Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Phase 1 begins

Before heading off to their projects, our teams first had to ensure they had all the necessary supplies, from food and drink to tools and equipment.  With teams of at least 15, three weeks' worth of rations certainly mounts up.  Let's hope we booked big enough buses!

Before dawn yesterday, the groups were up and about, loading food and equipment onto the buses that would take them far and wide across Sabah.

All supplies present and correct (or so we hope!), the teams boarded their buses and we bade them farewell.

Bye for now! We'll be back in a few days to see how everyone's getting on.


Sybil Robertson said...

Message for Cam Robertson on Alpha 1.

Great to see another picture of you from down here in freezing NZ !
Hope you and the team are having a blast. Looking forward to hearing all about it. Love M, D and J x

Anonymous said...

to dharu,cynthia,ricky,pipo,june! hi!! Excited to see all of your photos on the blog! Looking good! Hope you're are having an amazing first phase -shumay

stephanie poole said...


Hope the diving is going well and you are enjoying the island. Sorry I didnt get to speak to you when you called but it sounds like you are having a great time.
Went to take that last night and it was fab!!
looking forward to the updates.

lots of love Mum xxxx

Twibbers said...

for Emily in Alpha 3.....

Hi Em, fantastic to see the pics. Glad you got there safely and hope you are having a ball ;-). Enjoy (and don't fall out of your hammock!).

Lots of love, Katie xxxx

Carolyn Wong said...

Nice to see you Tailia with matchsticks holding your eyes open after the really early start!
Have a wonderful adventure. Work hard and sleep tight in your hammock and don't let the bedbugs bite!
Love Mum, Dad and T2 XXX

Debbie Thornton said...

Message for Nick Thornton, Alpha 6.

Lovely to see photos of your first few days and your trekking group. Hope trek is going well. Not too many mozzies I hope!! We're all well and looking forward to more blog updates. Take care. Love from Mum, Dad and Rachel (and the grannnies of course!) xx

Anonymous said...

Message for Theo Alpha 3

Thoroughly enjoying the blog and the chance to get a taste of what you are all experiencing. Hope the insects aren't eating you alive in the jungle and you are managing to keep that 'bottomless pit' of a stomach topped up with camp rations! Give our love to the primates. We all miss you so much
love Mum Dad Gussie and Georgie xxxxx

Boz said...

Message for Owain Masters Alpha 1
Hiya O! Missing you around here. Mind what you do with the hammers and nails on the kindergarten project. England currently freezing cold and rainy. Alex has gone off to Kos for the post A level binge - managed to leave his mobile behind - twit. Be good and love you loads, Mum. xxx Oh yeah, sunblock! ;P

Tob1n said...

Message for Lloyd Thomas alpha 3. Hey hey camper hope you are well, good to see pics are up and that you are in some. Lisa sais hello too wether is rubbish ere rain rain rain.... I think the crickets have had baby's because I keep finding about 5 a day around the house lol. Just to let you know aswell that I sold that avocado for a Mellon Then She swapped me for a peach but I sold the peach for a ps3 :D keep the pics coming it's good to see what your getting ur getting up to peace out your one and only jeffy x ( will keep you uPdated on news ova ere )

George Miller said...

Jenny! I hope your loving every second of your trip. Ive been reading and looking through the site and it looks absolutely incredible. I think I am going to have to try this expedition one day when I return to Raleigh as a photographer. I don't know if you can really write back to these but don't worry we're going to have so much time to catch up when you get home!
I'm living at Babson now and just got back from the 4th out on Nantucket where needless to say shit got wild.
How many American's are there? I only had myself and 1 PM in the entire program. I'm not worried though I'm sure your representing us well. Freedom!
I'm really interested to hear how your getting used to digging long drops and I don't know if you do but we had no hot water for showers for 3 months. Brutal.
Take tons of photos for me, I can't wait to hear all about it. Give me a call when you get back and we'll throw you a banger!
Enjoy the rest of the expeditions and Get out there hahahahaha
Peace and love,

Auntie Jacqueline said...

For Emily B in Alpha 3

Loving the pics - we check in every day to see what you're up to. It looks absolutely a-m-a-z-i-n-g !
I thought you'd be roughing it but that coach looks quite luxurious - I'd ditch the hammock and nab the back seat if you can!!!

Love yooo
Jac xxx

Will said...

For Emily B in Alpha 3

dear emily
Is there any crocodiles in the river?
Love from Will

Anonymous said...

From the Golds, To Elizabeth Gold. Big hug from your Mum, - but don't let the bears hug... Everyone asking after you back here, and great to be able to print off and show a photo of you man handling a roll of hammocks... XX 00

Kayleigh Bower said...

(For William Poole)

Hey Wills,

I hope you are okay and enjoying everything as much as last week! I bet diving was amazing, and I hope you aren't too tired from your trekking so far :-)
After a VERY long two weeks! I'm finally off to Zanzibar this afternoon!!!! So I just wanted to write before I leave! Missing you loads, looking forward to coming home, knowing you'll be home in just a week, and finally going to see Harry Potter!! Remember to read your letters! I'll let you know my number when I get there, just in case you do get a chance to call.

Love and miss you, Kayleigh xxx

Dmitry said...

to nathan titus in alpha 4:

bruv hold tight in that jungle. cole world.

Ondra Lodes said...

To Petr Hubacek (Pm)

Hey Petr hope you are doing awesome down there! Enjoying the Jungle life!:)We are not roasting here in Scotland at all:( It has been raining and quite cold for a few weeks already. I have started to read your diary from your last expedition and can already say that it is pretty exciting stuff. The things are going slowly here, I am having my sister and her female friend here for summer. The girls do housekeeping at University and are making some money, if they don't spend them for clothes or cookies:) I am having my reassessment in three weeks so I ve been slowly getting ready for that and thinking what to do in August. There is an option quite challenging for me to walk the Camino Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage in northern Spain (500 miles) which seems to be affordable for me this summer as there was not enough shifts in my work last month. Hopefuly will make this and will spend whole month on the way:))out of the cities.
I am not sure if you even get this message, hopefuly ( fingers crossed) you do and will let me know what is the crack in the jungle.
Take care buddy Ondrej

Anonymous said...

To Catherine Ludlam (11D Borneo)
Hi Catherine I hope that you are having a great time, You are being missed here a lot.
Take care and we all look forward to seeing you soon.


Nelly said...

Hi Daniel,

Great to have a few photos and some news you are with the Alpha 4 team and off to Borneo Sun Bear Conservation Centre. Sounds really great and especially looking forward to hearing more about the work as I know Borneo has amazing animals that need protecting. Mom had a concert in London on Sat and she was really amazing. I got stuck in lift at the concert hall....again?.

Everyone sends their love.....

Mom, Dad,Bonina and Marriane

Emily Coyne said...

I have no idea how to use this but if the message for Amy Burn that i miss her so much and am so proud of her got to her that would be great!

love allways Emily Coyne, her 'boy' :) also might try and come leeds fest, not a promise it would mean ALOT of hassle, i dont even know if i would be allowed to leave early but i am seriously condiering it! xxxxxxx

Jane said...

Rob A3 - looks great - can't believe you've seen an orangutan - enjoy that jungle experience and hope the new net fits MX