Thursday, 14 July 2011

Alpha 3 gets going in Danum Valley

Alpha 3's resident medic, Rhiannon, brings us an update on the beginning of phase 1 from the depths of the Danum Valley jungle:

"The big day had arrived for Alpha 3 to make their epic seven hour bus journey, followed by two hours in a bumpy 4x4 to the beautiful Danum Valley, a primary rainforest conservation area in the south east of Sabah.

After a restful night in their temporary basha, Alpha 3 had a guided tour around the Field Centre to learn more about their project, their new home and some of the neighbours they would meet on the way.  Fortunately, we did not have to wait very long before coming across an orang utan!  A fantastic experience for everybody to see this endangered animal in its natural habitat and to see first-hand why the work Raleigh is doing in Danum Valley is so important for the survival of the orang utans.

After an amazing walk through the orchid garden, Alpha 3 had the opportunity to climb the Pelantar Pokok (tree platform) ObservationTower and see the rainforest from the top of the canopy!

Having rested for a day, the team was ready to start the 8km trek into the jungle to their new camp at the fantastic Ulu Purut waterfall.  The team of 12 venturers and 3 project managers set off, loaded up with all the essentials required for their three-week stay, including food, hammocks... and a 30kg gas canister! 

On route, a snack and a refreshing river crossing gave the team a good boost to push hard to their destination.

Alpha 3 finally arrived at the new camp a short eight and a half hours later, all completely exhausted but with nowhere to sleep!  All of the team worked tremendously hard putting up tarps, lashing together hammocks, digging the long drop and cooking a delicious and well deserved supper.  There was even enough time for a quick dip in the waterfall to wash off all the sweat and mud!"

Check back in a few days for fresh news from Alpha 2 and Alpha 4!


Anonymous said...

Hey emz
Missing you lots and lots!
You look like you are doing an amazing job, I am so proud of you!
Keep strong babe and you need to tell me everything when you get back.
Loadsa love

.Shel. said...

Dharu baii!!!

Just to let you know, we're going to watch Harry Potter this coming week!as a tribute to your disappearance. hehehehe.

much much much love,
Mershel :)

ps. missing you loadsss! :'(

John said...

To Heloise from Mum and Dad, You saw an orangutan! Wonderful! We are just back from Prague/Germany and able to get online properly. Maria commutes 3-4 hours daily, Luke is looking for a job. Scat is bearing your absence with fortitude! Love Dad and Mum

Ruth Huxley said...

To Claire Huxley Alpha 6 - Happy 19th birthday. what a fantastic way of celebrating your birthday. love mum, dad & John xxxxx

Carolyn Wong said...

Dear Tailia of the Jungle
What an adventure you're having. We're trying to imagine what it must be like sleeping in a hammock all the time. I suppose you could rock yourself to sleep, singing 'Hush a bye baby in the tree tops....etc'
We're all missing you but wishing you well.
Love Mum, Dad, brothers, cat, Uncle Tom Cobbly and

eileen said...

Eileen & Les
To Philip Gibbins Alpha 2
Thinking of you a lot and looking forward to hearing all about trip when you return.

Anonymous said...

Message for Liza Forsyth Alpha 5
Hi Liza, Hope you are well and enjoyed the diving. I did send a message over a week ago but I can't find it on the blog so I hope this one works. I've also sent a couple of letters. Look forward to hearing all about your adventures - we will be at home when you get back not going away till end Aug now. Miss you lots. Love from Mum and Dad plus all family xxx

Carolyn Wong said...

You'll be well into rainforest life by now and good old Skipton cold rain and winds will be like a distant memory!
You are missing all the Harry Potter hype though. Lots of TV programmes that you would have loved. Sue went to Bradford on Friday to see the film and gave it a 10+ and will definitely be coming with us when we go to see it.
I'm writing an article for Embsay News so that they can follow your progress.
Ruth back from Norway tonight.
Busy booking Skiing in Italy.
Have the most wonderful time,
Love Mum and Dadxx

Justin T said...

Dear Dharu,

Hope you are enjoying your experience there roughing it out in the woods. Real proud of ya, cant wait to hear the stories. Your probably feeling abit bummed bout missing out on the Potter film. But it'l be there when u get out, ya freak, so yeah chill out and build a shelter or sthg. Oh yeah and btw, your gonna return to a facebook world filled with dharu-jungle-humour. But its all love yo.

PS : Im back in London baby

Regards from civilization,

Charlotte Bradshaw said...

To Emily Bradshaw - Alpha 3
Hi Em
It was wonderful to see the latest update - it looks amazing - and incredibly tough!
I am thrilled that you saw an orang-utan, I bet it beats the bear?!
Hope you are having a fantastic time. I have sent you a letter today.
Lots of Love
Keep smiling
Mum x x

Twibbers said...

To Emily in Alpha 3

Wow Em,

It all looks incredibly beautiful, but pretty tough! Sure you're having the most amazing experience. I'm thinking of you now out there in the wilderness...

Take care and enjoy, Hannah and Lewis will love the stories you'll be coming home with ;0)

Lots of love, Katie xxxx

Ondra said...

Petr hubacek Alpha 3
ahoj Peťo,
konečně se dostáváme na blog, abychom tě moc a moc pozdravili z domoviny. V sobotu a v neděli 30-31.7.jsme se sešli na chatě, kde jsi nám dost chyběl (v roli statneho píče).\slavili jsme mou padesátku a sedmdesátku tety Marušky, která tě taky moc zdraví. \bylo to fajn, bylo nás přes 40, dvě bečky piva a 35 kilo uzených ocásků, celá cihla sýra Gouda ajiné dobroty.Snad ti to už taky za rok vyjde.S tátou jsme byli v \chorvatsku, na Hvaru a bylo tam úžasně, moc jsme si odpočali. \teď měníme kuchyni(konečně), takže je tu práce. Na statku už se taky něco udělalo - nový komín, zídka a jedna nová zeď. Taky už je tam vana, takže komfort.Vzpomínáme na tebe, synečku a máme tě moc rádi, je nám smutno, ale z fotografií, které jsou na webu vidíme, že to zvládáš dobře a jsme na tebe pyšní. Tak pa pa.máma, táta,Ondra, Lenka, Pavel, Eliška, babička a děda