Monday, 25 July 2011

Phase 2 commences!

With the groups out on project for almost three weeks, there was much excitement as Expedition 11D reunited for changeover at Base Camp this weekend.   More important even than the promise of a real shower, was the chance to catch up with friends...

... and news from home, as the Field Base team delivered letters and parcels and the comments posted on this blog.

For some, most important of all was to learn which team had won the "Come Dine With Me" competition to impress the Loop with their culinary skills and hospitality.  A tight-run contest, the winners were a very proud Alpha 1!

When applying to take part in an expedition, venturers choose to stay for one, two or three phases,  and so it was that we found ourselves bidding farewell to Denise, who had chosen the single phase option. 

For those that remained, it was time to find out their destination for the next phase.  Without further ado, let's reveal their fate!

Alpha 1 - Continuing work on the kindergarten at Kg. Sonsogon Magandai, the new team is:  Amy Burn, Andy Devers, Dharushini Bai, Elizabeth Gold, Heloise Richer, Jeral Jackman, Nick Thornton, Rob Taylor,  Rosie Watterson, Sophie Given and Will Essayan.  The PMs for this phase are Caroline and Sam.

Alpha 2 - Off to Maliangin Island where the gravity water feed awaits are:  Bob Chen, Catherine Rowland, Cheah Keat Yew, Daniel Kirk, June Yin Tan, Marcus Pinsley, Megan Daley, Natalia Wong, Olivia Burke, Richard Hughes and Susanna Sek, with PMs Rob and Emma.

Alpha 3 - heading into the Danum Valley jungle, are the following:  Alex Cox, Claire Huxley, Ewelina Stefanska, Georgia Pawson, Harry Clesham, Jennifer Sargent, Philip Gibbins, Sean Holmes, Sheri Whiting, Siong Chou Lilm, Will Poole and Yoke Yuen Chew.  The PMs are Petr and Nick.

 Alpha 4 - making further progress at the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre will be:  Ben Langridge, Cameron Robertson, Caroline Jane Green, Catherine Ludlam, Cynthia Alexander, Liza Forsyth, Maandip Singh Gill, Owain Masters, Rujina Khandakar, Shannon Williams, Stephanie Morris and Vincent McAviney.  The PM team comprises Jodie, Julie and Nem.

Alpha 5 - starting their phase on dive island before their jungle trek will be:  Abigail Harris, Alex Ratcliffe, Andy Merritt, Daniel Cross, Claire Ullyett, Deva Gilroy Sen, Emily Gradshaw, Natalie Clerke, Nathan Titus, Nicholas Chong, Oliver Semmence, Patrick Loftus, Sophie Hedges and Theo Bird.  The PMs for this phase are Jock and Beth.

Alpha 6 - trekking in Long Pasia, then diving on Mamutik are the following:  Amer Townsend, Charlotte Russell, Emma Pygott, Katy Horder, Lucy Ryan, Maeve Wiese, Malcolm Outerbridge, Martin Robson, Melissa  Hobbs, Rob Clarke, Ross Weir, Ruba Samain, Thomas Kidner and William Beard.  Their PMs are Simon and Lee.

Fun with the new teams began right away, with a few games - and the obligatory "Raleigh Olympics" soaking.

And then, all too soon, it was time to pack up once more and write last letters home,  before the groups went their separate ways.  Meanwhile, Field Base is standing by, waiting to hear their news!


Tracy Essayan said...

To Will Essayan 11D Alpha 1 -- We love the photos! Seems strange to be going off without you; we'll let you know when we're back in London. Have fun in your 'Bob the Builder' phase! Love, J,C,M&D

Anonymous said...

Message from Alex Ratcliffe:

Hi Mum, Dad & Nelly!!!

Hope you all had a fab hol and enjoyed G day :) Shame about the dress mum! Ha ha but I wished I'd have seen it happen!

Helen - the lack of chocolate is a bit of a bummer - defo going to have a large bag of Minstrels when I get home!

Having an amazing time out here - all the people are really nice. goin on adventure phase next, so quite excited!

Got your card the other day mum - thank you! I've sent one back! Hope everyone and everything is okay at home. Miss you all!

Lots of love,
PS. Good luck on your first day of work Nelly! Try not to kill anyone!

Anonymous said...

Message from Alex Ratcliffe:

Hey Jamie!

Thanks for your comment! Having a brill time out here! Not really digging all the porridge tho! ha ha!

Going on adventure phase next - so you never know I might come back with an annoying branch! ha ha!

Hope your having a good summer so far! Bridesmains is awsome! See you soon Jammy Dodger!

Lots of love,

soon said...

Dear Bear June from Alpha 2. Hope u enjoy your Maliangin Island very much. Please say hi to the fish there. Hope to see more photos from u, and remember to enjoy the star =) Take good care!

From: Marble

soon said...

Hi Pipopipo from Alpha 3. Wah~~~ when to Danum Valley!!! Great experience, but this time remember to be more careful from Bamboo table ok! don't stay too near!!! Take more photos!!! And don't always mengorat macho guy ok! Remember u already have 1 here! take care =)

Yvette Pygott said...

For Emma Pygott alpha 6 now!! to SCUBA dive....enjoy swimming with the fishes and look forward to seeing you in a SCUBA mask!!!
Love you loads
Mum and Zoe

soon said...

Hi Cynthia from Alpha 4, Pergi Sepilok Sun Bear ah, Remember to sleep at Bear June place ok! And becareful from Orang Utan when u shower, because later kena mengintai by Orang Utan... hahaha... And always carry a stick with u, because later u will attack by monkey!!! Take care!

Sally 5064 said...

Susanna Sek alpha 2 Borneo..Hi Susanna I saw your pic in alpha 2 now so you've all changed round then How exciting Wish I was there Good luck with your new project .. All fine here Lovely day today but still on the chilly side.lots of love to you and your new group. see you next month lots of love Sally and Dave xxxx

Carolyn Wong said...

Natalia Wong (11D)
Thank you to the blog-updating-folk - lots of really interesting information.
So Alpha 2 now - playing with water instead of sticks!
All I can say Natalia is 'Buy a new T-shirt. That one looks like it's seen better days now!'
Hope you didn't disgrace yourself with sea sickness on the way over to the island. Have a great time with your new group.
Thinking of you lots,
Love Mum and Dadxx

T2 said...

Tailia Wong
I'm saying hello. My tail is in the air and it's got a curl at the end.
You seem to have been gone a long while. I miss you talking to me and sitting on your knee.
I don't know what animals there will be on your island but say hello to them from me.
I'm getting fed well, so don't need to catch so many voles.

ejsmo said...

hi Marcus Pinsley ALPHA 2 now!!

Seen some more pics of you!!
Have you ran out of razors
with you having a beard!! Bet its really hot there too!!
Still missing you!!

Love Mum xx

Richard beard said...

William Beard Alpha Six
UCAS offer confirmed.Do you want a finance form filled in ? We assume yes because neither me or mum can afford the fees

Jonathan Hobbs said...

Message for Melissa Hobbs Alpha 6.
Hi Mel, lovely to read your letter, are your feet ok now? and have you had real food yet? Closest to your climate is when I've been inthe loft fixing a new float valve; though not the humidity! Letter from Em on it's way. Send my best to Rob. Can't wait to see you. Love Dad

Catherine Burke said...

For Olivia Burke, in the new Alpha 2

HI Liv, great to see more photos. The tan is building up - but is there less of you than before? Make sure you're eating up! Your 'travel agents' continue to work on your behalf, sorting out end of Aug and Sept. Haven't heard anything more from Natalie yet so will email her soon. All well at home. I had a great week-end in Scotland. Surprisingly brilliant weather, while Doug is getting drenched in France!
Love, Mum, Dad & Sorcha xxx

Debra Sorkin said...

For marcus pinsley

Thanks for the kids pressies , much appreciated. Loving the beard.........xx The Sorkins

stephanie poole said...

Hi Will

Great to see all your pictures.It was lovely to talk to you and hear how much you are enjoying your time. Hope you have a good time in Danum Valley. Look forward to more updates. Miss you loads M&D&A xxxx

Sybil Robertson said...

For Cam Robertson now Alpha 4

Awesome to speak to you and hear how great you sound, and nice to see more pics - thought you would come back a beardy weirdy!!
Had to work today, Emma is off to Ackl to do a PhD on the metabolomics of pinot noir (I just smiled and nodded) - but would rather see the sun bears!so save enough camera battery for some pics!
Apart from that -4 this morning - so soak up all the heat you can, you'll need it when you get back.
lots of love M,D & J

Peter and Hilary said...

Message for Philip Gibbins in Alpha 3

Hi Philip
Hope you had a great time in Alpha 2 on Maliangin Island. Glad to hear you are in Alpha 3, I've read all the blogs and I think that project looks really good - sure you'll have a wonderful time. Nice to see a pic of you, writing a letter home no doubt! Hope you got the package from home ok. See you soon, love Mum, Dad and K. ps: Grandma sends her love. xxx

helen ratcliffe said...

For alex ratcliffe

Hi Saaandra!

Glad you are having a fab time! brill that you get to do the scuba diving! sure you'll love it! nothing much exciting going on here.. alis is currently living in my leeds house while she finds somewhere to live and i am trying to do a ridic amount of 'e learning' in time for next week! eek! mum's of course back on the golf course! keep having fun! xxxx

Denise said...

To Rujina Khandakar in Alpha 4,

Hey girl, looks like you got what you wanted! Enjoy this phase and take loads of pictures! I have already added you and our ex Alpha 1 team on FB :)

Hows your ankle, btw? Please take care of yourself, and come to KL if you can! :)

All the best for this phase!


Denise said...

To Caz in Alpha 1,

Hope everything's going smoothly in Phase 2 of Sonsogon Magandai's kindergarten, and hope you are doing well :)

All the best! :)


Denise said...

Hi Harry, Jenny, Lim & Alex in Alpha 3,

Hows Danum Valley, guys and girl?

Hope you all are doing well and enjoying yourselves!

I'm still eating porridge at home, I seem to have gotten used to it already :) (I know you'll be in shock if you're reading this, Alex, as I know how much you LOVE porridge)

All the best,

Denise said...

To Katy, Nick, Lucy & Natalie in Alpha 6,

Salam dari Kuala Lumpur. You guys look like you're having a blast already from the human pyramid picture!

Hows trek and dive going? Katy, have u used up the milo 3-in-1s yet? It's good isn't it? :)

Missing you guys and Alpha 1 already, looking forward to seeing more pictures!

All the best!

Your friend in KL,

bek said...

Will Beard Alpha 6
Hi there!
Luddite no more! I finally learned to blog. The burning question is - did you get the hat back?
Enjoy yourself and keep doing the gang show jumps.
Love mum x

Anonymous said...

For Alex Ratcliffe

Hey Al,

Just been checking out your pics, looks like you having a great time out there! heard all about the missing bag lol!! But worked out well in the end!

moved house now so settled into the new flat! Tis much nicer than the old place!

Have fun on your next phase, enjoy the diving, it's amazing!


Anonymous said...

Hiya Sophie...

Hope you're havin a Fab time...

Luvvin the Pictures... :)

Everything fine this end...

Luv from Uncle Mark and Auntie Jane in Sunny Kirkcaldy. xxxxxx

Jen Smith said...

Message for Liza Forsyth alpha 4

Liza!!!! Hope you are having fun out there. You are not really missing anything in the UK - same old :-) I posted you a letter today so hope it reaches you in time. Can't wait until you get home! Lots more news to update you on (all covered in the letter). Getting stuck into the new job now - really enjoying it, and Rich and I have reserved a house that isn't built yet (details in the letter). Lots of love Jen xxx

Hezam Ryan said...

To : chew yoke yuen , cheah keat yew , maandip singh gill , cynthia alexander , maeve wiese , nicholas chong ,juen yin tan ,

miss u all la... hope u enjoy your next phase... the most important dont do things that i done before k..(hezam ba ni sapa tidak kenal ??) hope u all happy always.. your friendship with me is the best.. i wont lie to u all i enjoy knowing all u guys hope after this u all come here ( kota kinabalu ) to chill out with me...

From : ur friend the most crazy and funny person ( hezam ryan )

Anonymous said...

For Emily Bradshaw...

love the new name of Emily Gradshaw?? haha lovely typo error by the blog makers.
Lovely to see you still have a big smile on your face, looks like your having amazing fun along with lots of hard work.
Keep that smile going my lovely, still making me very proud to call you my best showing off that my best friend is working her butt off in borneo! everyone I tell just goes "wow" whenever I tell them. You're just so amazing to do this emz... :)
loce ya loads
Loren xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Firdausi said...

Dear Rujina Khandakar now Alpha 4!
I see you are enjoying your stay at Borneo!! Hopefully you are enjoying the food and your journey to the wilderness! Enjoy your time there and make the most of it!
I hope you get this message .. I don't think you got the other one's :(
I'll see you soon!
From Firdausi
p.s. I wrote you a letter and I'm sending it off tomorrow!

granandgramps said...

For Marcus Pinsley
Hi Marcus its grandma and grandpa here!!
Mum and Dad have just shown us how to use this message blog. Don't know if we will remember how we will do it when they have gone back!!
We got a nice surprise when Mum and Dad came and they stayed for tea.
Gran loves you with your beard she said you look really handsome - keep it on she says.
We are so proud on what you are doing.
Love you lots
Gran and Gramps xxxxxxxx

Julia Kay said...

Msg for Sophie Hedges - Alpha 5
Good luck for phase 2 - hope the scuba diving goes to plan and you see some amazing fish. No letters have arrived yet - keep asking the postman!!
Pete's Memorial went well - very emotional, but its was lovely to see friends and family.
Off to WOMAD at the weekend and the sun is going to shine!
Lots of love Mum, James, Em, Granny and Will xxx

Anonymous said...

Sophie hedges, alpha 5
Hey, hope Is all going well, got your letter. Sounds Like you are having a fab time! I will be sending my reply tomorrow so I don't know which one you will get first this or my letter!!
Bit disappointed to hear there ate no mud huts, but the tan looks like it's coming along!! Hope the hand Is ok- lesson one, don't pick a fight with a knife!!
Same old with me working and making a pain of myself, first game back at football yesterday, can't say the training has gone too well so def felt it this morning!!
Have a fab time scuba diving- very jealous!!
See you in a month and a little bit
Lisa xx

Hezam Ryan said...

To : ewelina stefanska

hey eve !! miss u jungle buddy and smoking buddy .. dont forget yeah my sun glass ... hahaha .. later if u go back to ur home town i meet u up at the airport k... hahaha... miss u so much .... take good care of ur self okey ?? danum valley is so fantastic... hope u have fun there...


Charlotte Bradshaw said...

To Emily Bradshaw - Alpha 5
Hi Em
I hope you are having a fantastic time diving. I bet you dont want to move away from the beach!!!
Good luck with the trekking, I will be thinking of you.
You will be pleased to know that I got the student finance letter back and everything is set up.
Lots and lots of Love. Keep smiling. Mum x

Anonymous said...

Harry Clesham - Alpha 3

Hi Harry - great to hear from you last weekend - so good to know you are having a wonderful time. 26th was great fun and although you weren't here it was great to know you were having a great time elsewhere. We have postponed a party until you are back in Sept with the Raes etc. I am surrounded by flowers in my office as a result of the big day.
Its a bit more summery here today -lets hope it stays that way!

Love you masses, can hardly believe you have been gone 5 weeks almost!!, in some ways it seems longer and in others it has flown by.

Longing to hear all your stories. Esp now about the Danum Valley!
Love you masses, Mum xx Sophie and Socks.

Nimmi said...

To Rujina Khandakar in Alpha 4
Hello! We received your letter and make sure you take lots of pictures especially of the sun bears! Make sure you don't get bitten and take care of yourself!
Love from Nimmi and the family

Nana and Papa said...

From Nana and Papa
Hi the beared one! Does it mean more time in the hammock.
You look as if you are having a great time, and looking well. Food must be good. We are all thinking of you in the lovely warm weather, its certainly warmer than here anyway.
Have fun and say hello to all the guys and gals.
Keep safe.
Love Nana and Papa. xxx

Nana and Papa said...

From Nana and Papa
Last message from nana and Papa for Marcus Pinsley Hope this is ok

Amanda Watterson said...

Rosie Watterson Alpha 2
This is my second blog but due to me technical incompetence I lost the first one which was really frustrating!But you are worth having another go for! I was excited to get your letter and have read it a few times. It makes Simon and I laugh but sounds like you are enjoying things.Lynda has just been for dinner (chinese take away sorry to tell you that) and says Dench has been over to photograph the horses her 2 Red Setters and the cat. Then he went to her brothers farm and photographed his dog! Charles and Sian's wedding was fun. He was so nervous he spelt his name wrong in the Register, and so they all had to sign it again. I thought Jonathon was going to burst trying to hold in his laughter! Mum has got a 6 week old kitten which is just a ball of fur that follows her everywhere and sleeps beside her-we can't believe it can climb up onto the big bed she has. She feeds it one teaspoonful of kitten cat food 5 times a day. Gaby and Hannah enjoyed seeing your photos on the Raleigh website. You seem to have seen a load of wildlife but have you seen any snakes yet?
I don't recognise the tee shirt you have been wearing in every photo! Following your letter I ask that you take even more care of your self and I look forward to receiving another if you have time. I now like to think of you in my minds eye penning a line under your mosquito net with the torch on. What time does it get dark? Glad the boots are comfy. Take care of yourself-I really mean it! You can't really on other peoples feet to be there when you need them to break a fall! Love Mum

Jamie E said...

To Alex Ratcliffe (alpha 9)

Hey sorry for late blogging had to do a bit of searching through the blog.
Oooh you looked pretty handy with a saw, bet your DIY skills have improved:)
Cant say I blame you for not digging the porridge if it makes you feel any better I did it in india 09J and borneo 10A (20 weeks). Have you resorted to any interesting combinations of porridge yet? I stand by my favourite of porridge and coffee powder :)
While on the subject of food my mum suggested that I send you a letter that contained pics of food such as chocolate cake, pizza, chips etc, personally i thought that was far too cruel not that it ever stopped my mum from doing it to me :(

anyway enjoy your time on Mamutik island and the scuba diving, hope your bag isnt too heavy for the trek.
Please come back with an annoying branch think of the possibilities for revenge:)

missing you loads x

sally5064 said...

Susanna Sek Alpha 2....Hi Susanna How are you doing out there? It was Karlas Birthday yesterday so we had a bit of a bash Very noisey for the neighbours So Chris invited them as well. So no complaints there..We had to put poor old Phyllis into a home yesterday cos she wasn't coping too well at her house But its a beautiful place with lovely views over the downs and she seems very happy which is the main thing..Dave has gone back to work today after his op. He's fine now Had a text from Amy yesterday they are all well and having fun with the Frenchies. they all send their love Not so long now till you come home Hope the project is going well .. seen any orangutans yet? lots of love from all here Sally and Dave xxxx:-)

Anonymous said...

For Rob Auer (Alpha 2),

Hey there!
see that beard has started to grow... might have some creatures living in there soon! hope you're enjoying yourself and having a great time! looking forward to seeing you soon.... well in some month anyway!

Miss you, lots of love
Kuheli (Kay)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ross (Weir)
Hope you are having fun on the trek and dive. Just writing you a letter to up date you on everything here but thought I would send quick message re some uni info. as not sure if the letter will get there in time. anyway the uni says that If you want to do the underwater photography as part of your course you have to arrive with the advanced open water certificate in September. So try to do the course while you are in Borneo if you need to move your flight a couple of days to do it let me know. Love ya Mum xxx

Helen said...

Phil Gibbins - Alpha 2

I sent a letter but I don't know if it will ever get to you because I can't work the post office, so I'll also give you a copy when you get back!
I arrived back from Berlin (tour) today, but have been checking for blog posts on the hotel wifi of course! Had a lovely time but am very tired after 22 hour coach journey, but I didn't stop thinking about you ever. I'm so excited that in 2 weeks I'll be on my way to come and pick you up - I can't actually wait!
I got a bit of a tan (shock horror not sunburn) while I was away but I bet it won't compare to yours, but you keep hiding from pictures hehee! Your mum is keeping in touch with me and says she sent you a parcel, and I saw Kath the other day cos we were in the same cinema seeing the new HP (sorry!). I haven't crashed the car yet so you don't need to worry on that account.
It looks like you're having an immense time and putting that M&S hat to good use! I have 2 weeks with nothing planned now, purely just waiting for you to get back :)
Enjoy these last two weeks, so excited to see you again!!!!
I love you lots and lots and I miss you so much!
Helen xxxxx

Helen said...

(correction - Philip Gibbins Alpha 3)
Helen x

sophie gs mum said...

To Sophie Given
Hiya ma darling,well nearly half way there,you looked good getting ready for your next phase.I hope you enjoy,think it will be hard work but your good at that.Thats me now off for two weeks holidays yahoo lol you know me love a wee holiday ! Gran and grandad home from stoney today so will be glad to see them as its been quiet here.Heading to pease bay on monday for a few days.milo is getting so big and has me scratched to bits and old jake is plodding on.Not sure if u got my text so have topped up ur phone from this end.You have lots of fun and I hope you have a great Birthday i will be thinking about you.

love you so much


Anonymous said...

Message for Ben Langridge
Hello Ben
Love the blog photos! Glad to see you have a different tshirt on in the recent one. It looks like you are having a great time in Borneo.Saw the H-P's the other day, Nathan got a first(just), Jolyan a second, But nothing beats your experience out there. Watch out for the orangutangs they might creep up on you!
Lots of love mum, dad, Charlotte, romy, rollo, frank, lettie xxxxxxx

Ruth Huxley said...

Claire Huxley - hope you received my letters at changeover. I've just got the boys to write to you. just printed off our boarding passes for Portugal - not as adventurous as Borneo but should be good. love mum xxx

Simon Watterson said...

For Rosie Watterson
Alpha 1
Hi Roz, Just seen the latest photo of you with the team. Glad to see the old bandana is still holding up. Trust me you can keep it - I don't think I'll want it back after its time with u. Have a great build project. Love u lots Dad

Anonymous said...

Hi Natalie - Now Alpha 5! Watch out - you all look like you are going to fall! But what a tan! Better than mine after rain and cold in Norfolk this week! Diving then trekking sounds like fantastic fun! Can't wait to see those photos. Sent you letters, email, etc. so you can catch up with news from here! Hols for me and Jon and for a change Sam working! You look like you are having the most brilliant time - make the most of it all and cna't wait to hear more news. Love you loads Mum xoxoxoxox

William Bird said...

To Theo Bird

I hope the diving washed away any jungle infestations! We have just had a week away in Brittany and we all missed you doing the high wiring, running, Kayaking, film watching and wine drinking! We are now back and the others are preparing for camp. Your group looks great fun and we are very jealous you will be able to Scuba dive next time we go somewhere hot. Really look forward to seeing you in 2 weeks! Dad XX

Nadia said...

To Rujina Khandakar in Alpha 4...
guess who its me Nadia again.. its sunday andd Nadib's back from America.. were going to your house later and then going to be back home.. as ramadan officially starts from tomoro.. how have you been?? seen pics looks like your having a fab time.. cant wait till your back we can go out and have proper food. lol.. have you met lots of nice people? hows it like not sleeping in a bed?? missing it?? looool.. we went nannis house last week and nayim mama bought us meat and chips and wings.. bet your getting hungry.. lol sorrry!!1 but we will all have it once your back.. hehe!! soo tell me what else?? i dont have you to go eid shopping with:( dont no what im going to do.. anyways hope your having a lovely time.. and enjoying everything to the max.. dont forget to bring me back lots of goodddiess:) lmao!! i love you lots.. stay safe t/c Nadia xxx

Fay/Fatty Boy said...

Message for Caroline Jane Green ( now in alpha 6? )

Hey Hey you, I haven't messaged in a few weeks so I thought I would drop you a line to say I hope you are still having a lovely time and that you are all tickedy boo? I saw some of the photos and you look like you are having a great time and also getting a great tan!! very jealous! Keep working hard and smiling :) I can't believe it is nearly August already! Miss you so so much, catch up soon, so much to tell you, you know when you come home we are going to have to have like a two day phone conversation right? Thank god for skype....

Love you,

Fatty Boy xx

Mom said...

To Jennifer Sargent - Alpha 1
Your mom, aunts and grandparents are so computer illiterate! We could not figure out how to post on the blog. Hope I'm even doing it right now. Saw your facebook comment to me and I loved it! I want to see you as soon as I can so let me know what your schedule is upon your return. You looked like you were having fun...hope you are learning alot. Miss you terribly....
Love, Mom

Squambick said...

Jennifer Sargent (Alpha 1 moved to 3?)

Hey Jen, If I have to go to the wedding in the D.R. so do you!! Ha ha ha. Don't forget whose birthday is coming up!
Hope you come back soon,
the fun aunt

Nadia&Fay said...

Hello Rujina Khandakar in Alpha 4! Nadia and Fay here, were sitting on the stairs at your house and writing this whilst being squashed by Tahsin and his BOTLANESS!! lol!!Fay has written you a letter and I will be sending mine tomoro so you shall get thrm soon, we ate pasta,shammi,and other things today, were not staying for long as tonight everyone has got taraweee tonight as roza starts tomoro.. nayim mama said can you get him a longi he really wants one or two, and we all want a monkey please!NADIB SAYS HI AND HIS BACK.. now were just waiting for you.. hope your having fun, fay and their fam have a new house in Victoria and will be moving on monday!! we all miss you a lot, and fay and me really want to go out and eat but your not here so its not the same!!:(:( loja khala said she misses u lots esp coz u cant baby sit for her as ur away so come back nana's son had a baby boy last week.. thought we would tell you, all the babbies in the house have got really anyways hope your having fun in your hammock me and fay really wish we were their too.. anywaysss got to go now, take care of your self.. and we will be waiting for your next letter lots of love.. Nadia && Fay xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Nasima&Tamanna said...

to Rujina Khandakar in Alpha 4
Hello its Nasima & Tamanna. we are both missing you very much beacause baby sitters are very expensive. hope u are back soon!. All the best, I'm back at work next month no one to lookafter the boys....Have you used up all the the loo papper we hope not. All the best have lots of fun and take care of yourself. bye xxx

Kayleigh Bower said...

Message for Will Poole!

Hellooo Wills,
Hope you are well :-) i'm home safe and sound, and feeling much better thankfully!! Missing Zanzibar and everyone I met there LOADS though and its rubbish being home, planning a reunion for next week already haha! Now I'm just looking forward to seeing you in just twooo weeks time! So excited, I have so much to tell you and I can't wait to hear all about everything you've been doing there! The photos look soo good!
Got your postcard :-), it wasn't here when I arrived home, only got here a few days ago, slowly but surely, it got here just in time for my birthday, so thank you, was lovely to read - Birthday really wasn't the same without you, looking forward to celebrating together when you're home. Feeling pretty old now.
Off to Essex tomorrow for a few nights as my sister is about to have the baby so hopefully I'll be there when it happens and I can meet him or her straight away!!

Enjoy your last couple of weeks, time is flying.
Can't wait to see you!
Missing you loads.
Love you.
Kayles xxx

Anonymous said...

Georgia P.
Hi G, Photos fab. Trust not too many leeches! Longing to hear loads more. Just home from singing in France - great! Lots of love from my friends et moi - off to pick rasps tomorrow!

cupcake mom said...

Hi son:
Malcolm - Alpha 6

well darling; looking at the photos of your change from Alpha 4 to 6 high in flight. i also like the water game; looks like you're enjoying your showing (without the soap) someone is carrying a blue plastic container and you're getting sprayed. Also, assisting with the pushing ot the jeep; i recognized your smile as you head up the front. Glad you're enjoying yourself, and sorry we missed your phone call on July 22nd as we were with Aunt Vaughnie.
How's the trekking going.
Anyways, speak another time.
Aunt Brenda sends her love.
Legend and Aunt Flo sent letters.


Alan John said...

For Will Beard Alpha six
any news about the hat - your Grandma saw a listing on e-bay for a similar one with a Borneo web address

vincent mc aviney said...


Anonymous said...

Message for Ruba Samain, now Alpha 6.
Hi habibti! We hope you are having a wonderful time. Your photos look fantastic!!! Can't wait to hear your stories when you get home! We hope you are taking lots of photos to share with us!

We miss you and love you lots!

Lots of kisses, Helen and Unsa xxx

soon said...

Dear Bear June,

34 more days only u will finish your expedition. Wahhh... so fast... How is your Maliangin? got a lot angin there? lol. Hope u enjoy a lot there. Take good care June =)

From Marble

Ryan said...

Malcolm - Alpha 6

Bingy here, be safe out there in Malaysia. I leave for Canada on Aug. 26th, and sorry that i'll miss you. i definitely miss seeing you; let me now how you make out if you still go to Pennsylvania. Finally got to go out in my daddy's boat twice. First day of Cup Match and on July 31st.

Aunt Flo and Legend said...

Hi Malcolm - Alpha 6
Aunt Flo.
Hoping you're doing well, and understanding what's going on and what life is all about. I love you and Legend REALLY misses you; he talks about you every day and he says hi, and we can't wait until you get back to hear all about your experience in Malaysia/Borneo. I leave with Ryan on Aug.26 to go with him to Canada. Hope you get our cards/letters as we sent you many.

Uncle Chuck + Aunt Vaughnie said...

Nephew Malcolm - Alpha 6
Hey Malcolm:
Aunt Vaughnie and Uncle Chuck here.
Your mom showed us some pictures, and it looks like you're really having lots of fun. We really enjoyed seeing your mom, dad and sister while they were in ATL. We like living in Douglasville, GA after moving from NJ. Trey likes his new school, and continues with his karate. It's very hot here, but the airconditioning helps. Continue to stay focus, and leave all those nuckleheads alone in BDA.
WE ARE VERY PROUD OF YOU. Hope to see you sometime in Georgia.

DAD said...

Hi Mal: - Alpha 6

resent from July 27th.
We are in Douglasville, Georgia and we are going home tomorrow. I see your pictures here, and looks like you are having a lot fun. keep up the good work.

love dad and see you soon.

The Parrises said...

Malcolm Alpha 6

Hi X:

We are missing you, but it looks like you are having a world of fun.
Can't wait to hear the stories when you get back.

love Uncle Roger and Aunt Mel

Dad and Mom said...

Mom and Dad said.....

Message for Daniel Kirk with Aplpha 4

Hi daniel....just got back from trip to Holland but cant see posted our last message and hope you get this one OK with letter to follow from Mom. Everyone here is looking forward to some more great photos and news about how things are going with the project on the island. Hope you are having a great time and hopefully "leech free"?. Everyone sends their love....

Mom, Dad, Bonina and Portia

Catherine Burke said...

For Olivia Burke, Alpha 2:
Hi Liv, seem to have lost last message so here goes again. Hope water pump project going well - will you be able to do household plumbing when you get home? The parental blogs have a few regular themes - beards, tans, missing loved ones, advice to take care and have fun. All the above apply - except the beard one obviously! We're looking forward to seeing you again, briefly, before you go to France. Have you met any other second generation venturers out there? Or even the Scottish venturer that Auntie Ena was stalking?
Lots of love, Mum xxx

ciara daly said...

megan daly alpha 6
to megn on holiday right now wishing you loads wish you where here share a room with beth it was so funny tyhe first night we could not sleep so bord but finally i fell a sleep nice hoital and we wish you were here they bow to us when everthey see us long plane ride no movies love your letter

love ciara (miss you loads:)

Anonymous said...

To Ruba Samain- Alpha 6

Hey ruby, just thought we'd drop you a message to let you know we got your letter. It was really nice to hear bout your struggles, accomplishments and how you pig out (even tho i predicted that :D ). We're proud of you and are happy that your enjoyin the experience. We're off to Rome tomorrow so we'll prob send you a postcard from there. Pics look great. Good luck with the new phase.
Love and miss you.

Donna Smith said...

Eve Stefanska phase 3
Hey Eve, hope you are having a ball and finding the whole expedition really beneficial. I've been looking through the site and it all looks like you are having so much fun! RU sure this is work? Talking of work, bet you cant wait to come back, only a couple of weeks left now, oops, sorry to remind you! lol! Enjoy the rest of your time there,
see you soon.

Granny said...

Emily alpha5
Darling Em
I hope you enjoyed the diving.. Will wants to know what your food is like. Are you eating insects? I think about you every day. It has been extraordinarily humid here, which makes me realise how it must be for you. It certainly slows me down.
Lots of love

sally5064 said...

For Susanna Sek Alpha 2 Hi Susanna What are you up to now ? Had lashings of rain today Flooded the roads into Chichester But its stopped now thankfully Everyone is ok here .. Karla Chris and Henry are in France Very hot there so they said. The Ho's are fine Still got the Frenchies there.. They all send there love. Britt is off to st Lucia on sunday with the girls They had booked for Barbados but it was horrendously over booked so they opted for st Lucia .. We have booked a cruise on the aurora in Nov for 36 days round the carribean. Hope all is going well with your project Hope you've taken some pics See you soon Love Sally and Dave xxxxxx:-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ross (Weir)
Hope things are still going well. Saw your team won the prize for the Come Dine with Me on your last phase. It sounded like you all put in a lot of effort so glad you got first place. All good here the Bartletts are all coming tomorrow for the weekend which should be good fun. We are off to Brussels for the day. Plan is to sit in the Grand Place and have a few beers but the weather, as usual, is going to rain AGAIn. could do with some Borneo sun. Anyway hope you got the last letter. another is on the way but posting from Belgium this time so not sure how long it will take to get there. Anyway hope you are still have lots of fun. Kyran says he misses you lots (LOL yeh right!!!) we miss you of course no doubt you will phone inbetween next phase (ahhhh the phone bill ..but worth it to speak to you) so will catch up then. Love you lots Mum and Dad xxx

Aunty Jac said...

For Emily Gradshaw - Alpha 5

Hello lovely - great pic on the blog - didn't realise you were all learning circus acrobatics balancing tricks out there too - what a lot of new skills you will be bringing home with you! And a lovely huge smile on your face - must have been the relief of coming out of the jungle and looking forward to some diving. Hope it was fab!

All's good here - Will's done a week of Lighthouse so we are all singing some lovely songs right now. And he's doing a week of tennis this week - I quite fancy being a Wimbledon mum so I'm going to encourage that. Oh and he's lost his first two teeth in a week (this could get expensive!). I keep making him say 'thilly thausages' - well, it makes me laugh!

Love to see you having a good time - looking forward to a bunch of new pics on the blog - should be any day now.

Love you loads ...
Jac xxxxxxxxxxx

cupcake mom said...

Hi Malcolm - Alpha 6 11D

Really enjoying your pics especially with your lovely smile.
Sister and I are travelling on Sunday, Aug.7 to ATL for 1 week for medical reasons. Can't wait to speak with you, so call when you return from your 3 week trekking experience. I sent you 2 envelopes with pictures and postcards this week, and we were told to not send anymore mail as with the 'snail mail' will not get to you in time.
lots of love, mom

Catherina DALY said...

For Megan DALY alpha 2 Hi Megs I hope you do get these blogs I am sure you will at some point. We arrived in Thailand and its beautiful, its kind of wierd lovely hotel surrounded by poverty. Makes you feel strange BUT having good time. Great to experience a diff culture. How are you doing ? hope you are having a great time take photos and keep a diary as I am sure you will want to keep those memories. Missing you lots got your letter before we left it made me smile. BIG Hug and kiss from MUM x

Nadia,Nadib and Naurin said...

To Rujina Khandakar in Alpha 4.
Nadia,Nadib and Naurin here... Whatsss upp..... how are you?? did u get my letter? im hoping u did?! hows the expedition going??? are u enjoying it?? we miss you.. it has been 1week now that we have been fasting.. the days are soo longg... but its easy :):) anyways just a quick messege we miss you.. when are you back? we need a day outt!!! and shishaaaaaaaa loool!!:) take care love Nadia,Nadib and Naurin xxx

Jo ratcliffe said...

Hi Alex, sorry but previous messages don,t seem to have been posted to you. Hope the diving went well and the jungle trek wasn,t too arduous! We managed to escape to the lakes this weekend-very wet ! Helen went on a Dom call with Alice today in Wetherby and acted as her assistant whilst she anaesthetised a cat- it seemed to survive! Andrew managed to run into a car in front of him on his first day into work in his new job, he wasn,t hurt but quite shaken by the experience! Well not long to go now before we see your smiling face, so have fun until then, much love Mum xxx

sally5064 said...

For Susanna Sek Alpha 2 Borneo Hello Susanna I saw your Mum and Dad yesterday They said you put your return date as 15th on your post card but it says on your raleigh documents 14th .Your Dad wants to meet you at LHR airport . I have told them that I will ring Raleigh to ask tomorrow to make sure .They are both busy working at the shop and have missed you .your results will be here when you get back I talked to may today and she sends her love She and Amy are both working .. See you soon Hope the project is going well. Love and miss you Sally and Dave x :-)

Anonymous said...

For Deva Gilroy Sen - Alpha 6

Yo what's going on DPaks.

Guess who, jk you already know who it is. I love the idea that somebody will read this out to you, and will struggle to handle the intensity of my humour slash genious. If in fact you read it yourself, oh well bebe one time.

Anyway how's the jungle? Heard you went diving with the whales - big tings a gwan. Look after dem orangutans, too. Oxford's taking you places mate. Yo thanks for the postcard by the way.

Moopeezy tried to drop a message here a few days ago, but i don't think it went through. Maybe it did, maybe it didn't. Obv i'm big internet don and go in hard on comment sections...

In all seriousness, i hope you're having a sick time, bro. I'll catch you soonish. Take care.

Pala (the Brother)

Anonymous said...

Message for Theo Bird Alpha 5

Hi my darling

Just to say that I am so excited about your return next week, though how odd it will feel for you - sleeping in a normal bed and being surrounded by us lot asking you endless questions! I think the experiences you have had and your jungle memories will last you a lifetime.
Gus and George are at Pony Club camp this week so I am all alone for most of the time (notwithstanding the doogs of course!)
The news on kitchen work tops is that they are ordered but will not be fitted by your return as we are waiting for the stone!!
Georgie and I must go to Derbyshire at lunchtime on Monday. I know you will be desperate to catch up with all your friends but I would love to have an hour or two to enjoy you before we go.
RFC drew 2-2 for first game of the season and still have Shane Long, though probs not for much longer.
Hope your feet are not too painful.
lots and lots of love and wishing you a good flight home
love Mum xxxxxxx

Aunty Jac said...

To Emily B - Alpha 5

Hello lovely,

Mum says you should be back from stage 2 this weekend - I can't believe how quickly it's going. Bet you're glad you opted for the full 'experience'. I've just been looking at Alpha 6's pictures of the trek you are doing - it looks absolutely amazing - nothing in your life is ever going to compare to this adventure!

Everyone here is fine. The twins are coping well with their braces. Will is still lithping beautifully - I made him corn on the cob last week without thinking and the poor love had to suck it!!! I'm such a mean mother!

Enjoy the luxury of base camp for a few nights, and I really hope the next part of your adventure is a good one.

Love you loads and loads
Jac xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx