Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Road trips and radios

Laden with kit and new-found knowledge about their projects and the challenges in store, the new PM teams headed off at the crack of dawn on Sunday to visit their project sites.  During their three-day planning visits, they will meet with project partners and local contacts, assess the nearby emergency facilities and establish a plan to help them complete their projects.   A sleepy Field Base team was ready to wave them off on their travels.

Meanwhile, it's all go at Field Base too, as the team learns what goes on behind the scenes during expedition.  The logistics team are honing their off-road driving skills,

and organising the supplies for the first project phase.

We are all putting our radio training into practice as the PM's dial in to update us on their progress;

and getting our first chance to sleep in the radio room, as we start manning the radio around the clock while our colleagues are scattered across Sabah on the project sites.

It's a true taste of what life at Field Base will be like once the projects commence, and we can't wait!


Christine Boller said...

All looks fab so far I am following the blogs. Liking the bravo picture I wonder who took that!!! said...

Hope Alex has got her rucksack! Do we need to do anything?
Daddio xx

Carolyn Wong said...

To Natalia Wong 11D
Well - maybe this is 3rd time lucky. I think I've posted messages all over the place - probably very unsuccessfully and very wrongly!! (or wongly!).
Hope the mamouth journey went without a hitch and that you're well into the swing of things now.
I've been looking at the India blog and their technology is obviously much more advanced than Borneo's as they have all the travelling pictures up there already. I'm waiting patiently - like Sonic the Hedgehog.........
Everyone's been asking after you, wherever I go - which is really lovely.
Missing having you to talk to,
Love Mumx

Anonymous said...

Sam Hedges. Not sure if you have checked your hotmail, but all is good for Year 0. Well done on being accepted. Great News. Hope you are having a great time and enjoying Raleigh--as ever. Dad

Charlotte Bradshaw said...

To Emily Bradshaw 11D
Hi Em. Getting used to navigating around the blog - having not known what one was before!!! Only just found the little icon that shows posted messages. I cant see the one I left a couple of days ago so I probably sent it to someone else??
It was great to receive your text and a relief to know that you have coped with the first few days. I hope you continue to have an amazing time and cope with the challenges. Good luck to you and everyone setting off on the first project tomorrow. I look forward to seeing some pictures so will keep a close eye on the blog. Keep smiling.
Everyone sends their love to you - our phone has been hot this week. Lots of Love Mum and Dad x

sophie gs mum said...

To Sophie Given,Have a fab time darling,we are missing you lots but are so glad you are having fun,keep ya mum,kirsty,jake and milo.xxxx