Sunday, 24 July 2011

11I PMs get ready for action

No sooner had the new Expedition 11I team arrived at Field Base, than they were whisked away to Base Camp to start learning the skills they will need to use throughout the expedition - and to pass onto the venturers when they arrive in two weeks' time!

With Sarah and Marian providing support and expertise, the team rattled through the schedule and quickly acquired the basics, from radios to river crossings,

not to mention the first taste of Raleigh rations!

Basic training complete, the team trekked off towards Jungle Camp.  Although a relatively short hike, it gave the group ample opportunity to enjoy the heat and humidity of the Sabah jungle - something they will experience plenty of as the weeks continue!

Reaching their destination bright and early, there was plenty of time to erect a fine camp, and get the bashas just right - or so they hoped!  

The following day, after a surprisingly cold night beneath the canopy, it was back to Field Base, where the mystery of which PM would be allocated which project would be revealed!


Robert Herring said...

Emily Bradshaw

Hey Emily

Hope your having a good time swimming with the fishes.

Missing you just a little bit
(lots and lots!!!)

Love you xxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Ayup Baggy! : )

Looks like a lot of fun! Hope you're having a great time! I may have sent this twice so sorry if I have. All is good here but miss u. Look forwards to the next update. Nice cozzie! Stay safe, have lots of fun!

Love Karen xxx

Ps Gav- 8pm my place ; )

Linda Mills said...

Hi Amy
Fantastic photos on the blog! Everyone looks very happy - hope you feel as good as you look!
You will probably have recky'd the pygmy elephant site by the time you read this - hope you saw some! And that it wasn't too swampy...All is well here, we're just jogging along as usual. Take care and enjoy yourself. Love mum, dad, Han and nan xxxx

Anonymous said...

Message for Martin Robson Alpha 2
Hi Martin
Hope all is well with you
Alice's graduation went well on Thursday should have some good photos to show
S and A have moved into their house this weekend must visit when you get back
Father still working on Liam's room in between other activities
A and A still having fun at H FOR H
My new job seems good but not much actual work yet.
I'll send another letter this week
lol Mum

Mark said...

Miss Lucy Bagshaw,

This is a message from us. The CCTV Team at work! Told you we would send at least 1 message. Probably the only one you'll get. We would just like to say! your such a square bear getting a Project Manager Role! Trust you. Keep up the good work and we'll see you when you get back. Ben says..."hope those spiders are keeping away", Lee Says....."in your en do"...Trev says...."your still looking good....weres the bikini shots? looking forward to the huge when you get back... Mark says......."same as trev".

All the best.


Julie Boothman said...

Message for Helen Boothman Alpha 9/ 11l
Great to see the photos and watch the videos,it looks beautiful.Hope you're having fun. Claire says Hi,she's decorating downstairs toilet! Ive been painting at JC's. We are getting Sharpy's goldfish when he goes to Kuwait; new pets! Love you xx Mum

Jacqui said...

Hey Shanni(alpha5). so glad to see that you are still smiling. cant believe its bin 3 weeks already....had a plan not to bathe until your return but i got so much opposition i decided to go with not cutting my hair for the 10 weeks your gone. missin you like crazy. your brothers and sisters miss you too, especially Urijah and his bus rides...Cholae and Dred's bin taking him...really looking forward to seeing more pics of you having fun while you work. i love you my favourite first born.

Julie Boothman (Mum) said...

Hi Helen (Alpha 9) I'm sure all the wildlife isn't as beautiful as the butterfly on the blog. Hope there aren't too many scary spiders! Still working at JC's, helping Jim put up coving, its messy. Claire still (not)working on her decorating task. Rach is back next week; not sacked from Salsa. I'll start writing you letters from now on too. Love you xx