Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Full house at Field Base!

After a week of preparations,  the once-quiet Field Base is now a busy, bustling place once more; the rest of the team has arrived!  We've been eagerly awaiting the arrival of these new faces... 

 and a reunion with some not-so-new ones!

So what does the new Expedition 11D team look like?  Here we are!

First we met the Field Base team, who arrived last week.  They will keep the expedition in operation from behind the scenes:

Next we have the medics.  They comprise doctors, nurses and paramedics, who will be on hand at our remotest project sites in case of emergency.  We will also have a medic at Field Base throughout the expedition, providing advice and support via the radio whenever required.

From left to right, the medics are Stacey Pearce, Simon Munk, Nick Baker and Rhiannon Clarke.

Finally, there are the project managers.  From teachers and youth workers to outdoor instructors and engineers, the project managers hail from many walks of life, each bringing a host of experience and skills to help see our projects through to completion.  They are:

Emma Parfey, Rob Auer, (top row) Andrew (Jock) Blackburn, Julie Montgomery, Jodie Leftwich, Naemi Kilbey, Martin Brown, Caroline Galbraith (middle row), Petr Hubacek and Graham Kidd (front row).

With the group finally in place, the training begins in earnest.  With new skills to be learned and a new team to be built, we have a busy few weeks ahead of us to prepare for the arrival of the venturers.

But this is just the beginning!  We're now heading to the jungle to put some of our training into practice, and to build up a multitude of new practical skills.  If we survive our first night in our hammocks, we will be back in a few days time to show you what we've learned!


Stacey Leftwich said...

Awsome photos of the team! Cant wait to see more, good luck on the training guys cant wait to hear all about the jungle.. Love to My big sis Jodie xxxxxxxxxxxx

tabbycat said...

From Peter & Susan Auer
Hi Rob,looking forward to hearing about the jungle and your project on the island.Our love to you xx
Best wishes to everyone on the expedition we will be following your progess.

Derek E. said...

Hi Rob,
I'm watching you now - so best behaviour!

Dave leftwich said...

hi all not great with all this technology but good to read about what your all doing... would love to be there in body as well as mind. All my love to my little girl Jodie, missing you xx