Saturday, 25 June 2011

Help us build more kindergartens!

Raleigh is committed to following the United Nations Millennium Development Goals whenever possible.  One of these goals is to achieve universal primary education, and with 18 million school-age children in southern Asia out of school in 2008, this is particularly close to our heart here in Borneo.
 In order to gain a place in the Malaysian school system, a child must achieve a basic standard of reading, writing, and numeracy.  Despite the Malaysian government's commitment to education, there remain many remote communities here in Sabah without access to pre-school education.  Working with trusted project partners, such as Asian Forestry Company and PACOS Trust, Raleigh has been building an average of two to three kindergartens a year since establishing a base in Borneo, and there is plenty more of this work to be done.

With  the aim of raising enough money to fund a brand new kindergarten, a team of ex-Raleigh Borneo volunteer managers are currently tackling the Three Peaks Challenge, climbing the highest peaks in England, Scotland and Wales in just 24 hours.  Please help them to meet their fundraising target by sponsoring them.

To see how your money will be spent, look at a kindergarten we built earlier (in summer 2010 to be precise), by clicking this link


kg said...

Have a great time out there in the wilderness!! We are already missing you loads! Love you Mum and Kirsty xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi- a message for Katy Horder and everyone on the Borneo trip- glad to hear you got there safely- place looks amazing- blog some news soon!
Jane and Tim

BG said...

Hi Caroline Jane. So - Party Central moves to Borneo, eh?! I'm sure you're having a brilliant time and working hard - very proud of you :-) A Great Big Hello to everyone involved in the Project. Love, Mum, Dad & Christian xxxxxxxx

PS. Raleigh have a vacancy for Marketing and Recruitment Officer d/l 11th July - Yay!)

RH said...

Hello Sophie - Mum tells me you cut your finger quite badly. Hopefully it is repairing well. Send me a blog just to let me know that you are well...

Carolyn Wong said...

Hi Natalia
Wonderful photos. Well worth waiting for. Love the one where you're running towards the camera.
Thank you to the Raleigh staff who've organised all this.
Have a great time for the next 3 weeks. I,ve heard that there's a breed of giant woodlouse in that area of the jungle - so be on your guard!
Love Mumx

Helen Lyons said...

Message for Megan Daly, Alpha 6
Hi Megs Hells here,We are all wondering how you are? I am staying at your house and we talk about you often.We like your photos on the blog and the projects look amazing,you lucky person!!!xxxxxx

Catherina DALY said...

message for Megan Daly Alpha 6 Hi Megs good to see you are having fun, the expeditions sound really great and I know you will have a super time. Nanny sends love and kisses as do we all. Look after yourself Mum Dad Beth and Ciara xx