Sunday, 24 July 2011

Sun, sea and SCUBA for Alpha 5

Easing themselves gently into their adventure phase, Alpha 5 headed off to beautiful Pulau Mamutik, where they would spend the first week of the phase.

There, under the watchful eyes of Borneo Divers, they began learning the skills they would need to become qualified SCUBA divers.

Having passed both theory and practical tests, the team were awarded the Open Water Diver certificate from PADI (the Professional Association of Diving Instructors).

Now suitably qualified, the team completed their week on Mamutik by taking part in a coral planting dive, putting their new-found skills into practice whilst helping to repair damaged areas of coral reef and increasing their environmental awareness.

And thus the dive phase came to an end, and the team bade farewell to the ocean, and prepared to spend the final two weeks of Phase 1 in the Long Pasia jungle.


ejsmo said...

Mess for Marcus Pinsley Alpha 5

Wow Marcus just seen your pics on your scuba diving its lovely to see you and you look good!! Bet it was a fantastic experience and you look as though you are enjoying yourself too.

I am at work and just rang dad and he told me you were on.

Oli has gone to see Hull FC with Ed and will have fish and chips afterwards then before he comes back will go and see nana and papa.

Keep well and taking the tablets.
Still missing you.

Loads of love Mum and Dad xx

sophie gs mum said...

Sophie Given Alpha 5

Great to see you my darling,enjoy your next phase,still missing you but so proud of my wee star.xxxx

sally5064 said...

For Susanna Sek Alpha 5 Borneo...Hi Susanna At last We've seen some pics of you at your scuba diving Looks as though you had a great time. Hope you are enjoying your trekking. Everyone here sends you their love Britt had a birthday bash for Stella's 40th yesterday...Wonder what you will be doing next.? Hope you enjoy it anyway. Weather here still not brilliant:-( we are all thinking of you love and miss you Sally xxxx

Lu Ying said...

Chew Yoke Yuen, Cynthia Alexander, June Tan,
Hello from Budapest. I guess I don't need to ask how's life as I bet all of u r having great fun.
I m travelling with my sis and spending some time to see what's going on over there.
Well, enjoy and have fun. I know all of u do.
Take care.

stephanie poole said...

Hi Will
Great pictures of you on the dive island. It looks like you are having great time. Hope you enjoy your adventure in Danum valley. Can't wait to hear all about it. Miss you. Love and hugs G&G xxxxx

The Not So Grey Nomad said...

You look great, obviously your head hasn't been 'shrunk' yet!!!
Stephan & Rosalyn

Dad said...

Sophie Given Alpha 5

Great to see pics of you on the scuba dive... looking fab. Dad was thrilled to hear from you the other day he was so happy the rest of the day. Glad you are enjoying the letters plenty more gossip coming your way.



Anonymous said...

Message for Liza Forsyth now in Alpha 4 From Mum
Hi Liza, Good to see some pictures of you - hope you enjoyed the diving. Sorry I missed you when you rang the other day. Nan and girls all had a good weekend in Wales, weather was really good it was nice and relaxing... not quite the adverture you seem to be having. So sunbears and orangutangs next! Look forward to hearing all about it - hope the time doesn't go too quickly for you. Lots of love mum and dad xxx

Anonymous said...

message for Vincent Patrick Alpha 5
Hi vinnie,I cannot see any of my previous comments.If this gets through happy birthday for 27th July,maybe talk on your BD,Photos loog good.


Anonymous said...

Message fro vINCENT patrick please deliver for 27th July birthday.
Photos look good from your diving,visitors leaving today,hope all well,hope you have a great birthday in another great location,
happy birthday
Mum and Dad

vincent mc aviney said...

vincent patrick aplha 5

Happy birthday looking forward to having a party when you get home.

Mum and Dad

Hezam Ryan said...

hye alpha 5 miss u all so much... hezam here... the dive is so fantastic... enjoy your next phase... love hezam from alpha 5 phase 1...

Anonymous said...

Hey Rujina Khandakar in Alpha 4!!
I left you a messege y.dai dont think it got updated or whatever.. we recived your letter, glad to hear your having a lovly time, we all miss you loadsss!! sundays are really not the same!!! hurry back lol!! hope your looking after yourself.. glad your having lots of fun... i want to see picsss!!! hope the food isint bad.. and your staying well.. GUESS WHAT I PASSED AND GOT INTO 2ND YEAR AT UNI!! thought i would let you nooo hehe.. anywaysss enjoy your time.. and i shall keep you posted.. were starting to fast frm next week.. so exiteddd... love you lotss Nadia mwaaaah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

vincent mc aviney said...

Message for Vincent Patrick Alpha 4 group.
Hi Wee Man hope all going well and you had a good birthday party.Nicola address La Coquille,Noyes,Camboulazet 12160,France.We spoke to Rose and Jim at the weekend it was Jims birthday,they are starting to enjoy life in Collingwood as Retirees however Jim has to finalise sale of the Garage.Jim and Rose new address is 464 Mariners Way,Collingwood,ontario L9Y 5C7 drop them a card probably never had one from that neck of the woods.Len Les & boys are off to Nice on Saturday for a week,you may see a blog from the boys.They will all be back when you get home.Pat and Steve home from Portugal after long hot month,summer finally arrived in jersey looking forward to b b q on beach at weekend.Meeting crowd tomorrow at Sheilaghs for Andrews anniversary.All the best GBMD

JennyG said...

To Deva Gilroy Sen Alpha5

Great to get your letter today!
Thanks for the info about the blog. Hope you've enjoyed the diving into another world! Literally! Saw the photo of you in the pyramid.Tan developing! Am about to go to Belfast for a week. Granny was 94 today! Much love, Jen xx

Anonymous said...

To Sophie Given Alpha 5

Hey Sophie, looking great babe. Hope you have a great birthday tomorrow!!! Lots of love from Auntie Fiona, Hamish, Rachel and Archie

Anonymous said...

Emma Alpha 6 you all look a great team cant tell you how proud i am of you keep going all Alpha 6
Love lots
Granma and Granpa Sheehan

Anonymous said...

just saw how well you're (Marcus) doing for this campaign of yours... it's so nice to see (the pictures) all the things that you talked about in our conversation earliet... von voyage! see u around ---dale