Thursday, 7 July 2011

It's that time of the phase again...

It's that time of the phase on expedition again, when a team from Field Base called the "Loop" set off to visit our static sites (the community and environment projects) to bring cheer, re-supplies, sweets, blog messages and post from loved ones back home.

The Loop, consisting of our lovely accounts manager Helen, logistician Rhys and deputy programme manager Rob will be heading off to Alphas 3, 4, 1 and 2  starting this Sunday.

So post a message on the blog before Sunday and we'll make sure your messages will get through. Messages posted from deployment onwards will be brought on the Loop. 


Cara said...

Message for Catherine Ludlum Alpha 5 - 11D Borneo
Hi Catherine, Hope the diving is going well. I am really enjoying following the blog. What an amazing experience you are having. Enjoy. Lots of love Cara xx

Darren Lee said...

Dhaaaaru Bai!

Your sister jacked your fb and your status now says "I am swinging from tree to tree...I feel like Mowgli...weeeeee.....
no wait.... the tree fell :'( it couldn't take my weight...."

Hahaha. Ace! Anyway just thought I let you know that we'll be visiting Mac and Yolanda at fieldbase later this month. Dropping you a parcel, you might (or might not) get it by changeover

-Darren Lee

Kaywell Outerbridge said...

Malcolm - Alpha 4 - Malaysia

Hi son:
looking at the pics and looks like you're having a blast. So very proud of you. All is well here in Bermy, kibbles is chillin in her cage. still not much rain, sent postcards last week. love from Legend/Flo, Uncle Rog/Mel, dad, sister xxxmom

jammy dodger said...

To Alex Ratcliffe

Hey sorry for not blogging you earlier I had every intention of doing so. You look great in the group photo and your allocation sounds amazing, I'm really hoping your having a great time. I am so jealous of you, I wanna go back to Borneo now....

I saw "bridesmaids" yesterday with some friends, I was the only guy who liked the film and the other guys removed all my man points...

So moving swiftly on how are you finding the raleigh rations (porridge and mock duck???)? The games eg Mafia? Hope you have some good ideas for the comedy show at the end of the phase :)

Wishing you all the best

Sophie Maskell said...

hey Sheri Whiting! i hope your having a fantastic time. im forever wondering what you are up to the whole time and im so jealous! last thing i heard you were scuba diving! i do wonder if your eating chocolate, your sister made the BEST chocolate cheesecake the other day, it was LOVELY, seriously nice, hahaha! ill write you a little letter and pop some photos in, although i dont know why you want a pic of our ugly mugs!
forever jealous, your fav cousin, Sophie! xx

Anonymous said...

Message for Harry Clesham:

Hi Mate,
hope your ok and having a great time, it looks like you are, good to see you leading everyone across the river! Just thought i'd give you a quick message before I go, I'm nearly ready after 4 hours packing!!! How did you do it so quickly???
I'll try send you another message to let you know how i'm getting along in a few weeks and it'll be good to see some more pics then!

Liam x

Anonymous said...

Harry Clesham Alpha 1
Hope all is going well, such fun watching the blog. We are all good Socks was sulking for a bit! Shes ok now. Sophie is working at Weir Lge tonight and I am having a day off Phew!! Liam left for Kenya this morning and was very excited and a bit nervous i think. Gibs are back from Thailand this weekend so lots of stories to be told. New Lodge is very nice and quiet! Longing to hear all your stories and hope you are keeping a good account and photos. Have a great time and keep safe, sending you a big hug & much love Mum x

Elle said...

Please tell SEAN HOLMES:
Sean! I sent you a letter, I hope you've received it, I payed to send it and everything. Dedication. It's Will Nye's 18th next week and I wish you were gonna be there BUT MORE I wish I was in the jungle with you. I hope your kit has come in handy, we spent enough time shopping for it hahaaa. I miss you A LOT its very hard but 2 weeks down already ! Not long hahaa. Have an amazing amazing time and I will be checking up to see what you're doing next ! Don't 4get me ;) hahahahaha. I LOVE YOU (LAME) xxxxxxxxxx

Mattt said...

Ewelina-Alpha 5
Make the most of every opportunity that comes your way! Your trip is looking awesome and not many people get the chance to do this! And you are out there doing it!(how cool)! I don't think I'll do anything as adventurous like this! Very envious!!! Last post said they're bringing you sweets around! Nice! Keep Enjoying!! p.s hope you got to see those big fish/shark/whale things?!? xx

Linda Ward said...

Hi Will (Beard), hope you're enjoying yourself, come back to work soon we all miss you! Jacob wants to send a message but can't think of anything to say, so just assume he sends his best.


BG said...

For Caroline Jane, Alpha 2.

I am SO JEALOUS!!!! The island looks absolutley wonderful. Hope you're having a great time. Lincoln - ace :-) Will let you know. Christian is working hard, painting anything that doesn't move at St.Pierre(!) but Dad is now determined to sell it. Have you met up with the 'Ooome-(you know the rest) tribe' yet?! Following the Blog every day - lve the pictures! Miss you. Lots of love to you and a Big Hello to everyone in Alpha 2. Love, Mum and Dad xxxxxxx

Jenny's dad said...

Hi Jenny. Sent you a blog last weekend but not sure it made it. Also sent you a letter yesterday. Hope all is well and can't wait to see you next month. The deal closed!

Hope to hear back!

Jessica Bradshaw said...

Emily Bradshaw 11D - Alpha 3
Hi Emily
I miss you so much xx.
I had my ballet exam today I think it went well but I messed up on one of the dances.
I love having use of all your clothes they look so good on me!!!
Harry and I have been using your room as a sleepover hangout and your bed is so comfy.
I went to the orthodontic and had the impressions they were horrible. I had bits left in my mouth but have chosen a cool purple box to put the brace in.
I love all your photos with your frizzy hair on the blog - good look. It looks really fun and I hope you are having a great time. Hope you have made some nice friends.
Love you so much. Miss you. lots of love Jessica xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Harry Bradshaw said...

To Emily Bradshaw 11D - Alpha 3
Hi Em
Hope you’re having fun? Harry potter is only a week away!!
I went to the sports dinner last night and ate pork, soup and cheesecake. Yum!!!
I hope your food is nice. However sports day did get cancelled due to rainy weather =(
I have ordered an early birthday present, another bike =) =) It’s too nice to keep in the shed so I am putting it in your bedroom
Hope you’re okay. lol
Harry Xxxx

Charlotte Bradshaw said...

Hi Em
Love keeping up with you via the blog – I keep scanning every photo posted for a glimpse of you. Kept thinking of you and the 10 hour 4x4 journey (my worst nightmare). Hope you are coping ok and the experience of the spectacular untouched rainforest makes all the hard work worthwhile.
We all miss you. Keep smiling. Lots of Love Mum x x

Ross Bradshaw said...

To Emily Bradshaw 11D - Alpha 3
Hi Darling
Hope you are well and still enjoying your adventures!?
Everyone I have talked to about your trip are so impressed with your bravery and it makes me feel particularly proud of my 'big girl'. Lots of Love. Missing you very much. Cant wait to hear some more information and news. Dad xx

Jane said...

Message for Ben Langridge
Hi Ben
Hope you are having a great time in the jungle and enjoying the food!
Everything is fine here, ski world paperwork now received along with animals. Hope to see some new photos of you on the blog soon.
Lots of love mum, dad, Charlotte, rollo, romy, frank, lettie x

Anonymous said...

Message for Martin Robson Alpha 2
Hi Martin
Hope all's well with you
We'll send a letter this weekend
Raining here but garden looks good
Girl's trip to see Grease tomorrow. lol Robsons

Jann said...

To Rujina Khandakar 11D Alpha 1
Hey!! Hope your enjoying Borneo and your adventure into the wilderness. Ahem ... glad you haven't came back after a week! I shall see you in September!
From Jann
p.s. please don't get kidnapped
p.p.s. To all other Alpha 1 members ... hope your enjoying the experience and please look after her!!

Annielouise said...

Amer Townsend - Alpha 4

Hi darling loved seeing the photos and keeping up with the blog. Hope you are having a fantastic time will try and write but I have been really busy.....Everything is great hear so don't be worrying just have lots of fun. I just love telling everyone what your up to so proud. Big hugs love you loads Muma XX

T2 Wong said...

Natalia Wong (11D)
I'm missing your company but am being well looked after. Still busy bringing in lots of vole snackets.
I'm worried you'll get too pally with the local animals out there.
I'll be specially friendly to you when you get back.
Love and purrs
T2 x

Jo ratcliffe said...

Hi Alex
Dad & I are following the blog and so we are able to keep up with you and your fellow adventurers' activities. I hope you're enjoying yourself out there because you're not missing much here at home! Helen is back in Leeds now ready for graduation and we're all going over to celebrate with her next week, will pass on your congrats.
Much love
Mum x

Helen Ratcliffe said...

To Alex Ratcliffe

Hi Saaaandra! Hope you are having a marvellous time and havent been bitten alive out there! The big question is - how are you surviving without chocolate?!! hehe! Mum is forever saying 'I wonder what she is doing...'! Heard about the big bag drama! oh dear oh dear! Been home for the week but now back to leeds for a few days before the big G day! Anyhooooo keep enjoying yourself, stay safe!!

Lots of love

Nelly xxxx

Anonymous said...

Harry Clesham Alpha 1!

Hey Harry, it's your favorite (one and only) sister here! Hope you're doing ok out there in the wilderness! Had a sneaky-peak of the photos, looks like you're learning many new tricks of the trade. Must be having a blast! Very jealous. Miss you lots and lots... no one gets my wierd jokes! Haha. Socks misses you too! Had my first shift at Wier Lounge yesturday night, was good however there were more staff than customers, Fridays are not too popular there obviously. Made loadsa jagerbombs though :) Keep safe, speak soon (grow a beard and get a tat, mother will love it, haha) love you xxx

Ian Robertson said...

Hi this message is for Cameron Robertson Alpha One,

Hi Cam, just to let you know that the Crusaders put up a great fight in the super 14 final but lost out to the reds, guess it was a game to far after going to SA for the semis, they were real close. Hope you are well and enjoying your time, its been a bit crisp this end on a few days, looking forward to hearing all about it when you are back at base camp....take care ..Dad

.Shel. said...

Dharu Baiii!!

Missinggg you like crazyyy here! missing someone to call and rant about how sucky working life is! been so out of touch with the whole world really. havent seen any of the rest for quite some time. will post you a letter soon! hope you're surviving! <3 <3 <3

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Katy Horder, alpha 1!

hope this reaches you- forgot about the time difference...lots of love from Mum, Dad, Jamie, reg and elsie.

keep building!

Anonymous said...

To Katy Horder, Alpha 1

Hi Katy Happy Birthday from all of us! We hope you are having a great time - the photos look interesting.
Look forward to hearing all about it when you get back.
Lots of love
Sally, Andy, Roxy and Clara

Anonymous said...

Dear Katy

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday and I hope all is going well!! Spent a lovely morning with Jane (and Tim), Reggie and Elsie - she is beautiful and so loving!! With love Sara xx

sophie gs mum said...

To Sophie Given Alpha 5
Hi Soph,hope you enjoyed the diving,watched the blog, the island lookes beautiful.Kirstys having a great time in Amsterdam,im so proud of both of you.All is good at home,take care,

lots of love Mum Jake and milo xxx

Tom Shelton said...

For Dan Kirk, Alpha 4. Hey Dan, hope you're having a quality time at Sepilok with the bears. Weird that you're doing that project as well! It's hard work - why is the wood just so heavy? I hear you've met Lee, and I'm sure you're having a good time with Graham as well - both top lads. It's been one year since Jshafazee as well, the year 13s this year didn't even attempt anything! If I get round to it I'll send you a letter, but meanwhile, keep having an awesome time and I'll see you in September! Best of luck, Tom.

Peter and Hilary said...

Message for Phil Gibbins - Apha 2

Hi Phil

Great to see a photo of you getting ready to leave for the island - hope you're having a fantastic time. Not a lot happening here; we had a huge thunder storm yesterday with hailstones thrown in. The lawn went quite white and the noise in the conservatory was deafening. Katharine has got a big sleep-over tonight which also promises to be deafening! Look out for a small parcel which will be on its way to you very soon. love Mum and Dad xxx

Anonymous said...

Dear Katy Horder,
Hope you are enjoying yourself. Have a good birthday and hope you get some post. I expect you are beginning to see some progress with the building! Love from Margaret and Sandyovens

Sarah Messeder said...

Sophie Given,

So glad to hear you're having such a good time. The pictures are great and it's good to see all the challenges you're getting up to! Are you managing to cope with the heat and the food? I can't believe you've spent this last week scuba diving, sounds amazing! Hope you have a good time trekking and not get attacked by too many insects. Things are quiet here just been working etc. All the best with this week missing you lots, Sarah xx
ps. Have you the sensation in your finger back yet?

Helen said...

Philip Gibbins, Alpha 2

I hope I didn't post this too late to get to you!
Everything is good here, just a bit lonely but keeping busy with Birte, Jo and Katy. You can expect post because I have written a letter!
I guess there's one thing you're dying to know - I passed my driving test! So I'm off driving everywhere at the moment... But don't worry - I am safe.

I'm pleased you got to do what you wanted to do and I hope you have an immense time! Am following the blog closely and the climate looks amazing! Have a lot of fun, hopefully my letter will arrive soon.

Lots of love, Helen xxxxx

PATRICIA said...

To Pamina de Hauteclocque and Chelsey Jenna Lee

YOU GUYS!!!!! I hope it is all just as amazing as it looks online! Pam I told you I would read your blog! haha
Try to get your picture taken so I can look at you both! I miss you!! i really hope you get this message!
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

Serena said...


Hey sis, i'm rahter jealouse right now, hope everything is going really well and you hair isn't to much of a frizz ball ! Had a competition on Zac a 2nd, and two 3rds. Dont worry about your woredrobe it is in good hands.. I think ive just about managed to have everything out at least once or twice already. Jokes :) Miss you a lot !! <3

Serena (the best sister)

P.s you should have tasted my beautiful extreme chocolate cheese cake I made.. Heavon.

Kimberley said...

Daniel Cross Alpha 2

Hello! I have just discovered your blog and seen your pictures! I had a google of Maliangin Island.... I have to say I am rather envious of your adventure, the island looks beautiful! I hope you're enjoying yourself, it's great to see your grin in pics! Looking forward to reading more about what you're up to. Miss you lots and lots! A letter is on it's way to you... make sure when you read it, you're not eating... I had a bit of a gross story to tell you involving a lady and her Gillian's! hehe. ;) Miss you! Love you! Kimbo xxxx

Siobhan Haines said...

Message for Martin Robson...

Hi Mart! Great to see the photos! Managed to show the children on Friday, they spotted you straight away and were very interested in how the girl broke her arm! We're all well here, had a great time at Grease last night (Sinead took us for our birthdays). Won't write too much as Mum's given me an airmail letter to post. Love always Siobhan, Tristan and all here xxx

QuintessentiallyEnglish said...

Message for Daniel cross (homie)

I hope you are having a spiffing time out there old chap. I expect to hear all about the trip and the projects you are working on. See you soon dahling!

Bubbles DuVere xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi June, Cynthia and Pipo =) Ada miss me tak? How is the star at night? Bigger? nicer? When u all meet Orang Utan, please help me to say Hi to them. Hope u all enjoy it. Please remember to sapu ubat and take care of your skin. Take good care friends... Miss u all so much ^^ From: Marble

mzPras said...

Dear Dharu...

it was very funny to see ur friends getting all excited with ur fb updates...hope ur coping well there.
i'm trying to miss you...haha

the best sister :p

Sybil Robertson said...

message for Cameron Robertson

Hi, Our messages don't seem to appear on the blog, so hope at least you are getting them and I am not being my usual untechnical self! Missing you here in NZ. Whales have been seen in the Tory Channel, so planning to head out in the boat soon and have a look - bit stormy at the moment though. Hope you are enjoying getting stuck into a project - take care. Love M,D & J x

Anonymous said...

Please send to Katy Horder of the alpha 1 group via supplies:

Dear Katy,

I hope this message gets to you in time for you birthday! Don't think that I've forgotten. I miss you so much and I hope my letter will arrive soon!

Things have been really boring here in Cambridge, and I have loads of work to do, especially this really stupid review paper I have to write on psychological resilience! Arrghh!

I really miss you and I hope you're having a good time. When you come back, we can celebrate you birthday in style at the Ritz Hotel for you birthday tea! Then we can go shopping (well, probably window shopping!!)

Don't forget that I do love you and I miss you so much. Be safe and have a fun time.

Lots of love,

Buyee bean.


Kaywell Outerbridge said...

Malcolm - Alpha 4 - Malaysia

Hi son:
Hoping all is well.
Uncle Nalton says hi and is proud of you for what you're doing. i look at the pics and continue to crack up especially the one where 4 you have just come from the 'jungle' laughing; i'm sure the joke was hysterical. do you see much of the other Bermy lot. finally got some rain here, but not enough for the tanks.
Legend says he misses you, and will see Aunt Flo, Uncle Rog/Mel on Thurs at the Canon's cruise. you were mentioned in the church bulletin yesterday; that was nice of them to put it in. sister is hearing back from school in the UK and is getting her stuff ready for that. continue to do well, love momxxx

Helen Conway said...

Message for Abbi Harris, Alpha 1:-Hi Abbi, hope you're having a fantastic time out there. We're following the blog and it's really good to see an occasional photo of you. We're all fine and Tori is back from holiday tomorrow. Love you lots, Mum xx

Lester Pygott said...

Message for Emma Pygott - Alpha 4
Hi Emms. Just back from Pyrenees. Looks like fun where you are! Hope we didn't forget anything in your packing and hope you're coping with the early mornings! Well proud of you and will be watching the blog from now. Love dad xx

Matt Wong said...

Message for Natalia Wong,

Hi Talia,

Hope your having fun out there, saw some of the photos of you and the rest of the group, looks amazing! Have you had to use the Imodium yet, lol?

You'll not be receiving a real letter from me because I'm your lazy big brother, however I'll concede to writing to you via the blog, also means that it'll be spelt right.

Also good back at home, I've been up in Newcastle for the past few days and have just popped into mu and dads to mow the lawn and stall some plants from the garden.

Keep having fun!

Anonymous said...

Clesham :), hope all is going well and your loving life over their! pics look good bro hope your having a cracking time looks like you are. things are old in bath weathers shit , work's boring so make sure you make the most of it over their. il try leave you another message in a couple of weeks, but remember you have my letter to read if your missing me too much ;) anyways bud take care see you when you get back

Aygul x

Anonymous said...

Liza Forsyth Alpha 5 Mamutik/Trekking

Hey Liza!
Just blogged Emma so had a browse to check all is well in Borneo for you too. The dive island sounds fun pretty jealous I think I won't get to see that in my time there, Emma's on her trekking phase first so she's away for 2 weeks till the end of July as far as I know. Hope you got there alright and managed with the bag and weights on the flight etc and have got settled in now into the first phase already!

Just doing exactly what you did the other week and sorting out the last bits and pieces now so getting excited about it, hope you're having a great time so far and might see you in a few weeks!

Have fun :) Andy x

Yvette Pygott said...

For Emma Pygott

Hi..big hugs from me and Zoe for you and the Bears!!
Can't wait to hear all about it..hope you are having fun

Boz said...

Message for Owain Masters:

Hi Owain! Just waiting for Alex to return from his travels now. It felt weird with all my guys being abroad at the same time. Hope you are well,happy,not getting skinny and above all enjoying yourself. Looking forward to seeing some more pics on here. Loads of love, Mum. xxxx

stephanie poole said...

Hi Will
Can't wait to hear how the diving went and hopefully some new pictures on the blog. Hope you are enjoying yourself. Just got back from Spain and missing you loads.
Lots of Love M,D & Axxx

Mom said...

Hey Jen....back from Greece and back online. Want to tell you I miss your voice and can't wait til I see you next month! I've seen only two pics of you and hope more are coming....Summers are boring in the US (except at MI) so hope you are having much fun!
Love you,

Kiren said...

To Maandip

Hey mandip, hopefully this message is comnig to you from the Loop and not while your at borneo paradise. :)
im sure your adjusting great and its getting easier day by day. im sure the soni kuris are helping :p
i read that your building a gravity water feed system. i did a similar project too! you'll get killer arms from all that work!

anyways take care and i really hope your having a good time because its an amazing experience, just stick it through and you will not regret it, promise :)


Tasha Jones said...

Hello Raleigh Bermuda Venturers,

Kristin has been keeping us board members updated with your progress. Keep up the good work and we're all very excited for you to be there!

-Tasha Jones

Anonymous said...


Glad to see you arrived safely - two good photos of you on the website. Thinking of you.


sophie gs mum said...

To Sophie Given Alpha 5

Hi sophie,missing you,let me know if ur needing anything.Going to stoney for two weeks,hope to hear how your getting on when we get gran and grandad xxpu

Jo ratcliffe said...

Hi Alex
I hope you're having a super time out there.
Have at last remembered to post you a card! We all had a wonderful day yesterday at Helen' s graduation. we took loads of photos for you to see - couldn't find the recharger tho' lol! Dad managed to knock a whole glass of champagne down my cream dress- at least it wasn't red wine! Andrew's new flat is very trendy, even clean and tidy!Off tomorrow on our hols so will try and keep in touch. Its beginning to seem quite a while since we last spoke, take care, much love mum xxx

SimonH said...

For Dan Cross

Hi Dan! Hope you are enjoying your island community project it sounds so interesting and so nice to see you in the photos! We're all thinking of you lots here in headington, cant wait to see what your up to next.

I really am so proud of you for what you are doing,wish I could be there with you :)

Love Simon x x

Amanda mclaughlin said...

megan daly alpha 6.
Hi Megs just sitting hear with Mum who is telling me about your wonderful trip. The photos look great, you are obviously having a wonderful experience. Some of those boys look buff! Have fun and stay safe
lots of love
Amanda XXX

Richard Beard said...

For Will Beard in alpha 4,
We've been out of contact for while,the router has finally given up the ghost.Emma met Shawnee Smith at comic con,chatted up one the Captain Kirks and got me a photo with Brent spiner.Willow is now 10.3kg and growing.
You have been offered a place at Writtle,but we have not been able to anything with the application yet.
Linda wondered if you needed a really big poo bag to clear up after sun bears?

ejsmo said...

Hi this Message is for Marcus Pinsley from his Mum and Dad!!

Hi Marcus - hope you are well and enjoying the experience of Raleigh International.
We are missing you loads!!
I have started my new job this week got lost the first day coming home but know where I am going now.
Started the showroom today!!
Oliver has been to his wedding and thoroughly enjoyed it! He has got an interniew this week.
Dad is slowly unpacking!! We have seen quite a few people and went ot Sam and Bens for dinner last week. It was very nice.
Everyone is asking after you. Hope the diving went well!!
We have settled in the flat and your bro is out and about. Got his graduation on the 18th.

I will sign out now.

Keep well and safe!!

Love you loads
from Mum Dad and everyone xxxxx

ejsmo said...

Marcus Pinsley
Alpha 5

Just to let you know still not on a computer and will be next week when we go live next Friday with the landline!! Very hard when not got a comp!

Love Mum xxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Ross Weir

Hi Ross keep going on the blog but nothing about your alpha group yet. Some of the photos from the other groups are great so will look forward to seeing yours. Hope the building of the kindergarten is going well. Put a letter in the post today so hopefully you will get that when you get back to camp. Missing you lots love mum and dad xxx

sally said...

Hi Susanna and Alpha 5 You must be nearing the end of your trek. Hope you have had a lovely time Still wet and horrible here. Bet its been brilliant seeing all the jungle creatures Have you seen the oranutans yet. Looking forward to seeing the pics on the blogs when you return to base Love and miss you sally xx

Jacqui aka favourite mom said...

to Shannon Williams Alpha2

hi pumpkin....missin u like crazy...hope ur havin a blast. every1 at market place says "Hiiiiiii". gettin ready to paint ya room...hope u like it...lime green & pink right....LOOKIN FOR ARD 2 SEEING MORE PICS OF U ON DE ya diploma in de mail....proud of u!!!! love you Shanni

Jane Hedges said...

Sam Hedges, Alpha 2
We missed you at the wedding! Sophie and Chris had a wonderful day, sun came out by the time we went to the church and there was a full moon and starry sky in the evening. Philip was amazing and seemed to manage the day really well, very good speech. Chris said some beautiful things to and about Sophie, we all cried buckets in the church, and ran out of tissues. Looking forward to the Ventiis coming on Thursday for a night or 2. Loz returns to Mauritius on Friday. Chris and Sophie will be on the opposite side of the island in a luxurious hotel. Lots of love

Mum xxxxxxxxxx

Auntie Jac said...

For Emily B in Alpha 3

Hello lovely

I've just read the twins' blogs and promise I will go over first thing in the morning and put a big padlock on your bedroom door!

And as for the hair - go with the curl - it looks gorgeous! I put a colour on my hair yesterday then went swimming today and it's gone green - actually it's the perfect camouflage colour for the jungle. Every time I look in the mirror I'll think of you!

Checking in every day for news. Can only imagine the amazing experiences you're having!

Love you loads

PS Granny sends lots of love too - she's tried to type on the blog but her iPad won't let her!

Auntie Jac said...

For Emily B in Alpha 3

Hello lovely

I've just read the twins' blogs and promise I will go over first thing in the morning and put a big padlock on your bedroom door!

And as for the hair - go with the curl - it looks gorgeous! I put a colour on my hair yesterday then went swimming today and it's gone green - actually it's the perfect camouflage colour for the jungle. Every time I look in the mirror I'll think of you!

Checking in every day for news. Can only imagine the amazing experiences you're having!

Love you loads

PS Granny sends lots of love too - she's tried to type on the blog but her iPad won't let her!

Will said...

To Emily B in Alpha 3

Hello Emily
I'm reading a book about a big centipede. Have you seen any in the jungle and do they get in your sleeping bag?
Love from Will

Rory said...

Message for Theo Alpha 3
Yo Theo I know your having an amazing time so there is no point in asking. Just thought I would say a quick hello. I'm enjoying sharing you clothes atm! Thanks for that. Your iPod is a life saver as mine broke and what would I be without music. Still no surface in the kitchen but mum has FINALLY chosen the stone...we hope. In other news the birds have a ping pong table courtesy of Dad, so you can come back to a good hiding from me ;) anyway enjoy every minute out there as your only eventually coming back to us lot and some mad chickens (who think they live in the house btw)and dogs.
Much Love
Gus xx

GRANNY said...

Hi Em
I think about you every day.I also think about all those INSECTS! I imagine the jungle must be a very noisy place too.How are the orang-utans? They have such wonderful faces. Keep well and happy.Love Granny xxx

Anonymous said...

Message for Claire U - Alpha 4, 11D
Hi Claire
Hope you're enjoying yourself. We're following the Blogs - looks great.
Mum, Dad & Sarah