammocks were completely horizontal or that a good night's sleep was had by all, but most remained dry, and nobody fell out of their bed.  With 12 days' trekking ahead of each venturer during the next 10 weeks, there is still plenty of time to hone this particular skill!   

Having survived their first night in the jungle, it was a cheerful group that returned to Base Camp the next morning.

Between trekking and training sessions, there was time to get to know new team mates, and learn a few new games.

But now the training is complete, and it's time to find out which project awaits each venturer.  Check back tomorrow to find out who is going where!


nish gill said...

Dharu!!!! I Hope you're having a great time there! Looking forward to more updates :) Take care and we're all missing you here back home!

Nish :)

Anonymous said...


message for DAN KIRK from THE SHELTON FAMILY (Northwood branch)

glad to see you've made it in one piece!! hope you are finding your way ok and remembering to take your medication :)

Sybil Robertson said...

It's great to be able to picture where they are, and actually see one of Cameron. Looking forward to seeing pictures and hearing news of the projects once they get there !

christal.loh said...

Dearest June, Yoke Yuen & Cynthia!!!

missing you Trio lots...
the Lame Cold jokes + Chinese Food you all must be missing...


work hard & you shall be rewarded soon! >.<

your Penangite friend,

Darren Lee said...


Hey guess what? 12 more days till Harry Potter...just thought I let you know.

I hope you're having a blast, it looks like you are. Can't wait to hear all your crazy stories!
And btw, how good are you at Mafia now? I miss that card game! ha. Take care.

-Darren Lee
(full time legend)

mzPras said...

Dharu Birdy Bai...dude..hats off to u lah...u probably already lost 3 kg' is missing you. be good. much love...

.Shel. said...

Dabaiiiii!! I see you're surviving and having loads od fun! We miss you like crazy here! Come home soonn!! Have fun and call me when u can! Xxxxxxxxxx love love mershel :)

stephanie poole said...

Will, Great to see the pictures. Hope you enjoy the diving. We are all thinking about you.
Love M,D & A x

Anonymous said...

Message for Martin Robson
Group Alpha 2
Great to read about the new skills you are learning and see you in three photos. Missing you and looking forward to the next update
Robson family

Kaywell Outerbridge said...

Hi Malcolm:
after looking at the pictures, it looks like you're having a fun time. glad that i can see these pictures. i sent you some postcards from home, and Legend/Aunt Flo, Uncle Roger/Aunt Mel, Godmas Sherry + Dee, Aunt Una and many more say hi. Sister and daddy sent you a postcard as well. kibbles is relaxing in her cage. looking at bikes, you'll need to get licence for 125cc once you return home. sunny day today; lots of rain over night with thunder and lightening. miss you young man, much love, momxxxxxx

sam xx said...

Hey Msg for Marcus pinsley! Hope this work and gets to you! Just seen a pic on here of u in ur group! U look so happy! Hope ur enjoying! Waiting for more pics of u diving! Love ur sis Sam and ben xx ps hope ur showering!

sophie gs mum said...

To Sophie Given Alpha 5
Hello ma daling,hope your enjoying yourself.Weathers been good here,so been out in the garden.Milo is growing fast and running all over the house and up the curtains!forfar gang comming for sleepover ,they send their love,as does gran and grandad.Lots of love sophie,Mum xxxx

Ruba's Mum said...

To Ruba Samain, Alpha 3
Hi Rubee, all of us here miss you so much, but we are also happy that your in such unique location, helping people and gaining such an amazing experience. I am saving all your pictures and I keep looking for more every day. Jozy, Hind, abou Arkan, Rima and many other friends saw the pics and they are all proud of you. Shahem's birthday was fun, 35 people attended the BBQ , you can imagin what mess followed. Rakan is still working on his CV, I believe it will be done when you come back home..
Love you sweet heart. mum xx

Anonymous said...

Message to Lucy Ryan
Hope your enjoying your first week, saw your little face on the photograph with your weird black thing on, looking forward to seeing more photos, lots of love sally and mum x

Anonymous said...

Message to Lucy Ryan
Hope your enjoying your first week, saw your little face on the photograph with your weird black thing on, looking forward to seeing more photos, lots of love sally and mum x

Fenella said...

Hi Cameron, Hope you're still smiling, and there aren't too many beasties in the jungle. What a fantastic adventure! Wishing you and your team a great time. Fenella x

Anonymous said...

DHARU LULU BELL!!! OMGGG IT LOOKS FUNN!!! haha i can't wait to hear the stories!! im posting a mail ya knw so look out for it. -Tush

ejsmo said...

Hi This is for Marcus Pinsley!!
Hi Marcus we are missing you loads but I bet you are having a fab time.
We are now moved and we are shattered. Not online yet until 2 weeks time so using Sams comp as here for dinner. Oli is at a wedding in Brighton.
We all send our love - dont forget the maleria tablets.

Loads of love Mum Dad and Oliver xxx

alice belaman said...

Dear Cynthia,
We saw the photos and are glad you guys are having a great time.Yr mother, papa, grandma, sisters, brother and aunts say "hello and lots of love"

alice belaman said...

Dear Cynthia,
We saw the photos and are glad you guys are having a great time.Yr mother, papa, grandma, sisters, brother and aunts say "hello and lots of love"

Emma Pygott Mum said...

Hi Emma Pygott
Just checking out the blog and can see you..hope you are having fun and Zoe and Grandma and Grandpa say hello!!

Love you loads
Mum and Zoe

Anonymous said...

Hello Amy Burn, Alpha 4. Great to see your photos and hope you are enjoying yourself. Looks like you are having a fabulous time. We are both really jealous. Missing you lots. Love Mum and Dad & the crew. xxx

alice belaman said...

Dear Cynthia

How are you dear? the photos show that you having a great time. Have fun, enjoy and take good care of yourself. Lots of Love from Ammatchi, Periamma and Alice Sitti. We are missing you!!!

alice belaman said...

Hi Cynthia

How are you? Hope you received our letters and our wishes for you to have a fantastic time. do let us know if you need anything, we can send by "Pos Laju". Take Care and lots of love from Ammatchi, Periamma and Alice Sitti.

Anonymous said...

message for lucy ryan...
hi lucy!! have been thru all the blogs but this is the only one i can definatly make out has photos of u on lol need a widescreen to see properly! everything thats goin on looks amazing!! cant beleive you've been gone so long! (ur not missing anythin except rain here haha) hope ur havin the time of ur life :) love and miss u loads and cant wait to see u for some vino and dancin! love charlotte xxxx