Thursday, 21 July 2011

The Loop goes full circle

So keen was our Loop team to reach the project sites, that they were prepared to overcome any obstacle to get there!

For the final instalment of the Loop's adventures, we catch up on their visit to our environmental projects.  First they headed to Danum Valley to hear the news  from Alpha 3. 

The task facing Alpha 3 was to build a scientific research camp approximately 8km into the rainforest of the Danum Valley Conservation Area.  The first day was spent preparing for the challenge of trekking all their tools, food, personal equipment and a very large pile of Belian wood uphill to their worksite.
With some trees reaching heights of up to 120 feet, the team were certainly impressed by the forest that they would be living in.

They were introduced to some of the wonderful wildlife inhabiting the forest,

and got up close and personal with some of the creatures that would prove rather somewhat less welcome in the Alpha 3 camp!

But despite the blood and the sweat, the team rose to the challenge, developing new muscles along the way,

and were proud of their achievement, as the pile of wood and kit at the foot of the hill finally made it to the top.

And there was still enough spare energy to welcome the Loop with dancing, decorations and delicous baking!

Meanwhile up the road at Alpha 4, the team at the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre are also making great progress.  With the centre due to open to the public in Spring 2012, there is a lot of work to be done on the walkway which will lead tourists around the bear enclosure. Alpha 4 are keen to help this happen!

One of the first tasks was prepare the Belian wood to be used for the boardwalk, recycling wood previously used on the site.


Holes were prepared and cement mixed, ready to secure the support posts into the ground.


Amongst all their tasks on the work site, the group found time to entertain the Loop, and to welcome even more visitors from  Field Base, as the Communications team dropped in for  quick visit, along with PM Sam, who came along for the ride.

There was also a visit from another strange being... oh no, that's Graham!

All that excitement and adventure can be pretty exhausting, so it's time for the Loop to head back to Field Base, where there's just enough time to recover before the groups head back to Base Camp for changeover.


Anonymous said...

For Emma Pygott Alpha 4

Hi Emm
Just seen the latest photos. Everybody looks to be having a great time, but there does'nt seem to be much digging and sweating going on yet. Keep at it and you will have the skills to build your own place when you return.

Hope the food is palatable and there is enough of it. Tried any witchity grubs yet?

Love Grandma & Grandad

Lester Pygott said...

For Emma Pygott - Alph 4
Great pix of building the boardwalk Emms. Looks like hard work and lots of fun. I can think of a few jobs you can do for me when you get back home !!! Love dad xx

Lauren and Tim said...

Rosie Alpha 4

Manual labour! Did I mention we have a fence in the back garden that needs some attention? We're still jealous.. Lx

mzPras said...

hello Dharu (Alpha 3)

Guess what? it's dads birthday today. we will be going out for dinner... will miss u though..more food for me...hahahaha....

looks like ur having fun there!! Felicia is back from Australia. Ill take her out soon k.

I have nobody to fight with at home :( it's driving me insane...

i love u birdface. ps: did any bird poop on u yet?

much love,

.Shel. said...

Dharu!! (Alpha 3)

I hope you realize I've been commenting on every blog post with your pictures in it! Just to let you know I've posted a letter for you keep an eye for it! Reallyyyy missssing youu loadsss!! :'(

With love,
Your Bestie. <3 xxx

stephanie poole said...


Can't see any pictures of you but I am sure everything is going well. Hoping that you are on changeover and that you may call if you can.
G&G and GM send their love and cant wait to hear about your trip.
Missng you lots
Love M,D and Alice xxxxxxxxxx

Charlotte Bradshaw said...

To Emily Bradshaw - Alpha 3
Hi Em
Lovely to see you in the jungle. Dad always thought it would be JRM and son but maybe not??!!!
Looking forward to hearing from you this weekend.
Twins had braces yesterday - quite painful but coping ok.
Lots of Love and hugs
Mum x

Yvette Pygott said...

Emma Pygott alpha 4
Just seen the pictures and you all look fantastic..looks like hot hard work...pretty hot I would say???

Loads of love
Mum and Zoe

Lester Pygott said...

for Emma - Alpha 4
Hi Emms - Great to talk to you :-))) Have text the answer to your question but just incase not received, it's 9134. Will try to put credit on your phone. Enjoy your changeover days xxxx

Lester Pygott said...

For Emma - alpha 4
Mobile topped up Em so should be able to text again xxx

Simon Watterson said...

Rosie Watterson Alpha 4 Hi thanks for letter we got today and I'm so glad you're having a fab time. I'll put some dosh in yr accnt asap. Saw photos of you working – u’ll be thin when you get home! Glad the boots are good. Look forward to hear stories. Proud of all you achieve. Lve u lots Dad

Simon Watterson said...

Rosie Watterson Alpha 4
Hi I'll get mum to blog soon. Bit scared of techy stuff as you know. Love u Dad

Lina Musharbash said...

To Ruba ...Alph 3
Hi Habibti, we all here missing you loads and thinking of you always, the latest pics. of you with the team in the Danum valley was very nice, me and your brothers where so excited to see you, i can imagine the hard work holding the wood to build the scientific research camp, being in the rainforest must be a unique adventure, enjoy and smile always.
we are going to rome on Aug.3rd for 4 nights, I wish you are with us.
I am looking forward to see more pics in the next project, I lost hearing your voice today, but was good to know that you are happy.
Love you and miss you always.
Yours, mum xxx

Anonymous said...

Georgia P
Hello, Borneo looks great - fab weather here and lots of climbing. Just to make you jealous and overheat I have skiing for the last three days on real snow! see you soon, Iona

Anonymous said...

for Katy Horder alpha 1

thanks for the email!! we are looking daily to see what you do next. but the question is- did you finish the kindergarten or does the next team carry on? Sara send her love. as do m,d,j,g,s,r,e...

Amy Grace said...

Cathy alpha 4
from all the folks!

Good pics, everyone looks really filthy! Glad to see the hat and gloves are useful. Looks like its fun and here we all are at work...:(
Looking forward to seeing you and hear all the stories!
Cedric says " neeoowww"!
Love from Ma, Pa, Crab, Breb and Dobby xxxx and sneddon xxxx

Charlotte Bradshaw said...

To Emily Bradshaw
Hi Em
It was wonderful to speak to you yesterday and today. So thrilled you have got the diving project next. Have lots of fun.
Enjoy the beach! Beats the bugs!
Lots of Love and hugs
Keep smiling.
Love Mum

Simon Watterson said...

For Rosie Watterson Alpha 4
Hi Roz just a quick note to let you know I've posted money into your account. Have fun. Dad

Anonymous said...

For Amy Burn Alpha 4. We got your card today - great to hear from you. You sound like you are having an amazing time. Saw the photos of you building the boardwalk. Now that you are fully trained we have plenty of DIY jobs lined up for you when you return. Keep the work gloves handy - you'll need them! Grandad keeps asking about you and sends his love. We love you lots. Enjoy the next project. Mum & Dad xxxx

Richard Beard said...

For William Beard alpha 4
Great pic's son bear
Domino's pizza and Games Workshop have gone bust in last few weeks due to drastic reduction in sales.
Harvey says 'My skin does'nt fit ,dad'
Emma says don't bother coming back without the hat.
Will get onto ucas now the puupy internet problem is solved,the new router seems much faster,perhaps i shall cancel the 'contract' on Ranjit in Mumbai.
Walking HW in Thorndon tomorrow,he has good recall unless distracted by ....anything
Mum said she'd try to blog you when she worked out how to do it... well you have another three weeks.
Instructions for LHR T4 pick up recieved,i will be there traffic allowing,with fleece ,phone and smoothies.
Good luck on the trek

Dmitry said...

To Nathan Titus, Alpha 4:

Bruv, I expect u to be as good as Rambo, when u come back from that jungle, but judging by the photos u still seem to have a long way to go, especially regarding wedgeness.

gdluck rudeboi.

Debbie Thornton said...

Message for Nick Thornton Alpha 1(Phase2)

Hi Nick - it was really lovely to speak to you on Friday. You sounded well and are obviously having a fab time. Glad the mozzies are leaving you alone but the leeches sound horrendous. Shame about your ears spoiling the diving experience - something else you get from Dad, I'm sorry to say!!

Rain has finally stopped here and forecast for next week sounds okay-not before time!

Did you know Amy Winehouse has died? No more info about it yet -she was just found last night. Drugs or booze they are thinking.

Enjoy your next project and take care. We are all thinking of you and love reading the blog updates.
Love from Mum, Dad and Rachel xxx

Martin Laing said...

To: Emily Bradshaw - Alpha 3

Emily, It's so wonderful to see the photos of you in the jungle.

I am truly very proud of you, and everything that you have accomplished !!

It maybe hard at times, but this is such a wonderful experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Good luck with the scuba diving, and enjoy the wonders of the ocean.

I wish I was there !!!!

Best wishes and all the love in the world.


soon said...

Hello Bear June, How are u? How is your new friend with Orang Utan? please make good friend with them ok? hope u enjoy your "holiday"... lol... take care =)

From: Marble

Anonymous said...

Alpha 5
Miss eve....
Hey Hun, looks like u are having a great time...

Scrubber driving looks good. Been keeping an eye on you!


Kaywell said...

Malcolm (Alpha 4)
Hi X: looking at your latest pic. with you having hammer and a piece of wood in hand. You're actually smiling and what a lovely one at that. So very proud of you son, and look forward to many stories upon your return.
We are in ATL visiting Aunt Vaughnie and family and everyone says hello and wish you could be here as well, but Uncle Chuck is very proud of your adventure. Weather here is very hot, but i'm sure it's just as hot where you are.
hoping you received Aunt Denyse and my postcards. Will write soon, much love, mom xxxx

Annielouise said...

Amer Townsend - 11D Alpha 4

Hi Amer sorry had no computer hope you get this message OK. Looks like your working hard and having fun....glad the gloves came in handy!! love looking at the pics and following the blog.Missing you loads Muma XXX

adelle said...

For ellie kermode. Have a fantastic time. Missing you already. Beanie and Rosie are on you bed. Get in touch when you can. I hope you are feeling better after a good rest on the plane.xx love, mum