Saturday, 30 July 2011

First taste of project life for 11I PMs

After a few days meeting with project partners and visiting their project sites, the 11I project managers are back at Field Base.  Excitement is building as they prepare to get out there with their teams in just over a week.

With three of  the four projects based in the Pitas region, Alphas 7, 8 and 9 headed off together to meet up with project partner, Asian Forestry Company (AFC).

The task facing Alpha 7 and Alpha 8 is to build a gravity water feed system for each of the communities they will be based in.  Together they visited the villages of Bambangan Sook and Mandurian Laut, differing hugely in size, but sharing the common problem of access to water.  The warm welcome offered to the PM teams, and the great views, were also a feature of both villages!

Meanwhile, the Alpha 9 team was elsewhere in the region preparing for their environmental project.  Also working with AFC, they will be conducting a biodiversity survey on an area of land which has been set aside for conservation.

The planning visit gave Helen and Lucy a sneak preview of some of the wildlife and environment  they might encounter during the project,

and a chance to test out the infamous Raleigh "three bowls" for washing up.

Finally, down in the south eastern part of Sabah, Gabby and Amy met with Yayasan Sabah rangers, who showed them the area they will be working in, building boardwalk across boggy ground.

And they saw for themselves just why the beauty of the Taliwas Forest Reserve should be enjoyed by more people.

After a day planning the work, they tested out their new camp,

but don't worry - they identified a number of improvements which will be made before the groups arrive next week!


Sybil Robertson said...

For Cameron Robertson Alpha 4

Have just watched the All Blacks whoop the Springboks in the first of the Tri Nations (40 - 7)..... 41days until the World Cup!
So looking forward to seeing how things are going for you. Hope you are fit and well and loving the project - sorry you got leeched last time :(
Looked at a house over Nelson way today - awesome views but a bit of a project - how are your new manual labour skills going to set you up for gorse clearing???
lots of love to you and the bears xx Mum Dad and Jethroxx

ejsmo said...

For Marcus Pinsley Alpha 2!!

Good morning Marcus well it is here anyway!!
I am at work on a sunny Saturday morning at the showroom! Settling in really well although its quiet at weekends the warehouse is busier for me!!
Weather here has been very humid here but not as hot as where you are!!
We are starting to get ready for Marbella and really not sure what state the flat will be in when we leave Oliver!!
Shops are open late here which isnt bad when working!
Hope you are ok can't wait to speak to you eventually.
Loads of love as always
Mum and Dad xxx

Pupu and Manshit said...

HI dara singh (DHARUSHINI BAI)! How are you? It's manshit and pmay here! Have you received our gift to you? We passed it over to Darren. Hope you're doing fine and there are fishes for you to catch (and eat). We're back in Australia here, everyone else is doing fine. Can't wait for you to come back and we can resume our whatsapp group. It has been dead without you and Mershel. Mitty has been calling me every other day, she really misses me :) Hope your two lines are still separated and hasn't fused to one yet ;) Anyway, take care of yourself and you'll be back before you know it! Enjoy! Tty soon! Love, manshit and pupu

ejsmo said...

for Marcus Pinsley Alpha 2

Hi Marcs!!
Yes its me again!! Jusat thought I would drop you a line to tell you
that Amy and Lee have had a baby boy today born this afternoon 7lbs dead. His name is ...........
Addison Lo!! Ha ha I am not joking either!! No idea where they got that from.

Love u loads
Mum Dad and Oli xxxx

Anonymous said...

For Katy Horder of Alpha 6

Dear Katy,

I hope you are doing really well! I've been really busy lately doing my research proposal which is basically taking forever! I've become a complete shut in and my room is filled with printouts - yeah, go green! I'm sorry I haven't contacted you in so long, but hopefully you should have received my letters (by now!!).

I just thought you'd like to know that there are two really nice cats living around my new house. They are both terribly middle-class with very received "miaows", but both are really friendly. I got so distracted because one of them was sitting on my lap that I didn't notice the car on the road waiting for me to move - huge embarrassment.

It's not long now, but when you get back, I'll tell you about the hilarity of the racist bedder that I'm stuck with. SPOILER: It's not hilarious.

I hope you stay well and take care.

Lots of love,

Buyun xxxxxxxxxxx

alice belaman said...

Hi Cynthia

Thanks for the letters, we were fascinated with it,We understand if you are not able to write often, we 'll keep sending you.Oops, forgot to tell you I was very impressed with the hammock, wish I could be on one (dont know whether it can take my weight)Keep up the good work and keep smiling.

Lots of love from ammatchi, periamma and alice sitti

sarahncy said...

For my dear sister June Yin,

So your mom tells me that this is one of the only ways I can contact you. Sucks to be home when you're not around! Could really use some help unpacking here! All of a sudden, I've got things appearing out of nowhere! This doesn't even count the boxes that have yet to arrive! Urgh. Can you imagine! Miss you loads!!! It looks awesome over there. Apparently your mom says that you'll be staying on 2 weeks after that. Am so tempted to fly over! That is if I haven't started working! =P Come home soon!! Miss you loads! Home's never the same without my sister!! xxx


Anonymous said...

Message for Harry Clesham:

Hi Harry,
Hope your ok, Looks like your having an amazing time, i'm fine and having a great time in Kenya. We are both going to have loads of stories to tell. I'm probably having much more luxury than you, we go away every weekend so we have a bed and running water! See You Soon!
From Liam

Sophie Maskell said...

To Sheri Whiting in Alpha 3.

Ello Miss Whiting! Sophie here, your mum said you had a problem with your camera? mine did the same thing! i fixed it by folding up a small thin strip of paper and putting it between the battery and the flap that closes the compartment. The paper pushes the battery more into the connection at the bottom and thats how i got mine working. i hope it works for you! if not steal someone else camera for a bit mwhaha! i hope your doing ok, Diana says 'hellllllloooo, i have a new job but i dont start till sept! having an ear operation on the 12th August so i can hear you better. Serena is having to baby sit me as everyone is going out! We are still baking and eating cakes so putting on a belly now. bye.'
yeah so thats Diana's message. Cant wait to skype you at some point so we can try and rival each others stories. talk soon, love sophie xxx

Anonymous said...

For Katy Horder Alpha 6

All well on the home front. We've got the tropics here too at present.
I'll be awaiting your call early on Sunday week; Cant wait!!! love Dad

hi k - off to bonny scotland to escape the heat.. diving place looks amazing, very envious- see you soon and enjoy every minute of the rest of the trip
lots of love

Anonymous said...

For Harry Clesham

Hi Harry, first week into the next phase so looking forward to seeing the photos soon! Im excited as everyone going off next week and having the house to myself...bliss! Busy week for me socially off out most lunches for coffees with friends and a couple of eves out too with Ali, Jo and the office - party party party!!! Vincenzos birthday etc so looking forward to seeing everyone.
Hope you are still having a great time, love & miss you loads Mum xxxx

Auntie Margaret said...

Lucy Bagshaw
Hello Lucy
This is our attempt at 'Blogging'!
Lovely to see you on the photos - you seem to be enjoying yourself.
We like the plaits - helps to keep your head cool!!
I hope all is well. Ted is a good boy and eating us out of house and home (and so is Bobby!!).
We hope you receive this OK.
Lots of love Auntie M and Mum

Anonymous said...

For Georgia Pawson
Aah! What/how much did the centipeed nibble/munch? Great to receive your letter - many thanks. (I'll type & forward to Iona.) It all sounds unbelievable + fab food. What is the next stage after Danum Valley?

.Shel. said...


Hahaha! piggy was bugging me to read the comment she and shitto wrote. Bummss! Btw I hope you received my letter I posted last week if im not mistaken. Included a few pictures of us so you can miss us more :P I'm going for a holiday tomorrow to Taipei with U-Peng (he wont be here for my bday too btw!). Tell you all bout it when you get back! Take care lovesss!

Ps. You're spending everyday with me before I go back to UK!

much love,
Mershel xxx

Sarah Hargreaves said...

For Claire Hargreaves 11I

Hi Claire
Seen your pictures on the blog. Hope you managed to sort out your "mosi net". Looks fantastic out there - wish I was there!!
Mike liked the presents - they had drinks after work on his birthday, Emma said it was a good night - Sato gave them all a piece of lemon merangue pie and cream!!
Missing you loads but getting ready for Cuba now. Will try and look at the blog on the computer in hotel in Cuba.
Love you lots - Mum, dad and all your sisters!!

Anonymous said...

For Simon Brooker,
Hey, hope you're enjoying yourself, although it must be evening where you are now. Mum tried to comment earlier and failed, but she sends her love. Dad, Katie and I are off to Norway tomorrow so that should be good. Mum will watch out for any photos of you and will try to write to you again soon.

Anonymous said...

Don't grow a beard!
Charlie xxx

Anonymous said...


Don't grow a beard.

Charlie. xxx

Linda Mills said...

Hi Amy
We got back from Austria today - had a good time, though Christine was in hospital for much of the time with a slipped disc! So we had an interesting time meeting some of her family and friends etc. Have just caught up with the blog. It looks like you have a challenge on your hands with the project - with the boggy ground etc! Still, I'm sure you and the group are more than up to it! We are thinking of you and send lots of love, mum xxx

Nasima Khandakar said...

Hello Rujina Khandakar,
hope you are having a great time, its raining in London. We cantwait until you are back home. Love Nasima


aTO LUCY BAGSHAW Pleased to see that you arrived safely.Will be looking for progress with your project. Dont like the menu try Georges F&C when you return||Yesterday I led 17 on a rmblrs trek from Trent Lock all 17 returned safely. No wild animals| We will be watching Borneo with interest Take care Love John & Lucy

emma bollan said...

Lucy Finlay, 11i

Hope you're having fun! I seem to remember you expressing a hatred of camping so, hope the rainforest isn't too... rainy?
Had a 'krma' today and thought of you (that's a lie, but it would have been nice if i had. I might have one tomorrow to validate my claim.)
Mark said hi (this is also a lie but only as i haven't spoken to him this week. If i had, i'm sure he would have told me to say hello.)
Amy's fish died - KARMA :) Never have i been happier about a fish related death (this is the truth.)
Miss you (true) and your matching boots/rucsac combo (note lack of letter 'k'.)
Vicky, Dave and Jordan can't wait to hear what you've been getting up to and Trish Adele misses her Auntie Carolyne.
Suppose you've not been away that long yet but blink and it'll be time to come home to cold, wet, Scotland!
Stay safe,
Love Emrets xxx

gourmet gogoi said...

hello Bristi on the 11I team

Your mother has been having an incredible time - blocked the pin code on her card once again, and then managed to lose her car keys while shopping this morning. And life is chaotic as usual. Getting ready for the evening dinner - still got to make one more dessert and get the house ready.

Write soon - a letter would be lovely!!

gourmet gogoi said...

hello Bristi from 11I

just realised that the comment I posted on Wednesday did not get posted because I needed to go to another window to publish and due to my normal memory loss, totally forgot to complete the task!

Hope that the mosquitos are behaving and you are enjoying your three course dinners. It's total chaos at home - people arriving for dinner tonight and we are getting ready to leave for Nederlands and France tomorrow. Managed to block my cards with the wrong pin codes, so shopping is a total nightmare again.

Love from all

Anonymous said...

Harry- Im sick of Bath life without you. LOTS to tell you when you get home. might treat you to another cider in slug and lettuce.. if youre lucky. Hope youre having an amazing time and not missing me too much. Dont go back to manchester until the end of september so we have time to catch up when youre home. love you and miss you xxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

For Palomie Patel

im missing you lots and lots especially now in Scotland. It is cold and today we climbed a huge hill, ( HARD WORK).
i will post more so don't worry ;)
hope everything is going well....
missing you too much! have lots of fun :) :) :)
lots of love
Your favourite person in the world
Kevali xxxxxxxxxxxx <3 <3 <3 xxxxxxxxxxxx
p.s everyone says hi :p

Anonymous said...

Jenny Reay
hey ya!! hope your having a great time out there!! :) we all miss you back here in 'sunny' old england, hope the rain forest is hot and your getting your tan :L
harriet xxxx

Lara Pike said...

To Robyn

Alright, im sending this to you from your laptop (cheers) and from the comfort of the house. hope your having an amazing time which im sure you will be. Charlie's right about the beard, no one needs that. Keep working hard and enjoy it.

Much love Jack

Linda Bolton said...

For Nick Thornton Alpha 1

Hi skinny boy! Just heard your news from Debs in France. The kindergarden project sounds to have been a wonderful experience. Now a little R&R? Great news abt your next project, have read just a little abt it - sounds terrific.Time is going soooo quickly - enjoy every minute! Hope some of my messages are getting through to you we r thinking abt you. Nana back in rainy UK but sun still shining here! Chris has started to learn Portuguese......Stay happy and have fun! Love L&C xx