Saturday, 16 July 2011

Alpha 6 - back from the jungle and into the classroom.

When we last saw Alpha 6, almost two weeks ago, they were heading south from Kota Kinabalu towards Long Pasia.  Famous for its warm hospitality, delicious food, legendary local guides and stunning views, the village would mark the beginning of a 12-day trek for our group, at the end of which they would be welcomed by the villagers for a homestay on their final night.

Their trek took the group into the depths of the jungle,

where they encountered some very large trees,

and some very large insects!

After a hard day, the hammocks brought some welcome respite to our weary trekkers,

and for some they came with riverside views!

Their Long Pasia adventure gave the group a chance to make a lot of comparisons, starting with the highs and lows of the Borneo weather.

 Next there were river crossings.  They tried the Raleigh way,

the standard way,

and the innovative jungle guides' way, using a bridge they constructed in a mere 30 minutes.

Then there was the food and drink, an important part of any trek!  The group sampled Raleigh rations,

some local fare, prepared by the guides and beautifully presented in freshly made bamboo bowls,

and washed down with bamboo water.

But for many the highlight was the banquet presented by their host families when Alpha 6 arrived for their homestay at the end of the trek.

For Claire, whose birthday fell on the day the group left the village, the homestay was a great excuse for a party, Long Pasia style, with traditional costumes and dancing,

and the very first cake the team's hosts had ever made!

A fine way to celebrate both Claire's birthday and the end of a fantastic trek for Alpha 6!  But the fun doesn't end here - now it's off to the Borneo Divers classroom and beautiful Mamutik Island where the team will put their new dive skills into practice.

Meanwhile, the Loop has arrived back at Field Base with news of our community and environmental projects.  We'll be updating you with all their news very soon!


Anonymous said...

For Catherine Ludlam, Alpha 5. Hi Catherine we are following the blog watching out for news of what you and your team mates are up to. It looks like Alpha 6 had a great time - no news of you yet! Cant wait to see your picture and read about your news. We are all really missing you and think of you lots. all love m,j,d,l & m xxxxx

howie said...

Yoke Yuen + Cynthia + the whole Alpha 6!!! Hello from 8Tv and the hustle bustle city... Keep it up! You can DO it!...


stephanie poole said...

Hi Will
Can't wait for an update on your diving experience. Hope the trekking is going well! We are in Rome this weekend having a lovely time and thinking about you lots.
Mum xx

stephanie poole said...

Hi Will, FYI your apprentice pick- Jim has made the final. Man City holing on the Tevez for now. Nasri under pressure to go to man city but arsenal holding on for now also to fabregas. Stoke have got Woodgate from spurs. Bit of a risk that! Hope you are well. Letters should be there-more on the way. dadx ps Darren Clark starts 4th day of the open in the front by 1! said...

This is for Nicholas Thornton. Nick from L, C and Nana in Portugal. You look to be having a wonderful time - great pictures. Some amazing sights I bet. Hope the diving goes well. We are thinking about you.
Love L C and N xxxx

Catherine Burke said...

For Olivia Burke, Alpha 6
Hi Liv, Mum and Sorcha here. Great to see the photos of you - has your encounter with the stick insect helped your relationship with spiders? Looks like your having a really brilliant time and I'm sure the diving will be equally awesome.

You are probably having a good time but I am sure you are sad to be missing the Harry Potter buzz... well probably not but I have to tell you that it was very good. Have been to see it twice already with Helen and Ruth. By the way this is obviously Sorcha and not Mum.
Lots of love from all the family (plus Barney & Oscar) xxx

Sybil Robertson said...

For Cam Robertson Alpha 1
Hope you are getting our messages and letters. Missing you heaps but hope you are having an ace time with lots of new experiences. Wish I was a fly on the wall - or even a spider!!!! to see what you all are doing. love from us all M,D & J xxx

Lisa Holmes said...

Hey Sean. Been checking the blog and looking at the pictures. Love the one of you on the bridge Haha you are such a coooool dude! Hope your all having an amazing time. Love ya lots. From your best cousin ever(lol), Lisa xxxxx

Debbie Thornton said...

Message for Nick Thornton Alpha 6

Hi Nick. (Hope I'm not repeating myself but PC stalled and I'm not sure last message I wrote was actually sent!) Lovely to see photos of you on the blog. Looks like you are all having a fabulous time and you look really well - not a bite or blister visible either! Very impressed with the hammock and R particularly pleased to see you whittling as you relax!
All well here but the weather is dreadful - rain, rain and more rain. Not ice cream weather that's for sure.
Hope the diving course has been a success - Dad's just a teeny bit jealous. Look forward to hearing all about it.
Take care and have fun. We are all thinking of you and send you lots of love. M, D and R xxx
PS. Kittens have really grown and are more crazy than ever.

stephanie poole said...

Hey Wills- Just to let you know Tom (the inventor) won the apprentice in a shocking final! Hope you found the trekking good and interesting. Pretty sure Tevez has gone now as man city agreed to sell him but you may have heard an update already on raleigh radio! Missing you loads- can't wait to catch up when you're back in 3 weeks! love you loads- keep smiling xx - Alice

Mattt said...

Message for Ewelina Alpha 5
Am keeping my eye on what's happening from the expedition so far! The Pictures and the stories from the other groups look so amazing! And it's awesome thinking that you will be heading off doing these things as well soon!! Can't wait to see the updates from your diving trip! Hope you are well and having the time of your life! Take care! P.s Enjoy the hot weather it has gone back to winter here!! xx

Cupcake said...

this is for Malcolm - Alpha 4

loving the pics and pleased you're having a blast. hope you're keeping your skinned oiled. Aunt Brenda, Godmas Karen, Tiffany + Sherry say hi. Aunt Denyse sent you a postcard. Aunts Una + Flo wish you well, and Legend misses you. Uncle Rog teases me asking if i've stopped crying; you know he's a big tease. finally gotten some rain, but still not that hard. it really cools things down. Kristen says you are hangin with the Sunbears and Orangutans, how was that? sounds quite brave.
anyway my darling son, love and miss you, mom xxxx

Anonymous said...

strphanie morris love seeing your photos. what a wonderful experience. can't wait to hear all about the trek. you look great and happy. now on to your new adventure. hope the boots were comfortable. think of you everyday. all my love, nan

Anonymous said...

to Sean Holmes!

Heyaaarrr its Sinead :-) elle is showing me how to comment on this as i cant work a computer...

did you get my letter? i sent it a few days ago so might not have made it to you yet. Glad to see you looking healthy and happy on the pics :) im so proud of you and we all miss you loads xxx

cant wait to see you or GET A LETTER FROM YOU???

love you dudeeee xxxx

p.s. I WON TESCOS GOT TALENT!!!:-D ahahahahaha x

Natalie Lynch said...

Message for Nick Thornton

Looks like you're having a great time Nick! It's so handy that you are tall and dare I say it ginger -makes it so easy to spot you in all the pictures ha! Loving how happy you look on that hammock!!
Take care love Natalie x

sally5064 said...

message for susanna sek alpha5 borneo...Message from sally and dave...Hello susanna. Still waiting for alpha 5 news and to see your pics look everyday on the blog Saw alpha 6 is back ..should be your turn soon .Have sent you a letter lots of love sally x:-)

Elle said...

I've posted you two letters now I hope you get them!! It looks like you're having an amazing time which I'm sure you are :D miss you lots and I am SO GLAD YOU PARTIED WITH THE LOCALS! love you :} xxxxxxxxxxx ELLE xxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Cynthia (my part time medic) and PiPo (the victim)... I see both of u... both tanned but gorgeous... keep it up sleeping beauties...


Anonymous said...

To Alpha 6! Trek is the best phase and i really hope you enjoy dive island! your photos look brilliant! i did borneo last year and miss it very much! i wish you all the best of luck in your experditions :)
Louise 10J Borneo 0ct 10 - Dec 10

Ruth Huxley said...

Claire - Alpha 6 - lovely to see you in the photos, you certainly had a birthday to remember. Dad & I went to see Harry Potter - vg but we missed your expert analysis! J doing his BASI course this wk, seems to be really enjoying it. all our love M,D, J & Tabby xx

Mom said...

Jenny! Jenny! I miss you lots! I miss your voice and your sense of humor and your sweet face and everything else! Hope you are really enjoying this experience but I want you to come home! I miss you and love you!!!!!

Port du Crouesty, France said...

Hey Misses,

What did you do with that monster on your leg? Hope you are having a great time and better weather than me, been sailing in the rain for the past week...



sophie gs mum said...

To Sophie Given Alpha 5

Hello ma darling,Have been keeping up with whats going on,looks like all are having a fab time,hope to get some news from your group soon.everybody is asking how you are doing and we all miss you very you loads Mum xxx

Marble said...

Hi Pipopipo and Cynthia from Alpha 6. how are u? wah, Pipopipo looks very dark now!!! OMG! Cynthia looks the same. HAHAHA... 2 of u still the same, like to sleep everywhere from the photo. Wish 2 of u get your diving license fast! Good luck! Come back we go holi and have fun ok? How about PD? LOL...

Anonymous said...

To Sean Holmes
Hi Sean, Have been following blog, looks like your having a great time and some loovley local dishes. Some fab photos - looks like you have a nasty injury to your finger though, hope you dont loose it! When you get back to base camp get in touch if you can, you could always wrie a letter if there are no more modern means! Hope you've recieved the letter se've sent? Love n miss you loads MUM xxxxx

Amy Wray said...

Message for Nicholas Thornton, Alpha 6

Hello hello! Wow, it looks amazing and I'm sure you're having a wonderful time.

So lovely to see you in so many pictures :) very impressed with the hammock too!

Enjoy the next phase, builder Nick.

Lots of love, Amy xx

Amy Wray said...

Nicholas Thornton, 11D, Borneo.

Hello again!

really not sure if this is working or not as I can't see any of my posts coming up.. but at the same time, maybe they have been sent as a private message? (i have no idea how to work this thing, as you can imagine! Mother is not helping)

I bet you are velly velly excited for building the junior school- I would really love this bit (I imagine..) If there's a piano, play it, if there isn't one (which is more likely) then build one :) the kids would love to learn to play I'm sure. Anyway, I am really looking forward to seeing the pictures from it- you all look so happy.

Nat and Hannah came round last night and we went to Mumtaz restaurant in leeds- nobody warned us that they didn't serve alcohol???!! Anyway, I'm sure you're getting used to that too..They both say hello and send their love.

It's a hot day here (which to you lot in Borneo is probably verging on '(no)thermals necessary' weather but it's pretty nice for England. Going to Corfu next week and I'm hoping I come back browner than you (/redder).When are you due home? Is it the 1st September?

Reply if you can..

Lots of love,
Amy xx

Sarah Shep said...

Megan Daly Alpha 6
again amazing to see photos of what youve been up too! i will also send you a lengthy email for you to read tell you how exciting life is in barnet which probably isnt even close to the amazing time you seem to be having! i go on holiday in 2days but im going to try and get on the internet to keep up to date with what youve been doing. i miss you soo much! can not wait to see you, ill have to come back from uni when youre back in the country. love you, Sarah xxxx

Amy said...

hey Cynthi..
How are you doing.. Sorry I didn't write you a letter but rest assured you are in my thoughts.. Nothing much has been happening here but seems like you are having some fun.... Well deserved I'd say.. Be safe there and be careful of leaches !! Send my regards to Pippo..

Amy from the Hood

Elodie and Zack said...

This is for Claire Huxers!!
Hi Claaaiiire! Zack and I have been away for 6 weeks now- 2 weeks left!! We are v brown as we have just come from Croatia and we are now in France.
You look so funny in one of the photos it made our day :) it looks like you are really enjoying yourself.
Miss you loooooooooooooooooads. Hope you hqvnt been bitten too much and we are glad you havnt been mauled by a bear yet. Sorry not to have written on here yet, we hqve hqd no internet really and absolutely no time! We hope you had a really lovely birthday, and what a way to spend it!
Stay safe,
lots of love Elodie and Zack xxxxxxxxxxxxx