Monday, 25 July 2011

Expedition 11I projects unveiled

Our five-week expedition may be short, but the projects are no less exciting than the longer ones!  Back from their jungle training, the 11I project management team were eager to discover where they would be spending their three-week project phase.

First our two community projects:


The first of our projects is located in Pitas, the poorest region of Sabah.  Kampung Bambangan Sook is a village of 12 houses, with poor infrastructure and lacking basic amenities such as running water and electricity.   After extensive discussions with our project partner, Asian Forestry Company (AFC), the villagers have identified the need for running water as their primary goal.  The Alpha 7 team will build a gravity water feed system to bring water to each house.

The lucky project managers will be Andy and Alex.

Alpha 8

Also in the Pitas region, Kampung Mandurian Laut is a slightly larger community, with approximately 40 houses.  Although a gravity water feed system was built in the 1990's, it was inadequate and only supplies half the village.  It is now in disrepair, with little or no water pressure due to numerous leaks and clogging with debris.  The challenge for Alpha 8 will be to reconstruct and extend the system, so that it is fully functioning and supplies the entire village.

Relishing the prospect of this project are project managers Tom and Caroline.

Next, our environmental projects:

Alpha 9

For the first of our environmental projects we remain in the Pitas region, and with Asian Forestry Company.  AFC is a sustainable forestry company with a comprehensive community development and conservation programme.  A sizeable area of AFC's land has been set aside for protection and enhancement under this conservation scheme.  The Alpha 9 team will be working alongside the company's biodiversity expert to complete an environmental survey, to identify whether this land can be categorised as High Conservation Value Forest and be protected accordingly.

The PMs excited to be leading this project are Helen and Lucy.

Alpha 10

Our final project takes us down to the south-eastern corner of Sabah and the Taliwas Forestry Reserve.  Managed by Yayasan Sabah, whose aim is to maximise the potential of the rainforest for the people of Sabah, Taliwas is destined to become a scientific research centre in the not-too-distant future.  To that end, Alpha 10 will be helping improve the infrastructure, by extending the elephant-proof fencing to protect researchers in their camp from the pygmy elephants for which the area is famous.

The fortunate PM team is Amy and Gabby.

The PMs are currently visiting their project sites, learning more about the work that lies ahead.  Once they return, we will give you a sneak preview of what is in store for the venturers!


Kevin moody said...

Message for Tom moody Alpha 8: congrats on your task, sounds great fun! Hope you're having a wonderful time, love Dad xx

Jonny Hope said...

Hey sweetpea (susanna sek alpha 2!), how's it going out there?! I saw you in a diving photo you looked beautiful. Hope you're having an amazing time, missing that face of yours. Catch you later! Jai Hooooooo you are the reason that i breeeath, you are the reason that i still believe, you are my destiny jai ho Love you xxx

Jojo and Eli said...

Hey Susie! Just clearing up from the hp we just had, soo good, defo won over the last one! Wish you could have been there with us :( btw me and jo decided to be spontaneous and booked bestival tickets, don't worry there'll probably be some left when you get back....OJ! we're too rich for that.. okay seriously now at this current moment in time, 18.40, we are sat here writing this message in crappy weather after venturing to belle isle, job hunting and jd's vaccine...she cried. It's crazy to think you're back so soon, just make the most of it out there subo, you look like you're having the time of your life. We look forward to your return, where the trio can be reunited, so we can make the most of the time we have left, it's gonna be a blast! Can't wait to see nature girl in all her glory, lots of love jojo and elles xxx

Steph Barnett said...


Looks like you are hitting the ground running... How fantastic! Loving these updates and the photos (Obv) so keep them coming!

Lots of love and thinking of you x

Anonymous said...

to Owain Masters - Alpha 1 - from Richard Masters (father).
Have changed your Kuala Lumpar/Heathrow flight from 4 Sept. New flight 19 Sept KL depart 10.05 H arrive 16.15 flight MH4 airline ref for online check-in W2KEQ. Have sent Travel Confirmation via Raleigh London - please confirm all in order your end!!! x Dad

Anonymous said...

Just sent a blog to Owain Masters - Alpha 1. I think he is now Alpha 4 - sorry for confusion.

Linda Mills said...

Hi Amo
Thinking of you reckying your project - sounds like hard work but hope you see some elephants! And other wildlife of course..
We'll be off to Austria soon, back Wed 3rd Aug. Han will be here while we're away, she's gone to bed early with a bad cold (picked up at Truck, probably).
Lots of love, mum xxx

Lester Pygott said...

For Emma Pygott - Alpha 6
Hope the trekking's going well and is a real adventure !! Got your letter from the sun bears and have written again :-) Bet you're looking forward to the diving next week. Can't wait to see more pics xxx

ejsmo said...

Marcus Pinsley Alpha 2!!

Hi Marcs - hope you are ok!!

We have ventured over to Hull yesterday to see the family Nan n Paps, Gran n Gramps, Auntie Debbie n Uncle Jonathan and also Auntie Sharon n Uncle Roy. Didnt have time to see anyone else. Got back late!!
Been out to a 6oth birthday today and met some new people - a ladies lucnh and it was very nice.
Going to Cosco for an open night tonight!!
Everything going well so far and we are settled.
Missing you loads all of us!
Lots of love
Mum n Dad xxx

Oliver Pinsley said...


Hello Bro,
I have seen a few pictures of you and you are looking really well and you've got a beard... does your razor not work?
I hope you are enjoying yourself, making some amazing new friends and creating lots of amazing memories!
I really miss you a lot and wish you were here in Manchester with us as I need someone to chill with!
Take care and look after yourself
Love you lots

Anonymous said...

Andy Brown 11l

Hi Andy,
Glad you arrived safely and hope you enjoy your first phase. Have fun, make loads of new friends and enjoy!

Off on holiday tomorrow so will catch up with you when I get back.
Take care,
Debbie, Rick, Vicky & Jade xxx

Elle said...

I'm so stupid I forgot to tell you my address arghhhhh please write if ya can! 10 Noon Sun Close, Greenfield, Saddleworth, Oldham, OL3 7JA!!!!!!
I've been very upset about the fact I probably won't get a letter now haha. Really sorry, hope you're having THE BEST time !!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Love Elle xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Debbie Thornton said...

To Nick Thornton Alpha 1

Hi Nick. How's the Kindergarten coming along? Look forward to reading all about it in the next blog. I've just sent you a letter giving you all the latest news from home - same old, same old really! But since then, your RR Induction pack has come and registration for induction week has to be completed by 26th August. Don't worry your PA is on the case!! And I'll do it in plenty of time.

I'm sure you are still having a fab time - and less leeches perhaps?! Look forward to blog update. Take care. We all love and miss you. Mum, Dad and Rachel xxx

PS Rachel taking Woody in a big show on Sunday so I'll let you know how she gets on. Fingers crossed for fine weather and a well- behaved horse!

karol said...

HI Lee Cockin,well your flying pigs are on the way !!!and the sun but i have censored it for your young eyes??ha ha Hope you are well and still enjoying it,dont forget to come home soon!!All is okay here we have one person interesded in the hotel so fingers crossed might have a life soon!Jimmy wants to know how his cousin is??,well love you m iss you loads,we are very proude off you love and big hugs mum jez rufus woof woof !!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Daniel with Alpha 2,

We are in Holland for a concert and go home Monday. Hope you are in good shape on new project. Uni confirmed your application was received OK and they will be getting back on this...

Looking forward to hearing your news.

XXX Mom & Dad

Annabelle said...

Message for Sarah Walker (or "Logger" as she's affectionately known), Alpha 7

Hope it's all going well and the mosquitoes and bitey things aren't too bad. I'm sure you're having a blast and look forward to seeing pictures.

Lots of love, Annie xxxx

adelle said...

Ellie kermode. We are now in Cornwall. Missing you so much. Tess left this morning and got a call at gatwick from citi saying she got the internship! . Have a fab time. Text me if you can. Have you met any leeches yet? Love you chopster. Big hugs, Mum

karol said...

Hi Lee have your pigs arrived ,?how are you what have you been doing? We can't wait to see you and hear your tales,jez and i are going to France this weekend friday afternoon till Sunday,so i can forget how old i am getting ha ha ,i will have my laptop and phone so i might get to speak to you soon,bonjour ca va coment alez vous , love you mum and jez xxxxx

Mike said...

FAO claire (alpha 8)
hey hargie hows it going, having fun out there? it looks much more interesting than here and stunning as well. cant wait for you to get back to tell me all about it.
missing you xmikex

Priti Malde said...

Hi Raj

Met up at Chanimasi's last night and everyone says hello. Anish from Kenya is over with his two kids.There is brunch at ours on Sunday with all the Kaka's and families. missing you and glad you are doing an amazing job out there.Lots of love mum xxx said...

Hi Lee LOGS,how did the loo building go?Hope you enjoy the turtules beware off the sharks!!!We have the Patone now,so fingers and toes crosed,this time next year ha ha!!!!!We cant wait to see you farthere xmas knows you will be back so dont worry
Did the flying pigs arive?LOVEyou loads cant wait tosee you take care lots love mum jez xxxxxxx