Saturday, 25 June 2011

PMs persevere with project planning

After an arduous few days on their project sites, the PMs are now safely back at Field Base, where the paperwork has begun in earnest.  There are risk assessments to be filed, casualty evacuation plans to be discussed and tools to be ordered.  But in between tasks, we all want to know what the projects are really like.  Here are the highlights:

Alpha 1 travelled up into the Pitas hills to Kg. Sonsogon Magandai, which will be their home for the next 10 weeks.
Caroline, Martin and Rhiannon were accompanied by Asian Forestry Company's Parasol and Herrley, who will be providing support and expertise throughout the project.
Having assessed the group's accommodation, both by day,
  and by night,
the group experienced the generosity of the locals, who gathered to help our team carry their kit for the hour and a half's trek back to their vehicle.
Alpha 2's Rob and Julie had their first taste of  public transport Maliangin style,
and their initial glimpse of the island that will become their home for the next 10 weeks.
They spent time with the locals, who helped them gain an understanding of the challenge that awaits them with this project,
but there was still time for Julie to test the relaxation amenities for any free time the group might have once their work is done.
Meanwhile, Alpha 3 headed down to Danum Valley, where stunning views of the beautiful virgin rainforest awaited them,
not to mention a quick peek at some of the residents.
In between David Attenborough moments, Petr and Emma checked out the research camp built by a Raleigh group in 2004.  During this expedition, we will be building a new, similar, camp deeper inside the forest.
Alpha 4 had plenty of time during their seven hour journey to get used to carrying large quantities of kit around with them.
 Safely arrived at their camp, they enjoyed the view from their new accommodation,
and got to know some of their new neighbours.
Alphas 5 and 6, our trekking groups, headed down to scenic Long Pasia, which will mark the start of both their routes.  
They enjoyed the famous local hospitality,
and a touch of the local competitive spirit,
and got to know expert local guides, Nooh, Hanry and Fauzie, who they will be working with over the coming months.
So, the planning and the training is almost over for our volunteer managers.  We're counting down the days until the venturers arrive! 


Gemma Porter said...

Hey Jules, project looks amazing! Glad to see your managing to fit in some hammock time! Caught out having a snooze!

Charlotte Jackson said...

A big hello to all those returning from Borneo 11B! Good to see you all back to lead another group of venturers. Looking forward to reading more of the blog and seeing your photos! Doesn't seem like any time since I was there. Have fun! Charlotte
p.s. Petr, remember to set-up camp away from rivers/floodplains!

Jane Hedges said...

For Sam Hedges
Read your emails! Congratulations, you have been offered a place on year 0 course, we are all so happy for you. Hope you are having a great time. Lots of love Mum xxxxxxx

ejsmo said...

Hi Marcus

Hope you are having an amazing time!! I have opened a blog for you but not sure if it works! Keep well and safe love Mum, Dad , Oliver, Sam and Ben xx

Ciara Daly said...

Message for Megan Daly Alpha 6.
From your little sister Ciara. Yesterday i came first in my gymnastics copetition. Cant wait until i am old enough to go on Raleigh myself. Nanny said she was missing you lots. Look forward to giving you a big hug when you get home.
Love from Ciara xxx