Monday, 20 June 2011

Getting busy at Base Camp

Bright and early on Wednesday morning we packed our jungle gear and left the safety of Field Base, heading off to beautiful Base Camp, which would become our home for the next few days.

With the venturers' arrival just a week away, we had a lot to learn, so there was no time to enjoy the views and wildlife...

Instead, it was straight down to business.  First on the agenda was the all-important radio training.  Once we deploy to our project sites, the radio will become our primary means of communication with Field Base, so it's important that we master this skill quickly.


But that's just the start!  There are rivers to be crossed,

 new tools to be used,

 and first aid skills to master,

before we can trek off into the jungle for the very first time.

 Safely arrived at our jungle camp, it's time to put the training into practice and see if our hammocks will last the night.  It looks like some will get a better night's sleep than others!

An awkward night’s sleep for some, blissful comfort for others… and a rude awakening for just one, who came down to earth with a bump!  Nonetheless, 21 out of 22 is a pretty good success rate, so we left the jungle feeling proud of our efforts and headed back to Base Camp and the excitement that is project allocations.  Check back tomorrow to find out who’s going where!


Huw said...

hey jodie, im surprised you are all still smiling whilst carrying that stretcher!! you have muscles like sparrows knee caps! love you loads xx

Emily James said...

For Rosie Watterson Alpha 1
Dude I just got a letter from you! Well actually like a day or two ago but I didn't get a chance to finish it. Well I've still not finished it. But I will do after this. But I reeeeeally loved it and it's so cool to hear what you're doing. Blogs aren't the same, it doesn't tell me what you're FEELING about what you're doing. And all the weird things. Like how many weird things have tried to eat you. (WEIRD THINGS THAT HAVE TRIED TO EAT ME: my cat except when I smelled of marmite, Miriam's little sister, an angry labrador on the way to college which was SUPERterrifying, the things that have been growing under my bed since mum went on holiday) Now I'm an awful best friend for not writing to you more. I've just done a massive tidy of the house (and everything still just looks CRUMPLED, esp. sofas, you know like how when I make my bed or fold towels and they just don't look right), because mum's been on holiday for five days and I haven't spent a night alone...I stole both Ollie's mattresses and rearranged my room and ate aaaaall the good food (pasta bolognaise and ice cream for cream with broken mini rolls and cookies in it for cream for tea...) and Miri and I watched SO MUCH kdrama and NOW even JEFFELS likes it too! Yesssss. You next dude. I hung out with Dench the other day which was really fun, it was one of the nicest days. He made me watch Alien (then I cycled home in the dark...thanks Denchybaby...) and cooked me yummy food and insulted my intelligence a lot. And we played a really good gig yesterday! Possibly the last since Miriam goes to London :/ oh man crap I just realised I COMPLETELY forgot to go to band last night. I did last week too. I've done it a lot. One of the weeks I'd double booked a Thursday and was having a major trauma when Phil texted "band tonight..." *ARGGGGH* "is off" *phew*. I pretended like I'd known it was supposed to be band. So I miss having bacon sandwiches with you and having someone else who will actually share an oatmeal and raisin cookie and who knows the truth that while m&ms make extraordinarily good peanuts, peanuts do not improve m&ms. And also I just miss your sunburnt face. So you should come back soon and stuff. Myummyum byebye <3 x:)x

Emily James said...

To Mr/Mrs/Miss Blog Checker
I just wrote a comment to my best friend except I put Alpha 1 and I think she might actually be on Alpha's to Rosie Watterson. If it's wrong please could you correct it for me? Thankyou for checking all the messages :)
Emily James

Emily James said...

For Rosie Watterson Alpha 5
I got 4 Bs -_- what the heck. I'd have been chuffed with ABBB but no. Now I'm superbummed with 4 Bs. How mediocre. Whatever. I bought clothes and I'm gonna be a marine biolgist so I don't even need an A. But I'll get one next year anyway dammit. And also take up spanish GCSE despite my parents disbelief...I was thinking about your 12th birthday today :) Dench made it awfully hard to give him things on his birthday, since he was so royally miserable about the whole event he just dropped off the face of the earth, but I gave it to his Grandma with the promise he was returning for supper and would indeed get was a hard conversation, since she misheard everything (who's it from, Lucy?) and I called him Dench (do you mean Edward?) but I figured as long as it got to him he'd work it out. Obviously only you could be so very illegible. And probably full of mush. I love the chinese in your letter! Say hi to your chinese friend for me! You could also tell him NI-HOW (hello) and JA-YO (I think it's kind of like a be happy/cheerful/cheer up/work hard kind of phrase) if he speaks mandarin, but check first 'cause if not it'll be silly :/ (I picked it up in a Taiwanese drama, Miriam informs me that's Mandarin :)) I am almost completely successfully nocturnal now, going to sleep at approx 6am. You get up then. Except since you're the other side of the world we're probably about syncd would you say? Miss you snofflehead (isn't that the COOLEST no-meaning word) MYUM MYUM xx

Emily James said...

For Rosie Watterson
I've undertaken a knitting project, despite the undisputable evidence that love and enthusiasm cannot replace skill. And that I'm horribly uncommitted and also completely incapable of that thing which stops it unravelling when you're done. I'm planning on figuring that out later. (Ie the plan is I have no plan). It'll be something to snuggle rather than admire... Just as I was leaving Dench's today there was a HUGE spider on his kitchen floor, so I gathered all my bravery, told him not to come in and put a mug on it. (The diameter of a glass was too small. TOO SMALL) Since we then couldn't see it (apart from a leg) we were able to fight over who should pick it up (I won. I kept saying "what? Me?" then trying to man up with "actually, no, I can..." at which point he would tell me to stand back and he'd do it) or kick the mug off (in the end he cunningly used an umbrella, so we could be the biggest wimps and as far away as possible...) so for a pair of pussies we quite successfully survived what could have potentially been a very dangerous situation. Since he didn't actually see it he probably had it easier anyway...but yeah. At the more traumatic moments, such as when only an envelope protected him from a fate worse than death, my job was to put a cigarette in his mouth and light it. If you were there I have no doubt you'd have managed all this without the fuss - or the cigarette - but all the same I thought you'd like to hear how we cope when we know no one will come and rescue us. I was only ten minutes late home after this entire affair. Hey, did you know Phil read that thing I put about band the other day? He sent me an email saying haha, busted...I know you forgot about band. Now he might email me to say I saw you tell Rosie that you know that I know that you forgot band...oh yeah and I got 4 Bs in my ASes. Boo. And a C in mechanics. But that averaged out to a B and now I need never think about the velocity of a falling rock again, which gives me a surprisingly forceful feeling of relief. I'm going to go knit some more now (you'd be amazed how much can go wrong in 4 rows. Love breaks things) and see what happens. I might even make something which is something. Myum myum xx

Emily James said...

For Rosie Watterson
Happy Birthday Roz xxx