Monday, 4 April 2011

Update from Alpha Six

Chris Boller, our intrepid expedition accountant, has just returned from ten days with Alpha 6 in the Maliau Basin. Here she gives an update on how the team are getting along in their new location…

Well, here I am, back at Field Base after spending 10 days with Alpha 6 in the stunning Maliau Basin. Sabah’s lost world is absolutely amazing. Fifty percent on the primary rainforest is undiscovered and the intention is to leave it that way to let the bio diversity continue naturally.

There was a long drive into the lost world but luckily there were some good view points along the way. There was numerous wildlife to see, on the way into the project the front car saw a group of wild boar and almost every day hornbills were spotted. Some nights wild boar were even in the camp ground.

Alpha 6 were fortunate to meet Dr. Ed, one on the scientists working at the Maliau Basin Study Centre. He explained which projects are currently undertaken there. For the 1st week Alpha 6 were moving rock from the river bed to build gabions to stop the land behind the science lab moving.

In amongst moving rock Alpha 6 were lucky enough to do a skybridge walk and go to an observation tower. Here they got stunning views of the whole basin and could see the ridge.

On the day I left the group they were trekking for 6 hours to the very comfortable Ginseng camp. Although I was not joining them I had been there on a planning visit and the camp is set in the middle of the rainforest with stunning views. Don’t tell the other alpha groups but they even had the luxury of proper beds with mattresses!

Alpha 6 are now busy moving wood helping to improve the camp. If they are really lucky they will also see red leaf monkeys, gibbons and deer....


Anonymous said...

Hi Kristan,
Wow what a fantastic place to be. Sooo jealous!! It's really lovely to see some pictures of where you are and what you have been doing, looks like very hard work. You don't look big enough to carry rocks around, bet your back aches LOL!! Anyway, I hope the last few days are fun.
By the time you read this you will probably be back at base camp and be at the end of your journey in Borneo. So have fun with your fellow adventurers and hope all goes well for your transfer to Australia. I've emailed Ade & Jane to remind them you are visiting, so hopefully they will be ready for you on Monday.
Take great care of yourself and have a good time.
Hope to hear from you this weekend.
Lots of love
Mum, Dad, Mantha, 'Cat' & Toby

Anonymous said...

Dear Sam (Alpha 6), Amazing photos on the blog today Mon 4th April. You all look well and EXHAUSTED! I am sure I can find the odd rock for you to move here....once you get back. Although I can't provide the same views...your views look stunning. We are looking forward to your personal updates when you get home. Safe journey home. Sarah is now in Rome basking in the heat - her only challenge MUSEUMS not rocks.lots of love M,D,J and Muck x


Hello to MICHAEL WALLER, Alpha 8.
It was lovely to hear from you today, shame about the circumstances. We hope you're feeling much better and are able to enjoy the rest of your time with Raleigh. It will be all systems go at Waller HQ next week, we'll have to clear your bedroom - there is a desk in there somewhere! The red disney 'Grumpy' mug will come out of storage; I'll de-disco Pepe le Rouge and fill the petrol tank and I'll go to Coates butchers and get the sausage for toad-in-the-hole! Don't forget the key-ring for Margaret. Try and ring, text or email when you're back at base camp before you go off on your weeks travel so we know how you are, keep in touch! Ring us when you arrive back home with ETA at Darlington. John putting money into your account 10th April. Can't wait to see you. As always, take care, keep safe and healthy, lots of love from Babs/Mam, John and Martin. XXX
PS Grateful thanks from the Waller family to all concerned at Raleigh for care and attention given to Michael over past few days.

Anonymous said...

Dear James Mclean alfa 5, 11b, how are you? we hope all is going well and has gone well with yours and your venturers superior water feed system? I'm sure it's all working well. Looking forward to seeing the results. Phil and I took the camper out Saturday night, we managed a bit of climbing on Saturday but it was too wet on Sunday, we couldn't persuade Jonathan to come with us, we'll try again next time. I don't seem to have your arrival time on the 20th, can you e.mail or ring if possible, the times not in the places usually keep them. Were all looking forward to seeing you on the 20th. Grandad's walking dangerously! no holding him back, we hope he will be safe. Jonathan gave me a lovely Mother's day card from you both, with some green and blacks chocolate, Thank you. Jonathan still job hunting and getting bored, strangely he doesant want to do the jobs around the house I could give him, no idea why? We had dinner with Dave and Scarlett on friday, next door, chineses style very good fish, and lovely chinese teas, tasted better with a traditional chinese tpot and beautifully delicate, very small china cups.lots of love from all of us Mum, Phil and Jonathanxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Stef ( alpha5 )

Another great and busy weekend. Nic and I cooked a Mothersday lunch for Mum and Mon. Maxine and Seb helping a lot. Spoiled the old girls a bit!!! Cant believe you are on your last week. I presume you are heading back to basecamp this weekend and then gettin ready for flying back. Unfortunately we couldnt change you tickes as there was no availability. Sorry. We are going to Leeds on the 16yh as they have an open day for you.

The Stormers are still unbeaten in the S15 beiting the Sharks this weekend. Kris on rugby tour. They lost 24-23 against Selbourne and were gutted. Beat Maritzburg College by 22-17 today . All said Kris played so well!!

Big boy make the brest of your last few days. Cant wait to see you again. Have fun!! love you loads DAD xxxxxx

talktotilley said...

For Hannah Tilley
Hi Han,
This is just to let you know that we have spoken to Malaysian airlines and your flights are all ok for KK to KL and KL to Melbourne.The time of your flight to Melbourne seems to have changed slightly departing from KL at 21.45 i.e. 15 mins later- no big deal. Keep an eye on that at the airport. Should you wish to ring up Malaysian Airlines to check timings you can ring them from anywhere in Malaysia on 1 300 883000. Dad spoke to Uncle Chris at the weekend and they are all geared up to see you. Whoopee!
We are really looking forward to talking to you. Uncle Chris has your phone as well.
Have a good flight.
Lots and lots of love Mum

Anonymous said...

To Jenny Kohnhorst:
Hi sweetheart, have not heard from you for a while, I trust all is well. Hopefully you can get some credit on your phone or access to the internet when you get to youir hostel.
All is well here, mummy is moving Jenny to Chorleywood on Friday so just one more trip to Devon. Ben stopped by on his way to Greece where he is supposed to be viewing ancient burial sites. I got a text from him that he had found a bar in Athens and was watching the Rugby-no change there. Meg is buckling down to her GCSE and looking forward to boarding school next year.
Hope you had a good last few weeks and I am looking forward to hearing about the diving!
Love from all of us
M, D and M

Anonymous said...

To Bobby Breuer Alpha 2

Hoi lieve Bob, als je dit leest zit je Raleigh tijd er al weer bijna op. Wij denken dat je er een heerlijke tijd hebt gehad, maar nu begint het echte zelfstandige backpacken. Wij zijn benieuwd wat je gaat doen en wij hopen je natuurlijk te spreken op Skype vanuit een internet winkel of hostel.Ga je nog met Bente en een aantal mensen van Raleigh trekken? Hier gaat alles goed. Pappa is een paar dagen zakelijk naar Ierland en als hij terugkomt vliegt hij gelijk de volgende dag naar Zuid Afrika. Flip zit midden in de repetitieweek en ik probeer ook mijn examen over 3 weken te doen. Ik moet nog veel leren. Het weer is hier aardig. Flip is zelfs aan het voetballen in de tuin. Heel veel plezier de laatste dagen en laat snel wat van je horen, veel liefs, mamma en pappa

The Twelves Family said...

Hi Kitty (Alpha 9 SEAL team)
When you've got out of your flippers and frog mask and packed away your basha and hammock, your mission (should you choose to accept it!) is to escort 30teenagers from Oldham to Spain as Aunty Debs' 2IC at the end of May. The HM wants to scope you first so you'll need to get your skates on before the tan fades!
We've found an ace X country course for you to try out with your four legged friend. She went round like a steam train on Sunday.
You could do with stashing away some dosh before uni but with your hectic social life you're going to struggle with that one.
If you've a few ringgits left on the flight back, Hugh would love a model malaysian airlines jumbo for his collection!! He's baking you some crispy cakes for when you get home in anticipation.
Have a fantastic last few days and end of expedition party! Give us a call if you get a chance at the weekend to pre order the menu for monday.
PS. Mum says do you want an emergency hair appointment at Boo!
PPS. Jess says she would have loved to have been around when you got back but the school trip to Normandy trumped you!
Love you loads. Everyone back home's dying to see you again.
Mum, Dad, Charlie, Jess, Hugs , Roly, Tiggy, Martha, Everyone at the Yard and most of Ponteland!

Anonymous said...

Hey Adam Hext - Alpha 7

Well this is probably going to be my last blog!! I know - how sad is that!! Think I'll have to get myself a penpal!!!

Well Addie hope it all has gone brilliantly. Wish we could have seen a few more photos of you on the blog but hopefully you will have made up for it and taken loads!! Just can't believe we are planning our trip to the airport already. Soooooooo excited!!! We are giving Peter Littlewood a lift up on Sunday too as he is flying from Heathrow on Monday am to the Far East for his new work placement. Few drinks in the bar for us on Sunday evening.

Ry is disappointed he can't take the Monday off and come with us as well - but he is totally stressed with revision and placement at the moment so is unable to. Never mind we will have our family reunion at the weekend. Have started to load the fridge with chocolate for you already. LOL

Look forward to speaking to you if possible at the weekend but can't wait to see you on Monday.

Loads of love Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Dawn Tibbitts said...

Hi! Theo,
Brilliant to see what Alpha 6 has been doing. Great job, which reminds me, there's a wall that needs building when you return!
You should all feel really proud of your contribution to the Raleigh projects. Well done!
Thought you'd like to know that I have found the pair of shorts you wanted to take with you! Next time eh?! Really looking forward to seeing you and the beard 'in the flesh' so to speak! Enjoy and make the most of the camaraderie and the EndEx phase. See you soon.
Lots of Love. Mum, Dad, Sophie xxx

Anonymous said...

hey lieve Eline Alpha 6
Leuk om te zien en te lezen wat jullie allemaal doen!
En je hebt lekker? geslapen in een echt bed met matras?!
We nemen de spijkerbroek en iets wits mee en andere schoenen.....Jelmer en Annemiek hebben vrij gekregen om jou op te halen! Sterkte met afscheidnemen en tot op Schiphol!
dikke kus papa, Jelmer, Annemiek en mama

Anonymous said...

Adam Hext - Alpha 7

Hey Adam,

Yes I know I said yesterday that that was my last blog but just to say your PADI ID card arrived home yesterday - congrats on your 'Advanced Open Water'. Dad asked me to send you this p.s. as he really liked your goatie - said it makes you look older!!! lol. Jury still out until we see it for real at the airpot!!! Don't shave till we vote!!! Lol.

See you Monday.

Love Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sam Clift, not long now until you come home, I hope you are enjoying your last few days in borneo. We can't wait to see you and hear about your experience, guess you are ready for your own bed and warm shower? Will get the fridge stocked up!I expect it will be bittersweet leaving borneo and thr friends you have made, this is an experience that will live with you forever Sam, so very proud of you we all send our love to you. Dan is home and has brought with him your belongings including your phone so don't worry. Will see you monday, take care love you mum x

Ans (en Jan) said...

Lieve Maudje, morgen ben je jarig! En dan nog een paar dagen en ben je weer thuis. Dapper hoor, al die avonturen! Ik kan het je niet nadoen... Volgende week zaterdag zie ik je weer in levende lijve! Ben benieuwd naar je verhalen. Ik weet al wel dat je dit nooooooooit meer doet! Heel veel liefs van Ans (en Jan)

Anonymous said...

Hey Pete - Alpha 5

Was great to hear from you. Been to Paris but otherwise staying out of trouble. Sounds like you're having a blast there. Enjoy the warm weather while you can ;-) Miss our chats. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Take care and have a safe flight back. Me

Anonymous said...

To Arthur ,
Super photo's . Sommes heureux de te voir lundi . Je vais essayer de venir te chercher à Zaventem mais le bas de mon dos est bloqué et le médecin m'a conseillé de rentrer max. 15 minutes assis . Eventuellement je demande à Tom . Téléphones-moi quand tu es à Londres. Bisous Mamy

Anonymous said...

Hey Arthur!! Ik verlang al om al uw verhalen te horen van in Borneo :) Hopelijk heb je u goed geamuseerd en veel mensen leren kennen ! tot binnenkort. Groetjes,Julie!