Tuesday, 21 June 2011

PM's ponder their prospects

Since arriving at Field Base, we have been hearing about the fantastic projects that we will be working on over the course of the expedition.  All venturers will take part in a community, environmental and adventure project, each phase lasting  three weeks.  They will find out which project they will join the day before each phase commences.

For the project managers (PM's), however, there is much to prepare before the groups can deploy, and the question on everyone's lips is: "which project will I be working on?"  The mood was full of suspense as the team gathered to learn their fate for the next three months!

First the community projects:

Alpha 1 – Kindergarten in Kampung Sonsogon Magandai 

In order to enter the Malaysian school system, a child must first achieve a certain level of education.  Without easy access to a kindergarten, this is next to impossible.  Kampung Sonsogon Magandai is a remote village of 160 people located in Pitas, the poorest region of Sabah.   Despite the presence of two teachers, there is currently no dedicated space for education, and our teams will be building a kindergarten to widen the opportunities for the youngest residents of this community.

The PMs for this project will be: 

Phase 1: Caroline, Martin and Rhiannon 
Phase 2: Caroline and Stacey 
Phase 3: Caroline, Graham and Simon

Alpha 2 – Gravity water feed on Maliangin Island 

Pulau Maliangin is a tiny island off the northern coast of Borneo, with a resident population of just seven households.  Cut off from mainland Borneo, the community lacks basic amenities such as running water.  Our aim is to build a new gravity water feed system, allowing us to install a tap for each household on the island for the very first time. 

The PMs for this project will be: 

Phase 1:  Rob and Julie 
Phase 2:  Rob and Emma 
Phase 3:  Rob and Julie

Next, the environmental projects: 

Alpha 3 – Research camp in Danum Valley 

Danum Valley Conservation Area is an area of pristine rainforest and one of the world's most complex eco-systems.  Before it became a conservation area, there were no human settlements within the area, making it almost unique.  Unsurprisingly, the Danum Valley Field Centre is one of the world's leading rainforest research centres.  To facilitate the ongoing scientific research there, our teams will be working with rangers to build a low impact research camp in the heart of the forest. 

The PMs for this project will be: 

Phase 1:  Petr and Emma* 
Phase 2:  Petr and Sam* 
Phase 3:  Emma, Martin and Sam 
(*Communications officer Paula will be deploying with Petr and Emma for  phase 1.  Sam is a late addition to the PM team, but Lee was happy to step in for the sake of the camera!)

Alpha 4 – Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre at Sepilok 

One of the least known species of bear, the sun bear is mainly found in the rainforests of South East Asia.  Despite its designation as "Totally Protected" under Sabah's Wildlife Conservation Enactment, poaching and the depletion of its habitat have brought this small bear into danger and the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre is being developed as a rescue, rehabilitation, education and research centre.  The Raleigh team will be helping build important infrastructure to help prepare the centre for completion.

The PMs for this project will be: 

Phase 1:  Jodie and Graham 
Phase 2:  Jodie and Julie 
Phase 3:  Jodie and Nem

Last, but by no means least, the adventure projects.  Raleigh's primary focus is the personal development of the young people which volunteer on our expeditions.  The adventure phase will challenge each individual in a different way, as they trek through the jungle or while they learn to dive. 

Alpha 5 – Dive-Trek 

The Alpha 5 adventure begins on beautiful Pulau Mamutik, a small island off the coast of Kota Kinabalu.  During their five days there, our groups will gain a PADI dive qualification, before heading off to the jungle for a 12 day trek near the border between Sabah, Sarawak and Indonesia's Kalimantan.

The PMs for this project will be: 

Phase 1:  Jock and Nick 
Phase 2:  Jock and Rhiannon 
Phase 3:  Jock and Stacey

Alpha 6 - Trek-Dive

The Alpha 6 teams will head down to the village of Long Pasia in the south western part of Sabah to start their adventure phase.  During the course of their 12-day trek, they will learn how to survive in the jungle with the help of experienced local guides.  Their efforts will be rewarded with a five-day stay on our dive island, where they will aim to complete a SCUBA qualification. 

The PMs for this project will be: 

Phase 1: Nem and Stacey 
Phase 2: Nem and Simon 
Phase 3:  Petr and Nick

Now the mystery of allocations is over, it's back to Field Base where the hard work begins! 


Kaaaaate said...

Hello! The projects look fab! Glad to see you're going to Danum Valley Pete, bet you're excited!! I'm extremely jealous. Also glad to see that the Kindergarten's going ahead - hopefully it stays a bit drier this expedition...!
Hope you're all having a great time :) Kate xx

Anonymous said...

Hiding Jock? So not like you!
Continue to teach the real lessons;the inspiration for living life. Angel x

mzPras said...

Dharu....i'm doing this on behalf of your technologically impaired/ challenged parents...haha...

Dad: Bengggggggggggggg...we miss you in the house...regardless the challenges, face it with great amount of strength ok. please lose some weight and come back...I pray about it every night. love you.

Mom: Dharuuuuu...how are you? I hope you are accomodating yourself well there...hope you are writing everything in your journal...come back and share your stories ok? I miss you and your late nights coming home...assuming nobody will find out...love you.

Pras: anyway Bird...i'm losing the plot la here...haihh...miss you byrd....xx